After Abortion...There is healing for you!

If you are hurting from an abortion, you have a home here. Priests for Life embraces with compassion and forgiveness those who have had abortions. We will lead you to the healing that comes from the Lord, and the care of the Christian Community. We are ready to talk with you and listen to you.

Priests for Life works with ministries worldwide that offer this healing.

Rachel's Vineyard is a ministry of Priests for Life, and provides counseling and retreats for those who have had abortions. You may speak to someone there at 1-877-HOPE-4-ME.

Another of our ministries is the National Silent No More Awareness Campaign, which is committed to leading people to healing after abortion, and also gives individuals the opportunity to give public witness to the harm of abortion and the healing of the Lord.

There are many other resources for those who suffer from abortion. We invite you visit Project Rachel.

We likewise recommend the ministry of Ramah International.

For those involved in ministering to men and women hurting from abortion, Priests for Life and Rachel's Vineyard offer training seminars to aid you in your ministry.  For more information, including presentation descriptions, See Fr. Frank Pavone's seminar catalog in PDF format and the Rachel's Vineyard Clinical Training Catalog in PDF format.

Words of Pope John Paul II to those who have had Abortions

Fr. Frank Pavone's talk to the general public on healing the wounds of abortion - April 2006: [Listen]

Fr. Frank Pavone's post-abortion healing seminar for Clergy (2006)

Graphic Images and Post-Abortion Healing by Dr. Theresa Burke and Kevin Burke.

Abortion doesn't help; it hurts

The idea that abortion solves problems is a deception and illusion. The reality is that it solves nothing and brings a host of problems of its own.

Through the links on this page, we will provide an ever-increasing understanding of some of those problems, and some of the help available to bring hope and healing.

Nobody knows exactly how many women suffer the after-effects of abortion. What is clear, however, is that the more one searches, the more one finds. More research is necessary in order to bring the public the most reliable information on this critical issue of women's health.

Some complications of abortion flow from the inherent dangers of the procedure itself. Others come from the carelessness and callousness with which it is carried out. Some women never survive a legal abortion.

If all the abortions in our world stopped tomorrow, the task of healing will have only begun, and will go one for decades. The task of bringing hope, healing, and reconciliation to all who have been involved in abortion will be a more and more dominant aspect of the pro-life mission of the Church.

We invite you to visit the website of the Elliot Institute, which provides research and testimonies on the aftereffects of abortion and explores various psychological and physical complications. Likewise, read the interview which Fr. Frank conducted with Dr. David Reardon.

We invite you to also subscribe to "Vine and Branches," the monthly E-newsletter of Rachel's Vineyard.

We likewise invite you to visit a site which speaks of the connection between abortion and breast cancer. Also, read about the potential legal liability of abortion providers who do not inform women about the prospect of increased risk for breast cancer following an induced abortion:

Testimonies from those who know the pain

Women who have had abortions:

Testimonies about Abortions through Birth Control Pills and Devices

Testimonies of the Fathers of Aborted Children

Further Educational Material

Tears of the Fisherman by Kevin Burke Heart

Forbidden Grief

Book and Ministry for Post Abortion Healing: Ramah International

The Rachel's Vineyard website contains a schedule of retreats for Post-Abortion individuals 

Finding Hope After Abortion

Abortion, A Choice Against Women

A Brief Summary of Post-Abortion Distress

Repentance and God's Forgiveness after Abortion

The Koop Letter

Abortion leads to emotional damage for men, too

Abortion and Depression: An Interview with Dr. Theresa Burke [Part 1]

We invite you to visit the website of the National Memorial for the Unborn.

The National Memorial for the Unborn, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, used to be an abortion facility. Now it is dedicated to the memory of those who have been killed by abortion. Moms, Dads, and other family members of aborted babies can contact the memorial and have a plaque put up on the wall there, with an inscription in honor of the child. Fr. Frank Pavone made a special visit to the memorial in 1998, to express the commitment of Priests for Life to post-abortion healing. In June, 2002, the memorial recognized the efforts of Fr. Frank and Priests for Life in promoting post-abortion healing. Call the Memorial at 800-505-5565 for more information.

A similar shrine now also exists at the Church of the Holy Innocents, 128 West 37th Street, in New York City. This Shrine of the Holy Innocents, at which names of aborted children may be enrolled, is a simple but remarkable haven of comfort in the midst of a city filled with abortion chambers.

Priests for Life also now maintains, under the altar in our main headquarters, a book of names of aborted babies.

Former Abortion Providers

Survivors of Abortion

Fr. Frank Interviews Dr. Philip Ney

Fr. Frank writes about the priest and post-abortion healing

Fr. Frank Pavone's talk "Abortion Exploits Women" [part 1: Listen] [part 2: Listen]

Fr. Frank Pavone's talk "Shepherding the Flock After Abortion" [part 1: Listen] and [part 2: Listen]

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