Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord - Year A

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General Intercessions

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Celebrant: We long for a world transfigured by the life and love of God. Therefore we bring him our needs and the needs of the world.


That the Holy Spirit may continue to guide the Church in truth, and her light may shine more brightly in the world, we pray to the Lord...

That Church leaders will be gifted with strong faith, and that their words be filled with wisdom to lead many to know Jesus, we pray to the Lord...

That world leaders may seek the counsel of God and trust in his ways as they govern their people, we pray to the Lord...

That this faith community will grow in respect for God's gift of life, especially in those who are most vulnerable and cannot care for themselves, we pray to the Lord...

That the sick and infirm may have the adequate care necessary for life and healing, we pray to the Lord...

That those who have died may see God face to face and share in the glory of the transfiguration, we pray to the Lord...


Lord God, hear our prayers and assist us in our needs. Draw us ever closer to you. We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns forever and ever.

Bulletin Insert

The Pope on Life

“Every life is sacred! Let us go forward with the culture of life to counter the logic of waste and the declining birth rate; let us be close and together let us pray for the babies who are threatened by the termination of pregnancy, as well as for the people who are at the end of life — every life is sacred! — so that no one may be left alone and that love may defend the meaning of life. Let us recall the words of Mother Teresa: “Life is beautiful, admire it; life is life, defend it!”, be it a baby who is about to be born, or a person who is close to death: every life is sacred!” – Pope Francis, Message for Day of Life, February 5, 2017


Homily Suggestions

Dn 7: 9-10, 13-14
2 Pt 1: 16-19
Year A: Mt 17:1-9; Year B: Mk 9, 2-10; Year C: Luke 9: 28b-36

View a video with homily suggestions: https://youtu.be/K79yl3-PkH0

Christ allowed some of his apostles to see him transfigured precisely to strengthen them for the coming crucifixion, and for the suffering that they also would endure for proclaiming the Name of Christ. The preacher, on the Feast of the Transfiguration, can do the same for the people: strengthen them for the trials of their lives by reflecting on who Christ is, who calls them and accompanies them each day of their lives. If in the Church we think of Christ just as a role model or teacher, we will get some inspiration, but it will not be sufficient to sustain us for the sacrifices that fidelity requires. It is only when we see him in the light of the Transfiguration, and with an understanding of his identity as God, that we begin to understand that our strength does not simply come from his example, but from his living presence among us and within us. He lives in us, he loves through us.

In the second reading, Peter begins to make a comparison of “a lamp shining in a dark place.” The image changes at the end. We might expect him simply to say that we keep our eyes on the lamp in the dark place until the morning star rises, and gives light to the whole place. But he says that it rises “in our hearts.” The image has shifted to the internal world. But then again, perhaps it hasn’t shifted that much, because the rising of the morning star in our hearts represents our faith in Christ Transfigured – the Christ of Glory. This light given to our heart, our mind, our every choice, then indeed enlightens the external room, and the external world of our lives. We see creation and circumstances much more clearly because we know who Christ is and what he calls us to do.

This presence of Christ who strengthens us for sacrifice can then be applied to the challenges we have and the sacrifices we have to make in order to say “Yes” to life – the lives of our own children, and the lives of those in danger, who need our advocacy.

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