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Know where the candidates stand!

On Election Day, our country will make critical decisions about the types of leaders we will have for years to come. If you have not been doing so, it is time to begin looking more carefully at the candidates who will be running.

To make the right decision when deciding on the candidates whom you will support, it is essential that you look carefully at the positions of the candidates in the race. This step in the process is critical in fulfilling your responsibilities as a faithful citizen, as you must participate in the political process with a fully informed conscience. This includes knowing the positions of the candidates.

  •  You can find this information in several places, such as newspapers, television news, voter guides, and on the internet.

  •  If these sources fail, you can always contact the candidate's campaign to make an inquiry about his or her position. If possible, this should be done well in advance of the election and should include a request for a response in writing. The reason for this is that, especially in local campaigns, phones can be answered by people who think they know more about the candidate than they actually do.  Once you find sources of this information, be sure to review them carefully.

    Frequently politicians make statements like, "I have always been personally pro-life," or, "I would never encourage a woman to have an abortion."  Rather than offering comfort to pro-life voters, statements like these should raise red flags, as they are typically followed by, "but I would never impose my personal beliefs on anybody else," or some similar statement. Even in cases in which these words do not follow, they are often implied. In such cases, be sure to look for a clearer statement of the candidate's position, again, in writing if possible.

    And remember, the key question is not simply what the candidate believes. Ask what the candidate will do to restore protection to the unborn.

  •  You should also look at a candidate's voting record. This is extremely easy with members of Congress as you can simply contact any one of a number of national organizations that track votes as part of their regular activity.  They will be able to inform you how your Congressman and Senator voted on the bills that have come before them. You can often obtain similar information about state candidates from pro-life organizations within your state.

  •  Pay attention to what individuals or groups have endorsed, promoted, volunteered for or contributed to the campaign of a candidate. This says a lot about what the candidate stands for. You will know a person by his or her friends.

  • Finally, remember that elections not only put candidates into power, but they put parties into power, too. In voting for a candidate, you should know the positions of the candidate and also the positions of the party to which he/she belongs.

    If you have further questions about how you should evaluate candidates, please contact our office at (888) 735-3448 ext. 260.

-- Fr. Frank Pavone 

2014 Voter Guides

All voter guides listed are 501(c)(3)-compliant.

Center for Arizona Policy

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Arkansas Family Council

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Colorado Family Action

Voter Guide (Just enter your name and address and a voter guide for the offices on your ballot will appear.)

Statement of 501(c)(3) compliance

Family Foundation of Kentucky

Voter Guide (Just click on the office you wish to view and the candidates’ questionnaire responses will appear.)

Direct access to U.S. House and Senate candidate responses

Additional candidate responses will be added as they become available.

Louisiana Family Forum

Voter Guide. Copies may be downloaded and distributed. Statement of 501(c)(3) compliance is included in the voter guide.

Michigan Family Forum

Voter guide for statewide races

Order bulk quantities of the voter guide (minimum 25)

New Jersey Family Policy Council

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North Dakota Family Alliance

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Family Action Council of Tennessee

Online voter guide for state legislative races is available here.

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