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Author: Priests for Life - - 4/9/2024
Description: Priests for Life Executive Director Frank Pavone issued the following statement today after the Arizona Supreme Court upheld a law protecting nearly all babies from abortion.

Author: Priests for Life - - 4/8/2024
Description: Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone publicly supports President Donald Trump's recent statement on abortion, emphasizing Trump's pro-life achievements and future commitments.

Author: Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone - - 4/8/2024
Description: President Donald Trump today made his long-awaited statement on how he would pursue abortion policy once he is re-elected.

Author: Kevin and Theresa Burke , Co-founders, Rachel's Vineyard - - 4/4/2024
Description: During the months of March and April there will be 85 Rachel’s Vineyard weekend retreats offered for healing after abortion throughout the United States and internationally. We estimate that approximately 800 people will be served.

Author: Bryan Kemper - - 4/4/2024
Description: Personhood is a misused word that attempts to redefine what a human is. It is a social construct that gives way to genocide as it falsely divides an individual into two separate stages, human being and human person.

Author: Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone - - 4/3/2024
Description: Democratic politicians and the abortion lobby are fond of saying that "the government should not be involved in abortion." They don’t know how right they are.

Author: Priests for Life - - 4/2/2024
Description: he death of every child from abortion impacts the mother, father, grandparents, future siblings and society as a whole. Countless people suffer in silence from their abortion experiences.

Author: Priests for Life - - 4/1/2024
Description: Priests for Life National Director Frank Pavone and Executive Director Janet Morana commented today on two decisions just issued by the Florida Supreme Court.

Author: Priests for Life - - 4/1/2024
Description: New Priests for Life/McLaughlin Poll
CPAC: A Pro-Life Ally
National Religious Broadcasters
Abortion Recovery and Awareness Month
Pro-Life Prayers and Prayer Intention
Featured Pro-Life Products

Title: Terry Weaver
- - 3/31/2024
Description: "You are doing it one at a time. You’re working with the person until the needs are met. You treat everybody like your family."

Title: Jeanne Head
- - 3/30/2024
Description: “The pro-life movement is made up of ordinary people doing extraordinary things with God’s help. We can make a difference. We have no idea what we can do until we try.”

- - 3/29/2024
Description: "Every pro-lifer can memorize what I call ‘the fetal facts,’ and they should. But really listening and not just giving a pat answer is the first step to opening the door to communication."

- - 3/28/2024
Description: "Truth is the only safe ground to stand on".

Title: Marie Smith
- - 3/27/2024
Description: A recipient of the 2009–2010 Life Prizes Award in recognition of her global work to protect children and their mothers from the violence of abortion. She previously worked with Life Issues Institute and served as the International Director of Feminists for Life.

Author: Easter Citizenship , National Director, Priests for Life - - 3/27/2024

- - 3/26/2024
Description: "I urge young women to look ahead and see if they want to have a lonely old age or do they want to have what I have, which is the joy of 14 beautiful grandchildren."

Author: Priests for Life - - 3/26/2024
Description: Priests for Life National Director Frank Pavone and Executive Director Janet Morana issued the following statements today regarding the U.S. Supreme Court case that could impact the way the chemical abortion drug mifepristone is used. The Court is hearing oral arguments today.

- - 3/25/2024

Title: Shari Richard
- - 3/24/2024
Description: "These are the voices of women, men and families that have been confronted with the truth of abortion displayed through ultrasound of the unborn. This gift of life is unique, it is transforming and it is irreplaceable… "

- - 3/23/2024
Description: "I'll fight for your liberty as hard as I fought for life."


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