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The Living Word: Scripture Reflections by Frank Pavone
(and past sermons)

Daily Scripture Reading and Reflection - Jesus Is Like The Ancient Prophets - Sept 28, 2023
Frank Pavone's
Daily Diary

My Daily Diary for Sept. 21st - 25th, 2023

Some Recent Praise Received for our Work

Dear Father Frank Pavone, I am a born and raised Catholic and are a big fan of Fr James Altman and yourself. In my book both of you are true Catholic priests and are doing exactly what Jesus would do. Keep speaking the truth because that is what Jesus wants you to and I am confident he has your backs. I am ashamed of what is going on in the Catholic church hierarchy currently and Pope John Paul 2 was the last Pope I admired. I live in Canada but would love to meet both of my heroes of the Catholic church. - R. Dare

Frank, You remain in my prayers. Thanks for maintaining your commitment to the unborn - and their families. Your Brother, Bishop Donald Hanchon of Detroit

It was so awesome to hear President Trump say your name Father!I was watching with my brother and his wife and when I heard your name, I scared them by shouting that's my favorite Priest! - Blessings, Debbie

Thank you Fr. Pavone! You have your priorities straight!  M.E.

I wish you were my Sunday school teacher growing up. It would have made things way more exciting. - Fallon B.

Father you are so strong and smart. - Gail T.

The Church itself has actually well trained Fr Pavone for the battle that they put him in right now. Over 20 years of persecution gives you a lot of chance to redifine your call, to purify your heart and strengthen your faith to go forward against any odds! - MJ

Father you are so solid! You are filled with such love for All People, teaching us with wisdom and joy the sacred words of the Gospel… some who are in authority (and love power) on utube are unfortunately lacking in basic charity but instead use critical and offensive language …just appreciate your teaching as it guides us to think and be enlightened by the Holy Spirit… you show us the way to Christ not towards yourself… grateful 

I am not Catholic but admire and appreciate this priest who is so brave and faithful. - Sharon C
Father explains preach about scriptures in very understanding way. His preaching teaching is so simple meaningful ways- Bina
thk you Fr Frank for these teaching broadcasts!! we are so blessed! - Linda
Thank you, Father for such an inspirational sermon!!!πŸ™β€οΈ - Colleen H.
Thanks for continuing to do these broadcasts, and Preach the Word for us, Father! - K Hin
Thank you for πŸ™πŸ™. I will pass on to other suffering grandma. I am in cancer remission and she has leukemia. Fr Pavone's words are refreshing πŸ’¦
Please share Father Frank's Prayer Reflections & Praying For America with all of your contacts. I can personally state God uses Father Frank- especially non Catholic friends will watch & be moved. - Tim
Thank You for being who you are, Father. You are loved by so many people around the world. - Laurel B.
Father Frank you are filled with The Holy Spirit of Holy Love and Holy Truth. Thank you for bringing the Gospel to the very light of truth so all can understand Holy Love! Amen - Pat S.
The way you read that Scripture, you could have been a actor. Thank God, you didn’t go in that direction. You speak so well FOR JESUS, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is the loss, of the CHURCH, that they dismissed you. What if it may have been JESUS SAVING YOU for BETTER PLANS OF JESUS. Thank You for always inspiring Me. - Laura B.
Fr Pavone is a blessing and source of inspiration in this dark world 🌎. Thank you for your steadfast ministry in helping the unborn and those who are struggling to see the Truth clearly ☦️
Father Frank is one of our greatest theologians, Constitutional experts, and pro life patriots etc  - Tim
I love the way you teach. So full of the Holy Spirit ✨ - Prose
Fr Frank what comes from your heart is your love, faith and joy with all humility in the knowledge that Jesus is your best friend✝️  - Brig C.
🌼🌱🌸 Wonderful message Father Frank. (Men with petty power, will not change my respect and appreciation for you. You have done phenomenal work). - Kat P.


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