Financial Management of Priests for Life

Priests for Life conducts an independent audit every year, and has an unbroken record, from the beginning, of clean, unqualified audits from independent firms.

We make these audits reports available to our supporters and donors. We have worked with our independent public accountants, to issue a clear and transparent audit report that provides assurance that the organization's financial statements present a fair and accurate representation of Priests for Life's financial position and performance in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

At our recent 2022 Board meeting, the Board received a report from the finance committee that the 2020 and 2021 audits are nearing completion. They had been delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting extensions. However, we are within all legal deadlines. Other recent audits are below.

Previous Audits of recent years:

2021 Audit
2020 Audit
2019 Audit
2018 Audit
2017 Audit
2016 Audit
2015 Audit
2014 Audit

Click here for the Activities Reports of Previous Recent Years

Information about our auditing firm can be found here.

Our audit committee consists of the following professionals:

Michael Nierva, Managing Director in the Prime Brokerage division of JP Morgan Chase

Roger Baler, Chief Information Officer (CIO), CGI Group

Paul Joseph A. Magahis, Senior Vice President, Lazard Capital Markets

In 2013, the Vatican, having been asked to assist in the continued growth of Priests for Life, also gave the following commentary on the administration of our finances:

"The financial administration of PFL has been publicly called into question. Despite various accounts to the contrary, it is the opinion of the Apostolic Visitator that the Association has been relatively well administered financially… There has been an annual Audit of the Association every year…[T]he work and finances of PFL are in order… [T]he administrative costs of PFL are in keeping with other groups receiving similar funding in the United States." (Report of the Congregation for Clergy, November, 2013)

See our special brochure outlining how your support is utilized, including a pie chart of expenses.

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