The Testimony of God in our Lives is so Powerful

Debra Kay
I was kidnapped when I was around 9 and I know I had a little PTSD because of it. While in college in 1971, I got pregnant and my parents made me give my child up for adoption.  I was 19. I had the abortion in 1974 in a hospital called Pasadena Bayshore Annex, where a doctor convinced me I had to have an abortion in order to live a normal life because he felt I was to depressed to raise a child. In 1982 my 1 year old daughter was killed in a car wreck in Houston. In 1983 during hurricane Alisha, I was 7 months pregnant and my son wrapped his cord around his neck and perished. They called it a fetal demise. 

During all of these events in my life, I always felt God was punishing me for the abortion. Today I am sharing my story for the first time. I don’t care how strong you are, if you had an abortion, it eats you up alive. You are a murderer and until you are forgiven, you do not have peace. I have learned since I was forgiven that the testimony of God in our lives is so powerful. 

It’s not talking about us, but what He has done in our lives. To me God has a purpose for everyone of us. I was so broken for decades that I couldn’t see what was right in front of me. Our lives become an opportunity to give back to Him. The ugly things aren’t what people want to hear about. But… when I talk about how God met me in my brokenness, there is common ground I have with others suffering from abortion. 

Then when people hear how God healed, forgave and released me from my chains of abortion, just maybe others that have had abortions, can trust God also and find healing. My son actually introduced me to Fr Frank and I know that him, Janet and many others on his staff that I see on programs on EWTN had a lot to do with my healing from my abortion.

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