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If you are a priest or deacon, you can become a full member of this officially approved association. (Here is the letter of Archbishop John Quinn recognizing Priests for Life as an association when it was first established.) See our Mission Statement and brief history for more details.  Membership entitles you to our newsletter, special membership mailings, and a network of resources, advice, and encouragement around the country.

Read our brochure explaining the spirituality of Priests for Life. Also learn about our staff and departments.

Members are invited to sign a Special Clergy Commitment Pledge.

Membership dues are only $15 a year. Contact us by mail, phone, fax, or E-mail mail@priestsforlife.org to join up.

If you are a lay person, you may be among the many who yearn to see the clergy take an active role in pro-life issues, and therefore want to see our work grow. We can assist you to motivate your clergy in the pro-life cause. You may also want to be part of our pro-life activities and strategies. For an annual $15 membership dues you can become a lay auxiliary. We invite you to sign the Auxiliary Member Commitment Pledge.

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