Pro-Life Training

Dear pro-life friend,

To motivate people to do something about abortion is one thing. But then you have to make sure they know what they are doing.

That is the purpose of pro-life training. My travels to every one of the 50 states have convinced me that some of the best pro-life training programs that ever existed are available right now to individuals and communities who decide they are serious about ending abortion. Some of these seminars are run by Priests for Life. Others are conducted by other organizations. We want to tell you what is available and let you evaluate what will best meet your needs.

First of all, our own seminars are directed both to clergy and to laity. Much of this material is available in an audio and video tape format. We can also schedule visits to seminaries, clergy gatherings, pro-life conventions, or simply gatherings of local pro-lifers who want to have a Saturday training day. To inquire about the availability of our speakers, you can make an online request; visit or call our travel coordinators at 321-500-1000.

There are other seminars as well, conducted by many different pro-life organizations. Please contact us at Priests for Life and tell us about your needs as well as your experiences and suggestions for the development of pro-life training seminars throughout the nation. With a well-trained core of committed pro-lifers, we will achieve the long-awaited goal of protection for all human life!


Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

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