Whose "Rhetoric" Leads to Violence?

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life
Publication Date: December 01, 2008

Take careful note of the latest tactic of the pro-abortion forces.

They cannot say that the pro-life movement promotes violence, because the leaders of every major pro-life group in the nation have expressed their opposition to the shooting of abortionists.

So the pro-aborts take this approach, as summarized in the New York Times of July 30, 1994: "Opponents of choice who call physicians 'baby killers' one day have no credibility to the next when they issue polite statements of regret after physicians and escorts have been gunned down in cold blood," said the statement issued by the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.

There it is. We oppose violence, but our message promotes it. The implication is, "Shut up." The conclusion is, "Go away -- don't speak to anyone about "baby-killing." It's quite a self-serving conclusion for the pro-abortion people, of course, because if pro-lifers keep quiet, then abortion will continue unchallenged. That's what pro-aborts have wanted all along. Now they exploit the unfortunate shootings to their own advantage.

But whose rhetoric really fuels violence?

It is the rhetoric of "choice" that fuels violence. By exalting "choice" and "freedom," even when the free choice is the killing of a human being, this rhetoric degrades the value of all human life. "Abortion on demand - no apologies." That is the rhetoric of violence. It does not deny that abortion kills children. It simply says, "I don't care. My choice is more important than the child's life."

It is the "pro-choice" rhetoric that promotes violence. A pro-abortion demonstrator in Little Rock, Arkansas in the summer of 1994 held a sign saying, "Keep Baby-Killing Legal." He was serious. That's the message of their rhetoric. As Mother Teresa said in Washington in February, 1994, "If we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?"

Pro-abortion forces promote the death of a child as a solution to a woman's problems. Can't they see that this is the same thinking by which some will then promote the death of an abortionist as a solution to society's problems? It is the same wrong idea that we can do evil to achieve good.

When pro-lifers call abortion the killing of a baby, they condemn such violence. The pro-life message is a message of peace, of life, of love. It is not mere rhetoric, it is truth. Abortion does kill a baby. Either society faces this truth and eradicates abortion, or the killing of babies continues.

Pro-lifers are to refrain from violence. They are also to refrain from silence. To know the truth and not speak up is irresponsible, and leaves unchallenged the violent rhetoric of those who support abortion.


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