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The following "blurbs," which we also have available in pdf format, can easily be inserted as text boxes in newsletters, in mailings, or on websites. They focus on imparting simple ideas that will motivate your members and call them to action regarding the elections.

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There is still time for your Church to organize a voter registration drive in preparation for the November elections. It is not hard to do. The process simply involves having voter registration forms available at a table in the back of Church, and encouraging people to fill them out right there. It is perfectly legal for Churches to conduct non-partisan voter registration drives.

It is also perfectly in line with the Gospel. After all, Jesus commands us not only to believe his teachings, but to help all people carry them out -- and one of the ways we do that is to shape our laws by electing our leaders. Churchgoers, who hear God's word regularly, can have a strong influence in shaping society according to that Word -- especially if they exercise their duty to vote.

Many states allow early voting. This means that even if you do not have a reason why you cannot get to the polls on Election Day, you may vote before Election Day. The regulations and dates that apply to each state for early voting can be found on the website,

Why is it a good idea to vote before Election Day? Because we should not put off until tomorrow what we can do today. Every vote really does count, and when we wait until the last possible day to vote, we leave ourselves open to the chance that something will stand in our way -- we may become ill, or have car trouble, or encounter a family problem, or bad weather, or just forget. Don’t let that happen! This year, vote early!

One of the activities citizens can carry out at election time is to become poll-watchers. This activity simply involves being present at the polling places on Election Day to insure that elections are conducted fairly, by watching the process by which people sign in at the polls. This activity is a form of public service that involves some simple training and yet goes a long way to protect your rights and those of your fellow citizens as they exercise their duty to vote. Contact your Board of Elections for more details on how you can sign up for this activity. As historical experience verifies over and over again, every vote counts. You can help assure that every vote counts fairly.

Many people are not able to get out of the house very easily, or know someone else who is homebound. With Election Day coming up, please be sure to apply as soon as possible for an absentee ballot. The process is easy, and your local Board of Elections will be happy to assist you with every aspect of it. The laws of this great country provide that even when our physical capacities are limited, our voices can be heard just the same in electing our leaders. If you have relatives and friends who are homebound, making sure that they send in their absentee ballot is a great way of reminding them that they are active citizens nevertheless, and that their involvement is needed. Please request your absentee ballot today!

The Internet provides one of the easiest and least expensive ways of spreading God's word. Each of us can reach thousands of others by joining Internet discussion groups, and from the comfort of our own home, take a stand on key issues of the day. Many pro-life citizens are letting their voices be heard in these discussion rooms. In this election year, we are asking people to join this effort and alert their fellow citizens of the need to elect people who will protect human life. You can find guidance on where to go on the Internet, what to say, and how to say it by visiting

The Letters to the Editor of each newspaper is an open door for us to bear witness to the dignity of life, especially in an election year, when we can counteract the false rhetoric of candidates who are pro-abortion. Pro-life citizens should give voice to their convictions through letters to the editor, not only by writing such letters but by helping others to express their views by writing additional letters for them. Small groups in which a few people write many different letters for others to send in are very effective. Find sample letters and more information at

Often, pastors and other leaders are not sure what they can do legally when an election season approaches. Now, guidance from some of the nation's top experts is available. A symposium called "The Church and Politics: Are We as Restricted as We Think?" was held in 2003 at the Ave Maria School of Law, and the proceedings of that symposium are available without charge. You may read or listen to them at Help to spread this information and encourage our Churches and organizations to start doing the kinds of things they once thought they were not allowed to do!

As Election Day draws near, more and more people want to know where the candidates stand on the issues. Often, people do not take a lot of time to think about it. Perhaps they will only take the time to read a small flier that someone places in their hands. That’s why many groups organize "lit drops," that is, efforts by which they distribute fliers through the neighborhood to inform citizens about the candidates who are running. Volunteers are always needed for this activity! To find out how to help with local efforts, visit or call Priests for Life at 321-500-1000, ext. 260.

While political campaigns spend millions of dollars to get their candidates elected, it remains true that there is one tool more powerful than all the money, media, and technology at their disposal. That tool is personal contact. By making a phone call or paying a visit to someone in order to urge that person to vote, and to give that person information on the best candidates, you are exercising the single most effective method anyone has. People will often make their voting decisions based on who has taken the time to speak to them and ask for their help. This election season, take out your address list, and start planning the phone calls and visits that you will make! You have only one vote, but you can influence countless votes!

Elections involve years of preparation, but they are ultimately decided by who shows up on Election Day. People are also influenced by the most recent things they hear about the issues or candidates.

Why not take Election Day off from your normal job, and spend it calling and visiting people you know, to make sure they are letting their voice be heard at the ballot box! Call your friends and ask if they have voted yet, and if not, when they intend to do so. Then call them back later to see if in fact they voted. If they need help getting to the polls, help them!

Many elections are decided by a very small margin of votes. By taking Election Day off and using it to mobilize voters, you can create the margin of victory!

One of the best services you can provide for your fellow citizens is to help them get to the polls on Election Day. Now is the time to begin planning car pools, babysitting services, and other activities that will assist people to get to the polling places!


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