Baby Amanda Marie: Killed on National Public Radio (NPR)

December 3, 2022 was a Day of Mourning

National Public Radio (NPR) recently recorded an abortion procedure and released the audio, narrated by host Kate Wells. She had gone to an abortion mill in Sterling Heights, MI (outside of Detroit). The abortion procedure was a first-trimester suction abortion at 11 weeks into the pregnancy. The clinic worker who was with her was named Brandee; the abortionist was Audrey Lance.

After coaching her through cramps, fear, and difficulty breathing, they both congratulated her after it was over, declaring, “You did it!” and “You did great!” Along with hearing the voices, you also hear the loud sound of the suction abortion vacuum. Kate Wells says at the end of the day they wrap up paperwork and restocks the rooms.


But her comments describing the procedure and its aftermath skipped over one big question: what was removed from this woman? What did the vacuum suction out of her? The report fails to describe the baby, or how well-developed the baby was – with all major body parts present.. Moreover, the report fails to mention that the baby’s heart, which had already beat over 9 million times, could have still been beating for up to a minute as it traveled down the suction tube and into the collection jar.

And as for what the staff did at the end of the day, it wasn’t just paper and stocks that they had to deal with. They had to dispose of the body parts – the parts of every body system that you and I also have.

This omission, of course, is deliberate, because the purpose of this broadcast was to “normalize” abortion, to attempt to take the stigma out of it.

But we didn’t simply hear a procedure. We heard the deliberate killing of a human baby.

And lest we extinguish the humanity and compassion in our own hearts, we have to respond to that. We have to honor the baby that this abortion – and this broadcast – dishonored. We have to bring to the light of day what this broadcast deliberately hid in the shadows. We have to remember what this broadcast tried to make us forget. We have to re-humanize what this abortion and this broadcast de-humanized. And we have to make a big deal of what this broadcast trivialized.

Therefore, we have named this baby “Amanda Marie.” The word “Amanda” means “One who should be loved.”

The pro-life community honored and mourned this child, through appropriate prayers and observances, on Saturday, December 3rd.

December 3, 2022, was a Day of Mourning in honor of this Precious Child of God and this Child OUGHT to be loved by all, beginning with us who recognize the treasures that Children are from the time God creates them in the womb. December 3, 2022 was a day in which we engaged in extra prayers (including Masses), fasting, and other penances in honor of Baby Amanda, either privately or in common, with groups.

In these actions in Baby Amanda’s honor, we have the following intentions: we commend the soul of this Precious Child to our heavenly Father and His Mercy; we honor Amanda, declaring before God and all of heaven that we love her, we honor her, and we pray for her, thus serving as some sort of “undoing” of the horrible dishonor that this Child so undeservedly received in her short stay in this sinful and often evil world; we pray for the conversion of all those who killed Amanda or who in any way aided in the murder of this Precious Little One, including, in a special way, her own mother (who, we pray, will one day repent of her sin against her Child, reclaim her Child in her heart, and, in the next life, be reunited with this Precious Little One of hers); we pray for the conversion of NPR that so disgracefully flaunted the death, the murder, of a human being, and a little baby, at that!; we pray that God swiftly deals out justice to vindicate Baby Amanda, as well as all other Little Ones who, tens of thousands daily around the world, suffer the same indescribably gross injustice as did Baby Amanda Marie; we pray, also, that our honoring this single Child will bring to the attention of all that, in each and every abortion, a true tragedy occurs: a Precious, Innocent, Defenseless Child’s life is unjustly snuffed out, and by those who ought to be the first ones to take care of him/her, i.e., the Child’s parents and medical staff.

So, please honor Baby Amanda Marie and do your part on behalf of our sinful human race to recognize her true dignity!

We want to thank one of our most active priests, Fr. Alan Benander, O. Praem., for initiating this idea and helping to produce the resources for it.

Baby Amanda Marie, we love you, we honor you, and we prayerfully commend your Precious Soul to God, Amen.

We invite you to also sign on to a public letter we have composed to the mother, the abortionist, and NPR. We also invite you to use the following prayers, in addition to any other prayers or ways you choose to observe this special day of mourning:

Litany of Mourning & Reparation for Baby Amanda Marie

Prayer for a mother who has had an abortion:

Prayer for those who call good evil and evil good:

Pro-life Prayers for all occasions:

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