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Her Choice to Heal

Review by Fr. Frank Pavone

In one of the latest books on post-abortion healing, Sydna Masse and Joan Phillips team up to courageously share their painful experiences of abortion, as well as their joyful discovery of the healing which Jesus Christ brings.

Her Choice to Heal is written in a clear, personal style, speaking directly to the woman who has aborted her child. Though it contains very valuable information about the dynamics of post-abortion syndrome, it is more of a guided journey through the initial stages of healing than a treatise about post-abortion issues. In reading it, you feel as though you are being led by a wise and compassionate friend, all the while holding your hand and assuring you that no matter how bad your abortion experience may be, someone has been there before, and there is hope.

Sydna and Joan intersperse the chapters of their book with the example of their own journeys through denial, anger, grief, forgiveness, letting go, and the joy of discovering the Savior. They speak with psychological realism as well as the wisdom of God's Word, provided in numerous Scriptural citations.

The book provides the opportunity for the reader to interact with the emotions and memories of a past abortion, even providing blank pages for writing down thoughts and reactions to the points raised in each chapter.

This book provides concrete practical suggestions as well as references to additional resources on post-abortion issues. It concludes with a moving reflection by a man who pressured someone into having an abortion.

Her Choice to Heal is a treasure for anyone who has had an abortion, or for those who may have facilitated an abortion. It is likewise extremely valuable for family members and friends of post-abortion individuals, as well as for clergy and counselors seeking to improve their ability to help people find post-abortion healing.

To understand the pain of those who have had abortions is one of the most urgent tasks today for those who seek to love their neighbors. Her Choice to Heal helps all of us take another step toward fulfilling that most serious obligation.

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