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We want to educate and equip you to help bring an end to the evil of abortion. Our presence in the Christian and secular media is one of the many ways we do that.

Tune in to our radio and TV programs and encourage others to do the same. Arm yourselves with the necessary information to win this battle!

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Priests for Life is the name for a family of ministries that each has its own mission and character. To help ensure accuracy when reporting on our participation in pro-life events, we have compiled the following list.


Founder, Bott Radio Network

"During my several broadcast interviews with Frank Pavone, I've been moved by the intensity of his love for the Lord, and his complete commitment to support the Right to Life that is ours as a gift from God... "

Founder,Focus on the Family

"Frank Pavone is a man who is passionately committed to the defense of preborn children, and to the sanctity of human life from conception to the grave. I have found him to be an articulate and intelligent promoter of this cause internationally. It has been my privilege to have Reverend Pavone as a guest on Focus on the Family, where he was warmly received by our listeners. I'm honored to call him my friend."

Upcoming Priests for Life Media Schedule

Help us spread the word about our media presence!

Click here for a flier to print and distribute.

EndAbortion.TV Broadcast Schedule


At EndAbortion.TV We bring you regular live programming about abortion and the effort to end it.

See the upcoming programming schedule below and go to EndAbortion.TV to watch. You can also watch on other platforms such as Fr. Frank Pavone's Facebook Page, his Twitter account, @frfrankpavone, and other platforms you see on EndAbortion.TV

You can also Subscribe to EndAbortion.TV at Roku and Amazon TV.


Regular Programming schedule (All Times Eastern):

10:00 am Daily: Live Mass with Fr. Frank Pavone (Periodically, Fr. Frank will celebrate Mass earlier but it will still re-air at 10am)

3:30 pm Monday-Friday: Live with Janet Morana or other members of our pastoral team. Alveda King is live on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm

Just Ask Janet, Tuesday, Feb 23: Learn more about Stanton Healthcare and their battle with Planned Parenthood. Guest: Brandi Swindell

ProLife Praise with Alveda King, Wednesday, Feb 24: Overcoming Abortion: Love Always Wins

Just Ask Janet, Thursday, Feb 25: Fasting for Lent and why it is good for your health. Guest: Dr. Joel Brind, Professor Emeritus at Baruch College.

Just Ask Janet, Friday, Feb 26: What does codifying Roe v. Wade mean and find out about the challenge to pro-life bills in court. Guest: Steve Aden, General Counsel, Americans United for Life

9:00 pm: Fr. Frank Live Programming (at times, live at 9am and repeated at 9pm)

Defending Life

Defending Life on EWTN


Hosted by Janet Morana, Fr. Frank Pavone, and Fr. Scott Daniels, OP

Airing:  Monday, February 22 @ 3:30 AM

Topic: Abortion is a Crime Against Humanity! The pro-life movement is focusing more on the fact, and language, that abortion is a crime against humanity. In this episode, one of the key legal experts in the pro-life movement explains how this and other key arguments can help the courts once again recognize the rights of the children in the womb. Guest: Allan Parker, President, The Justice Foundation

Airing: Thursday, February 25 @ 10:30 PM and Monday, March 1 @ 4:00 AM

Topic: Reflections of a Pro-Life Atheist. This episode reveals how and why the effort to protect children in the womb is supported by many atheists, and how the faith community can work productively with them in that cause. Guest: Terrisa Bukovinac, Executive Director of Pro-life San Francisco

See the schedule for upcoming weeks on the EWTN website.


Ways to watch EWTN on TV  •  Ways to listen to EWTN on the Radio  •  

Watch EWTN TV Online  •  Watch EWTN live here.

Catholic View for Women

The Catholic View for Women on EWTN 

EWTN miniseries co-hosted by Janet Morana, Teresa Tomeo and Elenda Rodriguez and offers a Catholic alternative to “The View,” and explores the adventure of living as a Catholic woman today. 

Airing: Sunday, February 21 @ 11:30 PM and Monday, February 22 @  5:30 AM

Topic: Good Economy, Good for Women and Good for Families. The Church teaches that there is a connection between economy and morality. In this episode we discuss how the economic climate in America has improved, opening more opportunities for women and their families.

See the schedule for upcoming weeks on the EWTN website. 

Gospel of Life

Gospel of Life on Radio Maria

Tune in at

A weekly radio show hosted by Janet Morana and Fr. Frank Pavone on Radio Maria.

Airing: Monday, February 22 at midnight ET (11 p.m. CT Sunday). Go to to listen online.

Topic: Joyfully Making the Case for Truth. Through a homily and an interview with social media influencer Janie Johnson, Fr. Frank Pavone helps us prepare for the Lenten season as a time for choosing the life we find in God’s commandments, and for witnessing creatively to the truth before the world.

Airing: Tuesday, February 23 at 6 p.m. ET and rebroadcast on Thursday, February 25 at 2 a.m. ET and Monday, March 1 at midnight ET (11 p.m. CT Sunday). Go to to listen online.

Topic: Lenten Healing from Abortion. Janet Morana, through an interview with one of the members of Silent No More, and Fr. Frank Pavone, through a homily on prayer, fasting and almsgiving, lead the listeners to a deeper appreciation of how Lent can deepen the healing of our whole society from abortion.


Special Appearances

Special Appearances

Hear us on EWTN radio on Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo. Fr. Frank Pavone will be on with Theresa on Wed. Feb. 24th at 8:15am. Call-in to the live show with questions at 877-573-7825. For more information and to listen to the live show on the internet, go to

On Feb. 25 at 3:20 p.m. ET, Evangelist Alveda King and her “We’re Not Colorblind” co-author Ginger Howard will be on KBOB in Tulsa with host Premadonna Braddick. Tune in at

Father Frank Pavone will be interviewed on TCT Christian TV at 1 p.m. ET May 20. To watch online, go to The show will be rebroadcast at 6 p.m. ET May 20.



The Priests for Life team often write op-eds for various media outlets that are posted online. A full list can be seen at our Priests for Life online library

Please read, share and comment on these op-eds when the option is available. By doing so you can help to spread the pro-life message and counter any anti-life comments that others have submitted.

Who will stand up for Black mothers and babies killed by abortion? (Evangelist Alveda King,, February 12, 2021)

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