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Frank Pavone's
Daily Diary

My Daily Diary for June 14th - 16th, 2024


They came from every part of Wisconsin. They were babies in the womb and in carriages, teenagers, young families, and activists who have been in the pro-life movement for decades...MORE
Priests for Life mourns the loss of Catholic Radio Host, Al Kresta...MORE
Recently, on June 13, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its first abortion-related decision after the Dobbs case. The decision in Food and Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine was in some ways a disappointment, but in other ways a big advantage in the long run, for the anti-abortion side...MORE

Some Recent Praise Received for our Work

All I know is you , Father Frank came into my life when I needed to hear you most which was 30 years ago . 💙 And I love my grandson I have because of the truth you SPOKE back then. - Vicki G.P.


Hello it’s been nineteen or so years since I’ve contacted you. You and Janet [Morana] and Fr. Capoverdi helped me talk my daughter Christina out of getting an abortion I wanted to to let you know that she is now a straight A student at a college in Vermont and I feel so blessed to have had your help. It wasn’t easy for Christina to raise her alone but she did it thank you from the bottom of my heart  

RE: Priests for Life Hosts Seminar for Hundreds of Pregnancy Centers on Powerful New App

Dear Fr. Pavone,

What an awesome email!  You are incredible in having pulled all of these resources together!!!  Thank you so much for not giving up on keeping in touch with me 😊

Please know, even though the Vatican may have removed your title, you always be Fr. Frank Pavone to me; in my prayers and whenever I reference you.

I will continue to pray for a restorative resolution to your situation in the very new future. …

My diocese recently offered to support my efforts to train its priest and deacons on responding to the bereavement needs of parents after a miscarriage, stillbirth, Ectopic pregnancy, SIDS, perinatal and infant death.  Your resources will be very useful – thanks again!


Jill McNamara
President and Founder
Miscarriage, Mothers & Others


Thanks, Janet, for all your work and thanks, Alveda for being the real deal. You absolutely know you have God's love. God bless you all in your most important calling. You are loving and you are brave. I have never known a world without Fr. Pavone in it. Thank you, God for the life of these warriors and the rest of us trying to stop evil. We are not on the front lines, the babies are.


Dear Fr Pavone, God bless you and keep you near to His Most Sacred Heart. You speak the truth about the immorality of abortion, the sin of abortion. You say hard things with great love in a compelling, merciful, courageous way. Our Catholic Church is so blessed to have you as a priest. I pray for you and ask God to restore your full priestly faculties so that we as the Faithful may receive all the graces God has for us through your hands. God is in charge so may we accept it with faithfulness and courage. Thank you so much! In Christ, Mary


I LOVE Fr Frank.

I should tell you that some years ago I planned a peaceful prayerful pro-life rally in front of the margaret sanger abortuary in downtown Manhattan.  I wrote several emails begging Fr. to appear and motivate us. 

On that day he showed up.  He gave the MOST heartfelt motivational speech.  I cried.  I was so grateful and moved.  My son and I took our picture with him (yes, picture WITH a camera!)  He doesn't know me. I'm one of the very many that want this to end. 

But I'll NEVER FORGET, he showed up.  Please thank him for me.  He made our day!


Frank A. Pavone

National Director, Priests for Life
President, National Pro-life Religious Council
Pastoral Director, Rachel's Vineyard
Pastoral Director, Silent No More Awareness Campaign

A Welcome from our National Director, Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone
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