Open letter calls on Americans to insist on fair accounting of Nov. 3 election

Priests for Life

December 22, 2020


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alling on all Americans to demand a fair accounting of the 2020 presidential election, Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today released an open letter extolling the procedures long in place to “safeguard us in the event that human error or willful deception would taint our elections or threaten our freedom.”

Noting that nearly half of the country believes the election was tainted by fraud, Father Pavone wrote:

“Americans have become increasingly aware of the more than 50 lawsuits, thousands of affidavits and declarations, testimony presented in various state hearings, published reports and analyses by think tanks and legal centers, videos and photos, public comments and first-hand accounts, and various press reports, all of which suggest that something went seriously wrong in the way our Presidential race was conducted and tabulated, particularly in six disputed states (PA, AZ, GA, WI, MI, NV).”

Americans, he said, should resist entreaties to “just move on” and instead to contact their representatives in the upcoming 117th Congress “to let them know where we stand, and to urge them to object to the electoral votes in the disputed states.”

On Jan. 6, when Congress receives and counts the electoral votes, House Representatives and Senators even outside of the disputed states can object to the votes in those states if they feel they do not reflect the will of voters.

For elected officials to object to the disputed Electoral College votes is “not only a right but a duty. It is not only logical, but patriotic.”

If a result of these challenges is that neither candidate has the 270 Electoral College votes needed to be declared the winner, “then the House of Representatives should choose the President, and the Senate choose the Vice President, as the Constitution provides,” and which has happened in the past.

The letter also calls on Democrats, including Joe Biden, and religious leaders to echo the call for a fair accounting of the election.

“To dismiss the concerns of half the country on a fundamental matter, and to leave as an open question whether this election was stolen, is to ‘move on’ to an unstable republic and an unsteady footing for all future elections,” Father Pavone wrote. “It is to ‘move on’ to the possibility – and for tens of millions, the conviction – that we will have inaugurated an illegitimate President who stole an election. It is to ‘move on’ to a position in which election law – whether by statute or the Constitution itself -- doesn’t matter anymore, and where the consent of the governed is replaced by brute force.”

Yesterday, Father Pavone urged activists across the country to call their Representatives and Senators and urge them to use their right to object on Jan. 6. In his daily broadcasts, he has been urging people to familiarize themselves with the evidence of election irregularities, and leading services of prayer for the President.

His open letter concludes, “Let us pray to God that we and our public officials may have the insight and courage to do what is right. Our founders pledged to one another their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. We can do no less.”.

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