Activities of Priests for Life - Elections 2016

As has been the case in previous election cycles since 1994, Priests for Life has allocated significant resources to its Political Responsibility efforts in the 2016 election cycle, including but not limited to the following non-partisan activities:

• Publication of two major books to prepare people and Churches nationwide for the election: Abolishing Abortion (Thomas Nelson, 2015) (including analysis of the Johnson Amendment) and Proclaiming the Message of Life (Servant Books, 2016) (with pro-life commentary on readings for the entire Sunday lectionary).

• Production and airing on EWTN of the Defending Life series, twice a week, with special election-related episodes over the past year.

• Intensive efforts to raise awareness among churches of voter registration, and how to conduct non-partisan voter registration drives; provision of easy-to-follow information about state laws and relevant deadlines regarding registration.

• Emails to our lists in specific states as voter registration deadlines drew near, and emails again to alert them when early voting began in their state.

• Use of the website to inform voters of all the following initiatives, as well as voter guides to specific races, documents of the Church, statements from bishops, articles, action items for the election, events, opportunities to volunteer, and more.

• Activation of dozens of social media platforms for voter education and mobilization with over a million followers (see

• Preaching on the elections by Priests for Life associate Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, including in these days leading up to and including Election Day. Masses broadcast in English and Spanish, on TV, radio and internet across the country and worldwide.

• Creation of the Democratic and Republican Party Platform Comparison guide, in English and Spanish, along with a legal letter of c-3 qualification (, and distribution of hundreds of thousands of copies including as inserts in parish bulletins, diocesan newspapers in key states, the National Catholic Register, and electronically. Likewise, an analysis of the changes in the Democratic platform over the years was prepared and published at

• Leading the Vote Pro-life Coalition ( by which 501-(c)(3) organizations and Churches are educated as to what they can do in a non-partisan way to mobilize their people for the elections.

• National webcasts for clergy ( and for laity to train them on election involvement (including the production and distribution of an Election Toolkit.)

• Multiple faxes, emails, and snail mail to every Catholic parish in America with election-related materials, Priests for Life newsletters and resources for prayer, preaching, and action, as well as bulletin inserts.

• Communications with every bishop in the country, with multiple mailings, faxes, and emails, as well as election-related presentations over the past year at the Priests for Life luncheon at the semi-annual meetings of the US Bishops.

• Quarterly meetings of the national pro-life leaders during which political responsibility resources and strategies are discussed.

• On the ground training in key states of election volunteers to help with voter identification, education, and GOTV activities.

• Hundreds of speaking engagements on political responsibility by the priests and laity on the Pastoral Team of Priests for Life, including weekends of preaching at all the masses in Churches in key states, and including presenting the political responsibility message at pro-life rallies and banquets, Diocesan convocations, the National Right to Life Convention, the Catholic Leadership Coalition national conference, the Catholic Marketing Network national trade show, the annual conference of Heartbeat International, and the national conference of Care Net.

• Leading the Election Novena at, with the prayer in English and Spanish and the distribution of hundreds of thousands of prayer cards through Churches, organizations, events and families across the nation.

• National prayer events (rosaries, Chaplets of Mercy, etc.) on Facebook Live in English ( and Spanish (, as well as a Novena of Masses and homilies in the nine days before the election.

• Mobilization of the African-American community for the election by the travels and media appearances of Dr. Alveda King, fulltime director of "Civil Rights for the Unborn" (the African-American Outreach of Priests for Life)

• Mobilization of the Hispanic community through our Hispanic Outreach activities, social media videos, and travels.

• Mobilization of youth through our Youth Outreach headed by Bryan Kemper.

• Emails with information on the presidential and vice-presidential debates reminding people to watch and then providing live Tweeting during the debates.

• Election-related radio spots produced by Priests for Life and aired free of charge on Bott Radio Network, EWTN Global Catholic Radio (English and Spanish), Ave Maria Radio, Radio Maria, Divine Mercy Radio in Florida, KCRD-FM Radio in Iowa (Aquinas communications network)

• Numerous guest appearances of our team on those same radio network as well as Relevant Radio and hundreds of secular stations.

• "Gospel of Life" program on Radio Maria every week, featuring extensive election commentary.

• Dozens of op-eds in key papers in key states (for instance, the Philadelphia Inquirer) as well as national publications (such as USA Today)

• Efforts to encourage early voting by publicizing the opportunities through parishes, offering rides to those who need help getting to the polls, and use of absentee ballots.

• Mailings to hundreds of thousands of supporters regarding the election.

• Emails to hundreds of thousands of activists with election-related information and opportunities for action. In particular, action alerts responding to situations like Tim Kaine's profession of Catholicism, "Catholics for Choice" ads, anti-Catholic remarks from the Hillary team, and the need to challenge our pastors.

Major press conference of priests and deacons at the National Press Club on October 20 to stress the urgent duty of voting pro-life, with challenge to pastors to equip their parishes for the election by using specific resources such as the Party Platform Comparison piece. Part One -- Statement to the Press by Fr. Frank Pavone - ; Part Two - Questions and Answers -

Full page ad in the Washington Times and in Florida diocesan papers to correspond with Oct. 20 press conference.

• Election-related press releases and articles.

"Is This What You Mean?" campaign challenging Democratic candidates to describe what they defend when they express support for legal abortion.

• Preparation and distribution of numerous videos (, booklets (such as the Study Guide to the US Bishops' document Living the Gospel of Life and Voting With a Clear Conscience.)

• Individual phone calls by Priests for Life staff and volunteers to every parish in multiple key states in the weeks leading up to the election, to urge and equip them to do everything possible to mobilize their parishioners to vote pro-life.

• Addressing the moral quandaries of those who feel they cannot vote, particularly in the presidential race, through key talking points on the special website

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