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A Comparison of Democratic and Republican Party Platforms
The Catholic View for Women

Joe Biden's campaign slogan and policy agenda for president of the United States, “build back better”, includes unprecedented abortion extremism . "Build back better" is also a term pro-abortion groups and activists are using in an attempt to advance access to abortion as countries recover from the pandemic.....MORE

President Trump Holds Campaign Event in Mosinee, WI. Transcript is also available...MORE

Watch President Trump's Upcoming rallies on September 18, 19 and 21 on EndAbortion.TV

TITUSVILLE, FL - “The time has come for people of faith to stop talking in vague spiritual terms and deal in concrete realities about the 2020 elections at every level,”...MORE

National Voter Registration Sunday, September 20...MORE


Fr. Frank A. Pavone

National Director, Priests for Life
President, National Pro-life Religious Council
Pastoral Director, Rachel's Vineyard
Pastoral Director, Silent No More Awareness Campaign

A Welcome from our National Director, Fr. Frank Pavone
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