Commentaries by Kevin Burke, Co-Founder, Rachel's Vineyard and Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life


Women Often Have Repeat Abortions Until They Find Hope and Healing in Christ  (Kevin and Theresa Burke,

The Paschal Mystery of Rachel's Vineyard: Lent is the Perfect Time for a Deeper Healing of Abortion Loss  (Theresa and Kevin Burke, Catholic Online)

The transformative power of personal stories after abortion  (Kevin and Theresa Burke,

Biden Wants to Force Doctors and Nurses to Do Abortions, But We Must Respect Their Pro-Life Beliefs  (Kevin and Theresa Burke,

Mothers Dealing With Miscarriage or Abortion Regret at Christmas Need Our Support  (Kevin and Theresa Burke,

Here’s How Pro-Life Americans Can Fight Back Against Pro-Abortion Ballot Measures  (Kevin Burke,

Turning abortion into a satanic ritual  (Kevin Burke,

Abortion is Destroying Relationships and Ending Marriages  (Kevin and Theresa Burke,

Men’s Silence on Their Partner’s Abortions is Like Adam’s Silence While Eve Ate the Apple  (Kevin Burke)

“I spent four years of my life defending this country – But I couldn’t prevent the death of my child.”  (Kevin and Theresa Burke)

Mother’s Day: A perfect time for clergy to share a message of hope and healing for those wounded by abortion  (Kevin and Theresa Burke, Priests for Life Newsletter)

The Powerful Influence of Joseph in the Mission of his Son Jesus  (Kevin and Theresa Burke, Soul Magazine, World Apostolate of Fatima)

Is Chelsea Handler Actually Mourning Her Abortions?  (Kevin and Theresa Burke)

Why the Account of King Herod's Slaughter of the Innocents can Trigger Men with a Past Abortion Loss  (Kevin Burke, Catholic Online)

When You Hate People, You Call Republican Women “Roaches” and Unborn Babies “Parasites”  (Kevin Burke,

Company That Made Zyklon B for Nazi Holocaust Made the First Abortion Pill  (Kevin and Theresa Burke,

The elephant in the examination room; Women face challenges when talking about abortion loss  (Kevin and Theresa Burke,

With the death of Roe, it's time to heal from abortion  (Kevin and Theresa Burke,

Fathers Face Significant Trauma When Their Baby is Killed in an Abortion  (Kevin Burke,

Which Handmaid’s Tale Will You Believe  (Kevin Burke, Catholic Online)

Journey to the Living Heart of the Catholic Faith  (Kevin and Theresa Burke, Soul Magazine, World Apostolate of Fatima)

Will overturning Roe tear America apart … or bring healing to a wounded and divided nation?  (Kevin and Theresa Burke,

With healing, women who have had abortions can celebrate Mother’s Day  (Kevin and Theresa Burke,

People in Ukraine Need Food and Shelter, Abortion Activists are Sending Abortion Pills Instead  (Kevin and Theresa Burke,

What’s really eating at you? Abortion Recovery Awareness Month  (Kevin Burke,

Nurse Robin Tucker “loves” that she can deliver a baby…And then facilitate an online chemical abortion the same day  (Kevin Burke, Priests for Life Travelogue)

High price of failing to address the emotional aftermath of abortion  (Kevin Burke)

Why Are Icons of the Music and Sports World Facing the Rage of the Pandemic Cult?  (Kevin Burke, The Stream -

Abortion is Causing Huge Problems in the Military for Service Members and Their Families  (Kevin Burke,

Dr. Fauci is a high priest of the pandemic cult, and his Reign of Terror must come to an end  (Kevin Burke,

Democratic congresswoman’s abortion story points to an unconscious need for deeper healing  (Kevin Burke,

Is Biden our heretic-in-chief?  (Kevin Burke,

Collateral damage of the lockdowns: Nearly 100,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in 2020  (Kevin Burke)

Can we set a place at the Holy Family’s table for the father of the family?  (Kevin Burke,

The blessing of spiritual fatherhood in the pro-life movement  (By Joan Batista and Kevin Burke, Catholic Voice - Oakland, CA)

What science tells us about the mother-child bond  (Kevin Burke, Catholic Online)

Respect Life Conference: Include men when discussing abortion, healing  (Jennifer Willems, The Catholic Post - Diocese of Peoria, Illinois)

Aborting a Presidency  (Kevin Burke, Crisis Magazine-Washington, DC)

First-ever diocesan Respect Life Conference draws 600 of all ages  (Jennifer Willems, The Catholic Post - Diocese of Peoria, Illinois)

Diocese of Harrisburg Welcomes Priests for Life  (Kevin Burke, Priests for Life Travelogue)

The link between abortion loss and addiction  (Kevin Burke)

Pro-life message linked with Jubilee Year of Mercy  (Steve Neill, The Catholic Virginian-Richmond, VA)

Imagine the Impact on Music if Abortion Had Been Legal in the 1940s  (Kevin Burke, MSS, National Catholic Register)

Finding Healing After Abortion: David's Story  (Kevin Burke, Catholic News Agency - Washington, DC)

A Blessed Synergy: Rachel’s Vineyard + Forgiven and Set Free  (Kevin Burke)

New York’s repeat abortion problem: is more birth control the answer?  (Kevin Burke,

Can Men Experience Emotional Trauma from Abortion?  (Kevin Burke, National Review Online - New York, NY)

Sarah Palin – the Post-Abortion Trig-ger?  (Priests for Life)

Sarah Palin - The Post Abortion Trig-ger?  (Kevin Burke, LSW)

Helping Men Through Aftermath of Abortion  (Wyoming Catholic Register)

The Professional Ethics of Activism  (Theresa and Kevin Burke)

Let’s Talk About Graphic Pictures  (Kevin & Theresa Burke)

Audio and Video

How Does Abortion Affect Men (Salt and Light Radio, June 2021)

Father's Day interview about men with an abortion in their past
Kevin Burke on Point of View with Penna Dexter - June 16, 2016

The Impact of Abortion on Men - National Press Club - June 10, 2013

Radio interview about men and abortion (55:00)
Catholic Radio in Oregon, January 2010