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Dear Friends of Priests for Life,

We love to hear from you, and we want you to hear some of the compliments we have received from others. Please know that you inspire us, and that we are always grateful for your support!

-- Fr. Frank Pavone

Letter of support for the ministry of Priests for Life from Bishops and Cardinals  Priests for Life praised in Congress  Congressman Chris Smith on Fr. Frank's 25th Anniversary of Ordination 2017 Letter from Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino

“In our present times there is an urgent need to promote a culture of life and also to undertake direct actions that help protect the life of the weakest, especially the unborn. For that reason the work done by ‘Priests for Life’ deserves the gratitude and support of the whole Church.”

Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, President, Pontifical Council for the Laity, Vatican City State, June 7, 2011.

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Rachel's Vineyard is very good; it is an excellent work! Go forward with it! -- Pope Francis

God bless your Apostolate for Life...God bless Priests for Life - Pope John Paul II

“I wholeheartedly express my gratitude and that of the Holy See Mission to the United Nations for the invaluable support…which you and Priests for Life have offered to this Office. You have certainly given impulse to the work done by the Holy See Mission on behalf of the Holy Father.” - Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Apostolic Nuncio – Permanent Observer Of the Holy See to the United Nations (October 18, 2019)

"Congratulations on the growth of Priests for Life over the years. Its crucially important work is needed and appreciated." -- Most Rev. Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of New York, Dec. 6, 2010

Letter from Cardinal Edward Egan, while Archbishop of New York, February 2001

2015 Letter of Praise from Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino

Thank you for…the multiple and highly well-deserving initiatives of Priests for Life in the defense of human life and in the promotion of the pastoral work in this field so fundamental and crucial today….The collaboration of Priests for Life is always valuable and precious. -- Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, President, Pontifical Council for the Family, Vatican City, September 16, 2008.

I have known Fr. Pavone and have followed the work of Priests for Life for many years, and have witnessed the expansion of this ministry to its current international scope, as well as to its widespread engagement of the laity in service to the most vulnerable of God's children in the proclamation of the Gospel of Life. -- Renato Raffaele Cardinal Martino, President, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Vatican City (2008).

In the capacity of National Director, I know Fr. Pavone has traveled the length and breadth of our country encouraging Catholic Priests to actively participate in the pro-life movement. I know of no effort more noble, more timely or important than the recruitment of our clergy in the cause for life. --John Cardinal O'Connor, Archbishop of New York

Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna praises Priests for Life - PDF (December 2010)

Please know of my appreciation for your leadership in the promotion of the Gospel of Life throughout the United States of America. - Most Rev. Alfred A Schlert, Bishop of Allentown, PA (August 27, 2019)

September 2011

Dear Supporters of Priests for Life,

Over my ten years as Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland, I crossed paths many times with Father Frank Pavone. During all this time I have found him dedicated to the preservation of life for the unborn. He and I both work and pray for the day when we will eliminate this horrendous evil from the face of the earth.

Supporting abortion happens to be the politically correct stance to take these days. God would love to restore the peace and love found in the Garden of Eden before the fall. It is our challenge in this age to build up the Kingdom of God. We will only achieve this goal if we let his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Please keep Father Pavone in your prayers. ... The work he had done since founding Priests for Life must continue as we face the future. Please continue to support Priests for Life.

I was proud to stand up with Father Pavone when he asked me to serve on the Advisory Board of Bishops. Every opportunity that comes my way to stand up for life will find me speaking out against abortion. Let us pray, pray and pray some more for the mothers carrying infants in their wombs. Also, let us pray for those who perform the abortions and work in those clinics for they need God’s grace to see the evil of their deeds.

God bless!

(Most Rev.) Roger W. Gries, O.S.B., Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland

I continue to be grateful to all those involved in Rachel's Vineyard ministry for bringing hope, healing and reconciliation to so many within the Archdiocese of Newark. -- Most Rev. John J. Myers, Archbishop of Newark (February 1, 2012)

Most Reverend Richard Stika of Knoxville, TN recognizes the efforts of MEVs in his diocese - PDF (November 2009)

Thank you for the work you do to defend the life of the most defenseless. The ministry of Priests for Life is a much-needed work in order to overcome the culture of death. Please be assured of my continued prayers for Priests for Life. - Bishop James Wall, Bishop of Gallup (New Mexico)

"The Rachel's Vineyard Retreat experience provides a wonderful opportunity for the healing ministry of Jesus to continue in our Church. Psychologically and spiritually, we know the deep effect that abortion has on all those involved, particularly the parents and especially the woman who has made this decision. Christ reaches out to all who need healing and Rachel's Vineyard is a beautiful way to extend the healing ministry of Christ to women and men who need his compassion and love. I am grateful to the retreat team who are so willing to walk with those who seek healing and grace. What a great ministry for our Church to concretely bring the love of Jesus to His people!" - Bishop Rozanski, Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore, Maryland

Dear Fr. Pavone: Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you also for everything you and Priests for Life do to protect our most vulnerable unborn brothers and sisters. Please know that you and everyone at Priests for Life remain in my prayers and that I am Fraternally yours in Christ, +Michael J. Sheridan, Bishop of Colorado Springs

Dear Fr. Pavone: Thank you very much for your kind remembrance of my anniversary of Episcopal ordination of 34 years ago! I am grateful for your thoughtfulness and prayers and for all you do for God’s little one’s. God Bless you and your important work for God. Sincerely, Bishop James Clifford Timlin, Bishop Emeritus of Scranton, PA

First of all, a word of welcome to all of you who are attending this Leadership Seminar and especially to Dr. Theresa Burke, Kevin Burke and Janet Morana from Rachel’s Vineyard who are leading this programme. I am most grateful to you for travelling from the other side of the Atlantic to be with us at Leeds Trinity & All Saints and for helping us in this venture. The work of Rachel’s Vineyard is well known to me and is something I have eagerly encouraged to this diocese. At first hand, I have witnessed the work it undertakes and of the tender compassion, in the name of Christ, it brings about. Many today look on abortion as a curative solution to an unwanted problem; few speak of the traumatic after-effects of those who have procured a termination and have subsequently come to realize the import of what has indeed taken place. I had very much hoped to be with you for much of this day, but due to the impending death of a great friend of mine I find myself having to travel elsewhere to make my farewells. I pray earnestly for the success of this week-end, for all who are facilitating and leading it, for all who are participating in the seminars and for all who, as a result of what happens here, will be touched by the gentle and healing mercy of the Lord through your care. Devotedly and with my blessing, -- Arthur Roche, Bishop of Leeds

I am happy to approve and allow the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, a lay association of the faithful affiliated with Priests for Life, to be active in the Diocese of Harrisburg.  This canonically approved association has a noble and holy mission of witness to the sanctity of human life.  Its members are committed to serving the Gospel of Life through prayer, personal study, and pro-life work.  There are already members of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life at work in our diocese.  I pray that their prayers and efforts will bear abundant fruit.  We are all called to welcome and to share the Gospel of Life.  We see the image of God's glory in every human person.  May the Lord strengthen all of us in the holy task of serving life, of respecting and serving the dignity of every human person. -- Most Reverend Kevin C. Rhodes, Bishop of Harrisburg (February 2009)

Protecting the unborn and defending the most vulnerable in our society is at the very heart of the Church’s mission, and she commends PFL/Missionaries of the Gospel of Life for their many laudable contributions toward that end -- Most Reverend Patrick Zurek, Bishop of Amarillo (September 2008)

A Study Guide to Humanae Vitae, Of Human Life has just been published this year by “Priests for Life” and carries my Imprimatur. This small book would be an excellent tool for study of Humanae Vitae for clergy and laity involved in working with families, couples preparing for the Sacrament of Matrimony, and Catholic students - all of whom face the real issues of life that Humanae Vitae deals with. -- Most Reverend Robert J. Baker, Bishop Birmingham

The pro-life work of Priests for Life, and Father Pavone in particular, has saved lives, strengthened families and brought countless numbers of people to a deeper appreciation of the great gift of life and the dignity of each and every human being. Priests for Life has been arguably one of the most important movements in the history of North American Church.  With the establishment of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life even greater spiritual strength will be added to the most urgent goal of ending abortion and other pro-death practices in our society. -- Most Reverend Robert J. Baker, Bishop Birmingham

I remember when I first came to know Priests for Life and now see, to my great satisfaction, how the association has grown. I am delighted to see that Priests for Life is associated with so many dioceses and that the bishops are giving you the support you need in this vital ministry. Let us hope that this support increases as well as the priest members. May the Lord and our Blessed Mother bless Priests for Life. -- His Eminence Alfonso Cardinal Lopez Trujillo, Pontifical Council for the Family

At the beginning of my mission here in the United States of America, it has been my pleasure to know of you and the good work of Priests for Life.  As the personal representative of His Holiness Pope John Paul II in this great country, I can assure you of the Holy Father's deep appreciation for your noble efforts and initiatives on behalf of the Gospel of Life.  Invoking the Lord's abundant blessings upon you and your dedicated collaborators, I remain, with cordial greetings, sincerely yours in Christ.  -- Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, (former) Apostolic Nuncio to the United States

I am very honored to offer my own approval and endorsement of Priests for Life so that many of our brother priests in the Dioceses and Archdioceses across the country may come to know about your outstanding work and to embrace it as a very special and personal apostolate for themselves. -- Roger Cardinal Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles

Dear Father Pavone: Thank you for your service to the Church and your efforts to protect human life. -- Most Reverend Thomas J. Rodi, Archbishop of Mobile, AL 

Dear Fr. Frank: I am deeply grateful for all of the work you do on behalf of life.  Thank you for extending your resources to the services of the Archdiocese for Military Services.  ....  Please be assured of my prayers for the ministry of Priests For Life.  May our Lord continue to bless you as you proclaim the Gospel of Life.  -- Most Reverent Timothy P. Broglio, Archbishop for the Military Services, Washington, D.C. 

May the Lord Jesus richly bless your very noble endeavor.  May Our Blessed Lady, Mother of the Gift of Life, keep you under her protective mantle. -- Bishop Edward M. Grosz, Auxiliary Bishop, Diocese of Buffalo, NY

Dear Father Frank: I have many reasons to be grateful to God for my vocation.  I also have many reasons to be grateful to you, I will ask God to give you the grace of deep faith and hope in His love.  Thanks for your continued support, and especially your prayers!  -- Most Reverend J. Peter Sartain, Bishop of Joliet, Illinois

Dear Catholic Faithful:  Among the numerous groups worthy of mention that seek to promote a "Culture of Life," I wish to commend the efforts of the Priests for Life under the inspiration of Fr. Frank Pavone ...  I enthusiastically support their efforts, and, in particular within our diocese, those of Mr. Michael Colicchio and Mrs. Lisa Morris who are among the first lay affiliates.  An essential part of the endeavors of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life entails the creation of "Life Cells" consisting of lay affiliate members who make certain commitments to prayer, personal study, and pro-life work to the extent that their duties permit.  As such, Mike and Lisa seek to start up three initial "Life Cells" within the Diocese beginning with Knoxville, Chattanooga and Johnson City.  In support of Mike an Lisa's efforts, I encourage you to learn more about the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life by visiting their website at www.priestsforlife.org.  Priests for Life has contributed significantly to the promotion of a "Culture of Life" by helping to save lives, strengthening families and bringing countless people to a deeper appreciation of the great gift of life and the dignity of each and every human being.  As Mike and Lisa go forth with my blessing, I ask you to be supportive of their efforts.  May God continue to bless you. Sincerely yours in the Lord -- Most Rev. Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D., Bishop of Knoxville

Dear Dr. [Theresa] Burke:  I am very pleased, once again, to express my gratitude to you for your continuing outstanding service to the Church and to God’s people.  Your Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries has touched, healed and helped many people here in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.  ...  May Almighty God bless you and this good work. Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Eusebius J. Beltran, Archbishop of Oklahoma City

This is indeed positive and important ministry in the life of the church today. ...please be assured of my prayerful support.  -- Most Reverend Lawrence E. Brandt, JCD, PhD, Bishop of Greensburg

The Apostolate of these groups is very important to the work of the church, particularly in keeping our priests informed and focused on the priority of life issues... Be assured of his prayers and support for this venture  -- Rev. Marc V. Trudeau, Priest Secretary to Cardinal Roger Mahony

As the National Director of Priests for Life, and one who recently began a new community of priests permanently dedicated to full time pro-life work, Father Frank Pavone is one of the most prominent Pro-Life leaders in the nation. – Most Rev. Robert P. Maginnis, D.D., Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia, Honorary Chairman of the Catholic Leadership Committee

[Regarding Priests for Life: A Global Mission] – An engaging presentation of the ministry of priests for life, this well-produced video underscores the significant role clergy play in the pro-life movement, as demonstrated in the leadership of Fr. Frank Pavone and his associates.  I commend Priests for Life for challenging that part of our culture that fails to show respect for life from conception to natural demise.  We can never underestimate the importance of such essential work. -- Most Rev. Thomas V. Daily, DD Bishop of Brooklyn

[Regarding Priests for Life: A Global Mission] – thank you for sending me the video on the work of Priests for life.  While I had already known of the significant efforts Priests for Life is making in the cause of human life, the video certainly enriched both my understanding and appreciation.  Know that you are in my prayer as you reach out to more and more clergy and engage them in service of the Gospel of Life.  Thank you for your own wonderful leadership. -- Most Rev. Richard J Malone, Auxiliary Bishop of Boston, South Region

Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries began as a single weekend retreat  held on the grounds of Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Darby, PA, for persons suffering emotional and spiritual pain from their participation in abortion.  From this small seed, in only eight years this ministry has grown to offer over 1200 retreats across the United States, and now spreading to many countries throughout the world.  The retreat process has been effective in bringing relief from the suffering that is common to many persons after abortion; nightmares, depression, anxiety, difficulties in relationships and a host of other symptoms that can bring great personal, relational and family suffering.  With effective healing programs like Rachel’s Vineyard, we can help to bring and end to this suffering, and help bring healing to individuals, couples and families. -- Cardinal Justin Rigali, Archbishop of Philadelphia

Congratulations on the great effort you give to Priests for Life and for all you do so well. "Thank you" and God bless you and all you do for the unborn. -- Most Rev. James Niedergeses, Bishop Emeritus of Nashville, TN

I have read your updated Mission Statement and I think everything looks positive and well developed. I both admire and am grateful for your work. Thank you so much for your generous gift of yourself and your time to the clergy and people of our diocese. You were spectacularly wonderful and we are deeply grateful. -- Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Denver

I am pleased to participate in a small way in this program. I want to assure you of our desire to assist the program in every possible way. -- Most Rev. J. Quinn Weitzel, MM, DD Bishop of Samoa - Pago Pago

I want you to proceed with The Gabriel Project within the area. I appreciate the content of the brochure you included, and I have trust in the quality of materials which are prepared by Priests for Life. -- Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito, Bishop of Ogdensburg

I also want to thank you and your staff for all Priests for Life does to promote human life in this increasingly more strident culture of death in the nation. -- Most Reverend Elden Francis Curtiss, Archbishop of Omaha

I appreciate your leadership in the ministry of reverence for life and support for priests in pastoral assignments to teach and promote the Church's teachings. -- Most Reverend Elden Francis Curtiss, Archbishop of Omaha

I invoke the Lord’s blessings upon your important work. -- Archbishop Agostino Cacciavillan, Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to the United States

I have always noted that your own talks are pithy, very much to the point, very easy to listen to and extremely powerful.  I am in complete agreement with everything that His Eminence (Cardinal O’Connor) says about you in his letter of endorsement. I can only say that he chose wisely and well when he selected Father Frank Pavone to be his ambassador around the country in promotion of the pro-life message and, in particular, Priests for Life. -- Most Rev. James M. Moynihan, Bishop of Syracuse

Congratulations on the outstanding interview. Frank, I praise God for articulate, faith-filled young men like you. -- Paul V. Dudley, Bishop Emeritus of Sioux Falls

I write today to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous priestly service on behalf of life. Frank, your presentation was really excellent. God has gifted you with an ability to speak well and motivate people effectively. I was especially touched by the nuances you utilized in regards to the Eucharist. The two uses for the sentence "this is my body" will not be forgotten by me and your practical application of a deeper meaning of "do this in remembrance of me" will be worked into many of my own talks in the future. -- Most Rev. John McCarthy, Bishop Emeritus of Austin

Congratulations on the very fine growth of Priests for Life and the expansion of its service. I am happy and proud to be associated with your group. In Peoria, we are delighted to offer your newsletter in our monthly mailing. As the months and years go along, I know that Priests for Life will have increasing influence in informing and supporting those priests and other ministers who wish to speak up clearly and consistently for the right to life. -- Most Reverend John J. Myers, Bishop of Peoria (now Archbishop of Newark)

 It is very apparent that God is blessing the work of Priests for Life abundantly. I must also repeat my thanks to you for the Clergy Conference that you gave to the clergy of the Diocese of Corpus Christi. I am still hearing favorable comments about your talks and how you raised the consciousness among the clergy about the importance of promoting Pro-Life activities. -- Rene H. Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi

On behalf of the Alliance of the Holy Family International, I would like to thank you for having made the International Clergy Retreat Seminar on the Alliance of the Two Hearts a success. Your valuable contribution has certainly made a big difference to all the priests who participated.   The Alliance of the Holy Family movement highly respects your expertise and its contribution to its family apostolate. I pray that you would continue supporting us. And as we approach the great Jubilee Year, I fervently pray that we can help bring back more souls to the Church and to the practice of the Sacraments. The Holy Mother Church needs your selfless generosity in this great time of need. -- Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal, Archbishop of Cebu and AHFI Clergy Chairman

In encouraging your brother priests to become active in the Pro-Life Movement, you are greatly strengthening the efforts of the entire Church in the United States to bear witness to the Gospel of Life. May the Lord continue to bless your efforts in the years ahead. – James Cardinal Hickey, Archbishop of Washington

Cardinal Bevilacqua remains grateful to you and all those associated with Priests of Life for all that you do to protect and defend the sacredness of all human life from the moment of conception to natural death. -- Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, Administrative Secretary

As a member of the Board of Advisors I can hardly give you better "advice" than to continue exactly as you have been doing. – Bishop George E. Lynch, New York

I think your organization does a wonderful job and I am very happy to be associated with it by serving on the Board of Advisors. I look forward to many years of association. -- Most Reverend John F. Donoghue, Archbishop Emeritus of Atlanta

Please know that I am honored and feel very privileged to be on the Board of Advisors and I want to commend you and all your coworkers for the marvelous job you are doing for the unborn. -- Most Reverend James C. Timlin, D.D., Bishop Emeritus of Scranton

I thank you for your own commitment to the sacredness of human life. Priests for Life is most important as we combat the evil of abortion and proclaim the Gospel of Life.  I’ve given strong recommendations for you here. -- Most Rev. Henry J Mansell, Archbishop of Hartford

Your continued prayerful support is also very much appreciated, both for me and the faithful of the diocese.  Thank you for your great work. -- Most Reverend Robert W. Finn, DD, Bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

From Singapore and Korea I have been watching your presentations on all cable and network stations.  You have been consistently excellent.  Just what we've been needing and not having.  Congratulations in an effort most helpful in setting forth Church teaching!  In the Lord, -- Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien, Archbishop for Military Services

I'd like to thank Priests for Life, therefore, for acknowledging the efforts of The Leaven staff to articulate and promote the church's teaching on this important pro-life issue in a manner accessible to the average Catholic.  With gratitude for your personal commitment to proclaim the Gospel of Life, I am Sincerely yours in Jesus the Lord of life, -- Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS 

As you are well aware, the Diocese of Samoa Pago Pago is a missionary diocese 14 degrees South of the equator. We are perhaps one of the more distant locations you service.  Our priest's and deacons each receive a copy of the newsletter, and we read with interest the outstanding work you and your brother priests are doing. Be assured of a continuous place in our prayers as you move in to the Jubilee Year and the Third Millennium.  Sincerely in the Holy Family, -- Most Rev. J. Quinn Weitzel, MM, Bishop of Samoa - Pago Pago.

Fr. Frank Pavone, of Priests for Life, is a dynamic and inspiring speaker... -- Most Rev. Daniel M Buechlein, OSB, Archbishop of Indianapolis. 

Thank you for presenting at the recent Leadership Conference of the National Catholic Student Coalition.  I am elated to learn that the students were enthusiastic about your workshops.  That, of course, does not surprise me given your commitment and expertise in the area of respect for human life. -- Most Rev. Peter A. Rosazza, Auxiliary Bishop, New Haven, CT. 

"Your seminars were extraordinarily well-received. Many of our priests and deacons expressed to me that they thought your presentations were among the most practical and theologically sound we have heard on the subject of protection of the unborn children..." -- Most Rev. Rene Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi  

Thank you for your kindness in sending me the Priests for Life Study Guide for the document, Living the Gospel of Life, issued by bishops of the United States in 1998.  The current controversy regarding Catholic politicians and the issue of abortion underscores how timely and necessary your Study Guide is.  While some of the energy surrounding this question is created by the proximity of elections, the situation is one which is the fruit of many years' development, and a true change of heart among Catholic politicians will take much time and effort.  I believe the bishops of our country are committed to that process, and the Priests for Life Study Guide will be very helpful in this important undertaking.  Thanking you for devoted ministry which gives a voice to the voiceless unborn, I am Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Most Rev. William J. Levada, (previously) Archbishop of San Francisco 

Thank you for your support and for the commitment to your organization to the dignity of human life. With every best wish and warm personal regards, I am Fraternally yours, Rev. Howard J. Hubbard, Bishop of Albany

I am very grateful for your kind greetings on the occasion of my birthday, especially the promise of a remembrance in prayer. I follow your ministry with prayerful support. .... Your ministry remains with me during these days of prayer. - With sentiments of fraternal esteem, I am prayerfully in the lord - Rev. William G. Curlin

May you continue to be blessed in your special and important work in Priests for Life. - Sincerely yours, Bishop David B. Thompson

You are doing a great work for the Church and I wish you well. With many blessings and many good wishes, I remain sincerely yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn-Archbishop Emeritus of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota

I will remember you and all the Priests for Life in my prayers. May God continue to bless the wonderful work you do. -- Most Reverend Alvara Corrada, S.J.- Bishop of Tyler, Texas

Thanks a million for your birthday greetings. I really appreciate your expression of prayerful good wishes and God’s blessing. Thanks, too, for all the hard work you do to promote deep respect for life and for the unborn. May the Lord bless you in your mission. Sincerely in Christ, Bishop Leonard J. Olivier, SVD

Letter regarding the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, Most Rev. David A. Zubik, Bishop of Pittsburg, March 2010

Dear Father Frank, I just want you to know that I am so inspired by what you do in the Pro Life Movement. Who would have thought that you would become such a “luminary” as Fr. John Sorrento used to call priests who did something worth while? Blessings to you dear Father, and May our Holy Mother continue to watch over you. - Archbishop Anthony, The Archdiocese of New York (Orthodox)

Bishops' endorsements for Priests for Life Study Guide on Evangelium Vitae

Thank you for the Evangelium Vitae study guide you sent me. Thank you also for sharing your reflections on Terri Schiavo's death.  I agree with you that we are at a teachable moment for our people, and I think that this is a very useful kind of resource to have available.  May Jesus, through the intercession of Mary, grant you peace and joy. -- Most Reverend Jose H Gomez, S.T.D., Archbishop of San Antonio

Thank you for your … study guide for Evangelium Vitae.  My heartfelt congratulations to you and your pastoral team for preparing this study guide to accompany Pope John Paul II's  encyclical, The Gospel of Life!  What a marvelous tool to help our people absorb the crucial message of this important document!  I'm delighted that the study guide can be used by an individual or in a group to glean the vibrant message of the Gospel of Life.  I was also quite moved by the compelling message of your leaflet, Terri Schiavo's Final Hours.  Your comment about fresh water for the flowers at her bedside but not for Terri herself highlighted the hypocrisy of a culture that drains the gnat while swallowing the camel.  May the Lord continue to bless all that you do to advance the cause of life!  Fraternally yours in the Lord, -- Most Reverend Victor Galeone, Bishop of St. Augustine

Thank you for your kindness in sending me a copy of the study guide for Pope John Paul II's encyclical Evangelium Vitae, as well as reflections on the death of Terri Schiavo.  I am certain that both resources will be of great benefit to our Diocese.  With every good wish, I remain Cordially yours in Christ, -- Most Rev. Thomas G. Doran, D.D., J.C.D., Bishop of Rockford 

Allow me to express my congratulations to you and all the members of Priests for Life for the recent publication of your study guide for Evangelium Vitae.  I found the guide to be a concise, informative and faithful summary of the encyclical's teachings.  It will be of great assistance to those in the church who wish to reflect upon more deeply the profound meaning of this important papal teaching.  …  Be assured of my continued prayers for your important ministry in the life of our Church.  May the Holy Spirit continue to move the hearts of all people and lead our society to recognize and embrace the culture of life that comes to us through Jesus Christ.  Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Ph.D., D.D., Bishop of Brooklyn 

This study guide is very helpful in assisting people to read and understand the wonderful message of John Paul II's, The Gospel of Life.  I will encourage and promote the use of it in my diocese so that people truly understand the Church's teaching on the dignity of the human person and the respect of life. -- The Most Reverend David L. Ricken, DD, JCL, Bishop of Cheyenne 

This spiritual study guide, put together by Father Pavone and Priests for Life, offers a readable and practical summary of the critical teachings of our late Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, with regard to life issues.  It is organized and clear, with points for reflection, discussion, and prayer.  Please be assured of my prayerful best wishes for you and the important work you do on behalf of the Gospel of Life.  Sincerely yours in the Lord, -- Adam Cardinal Maida, Archbishop of Detroit 

This spiritual guide to Pope John Paul II's Evangelium Vitae will be of great help to all who are looking for ways to implement the spirit of this great encyclical in their daily lives - respecting, protecting, loving and serving every human life.  Asking the Lord's blessings upon the work of Priests for Life, and with every best wish, I am Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles 

Thank you for sending me a copy of your recent publication on the 10th Anniversary of Pope John Paul II's encyclical, Evangelium Vitae.  Your study guide to the Gospel of Life is a welcome tool to assist our Catholic community in utilizing, in a new and unique way, the beautiful teaching on the gift of life articulated by our late Holy Father.  I have encouraged our Respect Life Office to make this booklet available to our parishes and our respect life ministries in our diocese.  May God continue to bless you in your witness to the dignity and sacredness of every life.  Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Thomas Wenski, Bishop of Orlando 

His Excellency, Archbishop Sean O'Malley has asked me to acknowledge his receipt of your recent letter sent with a copy of the Tenth Anniversary Spiritual Guide to Evangelium Vitae and to reply on his behalf.  The Archbishop appreciates your thoughtfulness and your commitment to Pope John Paul II's legacy of the defense of life in all times and in all places.  May his intercession lead hearts and minds to embrace the Gospel of Life.  It is good to know of the prayers that you were able to offer for Terri Schiavo during the final time of her illness, surely this was a source of spiritual help for Terri and for her family.  May she be at peace in the presence of the Lord and may her prayers help us to treasure the gift of life.  Thank you for your prayers for the Archbishop and for his work, with the help of God and one another let us go forward to build up the Church.  With an assurance of our prayers and all whom you serve, I am Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Reverend Robert T. Kickham, Secretary to the Archbishop 

Thank you very much for the copy of your new study guide on Pope John Paul II's encyclical Evangelium Vitae.  It offers an excellent approach to the dual challenge of understanding and living the teachings of this very important document.  We will be informing our pastors and our parish Respect Life Coordinators of the availability of both the study guide, and the pamphlet entitled Terri Schiavo's Final Hours.  We are grateful for the courageous work that you do in building the Culture of Life.  Be assured of my prayers.  Fraternally yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Arthur J. Serratelli, S.T.D, S.S.L, D.D, Bishop of Paterson 

Thank you for forwarding to me a copy of the study guide Evangelium Vitae - The Gospel of Life: A Spiritual Guide to the Encyclical of Pope John Paul II.  I am very grateful to you and clergy and pastoral associates of Priests for Life for making this resource available to us on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of this great encyclical of our late and beloved Pope John Paul II.  This will be a significant tool in helping many discover or rediscover the great wealth of wisdom and teaching contained in this landmark ecclesial document.  I pray that this guide may move us to a still deeper commitment to building a Culture of Life that respects the sacred dignity of human life from conception to its natural end.  Again, my thanks to you for the valuable work of Priests for Life.  Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Paul S. Coakley, Bishop of Salina 

Keep being, like Pope John Paul II, an apostle for life.  The study guide will help countless people to come to a better understanding of the beautiful gift of human life, which is made in the very image and likeness of God.  More than ever, we need to preach and teach about the sacredness of all human life from its beginning of conception until its natural end as determined by God.  May God bless all of your good efforts.  Your brother in Christ and Mary, -- Most Reverend Michael D. Pfeifer, OMI, Bishop of San Angelo 

Thank you for the copy of the study guide on "Evangelium Vitae."  I believe it will be a very useful tool enabling people to understand and put into action the teachings of John Paul II on the sacredness of life.  Thanks for providing this service. -- Bishop Sam Jacobs, Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux 

Thank you for sending me copies of your recently published study guide for Evangelium Vitae and your reflection on the death of Terri Schiavo.  I am especially grateful for the study guide.  It is simple and concise and should prove to be a renewed invitation to God's people to immerse themselves again, or perhaps for the first time, in Pope John Paul II's magnificent encyclical on the sanctity of life.  I am impressed by the format of study/discussion and application to one's personal life.  I hope that this little book will receive the wide distribution that it deserves.  Thank you for the wonderful job that you have done.  Assuring you of my prayers for you and your community, I am Fraternally yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Michael J. Sheridan, Bishop of Colorado Springs 

Priests for Life is well known for its courageous and straight forward promotion of the dignity of each human life.  I am happy to endorse their current efforts to urge priests and faithful to read the great encyclical of Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae.  Also, Priests for Life is promoting other useful materials.  We all need to grow in the depth of our knowledge of the mystery and truths about human life so that we can promote them even more effectively.  Wishing you well in your undertaking, Father Pavone, I am Sincerely in the Lord, -- Most Reverend John J. Myers, Archbishop of Newark 

[Regarding the Evangelium Vitae Study Guide] – I find the reflections and discussion questions especially helpful.  They offer a good overview of this most important encyclical, and they help us to incorporate its content and spirit into our personal lives.  Thank you again for providing this spiritual guide to the encyclical.  May we continue to work toward building a culture wherein all  human life is cherished and protected from conception until natural death. -- Most Rev Francis Kane, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, Episcopal Vicar of Vicariate II 

Thank you for your congratulations and prayers on the anniversary of my birthday and on my anniversary Of Episcopal Ordination.  May the Lord continue to inspire you and  strengthen you on your commitment to witness to the sacredness of all human life. Peace and Good, Most Rev. Rutilio J. del Riego

Be assured of my prayers for God’s continued blessings on your important apostolate. -- Most Reverend Larry Silva, Bishop of Honolulu

Please be assured that you and your ministry are in my prayers. May our good and gracious God bless you with many years of peace and happiness. -- Most Rev. Alex J. Brunett, Archbishop of Seattle

On the Occasion of Fr. Frank's 25th Anniversary of Ordination (November 2013)

Maria, CA
Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of your priestly ordination! Thank you for your great work, leadership and holy dedication. You serve God and bring hope to many through this most necessary pro-life ministry. May God continue to bless and keep you.

Jeannette, OH
Happy Anniversary of your vocation as a priest Fr. Frank. Keep on saving the babies and inspiring the rest of us and following God's will for your life.  We love you!

Belinda Ann, TX
You inspired me to get actively involved in pro-life work as a Crisis pregnancy counselor and prayer partner outside abortion mills for 12 years now. The Holy Spirit spoke to me through you!

Anthony & Angela, ND
You are a true gift to the Pro Life work in this country. I marvel at your joyful demeanor and the positive presence of your words. Thank you!

John and Nora, NJ
Your courageous example and faithful witness has inspired us to take heart and stand for life and stand for Christ. God bless you today and always; for we thank him every time we think of you.

Joseph, IL
In one of the first notes I wrote to you, I declared you “my hero” and since then I must reiterate this at least 100 times over. I do not know of anyone within the Catholic Church or otherwise who has done more for this cause which I feel is the most important cause on earth. How great it must feel to know you have saved so many lives. You have confronted many politicians/and awakened them to the horror of what that they have they have not worked against. You have overcome controversy for the cause within our own church.

Fr. Matthew, NE
Thanks for your exceptional leadership in the pro-life movement and the practical assistance offered to priests and parishes worldwide. I am honored to count you among my long-time friends. Keep up the great work. Congratulations and Happy Silver Anniversary! God bless.

Mary, MN
Our nation has been blessed more than we can know (or possibly deserve) from your “Yes” to God’s call. Thank you for your strength and commitment.

Joan, PA
Dear Fr. Frank, congratulations, I am so happy for you. No one is so eager to take on this huge task of leadership. God bless. You are so needed! Love and prayers.

Vickey, TX
Congratulations! Because of you I became involved in the pro life work and went on to become [a] Respect Life Director. You have been by far the most influential person in my life and I will be eternally grateful!

Maureen, MO
What a wonderful gift to our church and to our country that you have been here for us all of these 25 years! We would like to thank you for saying yes to God's calling to the priesthood! How generous a servant you have been. We would like to thank you also for your bold and unwavering leadership in the pro-life movement. You seem to have such boundless energy and surely you are fueled by the Holy Spirit himself acting through you. We were blessed to have been able to hear you speak in person at our St. Louis Respect Life Convention a few years ago, and we were so impressed at your down-to-earth manner and your deep faith. You, like all the saints, make time to pray and stay close to the Lord and then jam your days full of unselfish service. What a great role model for us and our kids you are! Showers of blessings upon you, love, Maureen

Andre, WI
Congratulations Fr. Pavone on the 25th anniversary of your ordination and the tremendous success of your apostolate in defense of life! God Bless your continued efforts, and thank you for your inspiration to myself and countless other elected officials to stand in the gap for our preborn brothers and sisters!

Judy, CO
Thank you so very much for your many years of work and devotion to the unborn and their parents. So many of us look to Priests for Life as well as our local parish and diocese to keep us praying and working to end abortion.

Russell, NC
Dear Father Pavone,
As on Obstetrician delivering several hundred babies per year, I am fortunate to see the 'gift of life' come into being on a regular basis. I see each baby as a special gift from our Creator. Please continue your much appreciated work to protect the unborn. Congratulations on your anniversary and I really appreciate a priest who speaks out firmly on the issue of abortion.

Antonette, NY
Dear Father Frank:
You are a champion for life!
Thank you for never giving up the quest to keep the fight going for the unborn; for being the VOICE for the "voiceless".

You, Father Frank, are God's vessel, his hands and voice for such a time as this impacting today's society showing all that the culture of death will not prevail.

As Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. so eloquently stated....."We Shall Overcome" and by God's mercy and by his gift of you being at the forefront for this crusade, We Shall Overcome and will be victorious.

Thank you Father Frank! God Bless you!

Amy, VA
Congratulations Father Pavone! God bless you for ALL the WORK you do for women and unborn babies. You are a modern day hero and a living saint. You are an inspiration for all priests and for all people in general.

Daria, IL
Congratulations on your dual anniversary celebration. My husband and I have been a supporter since the beginning of your ministry. We have nine children, several adults now, and they all know your name as if you were a close family friend. You have inspired us, educated us, empowered us to continue to fight the good fight against this ugly sin of abortion. We have stood with you in Washington DC at the "million women's march" as well as each January for the March for Life. We have assisted at your speaking engagements and shared your resources with so many. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and love for the unborn. Thank you for helping the faithful in our work in our own neighborhoods. Thank you for being an example to the clergy. May God richly bless you in your future, keep you healthy and strong and may his Blessed Mother bring you comfort and peace.

Cheryl, OH
Dear Fr. Pavone,
You are an amazing servant of our Lord. You work tirelessly, not intimidated by what people think. You press onward toward the goal of making this a better world for the cause of Christ.

Anora, MI
Our Lord has given you a tremendous task of being the one to lead the way to protect and defend the life our unborn babies and every situation that threatens our God-given right to Life. He has chosen the perfect champion to do that and I personally want to thank for taking the lead. I want you to know that I have and will be praying for your success and for your protection from the evil in this world. I will continue to support Priests for Life as much as I can.

Connie, NE
Thank you again for coming in person to Hastings, NE to be our main speaker at our Respect Life Banquet on May 1 three years ago for South Central NE Right to Life.
Your talk was so down to earth and very inspiring to all of us in this pro-life work. We were encouraged to continue on because of your trust that the victory is already won, by Jesus Christ. We just have to continue being His hands and feet. Since you continue on like the energizer bunny, it gives us energy to so, too.

Christina, CA
This is a very important celebration for all Pro-life people: the 20th anniversary of one of our greatest champions accepting the challenge of ending abortion! Thank you, Father Frank, for every tireless sacrifice you give in the name of the unborn. Your fellow Catholics and Protestants are with you, and we support you fully. God will indeed reward you abundantly when at last our task is complete and abortion is not only illegal, but recognized universally as immoral and unacceptable. Congratulations, Father Frank, and keep fighting the good fight, as we fight alongside you for God's children.

Mary, FL
Congratulations on your Silver Jubilee! You have been an inspiration to me in my continuing Pro-Life work since I met you in Orlando some years ago.

Laura, MD
It is hard to imagine what the pro-life landscape would look like if you had done what I and countless other people have done, which is - put God's call to action on hold.

I am grateful for all the pro-life leaders who have been a light to shine the way for me, especially you, Father Frank, because your represent Christ on earth. You embody the voice I hear in my heart and soul. You give dimension to the Holy Spirit and I pray you will always be filled with His graces and gifts.

Jeannene, CA
You are truly an inspiration to so many people and a true friend to all unborn children. I dread to think of how many more babies would not be alive today if not for your undying love for them. You are a living saint among us. I send you my prayers and love on this your special day.

Reuben, WA
…how badly we need men of God as yourself to be a beam of light in the heavy clouds of dark that surround us. But, you have been chosen for this, and for this we are all grateful for your courage, strength, moral fiber and obedience to the directives from the Lord Jesus himself. Know that what you do is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE, not just for America but for the whole world. You will be richly blessed by the Father for what you do and I count it a privilege to support you in all that you do for the beautiful God-created babies of our land.

Ellen, CA
You are a true saint among us (although you do nudge us a lot!) You are a shining example that all priests and deacons should follow. Don't get discouraged. There are a lot of us standing outside abortion clinics and praying for you.

Marie, FL
Just a quick note to thank you for being my Champion for all the wonderful work you do in support of LIFE! Your guidance, teachings, and your being "out there" on the front lines, has been an inspiration to me.

Fr. Stephen, Rome
Your dedication, zeal and constancy are an inspiration to all who have felt the call to live and work for the Kingdom of God. Don't let up. May God bless you efforts with a renewed respect for life--in the United States and in the World.

Claire, IL
Thank you, Fr. Pavone! Thank you for being a priest and thank you for your great work for us all in the fight against abortion. I don't know where we'd be without you!

Pastor George, TN (Presbyterian Church)
Grace, peace, and joy. Thank you for your faithfulness across all the years and all the miles. You are a deep encouragement to all of us who name the name of Christ and who stand for justice for every life God has given breath.

It is my persistent prayer that as you continue to stand for the unborn you will be able to rest in His provision, trust in His providence, walk in His mercy, remain in His love, and rely on His strength. Standfast.

Marie Teresa, MD
This is to thank you for your tireless and cheerful giving that has saved so many thousands of the unborn, raised awareness in the ecclesiastical community and energized the entire pro-life movement. This is to thank you for being my spiritual father and mentor in the theology of life.

Thomas, MI
When I worked at Camp Hope and Compassion to help with the clean up after hurricane Katrina, we stayed on the grounds of St. Anne's catholic church in Lizana, Mississippi and had tee shirts with the following quotation from Mother Theresa on them:

"I am but a pencil in the hand of God"

God's message about stopping the killing of these living human beings (yes, the supreme court has admitted that they are living human beings) need to be written and trumpeted everywhere. You are the lead pencil, so keep it up.

Congratulations on your silver jubilee.

As Catholics, we realize that the times we live in will continue to haunt our consciences, that it would be more difficult as the days go by to stand and defend our faith. And yet God has provided us with wonderful priests and mentors who shine out like beacon lights in this world of darkness. You have been chosen by God to lead this noble mission against abortion, and I pray that you and others who are joined in this fight be blessed with the strength and courage to keep going in accordance with God's will. You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

Sonia, IN
10 years ago I tuned in EWTN TV for the first time, and there were you and Janet interviewing an abortion survivor. I was crying while listening to her story, and ever since have given my heart to the pro-life movement and to EWTN. Both have strengthened my faith and my family. I love you and I will always keep you in my prayers.

Congratulations, Fr. Pavone!
From Spain, your priest brothers.

Timoteo, OH
Father Frank, I think we all thank GOD for the work you do and being a General in the war against abortion. Many have tried to silence you and your ministry, but yet rises to newer heights.

Shirley, IN
Your speech at a conference was so inspiring that I have been a supporter of PFL and the whole issue every since.

Ken and Karen, OK
Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!
Thank you for all your hard work end promoting a culture of life. Thank you for never giving up even when things get tough. We appreciate all you have done and our proud to be part of your mission. We can all continue to pray for the conversion of the world to a culture of life!!

Catherine, MI
God's Blessings on your 25th. And thank you for ALL you have sacrificed and done for human life!! And for being an inspiration to all!

Judy, SC
Thank you for your hard work in ending abortion. You have helped me fight the fight with you and others. May God Bless you and may He end abortions. ....  Our family appreciates all you do and our prayers are with you.

Yvonne, IL
Thank you Father Pavone on all you do for the pro-life movement. ... I admire Father Pavone for his many years trying to end abortion and for the forgiveness he gives in the Rachel's Vineyard program. My prayers are with him and Priests for Life.

Pat, MO
Congratulations on your Silver Jubilee and 20th for Priests for Life. You are an inspiration to all. Under difficult circumstances, you stand fast for Jesus and for Life. Those babies are counting on you and we are also. God bless you for saying "yes" to Jesus many years ago.

Clois, WI
Father Frank, congratulations on your 25th anniversary as a priest and on your 20th as National Director of Priests for Life. You have done such good work for all of us who are praying for the end of abortions. Thank you a million times over for all your dedication and hours of work to end abortions. You have saved many many little babies. Thank you for your love for the unborn and the wonderful progress you have made and will continue to make until the end of abortions.

Darla, IL
Congratulations on your dual anniversary celebration. My husband and I have been a supporter since the beginning of your ministry. We have nine children, several adults now, and they all know your name as if you were a close family friend. You have inspired us, educated us, empowered us to continue to fight the good fight against this ugly sin of abortion. We have stood with you in Wasington, DC at the .. March for Life. We have assisted at your speaking engagements and shared your resources with so many. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and love for the unborn. Thank you for helping the faithful in our work in our own neighborhoods. Thank you for being an example to the clergy. May God richly bless you in your future, keep you healthy and strong and may his Blessed Mother bring you comfort and peace.

Martin and Ginny, CA
Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of all the unborn babies. At this point in my life, I am not able to be out there fighting the fight as much as I would like, so I am very appreciative of all the time and energy you devote to protecting the unborn and turning the hearts of America and the world against this evil. Congratulations on 25 years of the priesthood!!! How lucky we are to have you!!!   Wishing you the best!

Penny & Paul, MI
We have been educated and motivated by you to do whatever we can to save unborn babies.

In the end you will be able to say - I have fought the good fight, I have run the race.  Your guidance on pro life issues is great guidance and provides great hope for all pro life people.

Laura, CA
God has blessed us with a wonderful priest like you whose perseverance is impeccable. A true inspiration for all of the faithful, but especially all priests. Your devotion to Our Lady is truly at work in you and your are a prize to the pro-life movement. God work has taken root in you and I thank you for your courage. God Bless You.

Vivienne, FL
Congratulations on 25 years in the priesthood and 20 years as National Director of Priests for Life.  May God continue to bless you as you preach, teach and counsel against abortion. Your efforts to train all God’s people in the activities to end abortion, your clear thinking separates you from others. May nothing deter, distract, unnerve you in this just cause. Remain vigilant.

Karen, ND
Congratulations Fr. Frank on your silver anniversary to the priesthood. My prayers are with you as you celebrate and continue as a faithful servant of Our Lord. If I were to highlight one value I admire the most about you, I choose the value of obedience. You have my admiration for your obedience to your bishop .. I commend you for the humble way you submitted to his authority until everything was worked out. My prayers and continued support are with you.

Bishops' congratulations on Fr. Frank's 20th anniversary as a Priest and 15th anniversary as National Director of Priest for Life

Dear Father Pavone, Congratulations and fraternal best wishes on your 15 years of service to the Church and the world on behalf of the unborn. I personally have been inspired and enriched by your many talks and writings, and I know many others who feel the same. Thank you Father Pavone, for your courageous and much needed ministry. Please know not only of my admiration for you, but also of my daily prayers for your great work. In God’s time and by his grace, life will be victorious. All the best to you, and may God bless you abundantly. Fraternally yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Michael J. Sheridan, Bishop of Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Frank, Your presence in this culture of death gives all of us hope and we continue the struggle to eliminate the evil of abortion from the American scene. …Your message two years ago at the feast in little Italy was a message that still rings in the hearts of the parish. …. Congratulations on your jubilee in the priestly ministry. You have been a strong advocate for the unborn for many years. I have every confidence that our Lord will continue speaking through your ministry to bring an end to this evil of abortion. May God continue to bless your efforts and those of your community. Peace! Fraternally yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Roger W. Gries, O.S.B., Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland

Dear Father Pavone, Congratulations on your 20th anniversary of ordination. May God continue to bless your priesthood all through the years. Congratulations, too on your 15th anniversary as director of Priests For Life. Your commitment to the cause of life is an inspiration and encouragement to all of us. With cordial good wishes, I remain Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Francis Kane, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, IL

Dear Father Pavone, It is a privilege to join with your family and many friends to extend my best wishes and promised prayers on the joyous occasion of your 15th anniversary as Director of Priests For Life and your 20th anniversary to the priesthood. Your exemplary leadership and dedication to Priests For Life during these past fifteen years has brought the value of human life to the forefront especially in defense of the unborn and spiritual healing of those who suffer anguish as a result of abortion. Since implementing the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat in September 2006, the diocese of Lexington has blessed to help nineteen post abortive women and men deal with the grief and tragic results of abortion. By means of this distinctive ministry, participants have experienced a renewal of life by forgiveness and the healing power of God's love. May this wonderful milestone in your life bring you many more years abundant in grace, joy, and good health and may God grant you many more years in his service. With assurance of my continuing prayers for you, I am Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer, Bishop of Lexington, KY

Dear Father Pavone: This opportunity is taken to wish you – ad multos annos! I extend to you the assurances of my continued consideration, as well as my prayers. -- Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Frank J. Dewane, Bishop of Venice, FL

Dear Father Pavone, I write to offer my prayerful best wishes upon the upcoming celebration of your 15th anniversary as Director of Priests For Life and your 20th anniversary of ordination of the priesthood. Please know of my appreciation for your tireless efforts and faithful witness for the defense of all human life, especially the unborn. Through the intercession of Mary our Mother, may our Lord continue to shower his abundant blessings upon you. -- Sincerely in Christ, Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of Raleigh, NC

Dear Father Pavone, I wish to extend to you my sincere congratulations on your 15th anniversary as the National Director of Priests For Life and also your 20th anniversary as a Priest. With the present political climate in the United States, your work is even more imperative. May God continue to bless you and give you many more happy and joy filled years in his holy priesthood. Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Arthur J. Serratelli, Bishop of Patterson, NJ

Congratulations and best wishes on this 20th anniversary celebration of priestly ordination and the 15th anniversary as National Director of Priests For Life.  What a beautiful testimony of faith and grace this occasion is. May God bless you during this year of celebration as well as in each of the years that lie ahead for you according to God’s plans. May our Lord shower you with his living smile and the happiness of a life of service to Christ and his church, especially those most vulnerable. ...I will pray with you a prayer of thanksgiving for the years that have been, and of petition for all the good yet to come. With my fraternal greetings and good wishes, I am Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus, -- Most Reverend Fabian W. Bruskewitz, Bishop of Lincoln, NE

Dear Father Pavone, Congratulations on your 15th anniversary as Director of Priests For Life and your 20th anniversary as a priest. I salute you and thank you. You have done excellent work in your priesthood, and God certainly will reward you richly. May God continue to bless your work and your priesthood. -- Sincerely yours in Christ, Most Reverend John B. McDowell, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Pittsburgh, PA

What a great joy it is in our church for Fr. Frank Pavone to be celebrating these two very special anniversaries this year. Fr. Pavone has always been a steadfast believer and follower of Christ and His Church, and his work with Priests For Life continues to be a beacon of hope against the terrible tragedy of abortion. Please tell Fr. Pavone and all the members of Priests For Life of my continued prayers for their ministry and of the prayers of all the faithful of the Diocese of Peoria. Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C., Bishop of Peoria, IL

Dear Father Pavone, I write to express my congratulations and good wishes on your 20th anniversary as a priest. .. I wish to take the opportunity to express my admiration and gratitude for your exemplary priestly ministry at the service of the Gospel of Life.  Be assured of my prayers asking the Lord to give you and your ministry many blessings and graces in the years ahead. May our blessed Mother, Santa Maria de Guadalupe, look kindly upon you and protect you under the mantle of her maternal care. -- Fraternally, Most Reverend Jaime Soto, Coadjutor Bishop of Sacramento, CA

I have received your letter of September 2nd in which you ask for comments concerning the noble ministry of Father Frank Pavone – a Priests For Life. I have never been given an easier task... It is my honor and privilege to honor Father Frank for his virtuous work in defending God’s greatest gift to mankind: LIFE

Dear Father Frank:

My sincere congratulations to you on this festive occasion, as you celebrate your 20th anniversary as a Priest and your 15th anniversary as director of Priests For Life. There are only two issues facing the human race: LIFE and THE QUALITY OF LIFE. World leaders choose quality of life and ignore life itself. You have always been a “beacon of hope” you have always CHOSEN LIFE, a Gift for God. Even Shakespeare said, “ To be, or not to be, that is the question.” Leaders of governments can offer citizens a better quality of life, but deny LIFE to the most innocent, helpless citizens, the unborn. They miss the mark. In the book of Deuteronomy, God said, “CHOOSE LIFE” Jesus said, “ I have come that you may have LIFE and have it to the full.” You and leaders of pro-life movements throughout the country have examined the issues of our time and have chosen "the better part.” “CHOOSE LIFE.”  Commending you to Mary, the mother of Jesus and the mother of priests, I remain,

Your friend,
Most Reverend Andrew J. McDonald, Bishop Emeritus of Little Rock, AR

Dear Fr. Pavone, I want to congratulate you on the 20th anniversary of your ordination to the sacred priesthood and on the 15th anniversary of your position on founder and director of priests for life. May God bless you abundantly and may our blessed Virgin Mary intercede for you in your ministry of defending life from conception until death. You will always have my prayers and support. Sincerely in Christ,-- Most Reverend, Martin Holley, Auxiliary Bishop of Washington

Dear Father Pavone, I wish to offer my congratulations on your 20th anniversary of priesthood and your 15th anniversary as director of Priests For Life. Your dedication and unselfish giving of yourself in your priesthood has change so many lives and even the face of this world as you continue to enlighten people on the gift of life. May God continue to bless you in your ministry abundantly.  Sincerely yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend Joseph A. Pepe, Bishop of Las Vegas, NV

Dear Frank, I rejoice with you and your many many friends and family as you celebrate twenty years of priesthood. May the lord keep you for many years to come, advancing his cause for life. -- Fraternally, -- Most Reverend Victor Galeone, Bishop of St. Augustine, FL

Dear Frank, Please accept my congratulations on the celebration of your 15th anniversary as a priest. May your days be filled with God’s grace and peace. Fraternally yours in Christ, -- Most Reverend J. Kevin Boland, Bishop of Savannah, GA

Dear Frank, May I join with a host of others and especially the innocent saints in heaven to congratulate you and pray for you and your ministry on the occasion of 20th anniversary of the priesthood and 15th as director for the prolife movement. May God of life and his mother Mary bless all in need for your ministry always. -- Most Reverend Dominic M. Luong, Auxiliary of Orange, CA

Dear Father Frank, I wish to take this opportunity to extend my congratulations and best wishes as you celebrate these significant anniversaries of your dedicated and distinguished priestly ministry. I know that I join countless others throughout the United States and well beyond in thanking God for you and your tireless efforts to promote the sacredness of life from the moment of conception until natural death. May you continue to enjoy the richest of God’s blessings in your priestly ministry for many years to come. I will remember you in a special way during my mass and prayers on November 22 as you celebrate your anniversary of ordination and your dedicated ministry as director of Priests For Life. Be assured, Frank, of my grateful and prayerful best wishes. -- Fraternally in Christ, Rev. Edward U. Kmiec, Bishop of Buffalo

Congratulations on the celebration of your 20th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood and your 15th anniversary as director of Priests For Life. You have inspired, encouraged and often enough prompted into action your brother priests and together with them and through them countless others in behalf of the precious gift of life. The holy spirit must surely have given you his gifts of courage and perseverance through the years like wind blown into a boat’s sails, as Pope Benedict XVII put it, for you to carry on this very special ministry. May the celebration of your priestly life, service and devotion to Jesus, son of God and son of Mary be a source of great joy for you and for all your many friends and supporters who join for this special occasion.
Fraternally yours in Christ, - Rev. Frank J. Rodimer, Bishop Emeritus of Patterson, NJ 

My heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of these two important celebrations: 20th Anniversary of your ordination to the Priesthood and 15th Anniversary as Director of Priests for life. Anniversaries are moments that we want to thank the eternal shepherd for the fruits of our priestly life and for the service we have rendered to the church and to humanity in the different parts of the world to which Divine Providence has led us and wished us to be. I hope that it gives you great satisfaction to look back over this time and think of all those who have been touched through your ministry. With the assurance of my prayers and with every best wish, I am sincerely yours in Christ, - Rev. Thomas J. Paprocki, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, Illinois, USA

It is with much happiness that I send you congratulations and prayerful best wishes on the 20th anniversary of your Ordination to the Priesthood and the 15th anniversary as director of Priests For Life. Anniversaries are time to reflect upon the many graces we have received. I know it must be a source of great satisfaction to remember the countless numbers of God’s people you have served these past twenty years. With all the best for God’s choicest graces in your important ministry to defend the unborn in the years ahead, I am Fraternally in Christ, - Bishop Francis A. Quinn

Please accept my congratulations on the happy occasion of your fifteenth anniversary as Director of Priests For Life. Your efforts and hard work are most commendable and appreciated by all good and faithful Catholics. With every good wish for your continued success, I remain Cordially yours in Christ, - Rev. Thomas G. Doran

Bishops' Praise for Various Priests for Life Books

I had the privilege of participating in a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat several years ago. The power of the experience continues to have an impact upon me. The women who came to the Retreat did not necessarily connect their various continued life traumas to their respective abortions but they had tried every other kind of therapy and something in their lives was still, ‘not right’. The book, Forbidden Grief by Theresa Burke talks about the various manifestations of this unresolved grief. Many of the signs were clearly evident in the small group of women gathered at the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat; disrupted marital relationships, alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, sleeplessness, nightmares, flashbacks, depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety, compulsive shopping, hopelessness, extreme shame and guilt. The ‘lie’ of the abortion industry that these problems could not possibly be connected to a past abortion keeps many women from probing and understanding the root of their various debilities.
Now Kevin Burke has written an important 'sequel' titled, Sharing the Heart of Christ - For Clergy, Counselors and Laity in Post Abortion Ministry which provides an assurance of hope for genuine healing and peace for those afflicted with many manifestations of unresolved post-abortive guilt, grief and shame. This work helps us further understand the nature of the abortion trauma, the reason for its persistence and the possibility of healing. It is a book filled with hope. Here we learn how the healing power of God's grace coupled with sound psychiatric principles can and does, in the midst of a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat, produce an abundant harvest of healing and peace. May God bless and reward your good work. +Robert F. Vasa, Bishop

"This truly is a wonderful book. [The Contraception of Grief] It should be available in the Newman Centers on every college campus...In this book, The Contraception of Grief, the authors take the reader through the various steps necessary for healing.  They give the facts, tell of the effects, share the stories and provide the comfort and courage needed to find a way out of the darkness of loss and despair.  This is not simply an anti-abortion or anti-contraception book.  This is a book that tells the truth about the real pain suffered by real people as they struggle toward healing amidst a society and culture that has gone awry.  It is a book about hope, forgiveness and selfless love." -- His Eminence Renato Raffaele Cardinal Martino, President, The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

"I certainly see this book [The Contraception of Grief] as another great contribution to the entire pro-life movement, agreeing most heartily with Cardinal Martino on the value of such a book being on all college campuses and Newman Centers. May the distribution of this book be wide-spread and helpful in understanding gratefully the gift of life and openness to this gift in marriage."   -- Most Reverend Fabian W. Bruskewitz, Bishop of Lincoln

“I am very pleased to have received a copy of The Contraception of Grief, a booklet which will educate and counsel many about the hidden effects of abortifacient contraceptives.  All of us in the Church are in need of such an education.  Many are becoming enlightened about the logical connection between the advent of widespread acceptance of contraception and legalized abortion; yet, many are unaware of the direct attack on life made daily in the silence of the womb by contraceptives such as the Pill.  It is my hope that this worthy effort by Janet Morana and Dr. Theresa and Kevin Burke will be part of the great conversion of heart and mind so needed on this topic.  As shepherd of the flock of the Diocese of Phoenix, I fully endorse this work.” -- Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted,  Bishop of Phoenix 

"This book [The Contraception of Grief] captures the urgency of the situation and makes it perfectly clear why responding to families is such an urgent pastoral need." -- Most Reverend Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of Milwaukee

"[This publication-The Contraception of Grief] came at a providential time as we seek to develop further the means to witness to the sanctity of life." -- Most Reverend David R. Choby, Bishop of Nashville

"I was impressed with the contents of this work. [The Contraception of Grief] I am grateful to you and the members of your organization for proclaiming the truth in love." -- Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt, Bishop of New Ulm

Bishops' endorsements for Fr. Frank's books

Dear Father Pavone,  I am away from the archdiocese at the present time, but I wanted to respond to your recent mailing and the copy of "Pro-life Reflections for Every Day". This booklet is a wonderful aid to people who are serious about support for human life, especially beginning human life that is so precious to the Lord. I am happy to endorse your work for the People of God in this country.  Most Reverend Elden F. Curtiss, Archbishop Emeritus of Omaha

...I thank you for the personally autographed, complimentary copy of your recently published book, Ending Abortion, Not just Fighting It. I look forward to reading this collection of essays of which I am certain will be very informative and a source of encouragement to all those seeking to protect human life.  I am especially grateful to you for your dedication and service on behalf of the pro-life movement. Please be assured of a special remembrance in my thoughts and prayers for you and those dear to you. May Almighty God bless you with an abundance of happiness and peace, and may Mary our Mother watch over and protect you always. With prayerful best wishes, I remain Sincerely yours in Christ, Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia

[Bishop Fabian Wendelin Bruskewitz] is happy to endorse the book, which has something to inspire anyone who reads it. All aspects of the abortions issue are addressed in these powerful and precise essays. This book is to provide a boost of vitality to those who love and defend innocent life.  -- Rev. Andrew Menke, Vice Chancellor 

Your book “Ending Abortion” is like dew on the parched landscape in America. It will educate and encourage all who read it to continue the battle for life with renewed vigor. With kindest personal regards, I am.  Most Rev. James C. Timlin, Bishop Emeritus of Scranton 

Fr. Pavone’s new book helps us to strengthen our convictions with clear teaching and compelling motivation. -- Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla, Bishop Emeritus of Cleveland

Your Book will be a special blessing for all those committed to the pro-life movement, giving us much food for thought, insights from experiences over the recent decades, and an agenda with concrete ideas and suggestions for the future. -- Adam Cardinal Maida, Archbishop of Detroit

I am happy to endorse your work and, in particular, this new book. …A critical challenge for us today is transforming a culture of death into a culture of life. In his thoughtful book essays, Fr. Frank Pavone offers us a very helpful and wide-ranging set of essays on promoting life in our contemporary society. The book: Ending Abortion, Not Just Fighting It, is both encouraging and challenging for all of us who are concerned about respect for human life in American society.  -- Most Reverend Francis Kane, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago

Father Pavone’s book, Ending Abortion, Not Just Fighting It, gives a very informative pro-life summary of the prayerful and pastoral ways of dealing with all the critical issues that are connected to the evil of abortion. -- Bishop Michael Pfeifer, O.M.I. of San Angelo, TX

The book is indeed and important resource in promoting a deeper understanding of the need for all people to work for the protection of all human life, especially at its earliest and most vulnerable stage. This book also comes at an important time in our history, when the value of life is denigrated at all levels of society. As people who recognize the image and likeness of God in every human life, we must as the church work to protect those whose voice is ignored and whose identity is disregarded. I am confident that your words and your books will help support that work, and through your efforts and your leadership, we will indeed come closer to the goal of a nation that protects all people and all life from the moment of conception to natural death.  I commend you for the fine work you are doing in prompting the pro-life movement, both at a local and at a national level, and I hope that through this book and our shared ministry of preaching the Gospel of Life, more people will actively join the cause and become activists in the pro-life struggle. Thank you again for the gift of this book, and I wish you continued success in contributing to a world where the protection of all life remains our goal. -- Most Reverend Arthur J. Serratelli, S.T.D., S.S.L., D.D.,  Bishop of Paterson, NJ

I commend you for your courageous efforts for the cause of life. And I am happy to provide a few words of commendation for your book and your continuous, persistent labors of love for the unborn:  “The Right-to Life of the Innocent Unborn is the premier civil rights issues of our time, and Father Pavone stands as one of the principal heralds of this important movement. His book Ending Abortion, Not Just Fighting it, is a clarion call for coordinated and consistent efforts to end abortion. I recommend this book highly for those who want to learn more about the why’s and how’s of supporting pro-life efforts and desire to help reverse the lamentable Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision of 1973.” Thank you, Father Pavone, for this very helpful and very readable book! -- Most Reverend Robert J. Baker, S.T.D., Bishop of Birmingham, AL  

Thank you for addressing this critical issue and for all that you do to promote a respect for all human life from the moment of conception to the point of natural death. -- Most Reverend David A. Zubik, Bishop of Pittsburgh, PA

Father Frank Pavone has been a consistent and strong leader in the pro-life movement for many years, even in the face of the many obstacles which we faces, he has remained steadfast and clear of vision. This new book reminds us that abortion is not simply about a social problem, it is about  relationships. People are involved. The person of the unborn. The persons of the mother and father. Person of those who run abortion mills and perform or participate in abortions. As well as those of us who demonstrate and teach against this tremendous evil which is being permitted by our government at various levels. This thoughtful book will help many to recognize the various aspects of the evil which is encroaching upon us. And, it does this from a very positive vantage point, i.e. that we are not just fighting abortion; we plan, with God’s help, to eliminate it. -- Archbishop John J. Myers, Archbishop of Newark 

Congratulations to you on your accomplishments. I pray that your insights which motivate all people to save the lives of millions of unborn infants. You are remembered in all of my prayers every day. -- Bishops Joseph Howze, Bishop Emeritus of Biloxi, MS

Father Frank Pavone, I believe [Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day] is a fine book to help us each day to keep a good perspective on the gift of Life. I especially enjoy the positive attitude toward our Faith and God's great gifts to us. I pray that God will continue to bless your important work and give peace and comfort. - Sincerely in Christ, Bishop Anthony Michael Milone, Bishop Emeritus of Great Falls-Billings, MT

Dear Fr. Pavone, Many thanks for the copy of your new book Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day. I commend you for your continued effort to encourage all of us to join in prayer as we reflect on the great blessing of life. - Sincerely in Christ, Bishop Anthony Basil Taylor, Bishop of Little Rock, AR

Dear Father Pavone, Your new book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, is a wonderful way to remind people of the need to defend the sanctity of human life in all its stages from conception to natural death. Many thanks for sending it as well as for all the ways you and Priests for Life “assist God’s people to proclaim, celebrate and serve the Gospel of Life.” - Most Reverend David A. Zubik, Bishop of Pittsburgh

Thank you, Father Frank, for your dedication and tireless work to build a Culture of Life. May God Bless you with his grace and peace throughout the coming New Year. - Sincerely yours in Christ, Most Reverend James D. Conley, S.T.L., Auxiliary Bishop of Denver

Dear Fr. Pavone, Thank you for the copy of Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day. I think it will be an excellent resource for my daily prayer and reflection. - Bishop Donald Joseph Kettler, Bishop of Fairbanks, AK

Dear Father Pavone, I think that it is essential for this valuable devotional book [Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day] to receive as widespread a distribution as possible... I believe that the simple and daily meditations which your book presents may help enormously in putting Catholics back as the ones most recognizable in society for their pro-life activities. - Fraternally in Our Lord, Bishop Joseph Francis Martino, Bishop Emeritus of Scranton, PA

Dear Father Pavone, With gratitude, I accept the copy of the Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day. It is an important idea which we as priests and holders of the great mystery of God’s Good News must hold as sacred God’s gift of life to mankind. – Bishop Glen John Provost, Bishop of Lake Charles

Dear Father Pavone, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day is a very attractive and effective little resource that will be a great assistance to all involved in the respect life ministry. - Thomas J. Tobin, Bishop of Providence

Dear Father Pavone, I am confident that all those who use this resource [Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day] will find the reflections and prayers to be spiritually-enriching and assist them on a daily basis with their pro-life commitment. - Sincerely yours in Jesus, Most Rev. Joseph M. McFadden, Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia

Dear Father Pavone, This can certainly be for all praying pro-lifers, enlightening them with fresh thoughts and strengthening them with the power of prayer said daily. - Bishop David Bernard Thompson, Bishop Emeritus of Charleston, SC

Dear Fr. Pavone, The volume [Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day] is nicely put together, a comfortable size to carry as a pocket prayer book. The pages are attractively printed, and the reading brief enough to encourage commitment to the Culture of Life is commendable. – Bishop Howard James Hubbard, Bishop of Albany, NY

Dear Father Pavone, Thank you for the gift of your beautiful new devotional book, Pro-life Reflections for Every Day. I am happy to endorse this book for distribution in the Diocese of Birmingham.  May God reward you for the dedicated work you do for the lives of the unborn. Thank you for your faithful and constant service and commitment to the pro-life movement. Your efforts are invaluable and give hope to all those who are striving to advance the Culture of Life. - Sincerely yours in Christ, Most Rev. Robert J. Baker, Bishop of Birmingham, AL

Father Pavone has served the cause of human dignity with extraordinary dedication for years. His new book Prolife Reflections for Every Day is a beautiful and rewarding way to remind ourselves of the sanctity of life on a daily basis. I highly recommend it. A copy should be in every Catholic home – and well used by all. - Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, Archbishop of Denver

In Ending Abortion, Not Just Fighting it, Father Frank Pavone sends a clear and courageous message to all who support the sanctity of life: simply put, to be heard and not remain silent believers. Silence always helps the oppressor, Never the Victim. .... Ending abortion, making it unthinkable, should certainly be a major tenet as we begin the 21st century. - Bishop Edward U. Kmiec, Bishop of the Diocese of Buffalo, NY

From and About Priests

Dear Fr. Frank, God Bless you on your anniversary of ordination. You have been a great blessing to so many of us, giving us a new courage to speak up and speak together for life. May the Lord bless you for many years to come. - In Christ Jesus, Fr. Mitch Pacwa

Your faithful commitment to the unborn and the Gospel of Life has inspired us, to join you in the mission for the sacredness of life. Thank for proclaiming the Gospel of Life, with priestly conviction, honesty, and love for Almighty God the giver of all life. Blessed Anniversary! Blessed Assurance! In the tender mercy of our God, Your brother and friend, - Rev. Fr. James E. ode, OFM, Ph.D, President, National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life And The NBCAL National Board of Consultants

Fr. Frank, Thank you so much for your great example of obedience for me and all of us priests. I pray daily for your Bishop ... and all the Priests For Life and affiliate Ministries. God will use this for good. -
Fr. Frank T. Wilder O.A.R.

Dear Fr. Frank, Often, I encounter Priests for Life, in various ways. You are a man of Blessing. So, this word and rejoicing from “an old admirer”. - Fr. Jeremiah Reen, SDB

Fr. Frank:  I have been an admirer of your commitment to being a clear and eloquent voice in our time speaking in defense of life and for the unborn…  The Lord has put the conviction in my heart that this is the issue of our time that I need to devote my time and meager ability to addressing it.  I take inspiration from you and on more than one occasion have made your words my own.  I am associated with a chapel of perpetual adoration ad you are frequently remembered there at the altar. Fr. Mike Roy

Dear Father Pavone, We are so grateful to you for blessing us by celebrating mass with us today. Your message reminding us that the darkness of the Culture of Death will not have the last word because Christ lives is a source of encouragement to us all. Your ministry is a great blessing to the whole church, and to us here at Holy Apostles, in particular. We are truly edified by your heroic service to the Church. We deeply appreciate you taking time to be here with us especially due to the time constraints on your schedule in light of the upcoming election. Thank you, Father Pavone for your continuing support of Holy Apostles Seminary. May our Lord and His Blessed Mother abundantly bless you and your ministry. - Sincerely yours in Christ, Rev. Douglas L. Mosey  

Dear Fr. Pavone and the Priests for Life organization, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the great work you do for the Culture of Life. Your courage is an inspiration for me and my parish respect life committee. You have my prayers and support.  In Christ, Fr. Greg Menegay, Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene Parish, Diocese of Phoenix

Your newsletter has been a great help to me in my pro-life homilies! Blessings on your super apostolate. – Fr. John, CA

The "Priests’ For Life Newsletter" is excellent. I use the word "excellent" very deliberately. It really is excellent. -- Father Thomas

Dear Fr. Frank, Greetings from Minna Diocese Nigeria. I have received a kit from the Priests for Life Association. I am indeed very grateful because the materials are very handy and useful in the fight for Life. We had a meeting for Priests in the Catholic Diocese of Minna and I introduced the Association to them. We are going to hold seminars for Priests and Religious on the need to be Pro Life as Priests. Also last week I started the Students for Life Association in the University here…I used some of your materials from the Priests for Life website…It has been wonderful working with the students and I believe that very soon we will be reaching out to other students in other high institutions of learning in the country. Thank you very much for the encouragement you are giving us through your programmes on EWTN and the materials you sent to us. -- Yours in Christ, Rev. Fr. Chiedozie, Nigeria

Even more than Fr. Pavone's powerful message, I was deeply impressed with his person. Throughout a rather grueling (and sometimes disorganized) weekend, he kept his patience, focus and sense of humor. He adapted beautifully to the time constraints of our morning Mass schedule and he showed resilience when things did not go as smoothly as hoped. Off-the-wall comments didn't seem faze him or throw him off. He took genuine interest in what locals groups are doing and was anxious to talk about new approaches. We had a good conversation about practical things that could be done on a parish level. -- Fr. Phil Bloom, Pastor, Holy Family, Seattle

Thank you so much for your presentation to our Archdiocesan Convocation of Priests in Santa Fe. It was such a blessing to have you in our midst and to hear your words of wisdom on the dignity of life. I am so grateful that you touched upon the philosophical issues as well and the present political situation. I imagine it was not a coincidence that President Bush signed the law on that same day banning partial birth abortions. I am sure that many would have wanted you in Washington that day, but we are grateful that you gave your time to us in Santa Fe.  I can only imagine the challenges and difficulties you face in the great ministry of Priests for Life. What I admire in you is that you keep such a positive and joyful spirit despite the many difficulties in promoting life. Thank you for being such a good example to me and to so many priests in never giving up on the Victory already won by Jesus Christ.  Asking the Lord's blessings upon you and thanking you one again, I am Yours in Christ, -- Rev. Bennett J. Voorhies, Chancellor, Archdiocese of Santa Fe 

Priests for Life is a great work of God that will renew you. I was so impressed with Fr. Pavone I wanted to buy the company. Please join us! -- Fr. Thomas, IL 

We priests are so very proud of the work you are doing. Your leadership and guidance in the Pro-Life movement is truly an inspiration to us and for us.  -- Very Rev. E. Michael Camilli, M.S.C. 

Fr Frank, as a brother priest, I applaud and encourage you to continue the good work of promoting the Gospel of Life in and through your service to Priests for Life. Thank you for the good word on the progress achieved through prayer and charitable protest, as demonstrated by the recent events in Texas, which also expose the lie of "free choice". Please be assured of my prayers and support. Fraternally in Christ, -- Fr. Matthew, NC

Thanks for giving me words for my homilies. -- Fr. Tim

Dear Fr. Frank, It was indeed a pleasure to have you with us last weekend.  The proof of a good speaker/homilist is when the talk is longer than usual and there are hardly any complaints about it.  You made quite an impression on the entire parish – we have nothing but positive reviews of your inspiring presentation. We thank you for all the information you brought to [us] in the area of Pro-life. The literature, both in the Church bulletin and at the exit of the Church, has given our parish much to think about and several positive ways to react. -- Fr. Campion, Fr. Lonergan, Fr. Colton and [the entire] parish family.

In desperation my husband asked [our pastor] if he would at least read some material written for priests from Priests for Life. He said that he would. Months later, with no further contact from him, he did preach one pro life homily. I want you to know once again how much we appreciate your work and how it impacted on one church and brought us a sense of hope. To the best of my knowledge, that was the only pro-life homily he ever gave, but we will always be grateful to you for helping him find a way to speak the truth. Sincerely, -- Bobbie 

Thanks for your [your brochure] "Answering Pro-abortion Politicians." It will be a big help in my work. -- Fr. Daniel, OK

I wish to express my appreciation for all you do. I recently requested and received the lovely package with the video, audios and other materials for priests. I gave it to my pastor, Fr. Joseph... He and I later met to discuss bringing the message to our parish and have agreed to start a Respect Life Committee, of which I will be Chair.  -- BT

 I applaud what you do, and you do it well. I use the materials as a homily resource. "Justice and Peace shall kiss!" -- Fr. Juan

We are continuously praying for you and for your dear and near ones. Our love and prayers are always with you. We have been praying for the success of all your efforts.  You are precious in the sight of the Lord! May the coming days be great for you and be filled with the blessings of the Lord! Thank you! -- Fr. Joseph, Director General, National Mission Service Center

I received your Newsletter through a friend. Thank you for the wonderful work you perform in our Church. Keep up the good work. In Christ Jesus our Lord, -- Fr. Mark, Diocese of San Jose

Beloved, this is to show my sincere appreciation for the materials that you send to me. I have received it and am really grateful, because these materials will add creditability to my Mission here in Nigeria. Sincerely in the Gospel of Life, -- Pastor Jeremiah

I am a retired Catholic priest and a member of Priests for Life. Much of my inspiration comes from you and your guests on EWTN. The good work you all are doing is deeply appreciated. Thank you!! -- P.S. Priests for Life on the internet is great and very helpful. Thanks again! -- Fr. Fred, Ohio

I am very glad that you are doing wonderful work for the glory of God.  I get all ideas from the internet.  I appreciate it very much and your services for the glory of God and the church and our people, especially Faith, Life and Family.  Congratulations. -- Fr. Zacharias 

This is for the first time that I am visiting this site. You are doing a great service through this site to the whole Church and to the entire humanity. I am a Catholic religious priest from India belonging to the Congregation "Carmelites of Mary Immaculate", a Congregation founded in Kerala, South India. Let me congratulate you once again for the excellent work you are doing and wish you all the best and God’s abundant Blessings in all your endeavors for the greater glory of God! -- Rev. Fr. James

Thank you immensely for sending me some of your Newsletters. I really found them enriching and easy to read.  In fact, I meet my Assistant Parish Priest and gave him one.  He was delighted.  I told him to get in touch with you for more information and how he can become a member. I’m also contacting other lay Parishioners who are involved in the pro-life activities here in my parish. ... May our Lady’s Mantle cover you always.  Yours in Jesus and Mary, -- Fr. Paul, Africa 

I’m an Italian priest.  I have visited your web-site. I make you my best congratulations for your web-site. ... Sincerely in Christ -- Fr. Paolo 

I just listened to another of your excellent pro-life homilies on EWTN, the one in which you draw a parallel between abortion and the worship of Diana/Artemis in the ancient world and quote from a book in which an abortionist (in a sermon of all things!) refers to abortion as a "good" and as a "sacrament". The clarity with which you address the abortion issue is both magnificent and inspiring. Keep up the good work! -... I don’t know anyone who is as effective a spokesperson nor as "right on" as you are with regard to every aspect of the pro-life cause. ...Please know that I continue to offer you my prayerful support and very best wishes in the excellent work you are doing.  -- Fr. Phil

Just new to your website and I found that it is interesting and educational. Keep up the good work. -- Rev. Bernard, Philippines

I am a Filipino priest living here in Italy. A friend of mine told me to visit this website of yours. I found it very interesting and will really help me to solve some problems about our ministry. Thanks -- Fr. William

Your statement on "The Annunciation: Feast for Life" has only just now come to my attention. I thank you for this effort and wish to support it. In the name of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, I would like to "sign" the statement and endorse it. --Rev. Thomas, PA

I am a priest and I congratulate you for your work for life. You are in our prayers. I am a sculptor and I have made a statue of Mary - pregnant. Since September 11, I have published on my web page five messages about abortion. -- Fr. Leonard, NJ

I almost forgot to tell Fr. Frank that I have long appreciated his special gift and calling. Thank God someone is in the forefront of this issue. -- Father Brunet

I would like to congratulate all of you most especially to Fr. Pavone. I always watch your program on cable TV here in the Philippines. I am with you in proclaiming to the world that life is sacred because it comes from God. It is so precious because sent his only begotten Son to purchase it by his blood. More power to all of you there and may God bless you and our mission. -- Fr. Joenick 

Dear Fr. Frank, Please keep up the great work in the Church’s spiritual battle to capture the hearts of all who have fallen to the apathy or unawareness of the extent of the culture of death that pervades our country. I preached on the issue of abortion and the Respect for all life from conception to natural death this past Sunday on Respect for Life Sunday, and told it like it is to the parishes I preached in. -- Fr. Mike, MI

Encountering your website gives me an inkling that this is one of what I need at the moment to harness more knowledge on some relevant issues that could help me in my present assignment. I'm now working in one of our big university in metro Manila with a population of 26,000 thousand students.  Thanks for your website. More power and God bless you -- Fr. Rod

I am offering this note in affirmation of the principle you articulate that people will not do anything about the carnage of pre-birth human life until they actually see abortion - the dismembered, shredded life in miniature that deserves to lie within the womb in safety yet so terribly, terribly vulnerable to this culture of death that is so all-pervasive in our world today. -- In Christo frater, Fr. B. J., Australia

I thank the good Lord for the work that you people are doing. I am visiting this site for the first time and hope that I will gain from your resources of knowledge. -- Rev Fr Stan, Nigeria

I have recently read in the EWTN news that a group of pro-abortionists is beginning to attack Fr. Pavone, and actually lying about his record and his involvement with acts of violence! I only wanted to say that all of you are in my prayers, and that I know that a big spiritual battle is being engaged against Priests for Life, and I am willing to help in anyway I can to defend LIFE and the TRUTH! It is obvious that your work is really producing great effects, otherwise the counterattacks from the enemy would not be so vicious! So PLEASE, keep up your great work all for the Greater glory of God, and again if I can be of any assistance, please let me know! Blessings! -- Bro. Fernando

Fr. Pavone, I have intended to write you for years and tell you what great things God does thru you. Your ability to say the same pro-life message in so many different good ways amazes me and radiates the Holy Spirit at work in you. God prosper you always. -- Rev. J.J., NC

I appreciate very much your programs on EWTN and your courageous leading of the pro-life movement. -- Rev. Robert, CO 

Dear Father Pavone, I’m glad to know you and your works. I would like to say thanking God for your generosity to work God’s works continuing on the earth. -- Rev. Joseph, LA 

Dear Fr. Pavone, Thank you for the material on your homily pages your website. I downloaded 47 pages of notes last week and found them very helpful in talking about abortion this past weekend. I get your newsletter but this is the first time that I really looked in depth at what you offer. Yours is a very worthwhile and helpful ministry Thanks. -- Fr. Gregory, TX

 I am glad that you exist! -- Fr. Vasile, Romania

I congratulate Priest for life and Fr. Frank with the Proudly Pro-Life Award. I am very happy and this information I will send around Lithuania for priests and Lithuanian bishops. I believe it will help to establish Priests for Life in Lithuania. --- Fr. Robertas

Thank you, my brother Priests for your courage and perseverance! I find your website most helpful in getting out the Gospel of Life. I especially like your bulletin inserts. --- Fr. Bill 

Thank-you for providing quality information to assist in the preparation of homilies during this Respect Life Month & pre-election season! -- Rev. Brian, MI  

I quickly agreed to go to Washington and join priests from many different states who were to stand on the stage with Fr. Frank Pavone. He was to be the official spokesman. Twenty of us went to the National Press Club representing many parts of the country, including California and Idaho. After Fr. Pavone's presentation there were some very pointed questions such as "How do you explain the polls that state that Catholic women receive abortions in about the same numbers as the rest of the nation?" and "How do you feel being involved in a cause that has brought death and violence to abortion providers?" Fr. Pavone answered the questions with remarkable poise and accuracy. The press conference went on for an entire hour, which, we were told, far exceeds the usual time frame. I found the Conference challenging and stimulating. In my trip to Washington, I found Priests for Life using the media to the hilt. It was done in a friendly way and with no compromise with the truth of the Gospel. -- Msgr. James, OH

Just finished reading the text of Fr. Pavone’s statement to the press last week. It was nothing short of absolutely awesome and awe inspiring! -- Rev. Joseph 

Wholeheartedly, I wish to congratulate your "urgent message" which appeared in the New York Times, July 21st. I am certain that the courageous and clear statement will produce great good, and cause many pro-choice advocates to evaluate their position. Do keep up your magnificent ministry. --- Rev. Joseph, GA, Hispanic Apostolate, Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA

Your homily, your friendly sharing with your brother priests, and your address at the Pro-Life Rally was most inspiring and elicited many favorable comments. -- Msgr. Leo, NY

Your talk to the deanery has already born some fruit. For the past two years, we have sponsored a pro-life Mass and procession on January 22. Right after your visit, the Santa Fe deanery decided they would sponsor and arrange this annual event. This is an unprecedented level of pro-life involvement for our local priests and I think it will lead to even greater involvement in the future. – Michael, NM 

This note is occasioned by the report about your talk at the CCL Convention in Cincinnati recently. I am delighted with it. Through the years I have noticed you do a magnificent job fighting abortion. Bravo! -- Rev. R. F., IL

 Fr. Denis -- We want to thank you for your powerful homily on the value of all life. Our parishioners needed to hear it and it has had a good effect already. -- Rev. Daniel, PA

We are continuing Father’s aggressive Pro-Life Crusade in the Mobile area with a News Conference on Friday at Providence Hospital (Alabama Citizens for Life & Physicians for Life) and had good coverage and quotes in the Mobile press after a great Life-Chain rally and street formation. Additionally, I had three independent sources inform me of priests who are not normally pro-active on life issues - speaking out boldly against Abortion on Sunday...so a PRO-LIFE grassfire is burning in Mobile! Praise God! In the Battle for LIFE -- Capt. J.D. Smith

Your full-page (NY Times) advertisement was a welcome relief to see. It was a great article and the best of luck to you. -- Fr. Mark, CT

Thank you for all you do and for all the help you give me to help me save lives. -- Msgr. J. Peter, CT

I’m very interested in the work you are doing and find thoroughly exciting the information on your Web page. -- Fr. Philip, Bogotá Colombia

Thanks for being with us for the Pro-Life assembly, you were excellent. You and the Priests for Life movement are a great credit to the church. Fr. Peter, your words inspire because they are backed with conviction. On behalf of the Salesian priests and brothers, the school administration and the pro-life group, we are extremely grateful. Keep up the good work. -- Fr. Steve

Fr. Pavone brought up new thoughts and arguments, plus great clarity and enthusiasm. -- Rev. Omer, VT

Fr. Frank is always enlightening. -- Rev. Matthew, PA

"The Priesthood is God's greatest gift to man. Its faithful fulfillment is Man's greatest gift to God". I'm sure that God is delighted with your efforts to save the babies! I admire and bless you. -- Most Rev. Nicholas, LA

Fr. Peter, Thanks for the great research. This was just what I was looking for. Keep up the great work! In Christ, -- Fr. James, KS

Many thanks for your site. It is a great help when the pupils from the High School come looking for information on abortion and euthanasia. Keep up the brilliant work. -- Fr. Smith

Dear Fr. Pavone, Just a note to tell you how much I've enjoyed your columns in our diocesan [paper]! I loved your "Don't oppose abortion, Stop it!" . . . Right on, Frank! Keep on thinking and writing! -- Msgr. James, WI

Dear Father Pavone, during Holy Week, I had a chance to watch EWTN. Although I have contributed to Priests for Life, I had never seen you preach before. I was thrilled! Your talk was the most convincing I have ever heard. And what I found especially powerful was your offer of help before or after an abortion…with a toll free number!  God is doing a wonderful work through you. May He continue to bless you and all who work with you.  In Gratitude, -- Fr. Eric, IN

Dear Fr. Frank, I marvel at your eloquent, convincing, and "no-holds-barred" presentation of pro-life issues and newsletter, and via the EWTN Global Network which I listen to often as I can. -- Rev. Julian

I enjoyed the article in Crisis magazine by Frank Pavone. Will use it for future preaching. -- Fr. John

Dear Father Frank: Your newsletter has been a great help to me in my pro-life homilies! Blessings on your super apostolate. -- Fr. David

Thanks so much for the video tapes and literature you sent me. I have something in every issue of my bulletins on Sunday that has to do with abortion.  The "Priests’ For Life Newsletter" is excellent. I use the word "excellent" very deliberately. It really is excellent. -- Father Thomas 

The pastor spoke again. This time he was quoting you. He said, "Last time we were gathered here, I remember Fr. Pavone saying, ‘Imagine we are standing outside a killing center in Montclair,’ and for the first time I realized he’s right. There is a killing center in my own town where I am a pastor." -- Christopher

Fr. Frank Pavone, the director of Priests for Life gave a stirring, moving, informative and spirit-filled presentation. He is well prepared, well balanced, well informed, and filled with God’s Spirit in the articulation of the Gospel of Life. -- Fr. Edward  

Thank you for coming to speak at our parish. I was extremely impressed by the message and you as a person. I would love to join Priests for Life. I also saw you on Mother Angelica, and you were terrific! -- Fr. Patrick  

Many thanks for coming to Holy Apostles Seminary and giving so fine a talk to our students. They were very much impressed and helped by what you said. It was a very clear and intelligent and thoughtful talk, and our future priests need very much to be moved in the directions, which you were urging them to go. In all your work for priests you have been doing an immense service to all of us in the Church. We are very much in your debt. Your visit here was a very valuable one for us. Many thanks. --- Very Rev. Ronald D. Lawler, O.F.M.Cap., President-Rector

I recently copied your letter. I sent it to our Pastor. The very day I gave it to him, he used it as a Homily. -- LL

Those of us who met and heard you in Oregon - priests and laity alike - are mighty glad you came our way. I am personally very grateful to have met you and seen you in action. The homily you gave in Salem was one of the finest I’ve ever heard and certainly gave me a high standard to aim for in following your good example. -- Fr. Liam 

Fr. Pavone's Mass was beautiful and the homily on Hebrews was the best I have heard. Thanks for EWTN-TV. The Mass for the 29th of Jan should be repeated often since it explains the Mass so beautifully. It was true evangelization! Check out that great homily! -- Fr. Martin, AL

I would like to thank Fr. Pavone for inviting me to participate in the webinar. .... It was refreshing and edifying to be connected again to the great work that Priests For Life is doing. I marched right over the office for youth ministry at my parish and handed them a DVD for Silent No More and gave them a pitch to have someone come and speak to the teens and young adults. I am also going to use the liturgy resources right away for the prayers of the faithful. Thank you for all you do to save souls and build up the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Sincerely in Christ, Fr. Eric Andersen, Beaverton, OR.

Dear Father: I want to write to say thank you for doing what others won't. I pray that one day we can say to God, we have fought the good fight, and won. Rev. Mark Ryan, Wesley UMC, Iron River, MI

Dear Father, I wanted to write you and thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. You have the gift of the priesthood but in addition God has called you to lead us priests in life. That comes from God Himself so you have this as a special vocation in addition to your priestly one. Father you are doing great work and I just wanted to write you and let you know how much I appreciate it. - Father Bill Liebert, SVD-Divine Word Residence-Techny, Illinois.

I am encouraged and inspired by your further explanation about life issue. I have commitment of defending life. I firmly believe that this is our duty. During ten years of my pastoral life, we had seminar, preaching and discussing regarding defending life. But due to lack of sources, we could not do much.
I believe you can provide me some sources, such as bulletin, books and news. I will have in touch with you. Looking forward of hearing from you. May God bless! Sincerely, Fr. Modu

Thanks be to God for Father Frank Pavone! A brother, Father Bob Poandl

You do a super job in providing materials. We are able to use them here quite often. - Fr. Mark

It is a pleasure to work with you, Fr. Frank, In the cause of life,In relishing your friendship, And in knowing your steadfast yearning For the truth that sets us free – The Lord Himself!! Ad multos annos!! -
Denis, O. S. A.

I also encourage you and the work of priests for life. I hope some day the scourge abortion may be limited from our great land. Your brother in Christ’s priesthood, Robert James Arenz

At a time when our pre born brothers and sisters lost their protection to come into this world free from any danger, at a time when so many in our culture lost perspective, even in the church, here you responded to a call to speak out to begin a process to lay foundation of a civilization of life and love. This is how we were created to be, this, I pray is our future that we must strive somehow to create, You have guided us in light of our gospel and church. I pray that the best in us human beings will emerge to live a consistent ethic of life from the beginning of life to the end. Thank you for your courageous inspirational leadership. - Fr. Jim Heyd

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your organization, Priests For Life, for the generous gift of pro-life literature for our library. All my best wishes for the New Year and to Priests For Life as it continues its excellent work on behalf of the unborn and defenseless. - Rev. Jerome Young, OSB

I just wanted to let you know that your e-mail newsletters are very informative and truly expose the great harm done to women and the unborn in the great tragedy of abortion. I wish to continue receiving these newsletters by way of e-mail ... Thank you for all that you do in helping women and the unborn! Sincerely, -- Fr. Tom

Dear Fr. Pavone, I am a Jesuit scholastic who cares deeply about the issue of abortion and would like to see more and more women and doctors say yes to life and no to abortion. I would like to see Roe Vs. Wade overturned and I would like our country to someday look back in amazement and wonder at what we did to so many innocent unborn children for so many years. So, thank you for your passion and persistence in your work for ending a culture of abortion.

Dear Fr. Frank, Please know that as your brother presbyter I am more than proud for your efforts to wake up this very corrupt society in the USA. I am a priest from the ancient Archdiocese of Smyrna, present "Izmir," in Turkey, and very much appreciate your apostolate defending the most precious gift we had received from God Himself: Life. May God bless you and constantly assist you in your ministry and in every single effort for you to teach all that life must be respected. Thank you for writing on sexual abuse, people need to know even more about what that means in the life of a person.
Asking your prayers for my health, the reason of my presence in California, I promise to remember you before the Lord. Very fraternally yours in Christ-God and in the Theotokos, Our Lady of Ephesus, fr. Fausto Zelaya

 Thank you for the bulletin inserts for respect life Sunday. Your generosity and kindness is a true catholic witness and aids us in proclaiming the Gospel. Peace & Prayers, Father Robert Zurlling

...I have followed and supported your work since then and admire your zeal and authentic research on the right to Life issues....- Fr. Bill Whelan

It was so good having you here at My Father’s House for our Pro-Life retreat! Everyone raved about the weekend and marveled at your insuring words. Fr. Bill McCarthy, MSA

Thank you. Keep up your good work. Fr. JR, MA

I am indebted to [the] television station EWTN for introducing me to people like you, with strong orthodox convictions and relentless defenders of the Church and the Pope. You have helped me immensely in sustaining and even elevating my faith, hope, and love of God and the Church. Rev. CC, OH

In the years that I have been ordained I can never remember meeting a newly ordained priest such as Father Frank Pavone who had such a clear cut agenda of his own from the first day he was ordained. He knew exactly what he wished to devote himself to as well as how he would use his time in the priesthood to achieve his goals.
Father Pavone wished to become an apologist - a defender of the Faith through his teaching, writing, and preaching. He is a clear and thorough communicator, whether it be in the written or verbal format. Father Pavone's homilies at St. Charles were always a thorough discussion of the topic that he had chosen to discuss on Sunday.
During his time at St. Charles Father Pavone conducted Pre-Cana classes for the young people of Staten Island who were preparing for marriage. He conducted in-service Religious Education classes for teachers in the parochial schools of Staten Island. He also taught classes at St. Joseph's Seminary in the formation program for Permanent Deacons.
Each Friday evening Father Pavone conducted a scripture class in the rectory. More recently he has been seen on Cable T.V. giving a series of talks on the Catholic Faith.
He has published a newsletter which he sends to over 1200 people all over the country. On the first Sunday of each month Father Pavone prepared an informative insert for the bulletin dealing with an issue of faith or morals.
Obviously, Father Pavone is an individual of tremendous capacity. He is highly organized in the use of his time, otherwise he would not have been able to carry on so many outside activities.
The people of our parish have benefited from Father's compassionate approach to all peni¬tents in the confessional. He has always been most agreeable in making himself available to serve people's needs.
St. Charles Parish is a much richer parish because of Father Pavone's presence in it during the past 4V2 years. It is our prayer that this talented young priest will continue to serve God and His Church as The National Director of Priests for Life. May God Bless his efforts! - Msgr. Thomas J. Gaffney

Dear Father Frank Pavone and Mrs. Janet Morana, I would just like to thank all the support given to the seminarian Fernando Paiva during his stay in the US, including his attendance in the Retreat / Conference of August 16 21. I congratulate you for this initiative, which happens to be within the scope of his formation in the Gospel of Life issues, included in his path towards priesthood. My warmest regards, Padre Carlos Rosmaninho, Vice Rector of Seminario Maior de S. Paulo

Pro-Life and other Religious Leaders

We are grateful to Fr. Pavone for the help he has extended Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFCFFL) particularly in providing keynote speakers for our national Pro-life conferences...In each case, Priests for Life did not charge a fee for the speaking engagements and yet the talks were exactly what we the laity needed to hear from the Church .. Priests for Life... has inspired many Catholics to rally behind the cause for defending the innocent unborn...

On several occasions we have joined hands with Father Frank Pavone to end the dismemberment of children inside the womb of
their own mother. In particular we are indebted to Father Frank Pavone and the ministry of Priest for Life for their role in the Pro-Life
Freedom rides. The Freedom rides communicated a determined and desperately needed Pro-Life message to communities of color.- Walter Hoye II, National Black Pro-Life Coalition

Fr. Frank, I want you to know that in my opinion, nobody speaks more effectively and as passionately for the unborn as you do. We are very fortunate to have such a strong and committed pro-life voice as you. - Ray Flynn, Former Mayor of Boston and US Ambassador to The Holy See

As President of Anglicans for Life and Co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, I have had the opportunity to work very closely with Fr. Frank Pavone and his staff for over 10 years. I have been to numerous meetings at the Priests for Life offices and in all my interactions with him and his staff, integrity and commitment to the pro-life cause has been their hallmark. Father Pavone has answered the call from God, within his priestly vocation, to serve in full-time pro-life work. His ability to serve in this capacity over the past twenty years has saved the lives of countless unborn children. His faithful ministry has resulted in the healing of countless others who have been touched by the tragedy that is abortion. He has become a unifying force in the pro-life movement, and every leader in this great cause values the work of both Father Pavone and Priests for Life. .. I can attest that Fr. Pavone has served steadfastly, investing sacrificially his time and considerable talents in the cause of promoting a culture of life and upholding the sacred dignity and value of every human being. As president of the National Pro-life Religious Council he has led with
grace, and humility, uniting those with similar convictions under the banner of Christ. - Georgette Forney, President of Anglicans for Life and Co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign

For Fr. Frank, being a bold voice for babies and a compassionate priest for the Church is not an either/or thing. He is both – all the time. When I had questions about faith, I went to Fr. Frank and he answered them. When I needed counsel, he was there. When I decided to become a Roman Catholic in 1998, Fr. Frank received me into the Church. At no time did Fr. Frank’s tireless work on behalf of God’s precious babies interfere with his priestly work on behalf of this prodigal daughter. And I’m quite sure I am not an exception. Fr. Frank is first and foremost a priest, but he is one who has been uniquely gifted by God to speak with humility and power on behalf of those our society treats as less than human. - The Late Norma McCorvey, The "Roe" of Roe vs.Wade.

I have known Fr. Frank personally since he was appointed by Cardinal John O’Connor as director of Priests for Life 20 years ago. I have frequently appeared with Fr. Frank at pro-life conferences and have participated in myriad projects with him. I can honestly say that I have never met a more dedicated, passionate and hard-working pro-lifer, priest or layman. I know for a fact that Fr. Pavone never charges a dime for a speaking engagement. He travels wherever he is invited and pours himself into his mission to motivate Catholics and faithful Christians to join the fight against abortion, to reach out in compassion to troubled and desperate pregnant mothers and to lead post-abortive women and men to healing in Jesus Christ. I have heard Fr. Pavone speak dozens of times. Each presentation is unique, thoughtful and rooted in the Gospel. ...He desperately wants to spread the Gospel of Life, to make people understand the urgency of the mission to restore the sanctity of life. - Joe Scheidler, Pro-Life Action League

This probably is the most pivotal moment in the pro life struggle in America. The tide is turning and for the first time I can remember the nation’s conscience is being stirred and the majority now desire to protect the life of innocent babies. The ministry of Priests For Life has played the major role in this swing of heart and Father Frank's spirit and wisdom has been incalculable....Father’s insightful projects and his creation of an effective African American outreach is a catalyst of a new and much needed conversation in the African American community. The discussion of Black Genocide in the African American community has been a priority and has assisted my call to reach the Black community. I can now remember Father Frank leading our African American congregation(Baptist) and others from a local parish in a demonstration at our local abortion clinic. It was my first and it sparked a zeal in our church that continues today. We all in the Pro-life movement look to his leadership...Sincerely Yours, Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

Fr. Frank was one of just a few people who were allowed to be with my sister, Terri during her final moments of life. Father has been a leading voice among the pro-life movement, fiercely advocating for all the most vulnerable members of our nation whose lives hang in a very delicate balance. Our family has come to know Fr. Pavone in both our public and private struggles. We recognize and share with the millions of his supporters around the globe that Father's voice and his endless determination to protect the sacredness of life, is vital to the pro-life cause. - Bobby Schindler, Co-Executive Director, Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network

Dear Father Pavone: I am writing to again express my heartfelt thanks for your key involvement in the lives of the 80 Blackstone Interns during The Blackstone Fellowship. This summer was successful, in part, because of your participation in challenging these students to engage the prevailing legal culture with the claims of truth, including the character of being a worshipful warrior. You have impacted a new generation of attorneys, legal scholars, and judges. These students have now entered "Phase IV" where they will begin applying what they have learned as they complete their law school training. I believe we are seeing history in the making through The Blackstone Fellowship - the paradigm is shifting.To tangibly demonstrate the impact you have made, please find enclosed a copy of this year's closing banquet. It will provide you a glimpse of how your teaching has affected these students. The Intern testimonials provoke gratitude to God acid inspire hope for the future. We are currently reviewing evaluations of all faculty and will electronically send you copies of your specific evaluations in the next couple of weeks.
Thank you for passionately demonstrating truth.
For the King's Glory,

Jeffery J.Ventrella, Esq.
Sr. Vice-President
Office of Strategic Training

I hope that many priests and deacons will join the Priests for Life. This association needs many members to educate and encourage all the priests and deacons who must all work together to stop the terrible war against unborn children. – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Dear Father Frank, I am very delighted to be part of the surprise celebration of your 15 years of priestly ordination and 10 years as National Director of Priests for Life. Priests for Life has brought a very special and unique aspect to the pro-life movement in the United States, which is much in large measure due to your own efforts. I take a humble pride in all of this, since I was not only your teacher at Dunwoodie but your guide to the Holy Land.
We must continue to hope and pray that our witness for life will eventually turn the tide in this country. In the meantime we have to lead our Catholic people in the position of being a counter-cultural minority. This is very much a biblical position and we should not back away from it.
Ad multos annos Frank, and I continue to pray in support for the Priests for Life Movement as a significant part of the pro-life movement in the United States. With many blessings and prayers, I am Sincerely in Christ, Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR

I wish to express my great thanks to Father Frank Pavone, MEV for the opportunity to send this letter. I have known Father Pavone since his days as a seminarian at St. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, New York. As I am sure you all are, I am also very grateful for his work in promoting the Culture of Life and opposing the Culture of Death. May God bless him as he continues his great work with Priests for Life and the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life. So many priests dedicated to promoting and protecting the sacredness of human life from conception to natural death has proven to be an enormous force in promoting the Gospel of Life in America and throughout the world. - Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR

It was wonderful to have had the opportunity to meet with you and the others here at the Council earlier in the week. I’m always inspired to hear of all of the ways that you and all those associated with Priests for Life continue to wage the battle against the culture of death. And we are winning indeed! In the Lord, Rev. Geno Sylva, STD, Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization

On behalf of our State Deputy W. James White and all the members of the NJ State Council Knights of Columbus, please accept this token of our appreciation for speaking at our 2004 State Convention Banquet. Your enthusiasm at Mass and the inspirational message at our banquet, later that evening will be something our members will remember for a very long time. Thank you again and may God bless you and your mission for life. Thomas P. Ciborski, NJ Sate Treasurer

Fr. Frank, You and I go way back before your taking the helm and building up PFL into a major force in the pro-life movement. I remember well, as a new priest in the late 80s, your keen desire to build up and improve the effectiveness of our movement.
You have always worked very hard to bring the best people together in this most noble cause, especially working hard to reinvigorate the Catholic community, and particularly the clergy.
I admire the tremendous work you do with your mission visits to every state and many countries, your awesome website, and many ongoing educational initiatives, and especially the inspiration you and your colleagues continue to give many thousands of us on the front lines.
Thanks for the many favors you have done for Expectant Mother Care, such as lending Fr. Peter West to Expectant Mother Care to join our Hike and Bike for Life in 1999, for speaking at our Ground Zero Cruise for Life in 2001, and for involving us in the Face the Truth tour this spring. Little things like obtaining Chinese and Cantonese pro-life materials for us from Asia are the important helps that help us save lives.
Your assembly of a superb staff of activists at PFL on Staten Island and around the country are a testament of the great leadership you have brought to the cause.
I believe you are our movement's most effective spokesman at this time in nation's history. We need you now more than ever.
Please always keep us Christ focused as we wage battle for the weakest and most defenseless in our world.
Yours for Life and Family,
Chris Slattery, Founder and President of Expectant Mother Care New York City and Westchester

Fr. Frank, Everyone here at Right to Life of Michigan would like to thank you for all of your work for those who have no voice. Your visits to Michigan, have always energized our people and given them the energy and faith to continue to fight the good fight knowing that we are on the winning side.
Your dedication and devotion to the prolife mission serves as a model for all of us as well as a beacon of hope and truth. May God continue to bless you and all of you at Priests for Life as you continue to defend the Right to Life.For Life, - The Staff of Right to Life of Michigan

We commend the pro-life witness and action Priests for Life has demonstrated nationwide in the Right to Life fight over these many years since the infamous Supreme Court decision on Jan 22, 1972. You are an inspiration to priests and the laity alike in this cause to end the slaughter of the innocents. May God continue to bless you, your staff and Priests for Life’s activities to end abortion on demand… - Larry M., Grand Knight and Thomas T., Pro-Life Chairman, Dubois, PA Knights of Columbus

This morning, as I was praying for you and some other friends in the NRB, I was reminded again how blessed we are to have so many outstanding members. I want you to know how grateful I am for your membership and your involvement in NRB! I pray that God would multiply His blessing to you today and that you would rejoice in His great faithfulness. - Frank Wright (National Religious Broadcasters

I had the privilege of being on the first Pro-Life Freedom Ride and it was a very exciting and moving experience. Thank you to PFL, Father Pavone, and Alveda King, who led the ride, rally, prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Birmingham, and prayer near the tomb of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Atlanta. It was a very "ecumenical" and "interdenominational" event with several priests and pastors in leadership roles. It was a blessing to be with some of the key African American pro-life leaders and to get to know them better. They are up against such attack by their own communities for the stand they are taking for life. I encourage all of you to get your members and contacts to participate in upcoming Pro-Life Freedom Rides, and join yourself! - Peggy Hartshorn, Heartbeat International

I just wanted to say thanks to Fr. Frank, Janet and the Burkes for the great visit.  The students here loved meeting and talking to you all and hearing about the important work – and the hope there is that the wounds of abortion can be healed – and made unthinkable. The seeds are planted. It will be exciting to watch them grow!  Blessings to you all! - Miss Virginia G. Mortensen, Director of Development, International Theological Institute

I am writing with grateful thanks for the article you published in you May-June newsletter, profiling Fr. Robert Spitzer and the Life Principles Program. Your article was beautifully done and has generated over 20 calls from parishes all around the country (from LA to NY) in only one week since its publication. We have placed videos series in more parishes through your profile than we have in one week of any other mode of advertising. Your readership is certainly committed to this issue (and you can rest assure that they are reading your newsletter)! Camille E. De Blasi, M.A. Director, Life Principles Institute.

Video message from Eduardo Verastegui, Pro-Life Actor and Producer [English] [Spanish]

Video message from John Jakubczyk, Arizona Right to Life [Watch]

Dear Father Frank, Thank you so very much for so generously sharing in Life Choices’ Anniversary celebration. I thank God for your great talent! You are blessed with the ability to boldly speak the truth as well as share powerful words of encouragement. The combination is rare and so greatly needed.  Your kindness to our guests, your ability to speak to each person with great kindness and patience was wonderful! I saw in our actions a second powerful testimony to the sanctity of each human life. God’s people have certainly been blessed by your priesthood and the awesome work of Priests for Life. I cannot thank you enough! -- Sincerely, Joan Fasanello

Priests for Life has done an amazing job of helping to spread the 40 Days for Life campaign to hundreds of cities across the nation - and around the globe. Fr. Frank Pavone has tirelessly promoted 40 Days for Life through every possible communication channel, personally contributed many of the daily devotionals used throughout the campaign, and deployed the entire Priests for Life pastoral team across the country to visit dozens of 40 Days for Life campaign sites, providing support, encouragement, and guidance. I truly believe that much of the explosive growth of 40 Days for Life has been due to the involvement of Priests for Life and I cannot say enough good things about Fr. Frank and his team. 40 Days for Life is proud to have Priests for Life as a primary partner, working together to end abortion." -- David Bereit, National Campaign Coordinator

Dear Fr. Pavone, It is my distinct pleasure to commemorate this truly remarkable milestone for you and Priests For Life. Thank you for 15 years of dedicated effort and faithfulness on the issue of life and congratulations on reaching 20 years of service in the church. Just this past week, the Alliance Defense Fund also celebrated its 15th year of ministry. Having grown together, we are honored to call you a friend and key ally in seeking to preserve the sanctity of life in our society. Thank you for taking such a strong stand and refusing to compromise on one of the cornerstone issues facing our society. We appreciate your friendship as a brother and co-laborer. Thank you, God Bless you, and we look forward to the next 15 years with great anticipation that God might grant us the blessing to see the value of human life be restored to its proper place within the fabric of our culture. Yours for religious freedom in America, -- Alan E. Sears, Alliance Defense Fund

Dear Frank: God’s abundant grace and peace to you. It is do good that the ministry o f Priests For Life and you which is first of all God’s ministry and which represents genuine oneness – is being celebrated. It is fitting. It is proper. And it will be memorable, for those in attendance. During our years of collaboration, in serving the Gospel of Life, I have admired you, your character, your ministerial formation, your theological wisdom, and your leadership of Priests For Life. Your ministry is essential to the contemporary, prolife movement in the United States. Without your voice, example, and leadership, there would be more indecision and confusion among us. With your voice, example, and leadership, decisiveness and clarity, though imperfect, and more in evidence in the movement and in its current leadership. Also, Frank, I am so thankful for your ecumenical spirit. Your occasional references to John Wesley and your openness to the common prayer among Catholics and Methodists last summer at the 2008 Right to Life Convention will never be forgotten by this pastor. Finally, your friendship is reason for thanksgiving to God. For years I have understood you as a brother in Christ and as a personal friend. Do continue faithful in all things. In Christ and with admiration, -- Paul Stallsworth, LifeWatch, Task Force of United Methodists

Dear Fr. Frank, Congratulations on your anniversary marking your tireless service for the Lord. It is on of the most glorious blessings for me to work with you on LIFE and POST-ABORTION issues. You are an inspiration to all. God certainly was in a great mood when he gave you Life!  Grace and Peace, Jennifer O’Neill, Actress, Model and National Spokesperson for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign

After 25 years of involvement in the battle for sanctity of life, I feel confident saying that the seminar that features Fr. Frank Pavone is among the most helpful and informative. Fr. Pavone's message crosses denominational, social and political lines.
--Dr. Jean Garton, Foundress, "Lutherans for Life"

You and your people are doing great work for the Lord. I hate the thought of the Church without it. So may the good Lord guide you in doing your most important work. I pray that yours will be a good meeting and that your indispensable work will increase. You always make great common sense.  If I were a millionaire, you surely would get part of it. All of you are in my daily prayers. In the Lord of Love and Life, -- Fr. Paul B. Marx, OSB, Founder of Human Life International

Fr. Pavone is doing such an important service for the Church. He has been remarkable in his initiatives and leadership in the pro-life cause. -- Fr. Michael Scanlan, Franciscan University

Franciscan University is so proud to honor Fr. Frank Pavone. He realizes in everything he does and stands for that all life comes from God and thus has a sacred character. -- Fr. Terence Henry, Franciscan University

My goodness, but you're going from strength to strength. I well remember our conversation here some years ago when you were just launching this apostolate, and it is most gratifying to see how it has born such magnificent fruit.  The immediate occasion of this is to congratulate you on the reward proposal for killers of abortionists, and for the really fine materials on "preaching on abortion." I have no doubt that the latter will both embolden and enable many priests to do their duty.  ....  As ever, -- (The Rev.) Richard John Neuhaus, President, Religion and Public Life

Congratulations on receiving the Proudly Pro‑Life Award at the National Right‑to‑Life's annual dinner, Father! We are proud to claim you as a New Yorker. You are one of our own. God has worked mighty things in your call to defend His little ones. And we praise Him for raising you up. May you continue to follow His inspirations.  You, and all the Priests for Life, are in the daily prayers of the Sisters of Life. With you we rejoice that He is Risen. Alleluia!  Fondly in Christ, our Life, Mother Agnes, SV, Sisters of Life

Thank you for your inspiring words, for sharing your ministry, and for all your dedication to this work.  Richard Dreyfus has nothin' compared to you!  -- Bernadette Gonzalez, Executive Director, The Right to Life League of Southern California.

Fr. Frank has been a trusted mentor, theological and spiritual advisor and personal friend to me over many years in my work with Rachel's Vineyard.  He brings a wealth of psychological, spiritual/pastoral knowledge and experience as priest and counselor with those wounded by abortion.  Fr Frank is a popular speaker at our National Leadership Conferences.  He is always an informative, compassionate, and inspiring presenter with excellent content and delivery.  Fr. Frank has the gift of taking complex issues and presenting them in a way that is easy to retain and apply practically in day to day post abortion ministry for clergy, professionals and laity. -- Theresa Burke, Ph.D., LPC, NCP, Founder, Rachel's Vineyard Ministries, Author, Forbidden Grief - The Unspoken Pain of Abortion

Thank you so very much for your participation in the Sixth Annual Catholic Leadership Conference. Your inspiring and informative presentation was greatly appreciated. We have received so many positive comments from the CLC members in attendance. By their report, the information received and enthusiasm generated from the conference will be a tremendous boost in leading their organizations.  Again, our sincerest thanks for sharing your time and expertise. We are most grateful. -- The Catholic Leadership Steering Committee of the Catholic Leadership Conference

Many, Many thanks for your inspiring words at our March Legatus meeting in Milwaukee. We all found your words thoughtful and motivating. Hopefully, each of us in our own way can support the mission of Priests for Life. -- Frederick A. Muth, Jr, President, Legatus Milwaukee

For years the work of Priests for Life, and especially Fr Frank Pavone, has had an impact way beyond the Catholic Church. I can say confidently that many Evangelical pro-life leaders, my brother Robert and I among them, have benefited from and been challenged by our collaboration with Fr Frank. I am thrilled to be able to work this closely with him and the whole staff, in bringing Evangelicals and Catholics together to build a "culture of life". -- Rev. Dr. Paul C Schenck, Chaplain National Ministry Center at the US Supreme Court

Many thanks again for your brilliant presentation on contraception at the November 17 breakfast-meeting organized by the Catholic men’s group of the World Bank-IMF. You captured the audience with your intelligence, persuasiveness, and clarity of concepts and words. -- Maurizio Ragazzi

On behalf of the executives, staff and chapter leaders of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, I want to thank you for speaking at our luncheon.... We were very honored to have you as the featured speaker.  We have received countless positive comments on your outstanding speech and know that your message resonated throughout Minnesota. Your words were truly inspirational and motivational for our members. -- Pam Seliga, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL)

Thank you so much for your truly inspiring message to all of us. I know you gave me some new ideas about how to talk to women who feel abortion is their best and only answer. You are an inspiration to all of us, with your complete determination to get out the message. Sometimes we need to hear such a message, since all of us get tired at times.  ... Thanks again for such a memorable evening.  -- Mary Thomas, Allied Women’s Center  of San Antonio

Words will never properly express our gratitude to you and all at Priests for Life for all you do to keep the Pro-life movement focused in our country.  There is NO ONE who more deserves the "Proudly Pro-Life" Award than you.  Thank you for continuing to listen to God's call.  Please be assured of my prayers for your health, family and all at Priests for Life.  Your sister in Christ Jesus, -- Kathy DiFiore, Several Sources Foundation

One priest who is considered a liberal and did the closing prayer at the dinner, was so moved by what Fr. Pavone said that he has since become much more pro-life. Thanks -- Pro-life leader from Massachusetts

We are thrilled by the success of The LIFE of the Party Party during the Republican National Convention in New York. We feel that it is critical that the cause of life be prominently represented during the convention, not only to the Delegates and Party officials, but to the media and the general public. And, we also know that, if the Republican National Coalition for Life didn't do it, it wouldn't be done.
We also know that your participation and beautiful invocation, created the perfect tone of proper reverence for life and the celebration of our pro-life successes within the Republican Party.
We will be forever grateful to you for your assistance that day. Thank you for all that you do and the sacrifices you make for the pro-life cause. If there is ever any way that we can help you, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Please accept our deepest gratitude and appreciation.
Phyllis Schlafly, National Chairman
Colleen Parro, Director
Board of Directors

Fr. Frank, Thank you for joining us in training the next generation of leaders for our legal system and nation. I am continually amazed at what we have been allowed to accomplish through this program. Thank you again for partnering with us- we appreciate you very much. (Alliance Defense Fund)

As busy as you are, we are grateful that you are able to make time to be a guest on Catholic Answers Live. We know our listeners also enjoy the opportunity to call and speak with you about important pro-life matters. Jerry (Catholic Answers)

The [Canadian March for Life 2006] Rose Dinner was completely sold out and over 900 participants were treated to an address by Priests for Life President Fr. Frank Pavone, which left many pro-life leaders in awe. Reflecting on Fr. Pavone's address, Aidan Reid, National Affairs Director for Campaign Life told LifeSiteNews.com it was "the most incredible talk I've ever heard."

Fr. Frank, On behalf of all of us at CLC in Ottawa, I want to thank you so much for speaking at our March for Life banquet. I can tell you that your speech had a tremendous impact on many people. May God continue to bless you & your work for Life. - Aidan Reid, Director of Campaign Life Coalition.

Your hard work, dedication and talent have saved many unborn children. - Darla St. Martin and the Staff of NRTL

Fr. Pavone was SENSATIONAL at the commencement exercises at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Everyone I talked to commented about how tremendous he was. - Hank Kuzma. University Ambassador

.. the organizers and the panel on contraception would love to have Fr. Pavone speak on contraception. The Priests for Life initiative on humanae vitae's 40th anniversary is an extraordinary and holy spirit inspired gift to the church right now, and will have a great impact during and beyond 2008. Father's many talents, especially organized dynamic oral presentations, will be an important contribution to the featured contraception aspect of this years conference. - Bud Macfarlane, M.I., Militia Immaculata

To all at priests for life, We knights of the Immaculata are ecstatic about the action and publicity that Father Pavone and Priests for Life are undertaking to educate the faithful and our country about Humanae Vitae and it's significance as the 40th anniversary approaches. Your special website, humanaevitae40.org is terrific, and we especially appreciate the exposition of the abortifacient nature of contraceptives and post abortion syndrome and the emphasis on Priests for Life affiliates, Rachel's Vineyard and Silent No More. You and your vital mission are in our prayers every day at holy mass.
Yours in Jesus through Mary, Bud Macfarlane, M.I., Militia Immaculata

Thank you and the Priests For Life staff for all the prayers and support for the Wabash Valley Right to Life fund raiser banquet on January 31, 2008. Over 235 Pro-Lifers came out to hear Dr. Alveda King’s presentation of “How Can the Dream Survive?” Thanks again to you and Priests For Life for the continued prayers and support for Life. - Tom McBroom-Vice-Chairman Wabash Valley Right to Life, Inc. Terre Haute, Indiana

 Janet: The March was great. I had occasion to hear some of the [Silent no More] speeches at the Supreme Court. They were very powerful. God Bless you for all you and Priests for Life are doing to expose the truth that abortion kills children and also hurts women and men. - Marie Tasy, Executive Director, New Jersey Right to Life

Father Pavone: Congratulations on your brave statements! I wish the entire bulletin had been translated into Spanish! Only the “Useless Advice” article was. In any case, I still sent it to all our affiliates and many other people, asked them for prayers for you and your team and suggested they help in other ways. ..May God continue to inspire and strengthen you...In Jesus and Mary of Guadalupe, Magaly Llaguno

Hello. Deacon Becky Spanos here, one of the founders of National Organization of Episcopalians for Life. I admire so much the work you all did for Terri [Schiavo] and know that the Lord is pleased. .. I continue to pray for her family and for you wonderful Catholic priests. I only wish more of our Episcopal priests were like you!! - Blessings, Becky Spanos

This is why Priests for Life is continually blessed! You have always encouraged others without fear of losing control or credit. Your leadership is a great example to all of us. - Dan Clark, NJ Republican ProLife Coalition

Janet, Fr. Frank & Staff, Just a note to let you know that we prayed for all of you at Priests For Life in our Staff meeting today. We so appreciate all that you do to promote a culture of life and pray that God will continue to bless all of your efforts. We are looking forward to seeing you at our conference in April! Yours in life, The Heartbeat Staff

Dear Fr. Frank, Thank you so much for all you do for the pro-life cause!! We cannot tell you how much we appreciate the support of you and your priests. - Patti Logan, Executive Director (Heart to Heart)

Thank you for faithfully joining us annually at our international Week of Prayer of Fasting Prayer. You are truly a gift to this movement and an inspiration to the troops for life. You clearly articulated that truth will convert hearts and minds to life and you motivated us all to promote truth by arming ourselves with “T” ruth through adoration and sacraments.
Thank you for utilizing your gifts of the Holy Spirit to promote a “Culture of Life” and inspiring us all to do our utmost for life. We are truly blessed to have you as our servant priests among us defending the sanctity of life. We are confidant that if all man and woman took their Christian vocation and responsibility to promote the Glory of God, the culture of death we exist in would be overturned. Thank you for being a great example for the priesthood and speaking out about our responsibilities as fellow Christians to defend life. Maureen & Ted Flynn (International Week of Prayer and Fasting)

But let me emphasize how pleased it makes me and your many admirers in Presbyterians Pro-Life that you’re wonderful accomplishments for the pro-life cause are being recognized by Steubenville. You deserve it! May God bless you and continue to keep you the humble servant of our blessed Savior that I know you to be. Benjamin E. Sheldon (President-Emeritus, Presbyterians Pro-Life).

I also cannot express in words how grateful I am for priests for life in general. Your work is God’s work. I am extremely honored to be associated with you through brochures, T.V., radio, and by speaking. I admire the sacrifice each of you makes for the babies.
It also brings me great joy to be part of a unified church by working with you. Jesus’ last request to his father while on earth was that the church be unified. I know it is extremely painful to him to see all the factions and disharmony between us Christians. But here are you and I – catholic and protestant-working hand in hand on the grandest, Godliest endeavor of all. As I said, this thought brings me a great deal of joy and satisfaction. Jill L.Stanek

Fr. Frank A. Pavone, whom we all know and love as one of the world’s most articulate and tireless voices defending the unborn, will be our honoree, and our principal speaker. - From Laurence Behr

Thank you Fr. Pavone for ALL the work you did for the election. Your support for the values that our church teaches is so “on target”. We need more church leaders standing up for LIFE. Praise to our Lord for your ministry. Rhonda Pritts, Respect Life coordinator

Priest for Life Rocks! Thank you so much for your ministry and resources. You are a light shining brightly in the Church. God bless you. DP, Illinois.

I was very moved and inspired by your talks -- you are so gifted with grace when you speak; with so much conviction, passion and love. Theresa Burke, Foundress, Rachel's Vineyard

Thank you so much for coming to the annual GRTL Choose Life Convention. We really enjoyed working with you. You were a wonderful addition and a huge asset. God really used you to do the impossible, saving babies’ lives that Satan had doomed to die! Praise the Lord! We hope you will make attending the convention a regular event on your schedule.

What a wonderful and inspiring evening you provided Jim Buffler and myself (not to mention every other blessed soul that was there) last evening at St. Mary's.... We were so very pleased to be invited on the Agenda, and then to hear and see you in person, really made our day! Our only regret, on our way home, was that we could not find a place to buy ourselves a lottery ticket, with our good fortune running as well as it was last evening. - Ralph J. Heinrich, Associate Board Member of the Society of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, PA

Thanks again for the true privilege of working with you. I am especially humbled to be chosen for the sacred duty of helping bring meaning to the little ones' lives.... I t is so sobering to be describing their horrible deaths and working to bring this affront to God to an end.- Brian Calhoun, IL

Dear Father Frank and everyone at Priests for Life, THANK YOU for educating people, for taking the risk to do everything to make sure that values and morals were considered in this election. Without Priests for Life, I don’t think we would have had this wonderful outcome for Life. With the victories in the senate, the house and the whitehouse, perhaps we will now be able to overturn Roe V Wade.
My prayers stay with you! - Susan Lepak, NFP-Prolife Ministry Coordinator, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

I  really enjoyed your homily at the Mass in DC--very encouraging. - Joseph M. Scheidler, Pro-Life Action League

It has been my pleasure to accompany Fr. Frank on various occasions to various gatherings in Washington, New York, and Birmingham, and to see how he engages the people with his pro-life message, and how he rallies the leaders to a greater commitment to this cause. .. Alveda and I have welcomed Fr. Frank to many gatherings with our wider family here in Atlanta, both on the occasions of the annual national King observances, at which Fr. Frank is often invited to participate in the program, as well as at a number of family occasions. He is a trusted and valued friend. Moreover, he and his team have been the catalyst for me to share my own pro-life story through their television broadcasts and to issue public statements about how the "Beloved Community," proclaimed by my husband and his brother, must in our day make room for the unborn children. .. Mrs. Naomi Ruth Barber King

Pro-Life leader endorsements for "Contraception of Grief"

I just finished writing to Theresa Burke to thank her for her new book, The Contraception of Grief: The Genesis of Anguish Conceived by Abortifacients and Sterilization. We plan to review it in a coming issue of Celebrate Life, and are convinced that such a book is long overdue. And it was while reading what I could from the internet that I happened upon your article, Abortifacients: The other Forbidden Grief. The article is excellent. … thank you for writing this touching testimony to the power of Jesus Christ to be all that we are not, especially when we need Him the most. Sincerely yours in the Lord Who IS LIFE -- Judie Brown American Life League

“The present work, The Contraception of Grief, is a fascinating analysis of the bitterness caused by that other vehicle of the culture of death, namely, contraception.  While the grief it engenders is in a certain sense of another order than the post-abortion grief, the booklet highlights one of the most fundamental evils of chemical contraception: its abortifacient nature.  The “contraceptive evangelists” as it calls them know full well that every society which caves into birth control eventually succumbs to abortion and so, I believe that the present authors have given us a new and truly helpful instrument with which to continue our fight.” -- Reverend Thomas J. Euteneuer, President, Human Life International

“The Contraception of Grief is excellent and needs to be spread far and wide.  The item is most timely and hopefully very many will read it and spread it across the land.  Much too little has been said and written about abortifacients, but now we have your document, The Contraception of Grief (The Genesis of Anguish Conceived by Abortifacients and Sterilization).  Again, hopefully you will spread this far and wide.  -- Reverend Paul B. Marx, OSB, Founder, Human Life International 

“Many thanks for the honor of reviewing your most recent booklet, Contraception of Grief.  It’s truly an outstanding work.  One that will not only enlighten married couples but will serve as an eye-opener for those about to become ‘two in one flesh.’” -- Reverend Daniel McCaffrey, Director, Natural Family Planning Outreach

"This book [The Contraception of Grief] will be provided to our Archdiocesan Pro-life Office as a resource for their work." -- Reverend Robert T. Kickham, Archdiocese of Boston

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the book and how excited I am to make it one of our new resources. It is so exciting to hear about the ways God is working to help us share with people the truth about the Church's teaching on sexuality. May God bless you for all that you are doing. -- Kristie Wellman, Coordinator of Youth and Family Outreach, One More Soul

Political Leaders

My sincere thanks to Father Frank Pavone & Dr. Alveda King - tireless crusaders for all lives. - Congressman Sean Duffy.

Dear Fr. Pavone, Your speech at the Crisis dinner was a confirmation that yours has been a great public life.  You have poured both your heart and your soul into your service to our country; and your faith is both inspiring and inspired.  Warmest blessings to you and  yours in the days ahead. -- Tim Goeglein, Special Assistant to President Bush and Deputy Director Public Liaison.

Dear Frank, I am grateful for you strong stand for life, protecting the defenseless ones at every stage of development, and helping to rebuild a “culture of life” in our nation.  Thanks for all you do.  I look forward to our paths crossing again in the near future.  Sincerely yours, -- William H. Frist, M.D., Majority Leader, United States Senate

You-and Priests for Life-are an inspiration and blessing beyond words. The wisdom and compassion of your commentary and homilies not only challenge us to strive and persist, but you provide an enormous amount of perspective in our work to establish the culture of life. ... Thanks – US Congressman Chris Smith (NJ)

In 1973, I was a member of the Montana House of Representatives (1969-75). I sponsored the "Hyde Amendment", in the Montana Legislature; it passed both Houses and went on to the Congress asking for a Constitutional Amendment "guaranteeing the right to life, from the First moment of Conception", --- you know the rest of the story. ...I want to take this means to congratulate you and the other Priests and the Franciscans of EWTN, for finally stepping out STRONGLY for life.  You make me proud for your courage and integrity... ... but I’m happy to be a Catholic and stand for life. THANK YOU!!! -- Bob Harper

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the pro-life convention in Wilmington. The highlight of the night was Father Frank Pavone, head of Priests for Life. His words were informative and compelling. He did what too many Catholics do not do; he talked about how the political process has been left to those who oppose almost everything we believe in, yet we sit in silence.  I encourage all who read this paper to listen to Father Pavone’s advice and become active and voice your concerns. The very foundation of our society is at stake. – Letter to the Editor from Mike Protack, Republican candidate for governor of Delaware.

Specifically, I would like to offer my congratulations to Pat DeAngelis, Sr. Mary Rose McGeady, Jim Murray and Fr. Frank Pavone. It is an honor to join your friends and families in recognizing each of you as a 2005 recipient of the Outstanding Catholic Leadership Award. Your generosity and selflessness gave gained you a reputation that is truly inspiring, and certainly well deserved. The work that you do is essential to the needs of your community and I want to convey my appreciation of all you do on behalf of those who need it most. Your devotion has benefited so many individuals and it is wonderful to know that so many have gathered in recognition of your service. – Rick Santorum, United State Senate, October 18, 2005

The dedication that this movement represents - and you’re the core of it - I’m sitting here at the table thinking that when the history books are written on the pro-life movement, when we finally get through this terrible tunnel of darkness with the number of lives and people we’ve killed and allowed to be killed – a lot of the people that are going to be written in that history book are in this room today – Fr. Pavone, I see over here. - Senator Sam Brownback, Kansas

Diocesan Respect Life Directors

Thank you for coming to our annual Right to Life Dinner and being our guest speaker. Everyone was so excited to have you come. I know they enjoyed your speech on the “Single Most Important Question this Election Will Decide.”… I had several people comment on your speech and how impacted they were. Michigan Right to Life.

Thank you for the newsletters on line! Fr. Pavone was jus in Chattanooga and spoke so passionately and ignited a fire that I pray will help put out the Abortion clinics in Knoxville, like it did the ones in Chattanooga! God Bless you all!! -- Paul Simoneau-Respect Life Director, Knoxville, Tennessee.

Thank you so much for taking the time, energy, and dedication to fly out to the West Coast for our Respect Life Retreat. We've received some wonderful feedback from the event: "it was a quality day", "I got so much out of the conference", and " It has really invigorated me to get involved again." Certainly, we owe the success of the conference to your commitment in spreading the truth about abortion, your clear and educational seminars, and your enthusiasm! We were certainly honored to have you as a guest speaker for this event. I was told that your staff…was especially friendly, helpful, and gracious in handling our many questions and logistical details. May God bless each of you as you minister to His children! -- George A. Welolek, Director, Office of Public Policy and Social Concerns, Archdiocese of San Francisco

Dear Father Frank, The archdioceses of Miami respect life office sends you our love, prayers. Congratulations on your anniversary as director of Priests for Life and on your 20th anniversary as priest. We are so grateful to God for giving us someone like you who inspires every one of us in the prolife movement to be courageous and to do everything we can to defend the least among us. I admire your strength and your humility and I pray that God will continue to bless you with health and wisdom to know HIS will and to continue HIS work. In the words of Henry Hyde, “Isn’t it remarkable that God wanted you to be born at this time and place? Not St. Francis of Assisi, not St. Catherine of Siena, not St. Ignatius Loyola – but you!” God bless you. -- For their lives, Joan M. Crown, Archdiocese of Miami Respect Life Office

Dear Fr. Frank, Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of your priesthood. You are one of my all time favorite priests. Thank you for all of the help you have given to my ministry as respect life director. Your visits to our local churches, participation in the respect life conferences held in our diocese and for the great resources you provide. Without this, our work would be so much weaker. I will write a letter to Big Boss in heaven and request a half day indulgence for what you have done for us. For a guy in my position, that’s the most they’ll give me. You won’t need it anyway. Sincerely, -- Don Kazimir, Respect Life Director, Diocese of Palm Beach, FL

Dear Fr. Pavone and Janet:
The Fourth Annual Walk for Life West Coast has come and gone and I want to thank you both for being here and helping to make it the great success it was. Your presence helped raise national awareness of what is going on out on the West Coast when it comes to the culture of life. Hopefully, we broke the stereotype that says that everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area and on the West Coast is pro-abortion. We showed the nation that nearly 30,000 people can come together peacefully and in the face of huge opposition to say that life is the best and the only choice. We walked for the rights of the pre-born, for women, men and families.
On behalf of all the organizations you traveled across the country to support – the San Francisco Archdiocesan Respect Life Program, the Walk for Life West Coast, the Interfaith Committee for Life and Issues4Life Foundation – thank you. Thank you for your tireless support and for your graciousness in going to all the events we planned for you. It was quite a hectic schedule but your energy and commitment never failed.
God bless both of you for your tireless work for the unborn. We are proud to include you in our Walk for Life West Coast family. -- Vicki Evans, Respect Life Coordinator, Archdiocese of San Francisco

Letter of praise and endorsement for Janet Morana from Vicki Evans, Respect Life Coordinator, Archdiocese of San Francisco, August 2007

I received your recent email with your greetings. Thank you. I also want you to know that we priests are so very proud of the work you are doing. Your leadership and guidance in the Pro-Life movement is truly an inspiration to us and for us.  -- Very Rev. E. Michael Camilli, M.S.C. Secretary for Catholic Life and Evangelization Diocese of Allentown, PA

It is with my greatest admiration and respect that I wish to thank you for your willingness to participate in our Summer Rally for Life. The weekend events were a great success. We were able to connect with many people to re-energize their "pro-life batteries". All the planning for the last several weeks and months were well worth the effort as we accomplished our goal of keeping the pro-life message alive during the summer. It was truly a pleasure to meet you (at last) and to spend some time with you. -- Dick Frost, Director, Department of Marriage and Family Life, Diocese of Duluth, MN

The Priests for Life newsletter is well accepted and informative. -- Rev. Jay Peterson, Great Falls-Billings

Priests for Life has been a wonderful resource. It is important to me to know you're there ready to assist. -- Maggie Fitzpatrick Nadol, Diocese of Charlotte

Fr. Pavone has been to our diocese in three separate occasions in which he has reached people of all faiths at a fund-raising banquet, workshops at our diocesan catechetical convention, and homily presentations in our parishes. The helpful resources that he makes available are also distributed and serve as a valuable resource in the parishes which are not able to hear him present in person. Fr. Pavone is received with good evaluations at all the events he has taken part in. We are grateful for the time he has taken to travel and be present in our diocese. -- Rachelle Sauvageau, Director, Diocese of Fargo

Fr Pavone has been [here] at the invitation of the office of pro-life activities and individual parishes. He ...is well received by thousands on EWTN. Fr. Pavone is always well received whether in person, the newsletter or electronic media. -- Judith A. Gorman, Diocese of Buffalo

On the part of the Family Life Respect Life Office, we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for your participation in Respect Life ’99. Your thoughtful presentation provided our audience with deeper insight and vision about becoming more effective apostles for the Gospel of Life. Equally important is the conviction and hope you give witness to. We are confident that your words will continue to be a source of nourishment for those who attended Respect Life ’99. Sincerely in Christ, Fr. John, Bonnici, STD, Director, Family Life and Respect Life Office, Archdiocese of New York and Kevin S.D. Connelly, Respect Life Coordinator, Archdiocese of New York, Family and Respect Life Office

Thank you so much, Father, for all you do! You are without a doubt hero to millions of pre-born babies and one of the Church’s great treasures. -- Rita Diller, Coordinator, Respect Life Ministries, Diocese of Amarillo

Your newsletter is great … Keep up the great work! God Bless -- Patty Rodriguez, Diocesan Respect Life Coordinator Diocese of Fresno

Father Frank Pavone, National Director for "Priests for Life" was well received by pastors, deacons, administrators and pro-life lay people. His presentation was exceptional. Father Pavone’s talks were nothing but energizing. His remarks seemed to strike a chord in our hearts by the way he was able to convey the Church’s teaching on human life. He was able to gently expose the prevailing justifications for not being actively involved as Catholic Christians. The people…were impressed with his ability to take the human life issues, our place as Catholic Christians in the political and social struggle, and show us why we should be involved and how important our involvement and commitments can be. -- Peggy Sinanian, Pro-Life Director of the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

I want to thank you for the inspiring retreat you preached at My Father's House this past month.  I had no idea you are such a powerful preacher and insightful theologian. Joe Collison, Diocesan Pro-Life Director, Diocese of Norwich, CT

Your stay with us here in Louisiana was most inspiring. The pastor had great reviews for you and our pro-life leadership was almost ecstatic. --Brenda Desormeaux, Diocese of Lafayette, LA

The response to your message was tremendous. In fact, never before have we had a uniformly positive response to anyone speaking to the entire priestly community here in our diocese. This is a first! Kent Peters, Diocese of Duluth, MN

I am very thankful that you were able to give the keynote address at the Bishop's Respect Life Rally ... I am still getting great comments from people about your inspiring keynote address. …. We are very grateful to be able to offer your inspiring and hope filled message to those who were unable to attend the rally. -- Julie Orr, Respect Life Coordinator, Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA

It was a great honor to have been able to have Fr. Pavone speak at our convention.  We have heard nothing but positive responses.  Thank you for all of the hard work you do for life. -- Marilyn Wachs, Respect Life Coordinator, Aberdeen, South Dakota

Dear Father Pavone, Thanks for your strong leadership. You are a blessing to America and an inspiration to all of us who labor in the prolife vineyard. Congrats on 20 years as a Priest. May God continue to bless you and your ministry. - Adrienne, Respect life director

Father Frank, I really enjoyed doing our workshop together this weekend -- thanks for letting me bask in your reflected glory !! -- Vera Faith Lord, Alpha Omega Life

As someone who works for the Diocese of Charleston, Family Life Office, I would like to thank you and everyone involved with Priests for Life for your support and guidance. We are inspired by your courage and appreciate the strong pro-life leadership you have provided for us. Thank you for being such a valuable resource for the Church! - Kathy Schmugge

Fr. Frank Pavone, You have energized the priests (and the laity) in the United States to become a
true and rational voice for the Sanctity of Life. Blessings on you and your work. Affectionately, - Licia Nicassio, Director of the Office of Respect Life, Los Angeles


Fr. Pavone, Bless you and your ministry. You have helped me past a few hurdles and your witness to the truth have been the inspiration to me and my ministry. - Dcn. Marcelino

Fr. Frank: You recent message about the You Tube “Is this what you mean?" campaign must have been the prompting of the Holy Spirit. It is brilliant. Several of the deacons in this diocese are meeting this Saturday to explore ways to really promote the project. Thanks for the tools! May God continue to bless you and your associates in His service and in the service of human life! - Deacon Pete, St Johnsbury, VT

Dear Fr. Frank, Thank you for your homily ... today is my 15th Anniversary to the Order of Deacon. I really needed to hear your homily --Thanks and God Bless --Deacon Joe

Keep up your great ministry - we need the leadership you provide. Deacon Nick

The accomplishments of Priests for Life are outstanding. We see the results of your work encouraging all of us in the world today. God bless and thank all of you at Priests for Life office. Deacons in the Service of Life is great. We would like to bring it to our Diaconate Community. Thank you and God's choicest blessings for you each and every day. In the love of the living Christ, Deacon Ed

Fr. Pavone, I am third year Diaconate class … Next to EWTN your ministry has been the vehicle that I have (re)rooted my faith and have truly been able to understand the issues of abortion that we don’t hear about otherwise. Keep up the good work your ministry is a blessing to the Church and to all of God’s people.  --MH

This evening, as I was flipping through the channels on the television, I came across the coverage of the National Right to Life Prayer Breakfast at which you were speaking. Your very straightforward speech riveted my attention, and led me to feel that somehow I need to support and participate in the excellent work of your organization. Thank you for devoting your life to this very important mission of Christ's Church. May God continue to bless your work and shine His light upon you. -- Deacon Joseph Hulway, Romeo, MI

To be honest, I don't know how I ended up at this site .... but wow ..I am a recently ordained Permanent Deacon. Thank you for this site. Fr. Frank's bi-weekly profile sounds very interesting. Thank You and May God Bless Deacon Bill

It was indeed a great pleasure and a privilege to meet and hear you. God be with you: don't waver-don't give up, please!!! Deacon Dennis 

Thank you so much for expanding your website to include Deacons. I am a newly ordained Deacon and am very interested in promoting a deeper spiritual life for all clergy. Deacon Ron 

I have been so blessed and enlightened by you and fed spiritually from you and your shows etc. I am a validly ordained deacon. A convert from the Greek Antiochian Orthodox Church. Your Servant in Christ, (deacon) Joseph 

Fr. Pavone-Thanks for sending your column to the deacon list. I try to preach often on pro-life issues. The information in this column will be very useful. Keep up the GOOD NEWS. -- Deacon Bob Davis, Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church, Swartswood, NJ,

Thank you for a great web site. Keep praying for all the abortion victims, and be certain that Our Blessed Lady will invoke her Son’s power to bring about an end to this horrible crime that is so rampant in our country and throughout the world. -- Deacon John 

Thank you for thinking of Deacons. Let us know how we, as a group, can help your organization. -- Deacon Tom

Very impressive web-site with great resources. May God guide this wonderful movement! -- Deacon Mike Meismer

May God continue to richly bless the wonderful work that the Priests for Life are doing -- Deacon James

Blessings to you in the wonderful Name of Jesus! What a valuable ministry you carry on here. I will be signing up for membership in the Canadian organization. -- Deacon Gord 

Thank you very much for remembering us, the Deacons, often times we slip through the cracks. -Deacon John 

I want to be a member of your fine organization. Your web page is great. So are your written products. Keep up the good work. - Deacon Gene

I preach regularly but I have only preached at two funerals in the last 27 years. That is when I searched for help and Fr. Frank came to the rescue. There were about 15 other deacons present, plus two priests and the congregation. All enjoyed the (Fr. Frank Pavone’s) homily titled, "You Do Not Belong to Death!" I did edit the homily and add some personal information about deacon Joe, but most of the homily was that supplied by Fr. Frank. At the "kiss of peace" I was especially thankful to hear the bishop say to me, "Very well done." Thanks again to Fr. Frank, and may God continue to bless him and his organization. -Deacon Don, Ontario Canada Archdiocese of Toronto.

From our Brothers and Sisters in Other Denominations

My name is Pastor Ken, and I just read about your strong stance on the preservation of life, during our recent election season. I am not Catholic, but am a bi-vocational Nazarene Pastor in the State of Nevada. Despite our denominational difference, we are brothers in Christ, and I commend you and your organization, Priests for Life. In this lost and hurting world, it is so important that we stand together to defend the most vulnerable in our society. I just wanted to write and thank you for serving Christ and our little ones as you do. Together, and with God's help, we can make a tremendous difference in people's lives, and in the lives of countless children and families. God bless you, and your fine work. - Pastor Ken

Father Frank Pavone is a man who is passionately committed to the defense of preborn children, and to the sanctity of human life from conception to the grave. I have found him to be an articulate and intelligent promoter of this cause internationally. It has been my privilege to have Father Pavone as a guest on Focus on the Family, where he was warmly received by our listeners. -- Dr. James Dobson, Ph.D, Focus on the Family

Fr. Pavone’s voice is "one-of-a-kind" in defense of unborn children. Your audience will be energized as never before when they hear him speak. I value his friendship very much-and Bott Radio Network is blessed to have his pro-life commentaries broadcast daily on each of our twenty stations across America. -- Dick Bott, Bott Radio Network

I respect Priests For Life and Fr. Frank Pavone for the work they do in helping restore our nation to a Biblical respect for all human life, and for working effectively with people of all races and denominations in this most important task.--Randy Phillips, President of The Promise Keepers

Keep up the good work. We Protestants love you and appreciate the work the Roman Catholic Church is doing for the unborn. -- DJ

Your God inspired messages fill my soul with a passion for life issues. Thank you for working with the Protestant community (Care-Net). We have great value and appreciation for your work. -- JD

I am not Catholic, but am very impressed with the radio messages that I hear representing your organization on Bott radio network. Blessings. -- Mike 

We enjoy your wonderful and powerful television advertisements on PAX TV. As an Anglo-Catholic Priest, I support your efforts. --Reverend Thomas, MI 

Dear Father Frank, I am a Protestant minister who first became acquainted with Priests for Life through the Eternal Word network. I have been a faithful listener to your programs on the TV and the shortwave programming. I have followed many of your suggestions - writing letters to Editors for one. I have been amazed at the doors that have opened and how the Lord has been drawing me more and more to unite with Catholics in this great cultural issue of our time - the holocaust of the unborn. I have even had articles published in the Dubuque Catholic Diocese Newspaper. Now I feel led to move from listening and praying for your ministry to supporting it financially.  Love in Christ, -- Rev Ed

Thanks again for such a great newsletter. The expansion on the theme of political activity and the Christian will continue to be helpful to us in the pro-life movement! ...We evangelicals not only hear you at pro-life conferences, but many of us receive your newsletter and support your organization. Although there are some doctrinal issues we part on, as Christians we all have the same Lord Jesus Christ and are motivated by our understanding of the Christian ethic in our pro-life work. Thanks for listening and for your outstanding leadership to all Christians! -- LM  

To begin, I am a member of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, not Catholic. I watched your sermon on EWTN last Thursday, and it was among the best I have ever seen. -- Tim

You go Father Pavone. You are an awesome example and witness to the pro-life movement!!! -- Justin

Met Father Frank in Dallas. I am very happy that such an informed and spiritual priest has taken the mantel and working so hard to save children. -- RD (Pentecostal)

Although I am neither Catholic nor a wholehearted ecumenist, I am of the opinion that the message can be treated independently of the messenger and as such have I avidly read "Answering Pro-abortion Rhetoric" and other sections of your website....I have found your "Answering Pro-abortion Rhetoric" comprehensive yet concise, simplifying yet not simplistic and very clearly focused on the mass of contradictions that is the pro-abortion case. I presume we share the analysis that resolving the issue is entirely dependent on the status of the unborn and yet you generously avoid belligerence on this point and address abortionists on their own terms as well. Thank you so much for a thought provoking and illuminating text. -- Ben

As a Southern Baptist, I commend the excellent job that the Roman Catholic Church has done on speaking out on the right to life. Keep up the good work. -- Rev. David, NY 

Hi I am not Catholic but whenever I see you on TV, I love listening to you. I stand for your belief. You are very true what you have to say. Keep it up good job. -- Beverly, NJ

I saw your wonderful pro-life TV advertisement tonight. Our family does not normally watch TV at all. For some reason, I wanted to see what was on. To my amazement, I hit your advertisement. This advertisement is going to do a lot of good. People need to hear your message. As you probably know, the pro-life stance is starting to win out in the polls of the populations. Your ad will certainly help. In this family, we are Southern Baptists living in a majority Catholic area. Keep up the good fight! -- RP

[The] Lutheran Church, where I am pastor, is a growing, predominantly African American church in the heart of [the] African American community. I am also the keynote speaker for the Lutherans for Life national convention.... I've heard and been impressed with your presenting. - Pastor John, TX

I am a pastor of a large Protestant church in the San Diego area thank you.....thank you for having the courage to place the full-page ad in USA Today. It is extremely well done. -- Your brother, Dr. Jim Garlow, Senior Pastor, Skyline Church, La Mesa, CA

Fr. Pavone, thanks so much for speaking at our conference. Your continued support and involvement in the work of the Institute for Religious Values has been critical to our success and even our survival. Priests For Life is the most generous organization I have ever worked with (and that includes hundreds of organizations). Thanks again, -- CG

Billy Graham move over -- Fr. Frank Pavone has arrived. -- Rev. Rob Schenck. National Pro-life Religious Council

The best way I can describe Priests for Life is that it is ‘The Pentagon meets the Vatican.’ Priests for Life, as an organization, has all the discipline of the Pentagon and all the grace of the Vatican. -- Rev. Robert Schenck President, National Clergy Council; President, National Pro-life Religious Council

I just want to thank you so much for doing what you are doing and for inspiring me to do more. I saw Patricia Ireland on the Fox News Channel tonight on the Hannity and Colmes show. She announced that "NOW" is issuing a state of emergency for women’s rights. She mentioned Priests for Life as the group she was most concerned about. So I thought to myself, that is a group I need to look up. It’s a good thing if Ms. Ireland is worried about your organization because that means you are making her nervous. Your website is so informative and helpful. I am Protestant and I will live to see that we all join forces and restore the value of the sanctity of life! Thank you again for all that you do, I am so honored by your tremendous service. Let’s keep fighting the good fight because we will win! -- DM, Texas

I am not a Catholic but am a minister (female) of another denomination. First, let me applaud my Catholic brothers for the great work in this area. Would it not be great if all members of Christendom could join with you in your efforts to cleanse our country of the horror of abortion? I for one am in your corner -- keep up the good work. I may have differing views on doctrine, however, here is one place we can be united before the world. -- Rev. Dorothy 

Thank you all for the hard work and strong commitment concerning "Pro-life". …. I have taken the very bold step to identify myself at my church - a Baptist church - as being Pro-life. It was during the last of June that I 'found' EWTN. It was at that time that I first saw Fr. Pavone and listened to his intelligent presentation. He was brilliant and logical, tempered, but not overwhelmed with the emotions that defeat so many others. [Others] could not move us, but Priests for Life and Fr. Pavone did! May our God continue to bless you and all whom respond to His cry and suffering for the poor lives of our innocent. -- LA, Tennessee

Dear Father Frank, I think you and your fellow priests are doing an excellent, and holy work fighting the culture of death in the US. Your interpretation of the Gospel story of Lazarus and Dives was very interesting, and somewhat chilling! Keep up the good work.... -- Rev. James, MN

I have often watched Fr. Frank Pavone on EWTN and have enjoyed his talks so very much. It is very uplifting to see some of my fellow clerics so vocal on this crucial subject while so many others remain silent. - Rev. Ted, MD

I want to congratulate Father Frank Pavone for the Nov. 2nd article in USA Today "What does support for the ‘Right to Choose’ say about a candidate’s character?" This is one of the most relevant and timely questions that demands an answer in America today. Thanks Father Pavone for the courage to state the facts to the American public. In support of Pro-life -- Bishop Ray D. Hock, Allegheny & Susquehanna Conferences, Brethren in Christ Church

I already signed your guest book but I wanted to double commend for spreading, to the best of your ability and resources, the Gospel of Life. I have read the several statements of the US Catholic Conference of Bishops on the Gospel of Life and one which dealt with properly exercising our stewardship in civil affairs. Mind you I am a Protestant minister but I must say you are courageously standing up for life as a gift given by God. As a brother in Christ and co-laborer in the Gospel I would like to encourage you to keep up the good work, run with perseverance the race set before us, and fight the good fight of faith. You are in my prayers. -- Rev. CD

It is a blessing to see your website. I only wish that we in the Orthodox Church would have such a group as you have. I am so happy to see that you have so many members and are involved with the most important issues of today. May our Risen Lord bless each of you+. --- Archbishop Stephan Petrovich Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church

It's with great pleasure that we agree to be linked on your site. Frank Pavone is a courageous and wonderful fighter for life, a wonderful speaker and a warm and compassionate man who I've had the honor to meet a number of times. God bless your efforts! -- Rev. Dean

Marvelous presentation at retreat -- as usual. I heard many unsolicited compliments on your talk and several of the commentators were Protestants who were amazed to hear such emphasis on prayer (other than formalized, rigidly structured prayer) and such a demonstrated command of scripture from a Catholic cleric. It is sad that negative stereotypes persist but encouraging to see you dispel them. -- Gregg Cunningham, Center for Bioethical Reform

I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation for the support which PFL has given to our efforts over the past year. -- Chris Gersten, President, Christians & Jews for Life.

I'm not Catholic but I do watch your program a lot. I must tell you that the segment on abortions was really touching, you are doing a wonderful piece of work for the Lord. -- ES, Pennsylvania

I am an evangelical Protestant. As such, you and I might have some considerable differences about various aspects of the Christian life. Nonetheless, I call you brother and bless you for you work on behalf of the innocent. Thank you for what you have done. God Bless You mightily. -- AB, Colorado

Recently I watched a show on Saturday on EWTN. I am not a Catholic but am a follower of Yashua. I was blessed by the lecture and feel led to inquire about receiving information on abortion. -- HG

Here is a small contribution to your work. We are non-Catholics who are really inspired by your appearances on EWTN. -- TR

It was really wonderful to hear Fr. Frank again. I have heard him many times at events throughout the nation. I always think that Fr. Frank can speak for 20 minutes and fuel your thinking for the next 2 months. I really believe he has communicated verbally on this issue better than anyone else I know in the nation. -- DV, An Evangelical Minister

I am an Anglican priest…This is an outstanding website, and I am commending it to the clergy in my Province, as well as to my parishioners. -- Keep up the excellent work, and may God bless this ministry. -- Fr. Charles

Dear Fr. Frank, I really enjoyed visiting your website. I am an Anglican priest in the UK, and feel strongly about pro-life issues. I feel that it is part of our responsibility as priests to make a stand on such issues. You are fortunate in being a priest in a Church that is not afraid to tell the world about the true values of the Christian Gospel. May God bless your good work. – Fr. William


April 17, 1999, this little Italian priest from Staten Island walks into a classroom at Mt. St. Mary's Seminary of the West in Cincinnati Ohio and absolutely shook the dust from the rafters and in doing so changed my life forever. You awoke in me the sleeping giant (no pun intended) of truth and you concluded our lunch by challenging me to 'think BIG,' and thus began Seminarian Life Link. Without your guidance and assistance SLL would still be just another BIG idea in my head. But more importantly from that April 17th morning began my friendship with you. Your constant friendship and guidance has inspired me to be a better man, a better pro-life leader and more importantly a better 'soon-to-be-priest.' I speak for both James and myself when I say, "thank you for your witness to life, your witness to constancy of the truth of the Church and thank you for your witness to the dignity of the Priesthood." .. I can never put into words what you mean to me, and what you have done for me by way of the example you have set for me in both the defense of life and in my future priesthood.

 - Eric Bowman


I am a seminarian…I attended your conference this past summer. I would like to thank you for all your dedicated work; the Two by Two project is incredible! WD, OR

Fr. Pavone, ..I have watched your program, Priests for Life, on EWTN and find it to be a true blessing for the Catholic Church and for our Protestant brothers and sisters. ..I respect you immensely, and cheer on your efforts along with so many more groups throughout the nation and the world that have stood up to the plate in defense of the Right to Life.- Stephen

NB. Thank you for all the efforts you so tirelessly, and selflessly make for the sake of the Gospel!!! You and Fr. Pavone are outstanding examples for seminarians like myself and for all God's people!!! –  

Dear friend, I just want to inform you that I received the materials you sent me. I wish to thank you in a most special way. I lack words to express my gratitude. On another note, the materials you sent me are very informing and educative. I love that, my friends love that too. By June I will be doing my apostolic work, the materials will be useful to me…My friend seminarians here in Bigard Memorial Seminary send their greeting to you and Fr. Frank. Tell Fr. Frank that he is doing the job well. Thanks and GOD bless.

The Seminarian Life Link conference has been a tremendous source of pro-life formation. Stuff that would take many books and hours of private study, which there is little time for in Seminary, is given to you in an intense five day retreat/conference with the best and most intelligent pro-life leaders in the world. Now that I have been going two years, I can hardly imagine how I could be formed as truly pro-life without attending this conference, it opens your eyes to reality. Thanks again for all your hard work with the conference. --Mike, St. Joseph's Seminary

This is to say thanks for the sponsorship that allowed me to attend the Seminarian Life Link Conference in August. The speakers, format, activities and facilities all helped provide an environment of prayer, enlightenment and personal growth. The Holy Spirit truly had his hand on the conference.  Thanks also for your participation and witness. I am proud to be a part of the pro-life movement and to bring this message to those I interact with.... Living and serving God in this manner will be a part of my permanent ministry. Thanks to you and Priests for Life for being one of the catalysts in making that happen. --John O'Neill, Saint Meinrad School of Theology

Thanks for a very powerful and informative message, and more tools to work with. [-- St. Meinrad School of Theology]

Wonderful. We needed the words you provided to wage the war. [-- St. Meinrad School of Theology]

I just want to let you guys know how much I appreciate all the hard work you put into the Seminarian Life Link Conference. Words can’t describe how blown away I was by the material given to us and how much it opened my eyes to the tragedy of abortion. I feel like I had a second conversion with pro-life issues. --MP, MD (Seminarian)

Kevin [Burke], The seminarians and I greatly benefited from your presentation and our discussion. May the Lord continue to bless your work for the ministry of healing for those affected by abortion. Trust in our prayer for you and we will look forward to future collaboration opportunities. Thanks and Peace! - Rev. Leo E. Patalinghug - Mount St. Mary's Seminary

From Laity (USA)

....I only know that it is God who creates life, and none of us, even under the most difficult circumstances, ever has the right to change that. Since the miscarriage, my cancer progressed and I am undergoing craniospinal radiation. I don’t know what will happen, but I do know God is with me, and so is the precious little soul. And if I had it all to do over, I wouldn’t change a thing. That is why I think the work you do is so important. I felt so frightened and alone, and the work that you do makes all the difference. God bless you and you will always be in our prayers. - Therese

Dear Father Frank: Please excuse the delay in writing to you as promised in Ocean City, Maryland earlier this year. .. I believe that I would be remiss if failing to communicate my perceptions of your homily during Mass at the Holy Family parish in Ocean City that glorious Sunday morning.
While consistently a believer in the protection of the unborn and life in all of its stages, I rarely responded as actively and passionately as I did upon hearing your homily on that Sunday morning. My wife, Barbara, by the way, shares my feelings.
We sat there as visitors and never having seen or heard of you or Priests for Life, we became nearly mesmerized by your compelling, convincing, and logical reasoning as you proclaimed the need to advocate for the unborn because they cannot.
Not only was the substance of your message incredibly convincing, your style of delivery was eloquent. Your use of the metaphor, analogy, and simile combined with your dynamic vocal ability drew crystal clear word pictures that everyone could understand. Although dynamic and powerful, your delivery was never abrasive. To the contrary, your platform presence was gentle and appropriate to your audience. Your message obviously came from the heart as you intertwined it with the message of the Scripture readings.
Forgive the wordiness of my communication. I hope that those of us in the Archdiocese of Boston will have the pleasure of hearing your message directly from you. Cordially, Robert J. Ferullo

Thank you for the amazing work of Priests for Life. I love your attitude that extends our hands to work corporately & engage with our groups! …Thank you and the people of Priests for Life, especially Sal Manno who directly communicated the love and support I needed during dark days! And most importantly the prayers.

Dear Father Frank; You inspire me so much to keep working for pro-life issues! Also, I want to thank you for listening to me this past summer at the Chicago convention for sidewalk counselors. It meant a lot to me! I owe my pro-life enthusiasm to you and your wonderful staff though whom the Holy Spirit works so well. - Sue Engel

Once upon a time, abortion was just something that happened, I didn't agree with it but I took it in stride. Now..it physically hurts to know how little I cared about a topic so huge. I can't fix who I was, but I can give credit for who I am today - and that goes to you, Bryan [Kemper]. You … slapped me around and made me open my eyes. So thank you for that.

Since the beginning of advent, I have reflected daily on the first few verses of St. John's Gospel and, particularly, the revelation that "Light has come into the world, and the darkness has not overcome it." For all of the resources available to the Culture of Death, they have not overcome the light of Priests for Life. I just read your latest newsletter and could spend the entirety of the day providing you with positive comments, but suffice it to say that my parish has recently started a pro-life committee and the information you provide is invaluable. You are wonderful, you are wonderful, you are wonderful! I am at a loss for words, but you are at once exhilarating, informative, faithful and effective!! Well Done! – Laura T.

Having been involved in the pro-life movement for about 30 years, I honestly believe that your organization has become the foremost defender of life in America. The testimony of former abortion providers which you have assembled is the most conclusive testimony to the power of prayer. Thanks for all your efforts. Bill S, Bedford, MA

Dear Father Frank, You married my wife and I. At the time, I probably would have considered myself pro-choice, although not strongly so. However, from listening to your sermons and reading your letters in the bulletins, I came to realize how wrong abortion is. Today, I am very pro life. On Election Day, the number one issue I vote on is abortion. In 1999, one of the main reasons I joined the Knights of Columbus was because of their pro life stance. I have seen your program on EWTN and your interviews during the Terry Schiavo case (a real tragedy the way that poor woman was murdered) and I have to say that they are both excellent. I just wanted to let you know how proud I am to have been married by you, and also to let you know that there are a lot of people who believe strongly in what you are doing. And I do believe you are making a difference. – Gregg, New York.

Just a quick note to tell you that the Rachel's Vineyard I recently attended... was a life changing experience for me. I have finally been healed of the inconsolable sorrow I have had for over 30 years. …Thank you for all you have done to help those of us who have been the "walking wounded." I want to tell everyone. -- Terri, CA

You do a great job. Keep up the great work. We had a lovely weekend with Fr. Peter West here recently. It’s hard to believe that 4 priests can do so much good in the world! -- FS, Pennsylvania

All glory and honor to our Heavenly and Merciful Father... I would just like to commend you all for being the salt on this unseasoned earth, for being the light in the dim and dark world we live in today. The photos I have seen have illuminated the atrocities that we live in. The information you have provided has inspired me in using the Partial Birth Abortion Ban as my persuasive speech topic for the speech college course I am presently taking and to write poetry for the victims that are unable to speak up for themselves. Thank you for helping me see the truth---for what it really is. May God continue to bless and keep you all. -- TK

The outreach you are providing by including more and more vocal people to defend the babies is very worthwhile. Thank you for your work. I look forward to reading your column and am becoming more vocal because of the confidence I have developed from reading your stuff. -- SM

Thank you for all you do .. I'm a respect life coordinator in my local parish and appreciate the information (though very disturbing) that you provide on your website and via your column. -- LM

They mentioned the fund you have to help stop the murder of abortionists. I just wanted to thank you for making the most uplifting news I’ve read in all my research so far. Thank you for drawing such a clear distinction between pro-life Christians and terrorists. I’m praying for your work and for the movement against violence in general. -- CC

I read and know of your work for the Pro-Life Movement and all you do from EWTN and I admire you and pray to met you one day for I to love children and believe we must do everything we can to save babies. We can all work together to save a beating heart! -- BT

My name is Jennifer. Last Sunday, a priest from your organization came to speak to us during Mass. I thought he was a great speaker. He was passionate, and it made me want to get more involved. -- California

The best pro-life speaker I've ever heard. May God continue to bless you and your ministries. -- JC

Father, I commend you for all the work you're doing to defeat the forces of evil in the battle against the ongoing slaughter of the innocents. Thanks for your fine efforts and the people you continue to inspire, I believe that the tide is turning in our favor and I keep praying it will continue. God Bless you. -- A Parish Pro-Life Coordinator

It was the most sophisticated paper [my son] has ever written. It was so nakedly innocent and true - using logic from his mind, a knowledge base I did not realize he possessed and pure love and mercy from his heart. Obviously, he has heard the message from you pro-life folks clearly and has put all the pieces together. I thank you for this. ...you folks who have dedicated your efforts to public education and have gotten through to a kid in my house. You have touched his mind and his heart. You have come up with a technique that works. Show the pictures of truth. -- MW

Father Pavone & Staff, Cherrish wants to thank you for all your kindness this Christmas. She loved every gift. It also meant a lot to her mother. Not to many people go out of their way to do something like this for a stranger. I can’t say thank you enough...My daughter is an angel. She along with my boys are what keeps me going in this life. Without them there is no me. It is nice to know there is people out there that actually care. You too are angels!!! -- MR

The above letter was from my daughter, this one is from Cherrish’s Grandma. [M.R] is now living with us. And it was a blessing to receive the gifts for her because it was greatly needed. Cherrish has been the biggest blessing that we could every received. We thank you from the bottom of heart for all your prayers that she is here!!!! -- SL

Excellent speaker at our Mass at St Helen Parish. I am interesting in hearing more about your organization. -- MC, Texas

Thank God for Priests for Life! You reach and teach both Catholics and Protestants alike. -- RT

The mass was beautiful and the homily right to the heart. -- RC

Thank you Fr. Pavone...My cross is the amount of abortion and the lack of respect for life in my community and my country. Thank you all for your efforts and for tiny prayers that are being answered...you just made my day! Love in Christ!! -- Monica

Dear Fr. Pavone and all workers against abortion, Thank you so much for all you are doing. I am so proud of you. God is truly working with you. Your newsletter telling of people and businesses refusing to put up another Planned Parenthood clinic is great. May more people find their backbone and stand up to be counted. We can certainly see God’s hand working through you. -- Darlene

Excellent work! Your materials and talks are precise, direct, very effective. Thank you for all you do. -- JS

God Bless you so very specially for the love you have shown His children. My constant love and prayers follow you in all that you do. You are in my prayers, fasting and almsgiving. Take care and God bless! -- TK

God bless you Fr. Frank & your staff for all educating & protecting the most vulnerable of the human family, the UNBORN!!!!! Thank you. Thank you for all the good work you are putting into the pro-life movement. May God bless you! -- LS

God Bless you, your voice is so powerful. -- FP

I coordinated a voter registration drive in my parish this weekend. So we estimate had the opportunity to get around to 100 people registered in this one parish. Thank you for all the excellent material on your website. It helped considerably when I was meeting with the pastor and training my "helpers." HUMAN INTEREST NOTE: One lady who came to the voter registration table was a recently naturalized citizen... It was quite an honor to have the opportunity to register this new citizen! -- CC, California

I think what you do is great! I wish I had a million dollars to give to further your work, but for now all I have to offer are my prayers and moral support. -- MT

Thanks for your consideration, and keep up the great work! I am always energized when I read of all the successes and conversions brought about by your efforts. -- VA

I want to thank you for everything you are doing for life. The awareness in this country has increased so much since Priests for Life has been involved in this ministry to bring this horrible culture of death to an end. -- LG

I wish to express my appreciation for all you do. I recently requested and received the lovely package with the video, audios and other materials for priests. I gave it to my pastor. He and I later met to discuss bringing the message to our parish and have agreed to start a Respect Life Committee of which I will be Chair. -- MW

I am making to enclosed donation to Priests for Life because I believe your organization to be doing the best pro-life work in the world. Please continue on. It is your decision to use the money wherever it is needed. Your idea of starting a new religious order is very exciting. VH

I have been to EWTN twice to visit and am a great fan of Fr. Pavone & Co. Thank you for all the good work that you do! When I was 16 years old it was a priest from the pulpit who got me involved in the pro-life work. He said when we stand before almighty God he will ask first "what did you do to protect my innocent children from being slaughtered?" I took that very seriously and have devoted my life to this cause. I am now almost 50 years old.. -- TC

Please send me your column. Your organization is the best!!!! I am getting caught up on some life issues. Where do I go first? Priests for Life! I will start working on getting [my church] along with surrounding parishes, praying and working for the closure of [the local abortion mill]. A strategy devised in the heavens and received by God’s servant, his holy priest, Fr. Pavone. Keep receiving Father! Peace and all that is Good. -- MK, Indiana

When I came home this afternoon - I saw your letter Father. Please don't ever stop sending people the letters you do. You (your) letter came at the same time that experience happened to me [Seeing an elderly woman by herself holding signs in front of an abortion mill]. There are a lot of women out there like me. We need people like you to lead us in this battle. Thank you father for helping me. Is there any way I can help you? -- IJ

Your work is most important. History will treat you as American heroes far greater than the Abolitionists and the Suffragists. I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for all that you do. -- MF

Thanks for all you do and especially waking up other priests to the need to speak out against abortion-as ever. -- Ann

My dearest Father Frank, I believe that your cause is greater then them all. You are one of the greatest soldiers in Christ's army and "Under a Brave General there are no cowardly soldiers". To fight to end the greatest atrocity ever surely comes with a huge cross. You carry it well and are fighting the good fight. -- DM

I want to thank you for all of your efforts. I pray the bounty of our Lord surrounds you abundantly. But more than anything I want to thank you for being a priest and saying, "Yes". -- JS 

Thank you for all you do ... especially in helping to form the consciences and gut of Lay Faithful to live our ... faith in the Public Square (within all of the social structures). -- PK

[Face the Truth] is something I've wanted to do for years. So glad you gave me the opportunity. -- AS

Please, please keep up your work. You are today’s Abolitionists, and history will vindicate you. -- MK

Good job to everyone at Priests for Life!! I'm so glad that so many people got to see the truth about abortion during your "Face to Truth" tour. I wish that was a monthly event across every major city around the world. -- LS

Dear Fr. Pavone: I am writing to thank you for the continuous inspiration you provide to me on a daily basis. I log on to your site each day and I am spiritually nourished and re-energized in my dedication to pro-life activities. I am sure you will be richly rewarded by the Lord for being a true icon of Christ and courageously witnessing the Gospel of Life. Please keep up the brilliant work!!! Peace and Love, -- MH

Dear Priests for Life, I am a member of the Prayer Group in [my] parish in NJ. We have been assigned to pray for [an abortion mill in NJ]. We will pray for the closing of the facility and the conversion of those employed there. Thank you for providing this project. -- JF

I have heard so much about you and your work and I am really happy to see how you are pushing parishes to get involved. -- FF

Thank You so much for this information for [matching parishes with abortion mills]. Now that I have this information I certainly will try to get in touch with some of those Parishes on the list to see if they will help by coming to pray with the few of us. God Bless You for your fantastic work you are doing. -- HC

So I guess I wanted to congratulate you for being brave and acknowledging that murder is wrong whether it be the abortion or the murder of the doctor’s and providers. Thank you for trying to show us the way.... -- Thank you, AS, West Virginia.

We’re just emailing to let you know we’ll pray for the conversion and closing of the abortion mill matched with our parish. Thanks for organizing our prayer efforts. -- SA

What an absolutely wonderful job and a great way to spend all the time and energy it must have taken to match all the parishes and the abortion mills. Thank you! I found mine, and my family will be praying. I also printed out the FAQs to read up on the rest of this project. Thanks again! GOD BLESS YOU! -- CD

Glad to be at Fr. Frank's talk. He has a good soldier in Fr. Jim Heyd. -- MT

I have come to these pro-life retreats for years! The only really pro-life retreats have been those conducted by Priests for Life. Thank you for your support. -- ME

Dear Father Pavone, I always pray for your work. You have such an important ministry and you have worked tirelessly at it. I am convinced that your work will bear much fruit. I want to encourage you to keep running the race! I have met so many awesome people in my walk with the Lord in the past few years. -- PG 

Thank you a whole bunch! I want to applaud Priests for Life. I have written several times and each time I know I will get a quick response with information that I need and a quick response. Thanks again! -- Sincerely, Jennifer.

Thank you for your "fiat"...I am so encouraged with priests for life... I love this site as a resource as well. I think the photo section will help those who truly never realized what a baby looks like inside of you due to whatever reason....maybe even help legislation, we can only pray. God bless you and yours and your mother’s!! love, -- Mrs. KP 

I have greatly appreciated Father Pavone’s reflection on the phrase, "This is my body," as meant by Jesus Vs. by pro-choicer's. As I reflect on this, it occurs to me that every mother who gives birth joins Christ in saying to their loved child, "This is my body; I give it to you." -- Dr. JS

Hello, Father, I just love you and your ministry! I’m so thankful for you and all that you do for the glory of God! I try to give to your ministry whenever we can. Thank you so much! What a blessing you are! -- Lisa B

Dear Fr. Frank Pavone and all our Priests for Life, How blessed we are to have all of you storming the gates of the abortion industry and keeping us informed as activists. As our Respect for Life chairman of [my parish], I try to keep our Church racks replenished with your brochures, lest alas our budget is waning. We especially place in our racks: "When Life Begins," "Abortion: None of your business" and "Religious Beliefs: Abortion and the Law." Our faithful will say: "This is perfect. I know someone who does not share my belief. Now I can brush up my knowledge and share this with them." We are evangelizing constantly with others in other faiths, and among our own Catholics. May our Holy Trinity keep you all protected with their armor in your crusade against abortion and may our lady of Mt. Carmel cover all of her sons with love and protection. -- SJ

I saw 2 of your trucks this morning while dropping my 12-year-old daughter off at school. This is the first time I’ve seen them. I have to say that my first reaction was shock, then disgust. At first I thought it was too "in your face" & was shocked that it was right in front of a middle school. But the more I looked at the pictures the more I realized that that is exactly what the world needs to see. It’s gruesome & disgusting, but it’s reality. Abortion is a horrible, ugly, disgusting evil in our world today. This forces people to deal with the truth of what abortion really is & decide which side they’re on. When I was in 7th & 8th grade in Catholic school, we were shown pictures similar to the ones you have on your trucks. When I was 19 & pregnant with no husband, it was those images in my head that kept me from having an abortion. I pray that you’ll have the same impact on millions of young women & older women alike. Thank you for taking a stand & God bless you & this campaign. -- KS

You all are Angels of God! You did great work to reach out and send your messages to as many mothers as you could. That is wonderful! I am very proud of your work. The Priests are wanting these women to know that you are always there to help, and save these babies lives that have cried out for help. God Bless your Priests. -- LS

Pro-life sites like Priests For Life play a critical role in the ongoing struggle to end abortion. -- KD

Thank you for standing up for the unborn and the elderly.  Thanks again for giving us a voice, and urging those more liberal parish priests to encourage their parishioners to vote pro life. -- Stephanie, WA

I just wanted to thank you for the work you are doing. I listen to your audio tapes in the car and learn so much. People are amazed at what I can say about the subject of pro-life issues and I tell them I learn it from you! Thank you, Father Frank and I will continue to pray for you and for PFL… -- John, NY

Keep up the good fight. We watch you on EWTN and love your pro-life message. It’s right on target. -- David & Family, HI

It was good to see articles regarding Fr. Pavone and voting and Fr. Quinn’s zeal and pro-life travels to all the parishes in our Catholic Standard and Times! They are awesome!!! -- KM

Thank you and God Bless You for your great vocations (all in your organization), and your reassuring presence in the midst of a modern day holocaust. -- MN 

I listen to you consistently on Catholic radio. Please, please, please keep up the good work. I have learned so much from you. You deepen my commitment to the Culture of Life. One day abortion will be a thing of the past in this country and it will be because of good people like you. God bless you abundantly and your work. -- Mary

I have always been pro-life. But, after the diagnosis of a fatal birth defect my unborn son was given, I became even more passionate about it. I delivered my baby boy full term. He lived 3 beautiful hrs. Now I am pregnant again and sadly this baby is very sick too. But she has a small chance to live, unlike my son. Again I was told to terminate, to not put my family through this again, but I will not allow anyone by my Lord to take my baby. I am glad I found Priests for Life. By reading everything contained in your site I have realized that I must do more to fight for the rights of the unborn. Thanks for all you have done! -- Liz

You’re the reason I don’t give up on priests completely in the pro-life movement! My children and I will pray for you daily! -- Leticia

Dear Fr. Pavone, thank you for your leadership in this battle, and the great resources you provide. -- Sam, WI

 Dear Fr. Pavone, Just a note to tell you to keep up the good work! It's wonderful and encouraging to me as a lay person to see a priest so impassioned about what he believes. It gives me courage to speak out even more. I would also like to commend you on your homily on EWTN. It's been way too long not hearing these things from the pulpit. You spoke about how to vote as Catholics esp. - not to vote because of the letter that follows the name or vote as your father voted etc. It was great! May God always bless you in your work. Sincerely, -- Debbie

God bless you. Thanks for being God’s shepherd for life. We need more priests like you leading its flock toward life and away from the culture of death. I pray for the conversion of those who are lukewarm. – Robert, MO

Dear Father, Just want to say thank you to both you and your staff for all you do for all our babies and all else that comes under the heading of Respect Life. You can be very proud because you are truly a good priest, trying your best to do what you were ordained to do. I pray for all priests everyday. God Bless, -- Katie, FL

Go get them brother Frank! I’m glad to see that you continue to go against the flow. My husband and I were very impressed with your message on blood guilt. We obviously aren’t afraid to go to the streets, schools and churches with the message and I’m glad to see you encouraging others to do the same. We’ll keep you in our prayers, especially as you try to reach the church. -- Fellow servants of Christ, Scott & Kathy

I just want to thank you Fr. Pavone for all you do in the fight for the unborn and for speaking the truth about abortion. I feel the same as you on these issues. I enjoy getting your Bi-weekly Column and I forward it to my friends.  I will continue to pray for you and Priests for Life. Thank you again for all you do and I thank God for using you in this battle to end abortion. Sincerely, -- Tina

Thank you for you tireless efforts to stop the crime of Abortion in America.... I have been on the internet for 3 days reading all I can find on "priests for life" regarding the right to life etc..........Again Father Pavone thank you for Huge Efforts ...we will be joining with you to help in some small way to fight the battle with you and the thousands of other concerned people. God Bless You and all who stand with you in this Battle for the lives of helpless babies. -- Alyce P., CA

Hello Fr. Frank, I want to say thank you for all your hard work in defense of life. You are like John, crying out in this wilderness of death. I will pray for you that God continues to use you to accomplish His work. -- Mike C, North Carolina

I cannot tell your how helpful Priest for Life has been to me in writing a Respect Life Corner each week in our church bulletin. I have used a lot of info that I find in Father’s bi-weekly columns. ..... Thank you for all the good things being done at PFL. -- Kathy S.

We had a wonderful opportunity last evening to hear Dr. Paul Chaim Benedicta Schenck at the YMP Respect Life Program. It was an evening I am sure no one will forget.  We got an inside look at our Justice System, and the journey Dr. Schenck has taken with his wife and nine children to reach hearts and minds to change the culture of death to a culture of Life where everyone is protected in law and no one is left out.  -- Marie, Respect Life Coordinator

I admire [Janet] Morana's courage in talking about her own use of contraceptives-- Thank you for your show, which is really interesting and excellent, and again, Ms. Morana was a very effective witness for the deep effects of contraception, and I was moved by her sharing very much.  She has done many women a great service by talking openly about her loss of babies through contraception-it must have taken her great courage to do so-God Bless her. -- Ruth J.

Fr. Wilde, when you came to AK to pray in front of the abortion clinic you got on the phone with my sons girlfriend and spoke to her for a long time trying to convince her not to have the abortion.  You came back to the group praying and felt she was not going to change her mind, but she did change her mind and we now have a beautiful baby.  Her name is Victoria.  -- Victoria's Grandmother

From Laity (International)

Dear Priests for Life, Greetings in Christ Our Lord! From here in the United Kingdom, I can see that Priests for Life do a wonderful work in the USA to defend life. Here in the UK, over 180,000 unborn babies are murdered each year through abortion. It occurred to me how good it would be if there was a Priests for Life in the United Kingdom to defend life.-- Yours in Christ, Simon

Dear Father Frank, I am an avid reader of Priests for Life web site, a truly God-inspired ministry for personal faith and commitment to God and the cause of life. My own progress has been founded and is supported by your homilies, writings and wonderful pro-life resources. Father, you suffered and tried so hard to save Terri Schiavo. The insights you have shared about the political and legal “realities” and spiritual truths of Terrri’s life and death provide invaluable armoury in the continuing battle for life over evil. SH, South Australia

I write to express our sincere gratitude. I am glad to inform you that we as the youth in our parish, we have been able to raise the consciousness of the youth on the issue of life as well as some adults. We are not going to give up. Thank you very much for the role you are playing to save life. We would like to support you with our prayers and we firmly promise on our part we shall speak for life, fight for life, educate the youth for life and live our lives for life. God Bless you and grant you success. -- Philip, Youth for Life 

Thank you for all that you and your staff do to keep us informed. You have opened the eyes of many who would not have known the truth, or who would not have believed the truth. God Bless You and Keep you safe. -- KS

Dear Father Frank, Just a short note to thank you for your columns. They are excellent and inspiring in the battle against abortion.-- Dr. G.J, Australia

First time [on your site] and I have really been touched. Keep up the good work. We shall never back down or apologize to anyone for our continual stand against disrespect of the sanctity of all life. God bless you and your families. -- Thomas, Kenya

I’m a minor seminarian here in Manila, and a bill is proposed to be passed by the Philippine congress to legalize abortion and I think that with sites like this one you can help enlighten people about the bad effects of abortion. This site can help the Catholics in our world today to rethink their stand to legalize abortion. God Bless! -- Spencer

I admire your good work, your tenacity and your perseverance. May our Lord continue to guide and to inspire you all. -- A.W., Australia

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t take a look at your web page with eagerness to see if there’s new material to read. Your work has inspired me a great deal, and is a daily motivation for me. Thanks for all your dedication and for this "miracle" of a site you have. May God bless you and give you more and more means to fight against this nightmare. -- Jenny, Spain

I am writing a short note to tell you how important your efforts are at this time. I applaud your consistent dedication toward the unborn. May God turn the hearts of his people to pray for the Holy Spirit to convict those in support of abortion. Keep up the good work. - Rene

Your message encouraged me to make a commitment to join the Rosary against abortion outside Parliament House and the abortion clinics here, which I had previously not ‘found time’ to do. God bless you! -- Veronica

I am the manager of a French Catholic website and I admire your work. I hear from you at the last Christian Coalition Road to Victory in Washington where I listened to Fr. Pavone’s speech, which was wonderful: I wish we have such priests in France! Blessings, Matthieu

I am so grateful with organization specially to Fr. Frank Pavone who gives me strength to carry on with my pregnancy. Thanks for his prayers. It make me strong and love the God more than ever. --- Fe, Philippines

You are a inspiration to us here in Ireland. -- PL

Congratulations for the wonderful work you are doing for the Lord. I have greatly inspired and wish we have one here in our country for our priests. Hope we get the chance to network with you. Thank you so much and God bless. -- Lily, Philippines

I applaud your efforts and implore you to continue. A recent visit to your web site has reminded me of the horrors in our midst which largely go on unnoticed. In Australia we too have blood on our hands as our unborn children are massacred daily. I thank God for people like yourselves who can see beyond the lies and work to expose this darkness to the light of truth. I pray for God’s blessing on your work. Please pray for us in Australia too. It’s a David and Goliath struggle but we know who won! Courage! In Christ, your filial brother, Simon

Praise for Our Resources

Theresa, I am reading your book Forbidden Grief. It was translated in Slovenian language this year. THANK YOU so much for this book!!! You changed my life, opened my eyes and helped me so much that I can not thank you enough. Thanks!!! - Ajda

Hi Theresa, First, I must tell you that your book "Forbidden Grief" has changed my life COMPLETELY. I have not personally had an abortion, but several of my friends over the years have had one or more... and I am now beginning to understand the erratic behavior of so many women I have known over the years......... especially my now 34 year old sister.
- Julie J.

Hi Theresa: We have just finished presenting five of the DVD series, Abortion Loss and Unresolved Grief to a group of over thirty people. In the evaluations all of the people used the word, "excellent". ..The people could not wait to get back the following week to be part of it all...I plan to talk to our Bishop about the success of these presentations, with the hope that he will support it within the diocese and with his priests. Our hope is that during Priest Study Days (held once a year) that the bishop would consider using at least some of the DVD's there. We are also brain storming about presenting it in a weekend format in the eastern most part of our diocese. Thank you and Priests for Life for putting this information together.
Blessings, Peace and Love, - Janet

I've been watching your series at EWTN & come to know that you can send us copy of preaching booklets on abortion & contraception. I think those preaching materials can be very useful here in the Philippines. It can be materials for our present Bible ministry in our parish because it touches a very essential issues in life. I'm sure you know that our country is predominantly Catholic & pro-life people. Our people love children in spite of their poor condition especially economically. How can I obtain those materials? Your brother in Christ, -- Hermie

Dear Dr. Burke, My name is Steve…For the last two years we've been working on a project for healing the pain of abortion. Early on in the process someone recommended I read Forbidden Grief. I wanted to write and thank you. Your remarkable book has been an absolutely indispensable resource in helping our team of writers to understand the trauma and pain that follows in the wake of an abortion. It has also been an inspiration in the creative process. Throughout the course of working on the project I have met many individuals who have been through your Rachel’s Vineyard program and have heard only good things! May God continue to bless your work. Thank you again for writing such an important and ground breaking book.

Please accept our check for your summer campaign. Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I pray the beautiful “Priests for Life” prayers in front of two glass block windows where on the other side innocent unborn babies’ lives are ended every Thursday at the Bloomington, Indiana Planned Parenthood facility. Thank you for all the laborious and wonderful work that Priests for Life are doing. You are an encouragement to us and make us very proud (with all humility) to be Catholic! We will keep you all in our prayers and please keep us in yours as we continue to persevere for the sake of the unborn. - Douglas and Barbara B.

Thank you so much for the daily meditation book [Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day]; Maria and I are reading it every day. The connection to the daily readings and Saints are a wonderful way to tie all of life together. Thank you for your ministry…

… my thoughts on your book [Recall Abortion]. One word, FANTASTIC!! You covered all the issues with facts. Anyone reading this book could debate the abortion issue with ease. I was not aware of the wrongful life suit that is legal in California. I was shocked.. I liked "abortion is forever, there are no do-overs." We can use that in counseling. I learned a lot about rape and the rapist's rights. I liked all the references to back up your statements and info regarding the leaders in the pro-life movement in the back. I am recommending your book in everyone of my thank you letters to donors. I am having my education director read it and then onto Board members. I am also planning on putting it in our newsletter so all our readers will be aware of this excellent book. Sure hope you will be writing another one!! Blessings to you and all you do for His Precious little ones. - Nancy Corbett, Executive Director, Pregnancy Counseling Center, Mission Hills, CA

I just finished reading your book, Recall Abortion, from the moment I started, I had advised every woman I met to read it. You were able to explain to women the real industry behind abortion, how women have been lied to all these years, how manipulated they have been by presenting the killing of her own child as a right to be proud of. I would like to tell you that I have been trying to explain to everyone around me the same thing you explained but I had never had the right words nor the historical process in my hands, which now I have after reading your book. Your book has giving me the tools, strength and commitment to open the eyes of every woman and man that cross my path by recalling abortion. I don't know how to thank you for your book. - Ann

I have just received a carton of pro-life materials sent to us by Priests for Life. We at the Family Light of the Nation Foundation are really very grateful. Your Organisation has enriched us. We cannot thank you enough. Our prayer is that God continues to bless your pro-life apostolate with success and give each and every one of you the strength and the knowledge you need as you work in His vineyard. Thanks so much. Let us continue to communicate with each other as we depend on you for more knowledge and spiritual empowerment, God's blessings. - Sr. M. Rosanna IHM

I've just finished reading the book (Recall Abortion).... It was as if Janet was inside my head saying things that I've been saying all along, but taking it to the next step with more research and facts to back it up. This book takes Lime 5 by Mark Crutcher and raises it to the next level....making it real and relevant to any place or situation in the country today. I try to convert pro-aborts with facts and figures all the time. I wish all pro-abort legislators and more would be forced to read this book to understand what lies and rationalizations they have bought into in the name of women's reproductive rights while ignoring the fact that they are supporting the killing of innocent human life. - Denise Leipold, Executive Director, Right to Life of Northeast Ohio and Life Education Fund

Janet Morana has written an important book. In the same year the infamous Roe decision turned 40, Janet Morana offers a hopeful, sublime way forward for those who defend life civilly, diplomatically, and unapologetically. - Tim Goeglein, Vice President for External Relations, Focus on the Family

My Bible study has a new believer, Jeff, who is very liberal and very pro-choice; he is a lawyer and wants to run for office one day. I decided I would start praying for him and that God would reveal the truth. One day, out of the blue, he sent me an email asking me all kinds of questions about abortion. I have given him your book Ending Abortion. Last night he sent me an email saying that he was reading your book and that now he had made the decision to be pro-life! Can you even believe it! I was jumping for joy!

Today, I received the great news that the Springfield Health Care Center located in the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau closed! It really closed. They are gone!! For the last two years on the anniversary date of Roe vs Wade, as President of Voice for Life, I mailed your "Prayer for the closing of an Abortion Mill" to all the pastors, Knights of Columbus Grand Knights, Parish Council of Catholic Women Presidents and list of pro-life Catholics asking them to pray to close the mill in Springfield, Missouri. Today those prayers have been answered. Twenty years ago, I walked in front of that mill every Saturday praying my rosary. I did that for 4 years. Many others have walked and prayed there through the years. Yes, God answers prayer and action. Sincerely and jubilantly yours, -- Rosina

Thank you for sending my husband and I all the literature you have. It has been a big help to us and we have tried to let other people know that have many concerns also. It is a pleasure to always see your emails. Fr. you are always in our prayers. God bless you and may he enlighten you always. -- Richard & Diana

We are using your prayer to end abortion with our local abortion mill inserted in it. We make hundreds of copies and place them in magazines in the supermarkets each time we go through the line.. at doctor’s offices magazines and in church missals ...Spreading the prayer..and praying for you and your work. God bless on this holiday season of thankfulness! -- VB

Just wanted to thank you for your effort for culture of life. We are praying the novena as a group in our formation house. The novices and postulants are offering their prayer and sacrifices daily for the intention of election. Thank you for composing the prayer. In Jesus and Mary, -- Sr.Juana Teresa

My dad mailed me Dana's video and it is so powerful! I watch it often just to remind me Who stands for Life. I work at a crisis pregnancy center and the video moved my co-workers and friends to tears also. Thank you for all you do. Yours truly, -- Sherry H.

At Eucharistic Adoration, I used Father’s ”In the Palm of His Hand," and am so grateful to have this volume. -- Ada F.

I just wanted to tell you how moving This is My Body is...I see it on EWTN a lot (keep it up) and have a copy of the CD from you myself. If that message doesn't get through, I don't know what will. I am moved to tears every time I see it. It is so professional. The actor who plays the part of Jesus has, as do the other singers, a wonderful voice. This video speaks to me about God's forgiveness through the Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross...anyone can be forgiven of any sin. … The Culture of Death has been smothering the world but God will have the final say. Meanwhile, knowing you are fighting for life is more than a comfort. Father Pavone is one of my heroes as is Janet Morana. (Bishop Bruskowicz of Nebraska and Archbishop Burke of Saint Louis are two of my others due to their orthodoxy). At 62, I still need heroes for they give hope to what can be more than confusing, especially given the state of the World and Church today. Thanks for listening. I sent a donation through your website and will try to do more as I am able. In His Name, -- Larry

I wanted to thank you for the article "Ten Easy Steps to Voting with a Clear Conscience" in your Sept/Oct newsletter. I gave it to my husband to read … I didn't even think he read your article and I was pretty disappointed, to be honest. But then today he came home at lunch after voting and out of the blue he said, "You know, that article about voting your conscience really changed the way I voted today." I was so happily surprised! So thank you! I just wanted to let you know that article changed at least one man's votes today! Please keep up your good work & we pray for "All the babies in the world, born & unborn," everyday. – Julia, GA

I have read Lime Five and it changed my life. The horror of the murders of the babies and the mothers is unbelievable. But even more chilling is the hard hearts of abortionists. They seem to know what they are doing is evil itself but they can't stop. It's like any other serious sin. The sinner becomes a slave to it despite everything, even his own soul crying out to him. It's very pitiful and since then I have been able to pray for the abortionist

Thank you for your longstanding witness to life and especially for your Booklet: “In the Palm of His Hand.” While praying with this booklet many times during exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in our parish, Holy Spirit moved me to a much deeper awareness of life within me. – Carol, Gignac, CT.

This is fantastic. I am going to use some of these prayers for a service I lead at a nursing home here in downtown Chicago an hour from now! Blessings in Christ, Rev. (Deacon) Gene, Chicago. {regarding pro-life liturgical resources]

I appreciate Fr. Pavone and his work on the issue of Life. In addition I appreciate the 3 video tapes sent by Priests for Life to our prison Chapel here in Arizona. Because through these tapes we have been able to educate so many men about the Pro-life Position which Fr. Frank explains so well. May God continue to bless the Priests for life organization for many years to come. -- Jim

I would like to thank you for the "Prayer to End Abortion” cards. I gave a whole stack out at our praise and worship meeting. We had a lay evangelist Kerry Beuche there and he took half a stack. Last night I brought another stack of the cards to hand out at … mass here in Houma. A friend took some to put in her beauty parlor. She is a Eucharistic minister. Thanks again. God Bless you in all your undertakings. I will be praying for you. -- Nell R.

Your writings, pamphlets, etc. always come in handy with our respect life work. Thank you so much. Keep on with what you do as you do it BEST! – Theresa

I am writing to let you know that I will pray for the conversion and closing of Dr. Herbert Remer's clinic in Des Moines, Iowa. I am a member of the Basilica of St. John in Des Moines, and am new to your site. Your insert was placed in our bulletin last Sunday and is very informative. Thank you! Sheila

Thank you Fr. Pavone for sending out the various descriptions of abortion. I have always been pro-life, but I feel it is necessary to constantly remind myself of what this 'right' really is. Thank you, thank you, thank you again for sharing this as it will keep me reminded to pray for our country (not to mention sharing the below with others) so that we will see an end to abortion. Blessings in Christ, Jessica

Ever since I started receiving the Priests for Life pamphlets, write-outs, etc., I have read them and learned them and have them all in a special folder. Now I am re-reading them, since I am going to be directly involved with cases on a one-to-one basis. VW, FL

The most helpful things for me are three in particular: your writings and TV programs that lead us step-by-step through the issues to be addressed, the “action” suggestions from yourself and Janet Morana and the people you interview on your programs, and the ways of holiness you model and preach as you celebrate Mass on EWTN. PC, CO

I wish to thank you for the information that you send through the mail and Internet. I have to say that I at first believed that Terri [Schiavo] would not want to live, as she has for so long. I resented her parents for involving the government. My views have changed, as I read your letters. May God forgive me for feeling this way. JD, CT

I want to thank Father Pavone and Priests for Life for all the valuable information I received in the mail and for the television work they do to inform and educate. TU, PA

I was able to read today’s material [on the Campaign to convert Catholics who support abortion] and appreciate it fully. Our admiration for…you knows no bounds. Your exhaustive efforts on behalf of the unborn are extraordinary…. You never tired of the task and your God-given gift for genius in the pro-life battle stirs our hearts. AG

We…encountered your “Abortion v. War.” It was (and is) superb. Clear thinking and simple, unvarnished, unprejudiced truths always help, clarify, and win-over all men of good will. BD, NY

Thank you for your newsletters each month. I look forward to reading them and keeping in touch with the pro-life progress. VM, NY (Protestant)

Thank you for all the teaching on pro-life you provide us, as well as references to learn more. I gave [our friends] your article…. We appreciate being able to quote your wisdom. VF, IL

I wish to thank Priests for Life for giving us guidance as to what to do with outside agencies such as Industrial Areas Foundation, [which] infiltrated our agencies over 20 years ago. RG, TX

I can’t thank you and your staff for the great work to accomplish such a great victory for life…. I held a homemade sign that I obtained the material from Priests for Life that had diagrams of an abortion; you can’t believe the amount of interest it got. JF, MA

With deep appreciation for you organization’s information, inspiration, help, photos, etc., I am sending you my … project I was assigned in school…. My project provided several young women in my class information they did not have previously with most indicating they had “no idea.” JW, KY

Thank you for all you do to try to end abortion in our country…. Our Monday night prayer group prayed your novena for a pro-life president and other government officials…. Thank you for your prayers and god bless you. FL, Washington, D.C.

I give thanks to you Fr. Pavone and every single one of you, and all your tireless, grand pro-life education, advertising on EWTN, the mail, etc., and all the information for the 2004 election for Bush and other pro-life people. JE, MS

Thank you so much – your web-site was extremely helpful in providing educational materials that I could share with so many. ME

Thanks very much for the info cards on Terri Schiavo you sent me. They were all distributed and helped a lot of people to understand what the true situation was. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do!

I am Judy, living in the Philippines for 32 years. I was watching EWTN a couple of nights ago and Fr. Pavone was on with Janet Morana. I heard a little of her testimony and was so interested, that I went to the website which was advertised on the screen. I have just finished reading the information on the Contraception of Grief. I have a meeting with a priest in an hour, that's how powerful this information was!!!

As a registered nurse working at a pro-life pregnancy help clinic, I would like you to know how much the abortion diagrams (9 week and twenty weeks) from your website are appreciated as a useful educational tool. At our center, we have laminated the diagrams and keep them available in both the counseling rooms and ultrasound area. Several of the counselors have told me that sharing these diagrams has made a difference in the final decision made by some of our patients in continuing a pregnancy. I highly recommend these visual aides as an important tool in education of young women considering abortion. All counseling centers and women's clinics could benefit from their use. They are well-done and accurate depictions of first and second trimester abortions. Thank you so very much, Natalie, RN, California

I just finished reading Pro-life Today and Always by Fr. Frank Pavone. The Holy Spirit has given him a superb spiritual gift of defining the abortion crisis in precise, concise and convincing literary skills. The booklet can be read in 15 minutes and provides profound information on inspiring moral values. Fr. Pavone and his staff are entitled to admiration and respect for clarifying the abortion debate in a small pamphlet that would appeal to the average Christian. - Linda in Florida.

Your booklet, "Our Media is the Streets" was so uplifting and informative. Terry, Eugene, OR.

I’d just like to take a minute to thank you and the Priests for life organization for your donation of 120 + copies of the prayer handbook entitled In the palm of His Hand  by Fr. Frank Pavone. On Saturday mornings, a group of college and theology seminarians pray the rosary at a local abortion clinic. We read the rosary pro-life meditations within the booklet for before each of the decades. It is my intention to get a copy of the booklets you sent to each of our college and theology students here this year. In this way, I hope we can encourage greater participation through prayer and action in defense of God’s gift of life. Hopefully, the men will carry this concern with them as they continue on their vocations, either as a priest or in service amongst the church laity. -- Jim, Seminarian

I am writing to you to express my heartfelt gratitude for creating the pro-life meditations on the Mysteries of the Rosary. While meditating on them, I have experienced many miracles and have been drawn deeper into a relationship with Jesus and most especially the souls of the little children who have been aborted. I was very hopeful and inspired by you father when I read that you were responsible for Norma McCorvey's conversion to the Holy Roman Catholic Church. I know it will be only a matter of time before Roe is reversed and abortion is no more. I pray that all priests will model your courage and example from the pulpit about the truth of abortion as you have so profoundly explained in your meditations. To glorify our Lord Jesus in the work that you have done I have included in my book your pro-life meditations.

Enclosed is a check for $700.00, labels for mailing and letters to be enclosed for 60 Pastors of the Corpus Christi Diocese to be placed on individual videos of Dr. Nathanson's interview on the Bioethical Challenges of the 21" Century by Father Frank Pavone. We thank you for the good work that is being done by the Priests For Life, and the co-operation of mailing out to the Pastors of the Corpus Christi Diocese. Father Frank Martinez is the Diocesan Priest in charge of the Human Life Committee, and together we and Bishop Edmond Carmody are grateful for the work that is being done by the Priests For Life, and believe that every pastor, deacon, and parish pro-life committee needs to be aware of these new scientific threats to innocent and helpless human beings. -- Sincerely, Cliff Zarsky

Dear Fr. Frank Pavone and all our Priests for Life, How blessed we are to have all of you storming the gates of the abortion industry and keeping us informed as activists. As our Respect for Life chairman of St. Mary Church, I try to keep our Church racks replenished with your brochures.... We especially place in our racks: When Life Begins, Abortion: None of Your Business? and Religious Beliefs: Abortion and the Law.  Our faithful will say: "This is perfect. I know someone who does not share my belief. Now I can brush up my knowledge and share this with them." We are evangelizing constantly with others in other faiths, and among our own Catholics. -- Thomas

...I had the opportunity to chat briefly with Father Frank Pavone. Since I have been a committed Christian from the Protestant tradition, this was actually my first personal encounter with a priest - ever! What a blessing that it was Father Frank. In the course of our conversation, Father Frank briefly explained the related evils of contraception and abortion.  Still, the Catholic Church's teaching immediately struck a chord inside my heart that I could not ignore. I wanted so badly to talk more about it with Father Frank! Since time constraints made this impossible, Father Frank instead very graciously handed me a brochure titled, "Abortion and Contraception: Fruits of the Same Tree." Little did we know that God would use this simple gesture in a mighty way in my own life and also the lives of many others. -- Dorothy.  Read Dorothy's complete testimony.

The booklet, Preaching on Abortion has also been very helpful. Each month we send a suggested homily on pro-life for a daily Mass and we use various sections of this booklet. -- David, Diocese of Kansas City in Kansas

I type the bulletin for my church and have been looking for information such as your bulletin inserts to include. I have been on your site many times for information to include in it regarding Pro-Life issues and finally found this section. I am not sure how I missed it, but am extremely happy to have found it now. Thank-you for all that you do. -- Patty Y.

Silent No More Awareness Campaign

From Participants in Silent No More Awareness Gatherings

And I am SOOO proud to be associated with this incredible campaign!  It is an honor to be alongside such amazing women that I witnessed on Monday!  Men too - Jonathan was wonderful again - his tears and sorrow never cease to move me - what a courageous man he is.  - Terri

I was overwhelmed by the young men and women who came up to me and thanked me for speaking and hugged me.  Even as I raced back to Union Station to catch my bus, people I never saw before or will ever see again telling me they were so moved by my testimony. - Joann

I think SNM's whole concept of being there for women is beautiful and a great way to help people become more aware of what abortion actually is. - Colleen

The most memorable part of the march was the fact that I went there expecting to minister to others, and I was the one who was ministered to. As I stood there with my "I Regret My Abortion" sign, dozens of folks looked at me and the others and said "Thank You" for speaking up.  People we didn't even know walked up to me and hugged me and some even kissed me on the hand.  Most of them said "God Bless You" and they all were loving and compassionate.  Teenagers, older folks, white, black, Hispanic, Asian...all came up to me.  Of course, this made me very emotional.  I just stood there on the sidewalk and cried.  I'm sure people thought I was crying over my abortion, but I was crying because of how I was being treated and how God was present in this huge crowd; how His love was thick in the freezing air.

I can't tell you how many teens came up to me and asked me to tell them my story.  At least 20-30.  Then they would hug me and say thank you.  One young girl came up to me and asked me what I would say to someone who had just had an abortion.  I talked with her and she broke down in tears.  I knew she was talking about herself.  We hugged and I told her we would see our babies again. - Felicia

I along with two other women shared our experiences and many that heard us were touched by our testimonies. I met so many wonderful people; the most amazing thing to me was that different denominations came together without a care in the world whether we were Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Messianic Jew, etc. God blessed that day in so many ways. When I got home I found an old journal that I had years ago. I read through it and realized that it had been a little over ten years since I heard the calling of the Lord for me to share my experience and become more involved. I had only shared my testimony in our church and two other churches in the area. But little did I know as I read on that the door that the Lord opened for me and I shut was now open again exactly ten years to the day later. On the same day ten years ago I had one of the worst days of my life and that was the day that I allowed satan to take control of me and I became an emotional wreck. Now ten years later I am healed, forgiven and set free to do the work of the Lord. I feel amazing! I don't ever want to look back. The journey just gets more amazing from here on out. - Robin

Last year when I attended, I realized for the first time that God did not want me to feel so deeply ashamed of myself, but that he is holding out a promise of healing for me as well as other men and women who regret their abortions and lost fatherhood.  I came back this year, dreading it more but with more hope and courage and I returned home with the realization that God is truly leading me on this journey and that he has a plan for me to do my small part to help end abortion just by my sharing the very powerful truth in love. Thanks to your vision, Georgette and Janet, I truly am "Silent No More". - Joan

During 2006 I shied away from really investigating SILENT NO MORE. I knew it would be very painful to become a member. But during the week of 15 January, 2007 I knew in my heart that I had to join my sisters of Silent No More. Then it hit me - what if another baby died or another woman was preyed upon because I did not stand up against abortion or speak out about the pain and loss?  Absolutely each and every testimonial was so emotionally draining.  Although my tears have subsided I am still feeling a large pain in my heart.  I too gave my story to at least 6 college age women and a couple of young men as we waited for the scheduled testimonials to begin. I agree with the comments from a previous writer that the NOW hecklers would not look at us.  And when others and I walked up to them and prayed out loud "it was as though we were invisible and inaudible".  Yes, Silent No More Sisters are a powerful apostolate. We will help to end the scourge of abortion in the United States of America. I am honored to go forward Silent No More.

I heard you on the radio; I think God wanted me to hear about your organization. I have had 3 abortions in my past. .... I have been running away from it a long time and now I have stopped running.  I don't need to run anymore from myself and now I would like to deal with this and be of help to other women so I can save babies lives and maybe some women from having to go through the ordeal I have. - Pam

From Onlookers at Silent No More Awareness Gatherings

I wanted to thank the women from Silent no More for coming forward and serving as a testimony.  I was at the March for Life, and watching them brought home the reality that there are 2 victims, at least, in every abortion. I know it can't be easy to stand up and openly admit to having had an abortion, and I just wanted to in a small way say thanks for the testimony and the example that they are providing.

We found this to be the most profound part of the trip as far as understanding more about the effects of abortion on both women and men.

I just want you to know how God used you to speak to my heart. I was at the pro-life march several days ago. When I saw all the women standing there with signs, I became undone and was so compelled to go to them and kiss and hug each one. And so I did. Why? Because every one of us could be standing on that curb with a sign listing all our sins and how we regret them. Though I have never had an abortion, I have messed up and there is nothing I can do to undo the messes, but like you, I have allowed God to turn my messes into a message to help others. Praise God for all His forgiveness and Mercy.

Praise Him for all the very brave women who stood there. I know it must be part of their healing process as well, because each time I talk to women who have walked in my world of being used by men, I have a great sense of healing, because I can give them a bit of hope to overcome the shame. Please tell the women I will never forget them and I am changed forever having met them. I am the woman who put my hand on my heart and one of the women motioned for me to come over. God was pulling me there before I even saw her (smile).

For our TV Appearances and Programs

Fr. Frank, I truly believe the Holy Spirit brought me to a pro life ministry. He did it through you and your Defending Life EWTN program. It seems almost every time I am talking with a pro-life group, someone mentions “father Frank or Priests for Life either the brochures, columns, newsletters, web-site or TV program. You have been an inspiration for the laity and your organization provides immense help and support to so many. Thank you, Dian Bischoff

Priests for Life received a phone call from a woman saying that she was moved by the compassion of Fr. Stephen on Defending Life. She hasn’t been to confession in over 25 years but she will now. She just needed some guidance. She loved his compassion.

Priests for Life received a call from a woman saying that after years of guilt she saw Defending Life and got an overall message that God is not here to condemn us.

Priests for Life received a phone call from a man who saw the latest [Defending Life] show… was moved by Fr Stephen’s compassion and was looking for some encouragement and prayer. He had an abortion years ago with a girlfriend and he has kept this secret from his wife. …he is seriously considering going [to a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat] and maybe talking with his wife. But prior to watching the show, it was a secret and it has taken a toll on his health.

Priests for Life received a call from a woman from Florida .. who watched the latest episode of Defending Life. She was so moved by the compassion and mercy in the handling of the subject of abortion on the show that she followed the suggestion to call. When she was a young woman she drove her cousin to get an abortion. She also had an IUD implanted years ago and when a priest told her she would be causing herself to have an abortion, she stopped going to mass and never returned. Now she wants to come back, thanks to the mercy and compassionate tone of the show! She said she would call her priest today as well as make a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat.

I..just finished watching Defending Life which featured Catherine Adair. Her testimony was so full of truth and information and I am so happy I saw this tonight!!! I can use so much of her info in sidewalk counseling at Planned Parenthood.  Program was great and thank you!

Father Frank, I watched your show for the first time tonight. Thank you for my wake up call regarding abortion. I've been silent too long! -- Roger

...to seize the mind and hold it captive to the end of the sermon...What a Feat!!

Your Power of Delivery.. .your keen insight into life....That made the day! Reverence coupled with Joy...What a combination!

Thank you...thank you Father Pavone for turning the spot-light upon the 'magic of life.' with your gift of communication!

Fr. Frank, Bless you for your message on EWTN about choosing life on Thursday, Feb 26th. Your rationale for your stance on abortion convinced me that my Pro-choice position was in direct opposition to God's will in our lives. Because of your homily I now believe that abortion is, in fact, the murder of one of God's children.
Thank-you and may God Bless you, Rick, Arkansas

Fr. Pavone and Friends, Thank you for all of your television shows and work during the election season of 2004. It has paid off very well for the pro-life supporters out here. -- Jonathan T.

Thank you for your letters - they are quite valuable, as are your appearances on EWTN when you celebrate Mass and deliver some very necessary homilies. Keep up the Pro-Life work - believe me, it’s worthwhile. -- Richard B.

I see Fr. Frank on EWTN from time to time and especially enjoy Mass when he is the celebrant. He points out the reasons why we need to elect a president and members of congress who are pro-life (indeed why everyone should be pro-life). He does it very well, without transgressing any of the rules the government has laid down for the Catholic Church that might rescind our tax free status. I wish all of our priests would do this, but I know that it takes courage and fortitude and some simply cannot sustain that. ...Thanks to you and people like you for your dedication to a cause that has brought our society to the brink of disaster and will surely cause us to perish if it is not overcome. Our prayers are with you and may God bless you. -- Joan C.

I would like to take this time to also tell you, Father Pavone, how much I really enjoy your programming on EWTN!!!! You and your staff are doing such a great job promoting Pro-Life information for all of us, who in some small way of our own, can help spread the word.. And the PFL web site is also very informative. May God Bless you Father Pavone, all the other Priest who fight for the innocent, and your staff, to continue to give all pro-lifers the strength to carry out their ministry in this fight against evil. Sincerely, -- Charlene J.

Thank you for your sermons on EWTN. When I went to the 6:30am Mass here, I would come back to listen to your sermon of that day. I learned a lot about myself in one week than in 57 years. I will go forth as a real soldier of God as I was made on the day of my confirmation. Thank you and God bless. -- Viola M,

Dear Father Frank Pavone, this morning I had the opportunity to watch you on your Pro-life program, and at that moment came to my mind, how this world would be a better place to live, if we had hundreds of priests as you are. Your courage speaks out on behalf of the innocent and defenseless unborn children, when abortion is being practiced so naturally. Father, be sure that God called you as his children's advocate, and you have done your job so well, saving thousands of them to be born to glorify our creator and to live a fruitful life. Perhaps many people in this earth will not listen to your message of love and compassion, but you are being listened by our Father in heaven, and by all those innocent little angels! Father Pavone, one day, when your mission was fulfilled, those angels will be waiting to introduce you to God and all the Saints. The difference is that they will be representing you in glory! May God give you the strength to continue your mission to the end. Love and Peace, Herman and --- Maria, CT

Dear Georgette [Forney], Just wanted to share with you my appreciation for the impressive level of response all across the country that your appearance on Fr. Pavone's show has produced for “Tilly.” Many thanks. God bless you, -- Raymond Yorke, Anchor Educational Foundation.

My husband and I really enjoy watching the "Priest for Life" program on EWTN, and I would like to congratulate Fr. Pavone and all the people that work with him, for all the wonderful job you guys are doing about this matter. Thank you for your prayers, our prayers are with you too, and 100% supportive of life. Once again thank you, and yes, we will keep in touch and informed through the web page you have. God bless you! -- Maria C.

Thank you or your enthusiastic and powerful message. We heard your sermon this week on EWTN’s daily Mass. We want you to know we are with you and pray seriously for the success of your work on abortion, capital punishment, contraception, consistent Ethic of Life and same-sex-marriage. Thank you also for including us in your prayers. We hope to hear you again on EWTN’s daily masses. Sincerely in Christ, -- Haryo & Gloria

Fr. Pavone, I listen to your sermons on EWTN. Rarely do I hear anyone take such a strong stand on issues and argue their position so forcefully and convincingly. It is not common in our local churches. It is a pleasure to hear you speak! – Bobby S.

Your homily at EWTN Mass this past week was most informative and inspirational. I have been waiting to hear this message for years in my parish. It appears that the mentioning of abortion is taboo. God bless you and your fine activist group. -- Robert A.

I have been watching EWTN for Quite awhile now and first heard about abortion from Fr. Frank Pavone, and it is then I started doing what I could to stop abortion. I have six babies in heaven and I have promised them that I would fight for babies born and unborn. -- Christine V.

Just a quick note to say that I believe the [Priests for Life] commercial presently showing on EWTN is well done! It sends a strong message to everyone and I hope more of us will change because of it, to what is right before God. -- Tanya J.

Dear Fr. Frank, Your homily on EWTN was very inspiring today. I went to DC for the march of life this year and found if very moving. May God continue to bless you in your work. My husband and I are CCD teachers and we truly believe our youth need to be educated about abortion. It will be up to our youth to help correct this terrible act of abortion that we as a nation have so permitted to become apart of society. I will keep you in my prayers and may the Holy Spirit guide and protect you in His work. -- Larry, NE

I saw you on EWTN Monday ,Feb 16th and you are great in every way - celebrating the Mass - your respect life homilies, your delivery and manner. -- Jerry, MI

Just wanted to tell Fr. Pavone how much we had enjoyed his homily at Mass on Feb. 16th. We will certainly try to find out who the pro-life coordinator is in our parish. We, like many others, are very concerned about the abortion issue. It is very troubling to watch our laws being made by Judges concerning abortions. The sanctity of marriage is being made a mockery of by allowing the same sex marriages. -- Frank and Mary L.

I have listened to your program and many on EWTN this week. Great work you do, and very good ideas you have for helping women and helping to save precious lives with many resources and especially taking advantage of God’s many graces. -- Jennifer, LA

Sometimes I listen to your program on EWTN and your Mass and Sermons. You give far and away the best reasons for life I've heard......I am sure you would win many of their audience (O'Reilly, Matthews, King et al) over to right to life that otherwise do not hear you. -- Henry, MD

I love your website and try to catch Fr. Pavone’s segments on EWTN as often as I can. I applaud everything you do at Priests for Life and pray for you all ...especially for Fr. Pavone who I am proud to call " my brother in Christ.” -- Mark, MA

I am a homeopathic physician and practising in the State of Goa in India. I have watched Fr. Pavone's programmes on EWTN network and it has helped me to understand the pro-life movement for the Church's perspective. Thank you very much for all that your organisation is doing. God Bless you all. – AK, India

Fr. Frank, I have just seen you on EWTN in the UK, great show. I thank you very much for the work you are doing. It is of great help and inspiration to us in the UK. God Bless you.– Friend in the UK

Dear Fr. Frank and Janet: Thank you for your recent appearance on the EWTN LIVE program. I know Father Mitch was pleased to have you join him … I can appreciate why our viewers are always so pleased when they see your names on the schedule. Your message is always clear and just as importantly, grounded in a real understanding of the need for charity when discussing such an important issue. Thank you too for your participation in, and support of, EWTN throughout the years. I know Mother Angelica has always been grateful. We continue to pray that the Lord will bless you and yours as well as your most important ministry. Sincerely, Chris Harrington, Senior Producer, EWTN LIVE

Dear Father: I had the occasion to watch you on EWTN this past week as presider of their daily Mass and wanted you to know that your homilies were captivating and very inspiring. God has given you a wonderful ability to connect with people which I’m sure you know in your heart, however. I believe it is important to validate that for you and others when I experience such a positive experience, especially with our Priests. May God continue to guide you in your important duties with Priests for Life and otherwise. Thank you for having a positive effect on me and so many, Father. – Sincerely, David B.

I am so happy to be able to listen to you and to watch EWTN programmes. Father, your Homilies are excellent and very enlightening and so are the others. What caught my interest was the talk given by Janet [Morana] on contraceptives. The data she has collected only goes to show her hard work and her love and interest for Life. You mentioned that video tapes will be or are available, would Ms. Janet’s talk also be possible to get? I heard your suggestions and will speak to the Parish Priest about this. – Tanya, TX

Dear Fr. Pavone, Thanks for your vibrant witness. I absolutely love watching you on EWTN. The idea of matching parishes with abortion mills is excellent. I just got done jotting down the mills my parish is responsible for and I plan to do something with it. Keep up the good work. Send me your e-mail column. May the Lord bless you with a fruitful ministry. -- Dan and Margie

I recently attended the NRLC Convention and wanted to thank you for your encouragement and enthusiasm. I attended your Masses and a couple of your workshops. ….. You are surely a blessing to this effort to restore the right to life and it is especially informative to see and hear you on EWTN. Thank you and may God bless you! -- FG

Fr. PAVONE, Thanks for sharing your insight on the [Mass] readings - it really made me think and ponder... – Polly

Dear Father Pavone, Just a note to let you know how powerful I felt your message was on the televised Daily Mass on EWTN yesterday (Sunday). You’ve always been able to get the message across with meaning and understanding that it so refreshing; but yesterday’s message...and your delivery of it...were spell bounding, and the message of the miracle of the loaves and fishes was one that I really needed to hear. I look forward to your other messages this week. Thank you again. -- Lynn J. ,Savannah, GA

Dear Father Pavone. Fortunately I received your newsletter yesterday advising us that you will be at EWTN all week. That was a powerful sermon which you gave this morning. It is a delight to an 82 year old guy hearing the way you cover all the bases (Eucharist, the Mass, and the Holy Father’s latest encyclical). I am going to have to listen to it again and read the encyclical as you recommended. God bless you and Priests for Life. I will be listening all week too. -- Jim H.

Thank you for the wonderful program that I have just seen concerning the photo that Michael Clancy took-I did see it several years ago, but I did not know until tonight how to access it. Thanks for everything that YOU do! May God continue to bless your efforts to save our little ones! -- Carol

Dear Father Frank, It is so amazing, the people that have responded to my web site after seeing the show! I have received the most wonderful emails. Because of you my web site received over 1000 visitors yesterday. I just wanted you to know the benefit the show has produced for my mission. -- Michael Clancy, Photographer of “Baby Samuel” in the womb.

Dear Father Pavone, You are truly an inspiration to all of us out here in the fields. Some years back you came here to the ultra liberal state of Maine and I had the privilege of being your driver around Portland and then to my home here in Lewiston/Auburn. You are truly a blessing to the Church and to us in the prolife community. I watch your program each week and have years of your programs that I have taped. Yours in Christ, Ron

[Re: The bishop and the Atheist] Atheist teaching Catholics!  Maybe that will make them listen. I'm so glad to know God IS blessing your efforts! Thank you for all I've learned through EWTN and now through your letters. One Catholic who finally opened her eyes to the greatness of Christ's Church. -- Juani

Dear Fr. Pavone, I heard your homily this morning as I watched the Mass on EWTN. You were very inspiring.. God bless you. Jane

Thank you, Fr. Pavone, for your wonderful website and all your work in ending the holocaust of abortion. We are new to the internet and so after listening to you for years on EWTN and receiving your newsletter, your website was one of the first we turned to. We are pro-life couple in our parish and will definitely use much of your material in our work to educate our parish about the evils of abortion. … God bless you in all your work for the unborn. We will keep all of you in our daily prayers. Richard & Barbara

Priests for Life Representative, Hello. I e-mailed a while back with some suggestions on the television program "defending life". I have noticed in the more recent series that you have a blown up picture of a baby in-utero. I have also noticed that there is more of a personal, one on one setting and that Father Pavone has become bolder in his speech. I thank God for this. I do not know whether my email contributed these changes or not. Either way, I am so elated to see it come to fruition. It really is eye catching to the everyday channel surfers and I know this format is reaching more ears. Abortion is such an inherently provocative subject and, as I am sure you all are finding, we need to be that much more daring.-Especially since television is such a widely distributed medium and truth is so hard to come by. I love the new guests and their testimonies; how clever of you! Thank You so much, the message is spreading fast and progress is sure to come. Sincerely, Maggie

Thanks Janet. The first day that the show aired Forbidden Grief’s sales rank on Amazon dropped to 1,222. That's even lower than it was on the day that Dr. Laura promoted the book.... so I know Fr. Frank is helping to move the book. We also have been getting many calls on our hotline. One woman saw it at 5:00 AM - she says she is never even up that early and she never watches that station... but she already signed up for a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat and knows that God woke her up and led her to that dawn message and that it is her abortion that has been bothering her all these years and she has never told anyone about it. The woman was crying very hard, and was so happy to finally hear where she could get help and that God forgives her, and so does the church. Thanks for everything!!! – Theresa Burke, Founder, Rachel’s Vineyard

Dear Father Frank~ I watched your program last evening, and was deeply touched by your interview with a Chicago nurse who fights for the rights of beautiful unborn children with such courage and faith. -- Sarah

Fr. Frank, I just want you to know that I admire you for having this commitment in defending the rights of every human being, especially the innocent and helpless babies. I am Tricia from the Philippines and I am constantly tuning my tv on EWTN channel. I am praying for your endeavors. god bless you.

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work you and your organization do to end abortion. Your weekly television program on EWTN has inspired me to become more proactive in my pro-life efforts. I am currently a graduate student at Purdue University, and after seeing your action segment on letters to the editor, I sent a letter to the local school newspaper regarding abortion and the evils associated with this act. Thank you for informing me about the awful truth of abortion especially partial birth abortion and for encouraging me to speak out against this injustice. May God bless you and your organization. You and your staff are truly doing God’s work on earth. I am grateful for priests like you. Thank you again. Sincerely, Alison

Fr. Pavone gave wonderful, informative talks here. We also enjoy hearing him on EWTN.

Watch you often on EWTN - wonderful, wonderful talks on abortion and euthanasia - I hope and pray that you continue in the pro-life effort.

Thanks to EWTN and our local catholic radio station 1620 AM I have learned so much about the pro-life movement. I pray the pro-life rosary for an end to abortion. God bless you for your life saving work.

I am writing this mainly to Father Pavone. I want to tell you what a wonderful mission you are carrying out. I feel so Blessed to hear your Homilies on EWTN. My wife and I are Members of All Saints Parish in Va. ......I am sure you know they are very big supporters of your cause. Keep up the Great Job that you are doing. Thank You, Tom and Mary

I want to thank you for your wonderful website! A mere five years ago I would have been one of the pro-choice banner wavers...the young, self-centered, "modern", wiccan who was all for abortion...I wanted to thank you for your website- it is a wonderful resource. I saw Father Pavone on EWTN and decided to check the website out. I want to thank you for helping me along. -- God Bless!

Our Website

Thanks for the very informative section on adoption. This is a subject about which I am very interested both as president of a local Right to Life chapter and as a nurse-childbirth educator. Because of this I’ve been reading the excellent book Adoption Awareness by Jeanne Warren Lindsey & Catherine Monserrat. Thank you for the steps you provided. It gives me more to think about & apply. – Linda

...We just recently got Catholic Radio, I began listening to it on 1400 AM Immaculate Heart Radio, I was listening to Fr. Frank and others talk about abortion. Honestly, I used to be indifferent... I listened and went to Priests for Life and read all the articles before I went to the galleries, when I saw the instruments used, I was physically sick, remembering how doctors in concentration camps did horrible experiments, I looked at the photos of the little babies and anyone who says they are not "life" is so in denial...I cried, I cried long and hard over my ignorance of this genocide to those who cannot speak!  I also bought the book "Redeeming A Father's Heart" and cried as I did not know the Dad's do not have a say when it comes to abortion, I was very ignorant, not informed by my own fault, and I wish these photos would be shown in Middle School and High School to all students...thanks to Catholic Radio not "sugarcoating" the truth of abortion, I might be late, but because of Priests for Life, I am 100% Pro-Life now and will be to the day I die hoping and praying to bring an end to this horrible crime! Thank you Fr. Frank and Catholic Radio.

For our Radio Shows

Janet, Thank you for your positive comments on our president. [on EWTN open line Tuesday] I was driving and couldn't call in, but was so nice to hear a Catholic commenting positively about the good things he is doing and where we would be otherwise. Thank you!!!! God Bless!! Dana

Janet, Just a quick email… to thank you profusely for hosting Open Line for me!  I was able to listen to the show .. and you just did an awesome job!  You are such a powerful instrument for truth and it’s always great to have a glorious sister in Christ back you up!!  .. I’d love to have you host again, if possible.  It’s a gift to know you, Janet!  Keep up the great work on behalf of God’s unborn and their dear mothers’ and fathers’! - Barbara McGuigan, EWTN Open Line

We agree, Janet was a great guest…and we’re looking forward to her next appearance on EWTN Radio. God bless you!  - Thom Price, Director of Programming, EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network

Janet, Thank you for your recent appearance on my radio show to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Texas abortion law. Your insight helped the listener gain a better understanding about how politics is being given more support than life and how dangerous that is. Your work and message empowers others to step forward to fight for life. - Chris DeBello, Host, ISSUES & IDEAS

Fr. Frank's Columns 

Amen! and Amen! I will do whatever my part can be, in refusing to service these dens of baby-murder. I especially like the part at the end, "it takes a village to kill a child....". Touche! Thank you for your work, and please continue. I pray for you, and I am not even Catholic! - -- Mike, CO

Father Frank’s comments struck straight to heart of this issue. I heard the autopsy reports [about Terri Schiavo], and I responded as I was trained to do by the media: I thought, oh well, I suppose she is better off now. But Father Frank set me straight. I am ashamed but strengthened, and I will never forget his comment that profound injury requires profound compassion on our part. Please let Father Frank know that his words changed (and chastened) me, and I am sure countless others, and I will pass them on whenever I can. -- Liz , Richardson, TX

Post-Abortive Individuals/Rachel's Vineyard Retreats

Hello, I would like the whole world to know that I regret my abortions. I have received MUCH healing from Rachel's Vineyard retreat weekend. I am still healing. I know that I would NOT be where I am today if it had NOT been for the Healing I received attending Rachel's Vineyard weekend. - Kari Modesto CA

I am writing to you today in response to your request to tell you of the wonderful retreat my husband, Bill and I had. May I begin with, my first introduction to the retreat was from you. Thanks be to God that you were so responsive to the Holy Spirit and advised me to go and to have courage in asking my husband to come also. Thank you for the many prayers which led to my husband's agreement to go. I also want the priests for life staff to know, that it was when he found out it was a "priests for life" retreat, he decided to go. We have been on many retreats, and have gained much grace in doing so, but never have we been so blessed with so many miracles in one weekend. I truly feel healed, and I am certain, Bill and I reached a higher level of love in our marriage. I genuinely felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, because at one point, while I was taking the responsibility for our past, my husband interjected with, "No, I take the responsibility." I immediately felt changed and loved. That to me was unexpected, Christ-like and manly. Bill openly professed his love for me. I really was joyfully surprised. Bill believed he was healed at the anointing. Something of the past left him. He became more real to me. He mourned with me over our losses, and he mourned for others. It was something I longed for, and prayerfully asked for, and I asked others to pray for. That to me was a witness to the truth. The major highlights of the retreat were first and foremost, the Masses, then the availability of the priests, anointing, confession, the memorial service and living scriptural exercises.
As for the team members, I wouldn't know how to thank them, beginning with Monsignor Gunn, they were awesome in their performance. So self-giving, so timely, so caring and attentive to all our needs. From the time we arrived, to the time we departed, they were serving others. What a marvelous example to follow. We really had a remarkable retreat. We will have a Mass said in thanksgiving for all the gifts received. Thank you to all who participated in the preparation and for all who helped on the retreat. Love in Christ, Kate

Hi Theresa Burke, I recently attended the Rachels Retreat... I had been looking at the information for years and finally decided to give it a try. For eight years I have suffered with the pain of having an abortion. I have gone to therapy, tried various healing therapies and they all just seemed to put a bandaid on the wound. I lost sight of God and lost faith in humanity. The retreat was nothing short of a miracle for me. The kindness I received from everyone present was unbelievable. The retreat helped to restore my faith in both God and humanity. I'm so very grateful to you for having these retreats. I have been able to talk about my experience and pain, which I never could have done before the retreat. My speaking to others has helped them talk about their own personal pain and has opened the door for us to talk about faith and religion. Again, I am so very grateful for this retreat.

Good afternoon and blessings, I made my retreat with RV almost five years ago and since have become a team member, aiding conduct retreats for other post-abortive men, women, and family members. I have no doubt you've heard this repeatedly - Rachel's Vineyard literally saved my life. If God continues to allow me to participate in this amazing ministry, I will do so the remaining of my days.
Many, many blessings, - EMF

I went through Rachel's Vineyard.... The transformation has been so huge,so wonderful, it is difficult to put in human words. When I contacted you, it felt like I was drowning. It was difficult to get out of bed and I hated myself. If I had not received help and continued in the direction I was going, it is likely I would not be here today. Rachel's Vineyard helped me see who I am in God's eyes and I forgave myself as well as all others involved. The most important part was developing my relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm a Project Rachel facilitator ... which is so incredibly fulfilling, as you know. My purpose in writing is to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for directing me when I was "drowning." You were the 1st person to receive my desperate cry for help, and you took immediate action to send me to the right place/people. One day, I hope to thank you in person ;-) In the mean time, my prayers go out to all of you who work in these ministries, and the people who come to you. God bless you. In Christ's love, - Rebecca

Dear Kevin [Burke], A few years ago I met Dr. Alveda King at an even in NYC. I mentioned to her how I had lost a child to an abortion. She passed my information on to you and you e-mailed me informing me about "Redeeming a Father's Heart" and going on a Rachel's Vineyard retreat. I took your advice and bought your book, and in 2009 went on a Rachel's Vineyard retreat. The retreat was very healing, and I want to thank you for recommending it to me. I am now the Director of a Woman's Answer Medical Center in Gainesville, FL. I was informed you were coming to speak next month so I signed up right away. My wife and I are looking forward to meeting you! I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you taking time a few years ago to help me. I never thought I would be the Director of a pregnancy center or speaking about my testimony publicly. I will see you in a few weeks! God Bless you, Theo

Father, I had an abortion more than 30 years ago. I know I've been forgiven by God through confession, but I always felt that I had no right to speak out against abortion and killing since I am guilty. Someone from your staff was very encouraging to me and since then, I have been able to express my feelings a little better. Please know that you are a sort of lifeline for me and I will pray for you that all of your efforts will be rewarded some time soon. I hope someday there will be no need for a Priests for Life organization because no one will be in danger of being killed. Maybe that's part of God's plan and Terri was his instrument.

Dear Father Pavone, I have been catching your homilies on Sacred Heart Radio lately. At the end of the mass you have been encouraging the faithful to get in touch with you. I am taking you up on the invitation. Thanks for being a loving voice in the Roman Catholic Church for the post-abortive woman. You and the late Pope John Paul II, really convey love. I chose abortion in 1991. Through the help of many post abortive healing groups I have found healing. The Rachel's Vineyard Retreat was very effective and very loving. I was able to obtain a free copy of Dr. Burke's book A Forbidden Grief. I have distributed this to two Psychiatrists in my area. I am writing to offer myself to the Lord. I will do whatever He needs on behalf of defending and protecting life. I will help you in any way I can.

I love you very much Father Frank Pavone. Thank you for extending love to the post abortive woman. Kathryn

I am at a complete loss for words. I have suffered for many years over having had two abortions, both at 9 weeks gestation. I have to admit that if I hadn’t been told that Jesus has my two babies and if I hadn’t been on a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat, I think I would be contemplating suicide right now. My heartbeat and breathing rates are sky high right now after seeing the pictures in the galleries. I feel sorrow for the babies and I feel the mothers’ pain. You guys are a Godsend and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage not only to speak out but to also be there for us that were blinded, and you do it with humility and sorrow and without judgment. God Bless you in all that you do and may St. Michael defend you in your battle. I will join this battle. -- Susan 

For the Priests for Life Staff

Comments from residents of Mercy Multiplied, Nashville, TN for Alveda King's talk in November 2019. Mercy Multiplied is a Christian residential program in Nashville for girls and young women struggling with eating disorders, substance abuse, unplanned pregnancy, depression and anxiety.

Dear Theresa and Kevin, Thank you for presenting the seminar on Post abortion trauma, healing and Rachel’s Vineyard for our Diocese. All the feedback we have received thus far has been overwhelmingly positive for the insightfulness of the information on such an important ministry. We will be planning another seminar in the future. Thank you again for your ministry. - Sue Williams, Office of Family Life-Catholic Charities

Dear Theresa, You are absolutely the best!! I honestly don't believe I've heard such an articulate, knowledgeable and loving person. It was just inspiring to listen to you, and I can't thank you enough for being on The Good Fight today. I know how busy you are and I truly appreciate your precious time. Because of your humility, God is truly working miracles through you! I always say, "If you want to be used by God, by God you'll be used." And you definitely desire to be His tireless worker. May God bless you and repay you abundantly for your servant's heart. God keep you, and please give my best to your dear Kevin, - Barbara McGuigan, Host, EWTN "The Good Fight."

Hi Kevin, Thanks for sharing the wonderful new videos on the RV web site. This powerful ministry just continues to grow more powerful with music and photos. I pray these touch those who need to see them. I especially liked "Brick." We had a couple on our last retreat and I felt like the husband could have written that song… I pray more men come to realize they need help. I Enjoyed you and Theresa on "The Choices We Face" this morning. It was very well done. Again, praying it reaches the people it needs to reach. Thanks so much to you and Theresa for your devotion to this beautiful ministry. God bless, - Sharla W. Lancaster, KY

...please pass onto both Theresa and Kevin how much we appreciate their being here. There were so many comments on each of their workshops from those who attended. Their seminars made quite a powerful impact. Theresa's opening was equally powerful! We were honored to have them! - Gayle A.

Kevin and Theresa, I can not begin to express my gratitude for the training in Savannah. I gained so much and feel more equip to serve our post abortive women and men. I have always had such deep respect for you both but seeing you together- it was like perfect harmony. – Kathy, Family Life Coordinator

Hello Kevin. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the training and brought back some new ideas. You are a very humble and excellent speaker. Thank you for taking the time out to train us and allowing us to share ideas with you. I pray that you and Theresa will continue to grow in strength and love in your journey the Lord has you on. You are wonderful people and really touch the hearts of many people with this ministry. Please include me in your prayers that I will continue to be open to God and His will for me. May God continue to bless you both. Barb M. from Lubbock, TX.

Just wanted to drop you a quickie note and let you know I think you're doing a great job on the Making Abortion Rare series! You really make a great host for the show. Looks like you've been doing that sort of thing forever! The whole show is wonderful! peace, Carol Kling

Hi Theresa [Burke], You make the world seem such a small and intimate place and a family in Christ! You have a true gift..well many actually. Thank you for all your prayers and what inspirational events you have been experiencing.Praise God! Looking forward to staying in touch. Every blessing, love and prayers for the worldwide RV family. - Cushla

Theresa: I couldn’t help but tear up a little as I read … “A Meeting with the Pope and Presentation to the Pontifical Academy for Life”. It looks like you had a great trip in more ways than one. I am happy for you – You certainly deserve to be affirmed in your faith and in your work by none other than the Holy Father himself. As I state in the letter, Tuesday, February 22 was the day you left for Rome and the day in which the Church celebrates the Chair of St Peter. Certainly not a coincidence! GB

Dear Theresa, I was excited to see that you got an audience with the Pope too. I'm sure he realizes what a healing ministry RV is. Because RV in Melbourne is run through our counseling Service (Open Door Counseling - in case you'd like to check out our website) I have printed out Theresa's email I've printed it out and put it up where all our counselors to read. They were very impressed! - Anne Neville

..I am allowed to have the company make a donation in lieu of having a service anniversary event. For my 30th service anniversary award, I would like to support Priests for Life. Please accept this donation for all of the good works that the Priests for Life do. I would also like to submit this in thanksgiving for Fr. Denis Wilde's visit [to my parish]. He made a beautiful and inspirational weekend event for my parish. I will always remember both his homily, and the piano concert. As Coordinator our parish Respect Life Group, I know that he enriched our parish pro-life efforts beyond measure. - Anne

Thank you so much [Diana] for everything you did to help make Dr. Alveda King’s trip to Cornerstone Network possible. What an awesome woman of God! I have heard nothing but great comments about her, her humble spirit, her love for God and humanity! I am so disappointed that I was unable to be here to meet her in person. Please let her know how much everyone here on our staff were so blessed by having her and hearing her testimony and having her pray over us. Our HR Director, Deb, was so blessed – they’ll be friends forever – like spirits! May God continue to bless you, Priests for Life, and the work of Dr. Alveda King. - Linda, Guest Coordinator

Father Denis, We all greatly enjoyed your stay with us here in Richmond, TX. We had some wonderful feedback and comments about your homily on abortion. So much was learned! …enjoyed your visit as well as the impromptu concert! ….the letter below concerning your homily …. is a wonderful example of the lives you touch (and convince) of the atrocity of abortion and the importance of God’s gift of Life...the continuity of the blessing of Life! Thank-you so much for your faithfulness to proclaim the sacredness of Life! God bless you, Lark and Julius

… He talked for over 45 minutes and had everyone on the edge of their seats! That was the strongest and fact-filled presentation on the subject that I have ever heard… As he so strongly stated, only God gives life and man should not have the right to destroy it. That really touched my heart, and the following prayer came to me later that day.

Heavenly Father, I would like to thank you and bless the woman, wherever she may be, who gave birth to a baby girl in 1975 … In your infinite plan for our lives, because of that birth, Susan and I became a mom and dad, Jace has a life-long partner, Gracie has a mom, many guys and gals have a loyal and trusting friend..And so Lord, please instill in the hearts of women with child all over the world the beauty and importance of giving and allowing new life to come to be and I ask this in the name of Jesus, AMEN.

Dear Alveda, I want to thank you again for joining our amicus brief and for all of your encouragement and support. It is greatly appreciated. .. I am pleased to report that of all the amicus briefs that were filed concerning Texas H.B. 2, the Texas Solicitor General directly cited our amicus brief twice in his oral argument before the Court. On a couple of other occasions, he used the information that we provided. We are delighted that our amicus brief provided the necessary information to put before the Supreme Court both orally and in writing. Because of your faithful testimony of the devastating effects of abortion, we have made a difference at the Supreme Court. My sincere thanks for your courage, boldness, and faithfulness. You are a blessing and I am thankful for you. - Linda Schlueter, President and Attorney, Trinity Legal Center

Thanks to Fr. Quinn for the time spent in Ann Arbor this past week. To here a coherent and clear homily on life issues, devoid of ambiguity and excuses for speaking of the issues, was refreshing. Best wishes. -- Teri R

I am with Knights of Columbus in PA. We hosted Father Quinn at our parish for a talk last fall and he was wonderful as well as a little comical. His was an optimistic view for our future in our fight for life. We really appreciated his presentation. Our council raised a considerable amount of money in a baby bottle "Change for Life" campaign in a two month period (January and February) at our parish -- in support of pro-life / pro family initiatives. We would like to donate a small portion to Priests for Life through Father Quinn. -- Joe

Father Walter Quinn, from Priests for Life, came to our Archdiocese in September of this year. It was a joy to my heart to hear Father Walter Quinn speak the truth about abortion with such eloquence and certainty. I believe Catholic people need to hear his message, and I want to thank Priests for Life for the effort they are making in America to help educate Catholic people to the physical horror and immorality of abortion on demand. Father Quinn is Pro-life hero. God bless Father Quinn. God bless Priest for Life. AN, WA

Fr. Wilde, when you came to AK to pray in front of the abortion clinic you got on the phone with my sons girlfriend and spoke to her for a long time trying to convince her not to have the abortion. You came back to the group praying and felt she was not going to change her mind, but she did change her mind and we now have a beautiful baby. Her name is Victoria. (Victory in the Lord) Born 3-25-04. DT, Arkansas

Fr. Denis Wilde's concert and message were a great blessing to our parish with positive responses from all who attended. We at St. Michaels would like to invite Fr. Denis to return next year if possible for another concert message and mass. Thank you very much for all you do at Priests for Life.
Respect Life Committee, St. Michaels Parish, Wa.

Dear Father Pavone and all at Priests for Life, I just wanted to express to you how much I love you and what you are doing for the Church and for the world as a whole. Your voice of truth is so clear and so strong. You are invaluable in the fight for the truth of the value of all human life from conception to natural death. Thank you for being so open to what the Holy Spirit is leading you to do. Love in Christ, Anne


I am in my senior year in high school. Right now in my English class I am writing a paper on why abortion is wrong. In the beginning I had no idea on how bad these procedures are. Your web-site has helped me so much in my findings. I want to thank you all for having this site and educating everyone out there! -- Seth

Hello there, My name is Lexie and I am 16 years old, an avid pro-lifer and catholic, and from Canada! In the past few months, my family has been watching Fr. Frank’s mini-series and much of EWTN network’s shows. After watching the episode tonight (Friday October 22/04) about abortion clinics and their activities within the clinics I have become even more drawn to everything about Pro-Life. I currently volunteer a lot of my time with the Pro-Life chapter here (yes, that is in Ontario Canada) and have read many and seen many things about the disgusting and appalling works of abortionists and doctors. I want to subscribe to this newsletter not only because of the points I stated above, but rather to understand more and ground myself to talk to others about this issue. I have been trying at my high school for many weeks now to start a Pro-Life group. This is very hard... even though it’s a Catholic school. This newsletter I would hope will arm me and inform me as to how to go about teaching others about God’s beloved creations and how we as a Catholic community can overcome the evil forces in which have seduced many of today’s population. I thank you for your time, and I hope God will bless you with all your work. -- Lexie


Just a short note to thank you for sending me all of your great material. I do a weekly Respect Life column in our parish bulletin. Very often I use excerpts from your newsletters. I do not want you to think that I take all of your efforts for granted. Many thanks again for everything. -- Kathy, NY

Dear Fr. Pavone and all workers against abortion, Thank you so much for all you are doing. I am so proud of you. God is truly working with you. Your newsletter telling of people and businesses refusing to put up another Planned Parenthood clinic is great. May more people find their backbone and stand up to be counted. We can certainly see God’s hand working through you. -- Darlene

Father Pavone, I only wish I could really express in words how much I truly enjoy reading these newsletter and other related materials from Priests for Life. It enriches me so much. Thank you. That is wonderful!...Finally, some Priests with guts! -- Jen, TX

[In response to our newsletter] God Bless you all, I am 45 years old but have always celebrated the miracle of my birth as I was born at 6 months 2 weeks gestation, in a small tiny hospital 45 years ago and here I am. Thank you for your profound dedication. God Bless and Mary keep you -- Theresa

The colored picture on the back of the Jan/Feb. 2003 Vol. 13 was very DISTURBING! God bless you for showing us the truth about how horrendous abortions are. May God Bless you on your efforts to save the unborn and their mothers from the horrors of abortion. -- JT, Kansas

Re: Priests for Life Newsletter: Dear Fr. Pavone: Thank you for your efforts to enlighten clergy and laypersons about the evils of abortion. -- Jerry, TN

Thank you immensely for sending me some of your Newsletters. I really found them enriching and easy to read. In fact, I meet my Assistant Parish Priest and gave him one. He was delighted. I told him to get in touch with you for more information and how he can become a member. He actually showed interest. I’m also contacting other lay Parishioners who are involved in the pro-life activities here in my parish. I have told some Seminarians and Priest friends about the works and Priest for Life. -- Paul, Africa

Your website is terrific and I firmly believe in what you are promoting, especially so as the Pro-life chairman of the Knights of Columbus council of which I am a member. I use the material which I receive in your newsletters in my messages to others. – James

Those beautiful 11-wk feet in your Sept-Oct 2002 newsletter prompted me to write you. I wish I had a trillion dollars to give you, but I do not. So I offer these prayers and insights to your cause - the Church's cause. God Bless you and all you do. -- Karen

Dear Father Pavone I was so happy to read your article "Yes, you can do something about elections!" [May-June 02 newsletter]............. I know God is working through you and others like you and we will not give up. Thank you. -- Betty, FL

Your latest breakthrough is awesome, Father Pavone! I have made 100 copies, so far, of your latest newsletter, about closing down Planned Parenthood. I pray those 100 will send you donations, or at the very least pray for your awesome efforts. I pray other people will make copies and pass them onto their friends, prayer groups, and within their parishes. – Jan

That [newsletter] was very thought provoking, Fr. Pavone. While I am not a Catholic, I am certainly pro-Life and anti-abortion, and I will definitely pray, in addition to repentance (which I have done on behalf of my nation many, many times), that God will move in the hearts of the many people who facilitate abortions to stop their unsuspecting and unintentional support of the industry. -- LLB

The Priests for Life newsletter is well accepted and informative. -- Rev. Jay, Great Falls-Billings

Dear Fr. Frank, I find your [news]letters enlightening and inspirational. Thank you. – Rita

Re: January 2002 newsletter: Thanks so much for a beautiful, beautiful message. We will get the local pregnancy center number in our bulletin. – Madeline

Well said. Everyone gains when the least are recognized. Your words have re-ignited my passion for [Martin Luther King’s] dream. -- Michael

Thanks for the newsletter. Your role reversal on the abortion providers is an interesting strategy -- Tom

Your newsletter is so helpful to me in addressing issues on life in an educated manner. -- Trish, Illinois

Thank you for all the work you do for the unborn. Your newsletter and website give me hope that one day abortion will be seen by all as the evil it truly is. – Katherine, MO

Firstly, thank you for the newsletter - it was the first one I received and I am very glad to do so! All good wishes to you, and thank you for all you do. – Alison

I really appreciate the articles on abortion and the relationship to voter's importance. May God continue to bless you in doing His work. Your Friend for Life, Mary Ann, IN

"It is with great interest and "spiritual" joy that I read and re-read your columns and newsletters. How wonderfully God is blessing "Priests for Life" in your many good works for life! Each month you bring more good news for life, its workers, and its works. Please know that I pray daily for the spiritual and temporal welfare of Priests for Life…." Sr. Marie, MI

I marvel at your eloquent, convincing, and "no-holds-barred" presentation of pro-life issues and newsletter, and via the EWTN Global Network which I listen to often as I can. – Mary, KS

The Catholic View for Women on EWTN

I just caught your show The Catholic View for Women and loved it. God does work in mysterious ways.  I have been praying to find a vocation and I think your show "vocation, vocation, vocation" pointed me in the right direction ... - Donna

I do enjoy your program. … Your conversation tonight was very enlightening to me as a woman that is alone and desiring to follow Christ in my life in an ever deeper walk. I am seeking his discernment for this next season of my life. ... Thank you for your ministry.

I am 35 year old catholic male from Uganda.. I was blessed by watching The Catholic View for Women...It was the first time I watched the program and I was so blessed…I caught up with Janet, Teresa and Astrid discussing why women cannot be ordained priests and how they take a leading role in most missions of the church. The discussions blew me away, their analysis and depth inspired me. ..Please forward this email to the three ladies and tell them I was touched and inspired by their program. – Joseph

On the Occasion of Fr. Pavone's 15th Anniversary of Ordination and 10 Years and National Director of Priests for Life (2003)

Nor will I forget how you have helped, in so many other ways, to get Sandra's [Cano] story out, such as inviting Sandra and I to a number of Pro-Life events in which you were involved. You have afforded Sandra more opportunities to speak than any other person or organization in the United States. For this, I am truly grateful. You are to be commended for all the time and effort you put into getting the Pro-Life message out. You are an articulate and warm speaker, using your extensive knowledge of this controversial subject rather than relying on harsh rhetoric. In my opinion, you are a true Christ like bridge builder. Thank you for letting the facts speak for themselves as Jesus said. "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."
Your endorsement for my book about Sandra's life and case entitled "Supreme Deception"© 2002 has been very beneficial in our continuing effort to get the story of this horrible deception out. In the endorsement you called me your friend, this is a great honor.
Father Pavone, I pray for your continued success and strength in the battles to come and that God's richest blessing be yours.
Sybil Fletcher Lash

Dear Father,
I've been very blessed to know you and work with you on unique projects. Your insight, wisdom, courage and prayers have saved many lives and souls. You are a real inspiration – and people from all over America say that about you, too.
LoveMatters.com would not have reached anywhere near the number of young people and families it has – more than a million, and counting – without your kind help and support. I'm very grateful for that, Father.
I have fond memories of being with you in your fight against abortion and for the Culture of Life, from the sidewalks around the White House, to working with abortion survivor Sarah Smith and her mother, to producing the first "Defending Life" TV series at EWTN.
Thank you for all you do for the cause of life, and for your priesthood. May Jesus reward you, and may He continue to bless your priestly ministry and your pro-life work.
God bless you and keep you, JT Finn

We are honored to call you our friend and colleague in pro-life ministry. You inspire us with your dedication to the cause. May God bless you for speaking up for the least of these.
Proverbs tells us a faithful man will be richly blessed. Surely this verse applies to you. "A faithful man will abound with blessings; but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent". (Proverbs 28:20)
In Christ's Love,
Gregg and Lois Cunningham
Center for Bio-ethical Reform

Dear Fr. Frank, What can I say? Outside of my parents, no one has impacted my life than you.
Through all of that, your homilies and talks have been a source of great strength to me, both spiritually and intellectually. And one of those talks, as you know, gave me the idea for my book….You know that I think you are the greatest leader and mind the Church has produced in centuries perhaps.
Anthony De Stefano

Please know that I am with you in spirit on this meaningful occasion and add my words of gratitude to theirs. On behalf of everyone at the Nurturing Network, thank you again for your hard work and courageous witness to the sanctity of all human life.
Mary Cunningham Agee President and Founder

It is so hard to believe that you have only been working at this for such a short period of time. You inspired me to work in the pro-life field when we met in Wheeling, WV, in 1995.
Your speeches have inspired hundreds of thousands of people. Your work continues to grow all over the country as you educate your fellow priests and encourage them to speak out and speak up on the pro-life issue.
We will never know how many babies have been saved from abortion because of your influence. We do know that you have a gift of speaking in a way that educates and motivates people to get involved.
You have become the standard bearer for the role that all priests should take in speaking in the public square.
We may not see the end of all abortion in our life time but everyday, we are getting closer to your goal of making abortion unthinkable and of promoting all of the alternatives.
May God, and all of the people who have his money, continue to bless you and your work.
Happy Anniversary. All the Very Best,
Larry Cirignano

Your noble pursuit of the Gospel of life is a continuous inspiration to each of us that strive the goal of seeing that every unique and irreplaceable life, created in image of God, is loved respected and protected. Your faith, humility and tenacity have set an example for us to follow, just as St. Paul said – “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ”
You have set before us a model of Christ-likeness, translating the fruit of the Spirit into a concrete strategy that has already and will continue to bear fruit of the Culture of Life.
My brother Robert and I join in saluting you on your anniversary, and express our deepest sense of gratitude for your friendship, courage and commitment to Life.
May the blessings of God Almighty, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, be upon you and your ministry, and remain with you, now and always.
Paul Chaim Schenck

Dear Father Pavone:On behalf of the 60,000 members of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, our board of directors and staff, I am writing to wish you our most sincere congratulations on the 15th anniversary of your ordination to the priesthood.
Your efforts to spread the truth about abortion and the crucial pro-life issues of our time are well known and very greatly regarded by the people of Pennsylvania. We are particularly grateful for the time you spend in our Commonwealth. I especially remember your visit to my own parish, The Church of the Good Shepherd in Camp Hill, several years ago and how you were able to stir the interest of many who tend not keep up with the issues on a regular basis.
Please be encouraged to continue the fight and to work for a culture of life as proclaimed by the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. Know that we look forward to continuing to work with you in Pennsylvania until the day when every child will be welcomed in life and protected until natural death.
Sincerely for LIFE, Michael
Michael Ciccocioppo Executive Director

Your presence at the helm of this successful and edifying group of dedicated priests has been such an inspiration for all who serve in this pro-life vineyard. Thank you for all you do for all of us. Denise Cocciolone

I can’t believe all that you have accomplished in these past fifteen years! It was your constant vision that saw the potential in me and others that pushed us forward to be the best we could be for this great cause. Thank you for all you have done….. – Janet Morana

Dear Father Frank: On this anniversary of your marvelous ordination into the priesthood, I would like to congratulate you. Not for being a priest, but for being a true priest of God, one who lives the life of the Gospel and is an ever-shining example to all priests everywhere, and to the people who look to them for inspiration and guidance. May god forever bless your work, and give you the health and strength to continue to achieve the great victories for life as a testament to God’s glory, and may he grant your personal intentions. Congratulations and please stay the course.
Yours in Christ, Harold Cassidy

I met you in the spring of 1996. You interviewed me on television at Mother Angelica's television station. I felt a great peace there and when I met you. You bless me. Although you were tired that day, you managed to keep things right on schedule and remained sensitive to those around you.
Father Pavone, you have enriched my life. It is an honor to know you. You are someone I trust and I am a better person for knowing you. I thank God for your ministry, especially your work to stop the murder of innocent babies. You are a special man and I am happy to call you my friend.
Best wishes in celebration of 15 years of Priestly Ordination and 10 years as National Director of Priests for Life.
Sandra Cano "Mary Doe"

Dear Frank,
The Lord bless you as you celebrate His grace on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of your ordination and the 10th anniversary as National Director of Priests for Life. He has accomplished great things through you that are evident for all to see. He has also accomplished innumerable "little things" through you that no one will ever know.
It is a privilege to know you and be united with you in upholding the God-given sanctity of human life. May God continue to use you as His faithful servant in this vital work.
Your servant For Life, Jim Lamb

Dear Father Frank,
Congratulations on completing 15 years in the priesthood and 10 years leading Priests for Life.
You have been a constant encouragement to me and my coworkers since I met you for the first time in November 1993 – at a Gregg Cunningham "No More Excuses" seminar we were hosting in New Jersey. Seeing how well God has gifted you to advance the pro-life movement and your dogged persistence in this battle is a great blessing.
As I travel around the country working with pro-lifers from CA to FL and KS to GA admiration for your work and your leadership is the common thread that unites the diverse tapestry that is the pro-life movement.
As an evangelical Christian, I admire you as someone whose daily walk shows those around him that his Christianity is not just a religion – but the TRUTH.
Noting the burnout that has sidelined many pro-lifers I often say: "We don't want people doing pro-life work at 100 miles per hour for a few months or years. We need people doing pro-life work at 55 miles per hour over the long haul." You are the only one I know who keeps going at 100 over the long haul.
Thanks for your encouragement, persistence, leadership and friendship. I look forward to continuing to work with you to build a Culture of Life.
Yours in Christ,
Bill Calvin. Center for Bioethical Reform

To Fr. Frank,
You have gone the extra mile in your dedication to intervene for God's defenseless children.
You have cared beyond your own comfort zone about the hurts and hopes of women in crisis.
Your wisdom has resounded from the pulpits of our churches and from the media outlets in our homes.
God's anointing on your willingness is inspiring, challenging the hearts and minds of all who hear.
Thank you for your sacrifice and extraordinary commitment. Our prayers remain with you even as our feeble efforts under gird your vision and passion. May God's purposes prevail on the earth as in heaven.
The Horn Family

On this occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of your ordination to the priesthood our family would like to extend both congratulations and our profound thanks. We are most grateful for your yes to God. The gift of self is the most precious gift anyone can give. Your gift to Jesus, His Church and the pro-life movement has been total. We are proud to know you and look to your example to help us understand St. Paul's statement that he'd bee poured out like a libation. May God bless you and your ministry.In Jesus, The Brinck Family, Joe, Cindy, Tony, Chris, Melanie, Michelle, Maria.

Thank you for the Living Sacrifices you have made of your life for the cause of human dignity and witness to the gift of life! Everyone in the pro-life movement has been so blessed by your efforts, your passion, and your incredible gift of articulation, your enthusiasm and perseverance to expose the truth of abortion and change our nation’s heart. How lucky we have been to have your leadership and friendship in this battle to defend the unborn and usher in a generation of gospel bearing LIFE! It has been a privilege to know you and work with you! Please accept our heartfelt congratulations on the anniversary of 15 years of Priesthood and continued blessings on the outstanding work of Priests for Life! Well done, they good and faithful servant!
Much Love in Christ,
Theresa and Kevin Burke

God has greatly blessed you for doing this great pro-life work with priests and people not only throughout the United States, but truly throughout the world. You've been given many important talents of speaking, writing, communicating, organizing and relating to all kinds of people. You've not hidden any of these talents, but used them for the most important moral work of our time: Saving Innocent Babies from Slaughter. Stopping abortion is the most crucial, unparalleled, important work in the world. Your efforts certainly have saved many babies and just as importantly saved many souls. You've also brought many people back into the faith through your tiring, uncompromising efforts to preach and teach the truth. May Our Lord continue to bless you and bless us with your efforts. You've been a good friend and co-worker in all that is pro-life for as long as we've known you which is most of your priestly life. We thank God for you. Peace in the Lord, Christopher and Joan (Andrews) Bell

Warm greetings, my friend! I understand your staff is preparing to honor you for the 15th anniversary of your priestly ordination – as well as your ten years serving as Priests for Life's National Director. Congratulations! These are certainly noteworthy milestones, and I consider it a privilege to pass along best wishes on behalf of the entire Focus on the Family staff. Your many contributions to the pro-life cause have come as a great encouragement to me and so many others who are also battling to defend life in the womb, and there simply aren't any words adequate to describe our appreciation for your tireless efforts.
... May the Lord's abundant grace and peace continue to rest upon you in the coming days.
Sincerely, James C. Dobson, Ph.D. der and Chairman

Without a doubt you have been the most energetic of leaders in the pro life movement. It's exhausting just hearing of your schedule. You have been an articulate and powerful voice for the unborn in all the important arenas of the pro-life debate. We truly appreciate and respect what you have accomplished by dedicating your life - nearly every waking moment of it - to defend the innocent unborn children of the world. We wish you God's continued blessing on your work and in every aspect of your life. May your ministry be enlarged, your success increased, and God glorified! God Bless, - Mike and Dinah Monahan, Heritage House

You have provided an outstanding service to the pro-life movement. Many hearts and minds have been changed by the wonderful work of Priests for Life. - David N. O'Steen and the, National Right to Life

Dear Fr. Frank, While you are a blessing and an inspiration to all our Michigan profilers, this is a personal note of gratitude. You are a great role model of selfless generosity, giving so freely of your time and your knowledge. You are a reminder of the importance of working together in this diverse pro-life movement, while praying for and respecting those who haven’t yet joined us in the is pro-life journey.
Congratulations on your dual anniversaries and a personal thank you for helping us in the states try to do our best in advancing the Culture of Life. In appreciation and admiration, - Barbara Listing, RLM President

Your love and support of the lives of God's family is so refreshing, and so precious. When I think of the little babies who are alive today, because of your courage and valor, I am constantly amazed and blessed. - Alveda King

I am so pleased to celebrate with you this 15th anniversary of your priestly vocation and the evident good fruit it has produced for God’s Kingdom. Your indomitable will to save the likes of infants in the womb, to heal the broken spirits of women mislead by the fraudulent promises of the Culture of Death, and your evangelical message of reconciliation have branded Priests for Life with the unmistakable sign of the Cross, and grounded its success in it. Thank you, Fr. Frank for the witness of labor, and for the honor of joining my small part of it. May god shower you with choicest blessings, and continue to prosper the work of your hands. - Marijane Camilleri

Babies Saved

I met Fr. Pavone in 1994 in Orlando, FL . He saved my LIFE and my daughter's LIFE! A single mom of one, I found myself with a second unwanted pregnancy. Disappointed in myself and scared, I let my “friends” convince me to have an abortion. That morning I prayed to God, Jesus, and Mary, being a catholic my whole life, I knew abortion was wrong but I scared and confused. My so called “friends” kept reminding me how I could not keep this baby it would ruin my life. I cried all night, all the way to the abortion clinic and at the abortion clinic. I felt so alone and guilty. From the window I saw a picture of Mary and Fr. Pavone! Raised in catholic schools from kindergarten to 12 grade, nuns and priests have been a consent comfort and respect in my life. I came out of that clinic because of Fr. Pavone! I knew God had sent him to help me and he did! He embraced me and told me that everything will be okay. I felt so guilty that I ask him to forgive me and he performed the sacrament of Confession. Priest for Life saved my LIFE and my beautiful Daughter's LIFE Guadalupe! She is now 16 years old and my only daughter... Fr. Pavone hug me and told me not to be scared God will provide and he did!!!!!! My daughter has a great father that cares for her and loves her dearly. God has always provide me with everything I ever need for her! We need more Priests like Fr. Pavone! I changed my profile picture with my daughter's picture so you can see what Fr. Pavone does! She is beautiful, smart and kind young lady and she is here because of Fr. Pavone's passion and commitment to his calling! - Helene Davis

Thank you again for all the hard work you do. It does play a crucial role in many people’s lives - It saved mine and my babies!

I just wanted you to know that "Max" was born this Saturday, Dec.6 at 9:50 a.m. in San Francisco, CA, and you had a part in saving this beautiful infant’s life. Everyone pressured me into getting an abortion, claiming the familiar "it’s only tissues" line, but your website woke me up to that inconsistency. Max is the most beautiful boy, and you should feel proud that you are one of the reasons that he is here on Earth. Congratulations to me, you and Max!! A Thankful Friend, Max’s Mother

Just wanted to let you know that, with the help of this website, I and another person talked a friend out of getting an abortion. She was literally on her way to the clinic. We bombarded her (gently) with information that we learned from your website. Could you now know help us? We are praying for a healthy baby and could use a few extra prayers. Thank you! (and thank you Lord Jesus!!!!!!!) Emily

I just wanted to let you all know I had my little boy on 7/28 and he is the light of my life! I am so glad I didn't abort him! Thanks to people and organizations like you there is another beautiful child brought into this world! I named Him Malakai he was 8 lbs 9 0z and 19 inches long. I named him after the Malachi from your site, I just changed the spelling of the name! Thanks so much and I will be in touch! Michelle

Thank you so much. I think you have really helped me. I think we have decided to tell them to forget about their termination and we will take our chances. I think God will look after us for that. There has to be a reason for this pregnancy. After all, my husband was considered sterile and unable to conceive and now we have conceived and this has to all be for a reason. Thanks a lot for your support. I will keep you updated on our progress as we go along. Also, thanks for the articles. ...I really don't know how to thank you for all of this. I guess God must have guided me to your web site somehow to assist me in this decision. Something got me there and they say God works in mysterious ways. I am going to hope and pray and do my best to take this to the term and hope that the out come is great. And your article made me realize that I am not a mother once, but 3 times already and working on number 4. - Jo

..I would like to send my sincere thanks for helping me make the right decision, I have a little boy 4mos old and he is everything to me, even his father who was dragging me to the abortion clinic loves him to death. - Ruth


Dear Fr. Pavone, Before the last election I called and wrote to my family, children, cousins and friends and urged them to vote pro-life and vote for the candidate who is pro-life. The response was good, mostly because of the copies of the literature you sent me. I hope to do this again before the next elections …. God bless you all ways and always. -- DMJ

Dear Fr. Pavone and the entire PFL staff, Congratulations on a brilliant and indefatigably executed campaign for life and life issues. As we now know, it has paid off handsomely. God Bless you all, -- Mike

Dear Fr. Frank, Thank you for your tireless efforts to elect a pro-life President and Congress.You are an inspiration to me and to all pro-lifers around the country. We need your leadership so desperately as we now go back to work in our legislatures and encourage our priests to lead us in promoting the Culture of Life. If we take advantage of this Year of the Eucharist, much good can be accomplished. Peace, -- Dave, IA

Thanks to God for your moving us to finally make time for defending our church in this political climate. Under your guidance we made a difference. Speaking out especially to our priest has been a blessing and given them the encouragement to come out ….. without fear.. Please keep up the good work. Thanks for your support. – Martha D.

You should know that you were the vehicle that carried the Episcopal and lay lead to “Life with Bush” as we knew it! Thank God for YOU and your staff Kudos and prayers. Keep those fires burning!!!

Fr. Pavone....Today, the day after Election Day, I praise God for His outcome and I thank God for sending us you during this critical time in history. Words cannot express my deep respect and admiration for you, your composure, courage and wisdom on your tenuous position during the last eight months of this campaign. I think we can ALL sleep better tonight! May God abundantly bless you, and ALL the unborn babies. – Cathy

Congratulations Frank, Good job thanks to your wonderful work. Especially good news is the general interpretation of the elections result as reflecting the strong moral and spiritual will of the antiabortion electorate. You've aroused a sleeping giant. -- Herman, C.SS.R.

Father Pavone, We did it. Our team was better than the team representing all the evil stuff in the world, by God’s Grace. -- Patricia

Father Frank! Congrats on our huge success. …. As I sit here at Camp Cedar near Nasiriyah, Iraq we have had a serious threat the last 4 nights and are on lockdown and total blackout. Kind of freaky but I am still glad to be here helping. Many good things happening here! Thanks for Everything! -- Gary

Father Frank, Congratulations! You did a magnificent job in bringing in the pro-life votes. … We must always follow Christ and be courageous, as you were (are.) -- Elizabeth

Dear Father, thank you for all of your hard work in fighting for the lives of those that cannot defend themselves. I imagine, there was not a soul on earth who put in the effort, time nor energy that you did this past year....what a blessing to have you leading this fight. … Your dedication and love for what you do has been such an inspiration. To think of how many people you must have driven to take action is amazing. Again, thank you. Blessings, -- Lisa

Dear Fr. Frank, The nation and the preborn children are indebted to you and your friends for what may have been the decisive effort in this election. I salute you and thank God for you. -- Steve K.

Dear Fr. Pavone: On this, the "day after", I want you to know that I, as well as so many people, are rejoicing on the outcome of this election and thanking you for all your efforts. You personally must be "relieved" and breathing a bit easier, because YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!!! May Our Lord continue to bless you abundantly and to give you the strength you need to continue in your awesome ministry; and may Our Mother Mary keep you under Her Mantle and under Her protection every day. Loving and Trusting in Jesus through Mary, -- Kay

Dear Father Pavone, My thanks to you for helping ( that’s not a strong enough word) to turn the election for President Bush. My faith in America and the American people is restored My prayer for you and the president will continue. We must get this country back on the right road and keep it there. -- M. M. Murphy

Dear Fr. Frank, Thank you so much for showing us a truly Catholic role model on how to act. Thanks for helping Florida vote for Life. God chose to work through you and your staff to give us tremendous help and guidance. May God bless you. – John

Dear Fr. Frank, I just wanted to let you know I have not ignored ANY of your letters. I’ve been very busy working at our state … headquarters on RTL issues including phoning Right to Lifers, discussing the 5 non-negotiable issues in RCIA, .. calling hundreds of folks, … and doing anything needed to educate & prod folks. I worked … as a poll watcher/challenger… You motivated me to get off my keester and make a difference. … I’ll keep on going with your help. Yours with my prayers, with my love -- John L.

Thank you, Father Frank for all of your hard work. The country is now in a position to nominate pro-life judges to the Supreme Court. YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!!! -- Michael, New Orleans

Father Pavone, receiving your e-mail unequivocally casting your vote … was the brightest spot in the campaign for me. Thank you for your courage and leadership. … Of course, all the thanks belong to our God who is so good to us. However, you and PFL and, of course, EWTN, all deserve kudos for doing all you could. -- Linda C

As communications director for the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference … I wanted to send you a brief note of encouragement and praise for the good work you did in regard to the recent election. Thank you for your faithfulness and all of your efforts on behalf of the Church, the unborn, and the family. -- Carolyn Astfalk

Dear Father Pavone, you have probably been told this from other people, but you had a lot to do with winning the pro-life election. Your talks on EWTN must have "hit" many people. I hope Catholics will be more aware, through your teaching and the other priests at EWTN that they have an obligation to vote pro-life, if they are to be in communion with the authentic teachings of the church. This election, I hope, brought the abortion issue more to the front. -- FL

Dear Father Pavone: You thanked a lot of people for their work for the Pro-Life cause in this election. You, however, are the one to deserve thanks. -- Thanks again and God bless you. Sincerely Yours in Christ, T Miller, M.D., Ph.D.

Dear Father Pavone: I want to thank you for all your hard work to bring about the results of the past election. I believe you were greatly responsible for the outcome--you and perhaps the Swift Boat Vets! Your courage, and your hard work, and your irrefutable arguments certainly were persuasive to many voters--especially Catholics. My favorite was when you were on Bill O'Reilly's program with Father McBrien, and you stated bluntly and unequivocally that it would be a mortal sin for you to vote for [a pro-abortion candidate]. Bravo, Father Pavone! We certainly need strong clear directives on Church teaching and morals, and you gave courage to many where there was none before. May God continue to use you and lead and guide you in the great Challenges to life and morals to effect our culture today. With prayers to Our Lady that she keep you as her No. 2 son! -- Dee, Mo

Thank you, Fr. Frank for all that you did for the success of this election through your convictions, your prayers, your faith and dedication and perseverance!!!! I thanked you last week in Ohio and I thank you again! Praise God! God Bless you and your Staff! Peg Young, SFO, Cleveland Right to Life

Dear Father Pavone, Thank you for all the e-mail notices and letters you have sent me before and during the pre-election period. As the mother of seven healthy children, now all adults, I truly appreciate and respect the constant effort you are making to protect the precious unborn and to help the women who fall victim to the pressures of our modern world. Please send me your update commentaries every two weeks. I would sincerely appreciate keeping informed about the pro-life movement. Thank you again. May God bless you always and lead you to help others to finally find a way to end the tragedy of abortions and issues surrounding them. -- JoAnn

Congratulations on a God blessed victory for the unborn! You clearly became God's voice, and His hands and His heart in protecting the unborn. Thank you for responding so powerfully to God's call. -- Mary Ellen

Thank you and God bless you. You got us to vote for the first time in 25 years, both me and my husband, this year. And also got us stirred up so our fountains are flowing, our inner fountains, with what you said this past week about Terri Schiavo. Thank you. I wish we had more priests like you. -- Susan

Thank you for that advice about elections. My problem has been exactly that I keep fantasizing about the perfect candidate who will represent my views on every issue. After reading your column I don't feel the pressure to find the [perfect] candidate. I'll just focus on this important issue. It may take many years, but hopefully politicians will find that a pro-abortion stance will be the kiss of death. -- Ann

Dear Father Pavone: We want to thank you for all that you have been doing for pro-life. We have always been pro-life, and it boggles our minds that anyone could be pro-death In fact, our two sons are adopted – if their biological parents has been pro-death, we would not have our family today. Unfortunately, in this current era, we are living in a culture of death. During the recent presidential election, we were privileged to participate in the activities of priests for life, and we tried to do all we could to support pro-life candidates in Pennsylvania – particularly distributing your “election” prayer to numerous parishes throughout our area. Of course, the pro-life cause did not end with the election, as you have said many times. We are so appreciative of your continued courageous leadership in the face of temerity or indifference, both within the religious and the laity. We need your leadership more than ever – not only with the abortion issue in pro-life but also euthanasia and embryonic stem cell research. Indeed, many people who oppose abortion seem to favor embryonic stem cell research and euthanasia – or are indifferent to these issues. This has been demonstrated by the Terri Schiavo case and the embryonic stem cell legislation, which, if it were not for an expected presidential veto, would have become law. For these reasons, we want to make a donation to Priests for Life – beyond our normal monthly amount. If all of our priests were as fervently pro-life as you are, this enthusiasm would catch on with millions of lay Catholics. This, combined with the efforts of our good non-Catholic brethren, would be a force that could restore our culture of life once again! -- Dr. and Mrs. JF, PA

Thanks very much! I did enjoy the conference call. The pace was perfect and lots of information was effectively covered. Great job! -- Sue E.

Silence denotes acceptance, and it can be deadly. Thank God that some Christians voted their conscience and not the party line. Many thanks to them and to Priests for Life and EWTN for educating individuals about their moral obligation to vote their conscience.

Thank you Fr. Pavone for all the work you did for the election. Your support for the values that our church teaches is so “on target”. We need more church leaders standing up for life. Praise to our Lord for your ministry. -- Rhonda, Respect Life coordinator

Thank you for all your support and hard work through the elections, especially your trip to Boston, that gave us a great boost! Hope to see you in Washington in January. -- ER

Dear Fr. Frank, thank you for all you do! I want you to know that it’s been almost two weeks since you spoke at the Right to Life - Livingston County 14th Annual Focus on Life Dinner in Howell, MI. and we continue to receive compliments on our choice of speaker!! Even as I was making GOTV calls - when I identified myself - several people took this opportunity to comment on how much they enjoyed the evening. One gentleman even went so far as to inform me that while this had been the first dinner he had attended, it would not be the last and he was looking forward to next years event (and he wasn’t even Catholic). -- PS

After the 10 am Mass that Fr. Pavone celebrated here, two people told me they were [pro-abortion candidate] people going into church but Father's homily changed their stand to vote for [the pro-life candidate]. -- AC, Florida.

I just want to thank Fr. Pavone for al he did for the elections. I was very proud to be a Catholic. He motivated and encouraged Catholics like I have never seen. Our work has just begun. -- JD, Florida

Fr. Pavone's election year presentation was clear, concise and practical in how we as Catholics can get involved in the political process! Thank you. -- FE, Wisconsin.

Thank you for coming to my Parish and pointing out ways I can make a difference in encouraging friends and family to support pro-life candidates. -- JM

Our hats off to you for fighting day and night for life, God, and moral issues…. We attended Fr. Pavone’s appearance in SD and witnessed his uniting word…. Because of you and the Fundamental Christians in this area, we are rid of [a pro-abortion Senator] and got Sen. Hume, a real moral leader. -- PB, SD

I know that your speech on the election and abortion deeply affected my pastor. -- SK, NY

Congratulations, and thank you. You have reached countless people whom we could not, and in a way that we could not. You are loved, admired, and supported…. Many times I have heard you speak…. I caught the last couple of minutes of your homily for the EWTN Mass, on Catholic radio. My heart ached for you as I listened to your impassioned comments…. I do believe priests like you are our hope for the future. -- DF, NY

We believe your efforts were the single most effective to bring out the Catholic vote – a vote for life…. – Larry

We are grateful for all you have done in these trying weeks before the election. You were sometimes the voice crying in the wilderness…. In our parish…we carried out many of the suggestions you made, voter registration, distribution of surveys and literature, bulletin notices and intentions that we found in your letters and literature…. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide and strengthen you. You are truly and inspiration. Frances, Respect Life Committee, NY

I can’t thank you and your staff for the great work to accomplish such a great victory for life…. -- JF, Massachusetts

I want to personally thank you for the monumental work you have done before, during, and after the election. It was through your hand of teaching and educating the country that we won for life. -- TL, Pennsylvania

Thank you, Father, for all that you and your priests do for life. I believe that your efforts helped Catholics to vote pro-life in the election. I always am so happy to see you and hear what you have to say about life issues on EWTN. VN, RN, Illinois

Congratulations on saving so many babies. Congratulations for all you’ve done to influence the elections. -- PF, New York

We wanted to congratulate you the staff for doing a tremendous job in the recent elections. God blessed and rewarded your hard work and prayers with VICTORY. -- WS, NM

Thank you for your prayers and emails which have been very powerful. I have sent them out to Parishes around here and to all that I could. They had very powerful effect on everyone. -- DA

Priests for Life was a major player in this election. Congratulations! -- HZ, Florida

I honestly think "I'm sure" that you especially should get most of the credit for [the president ] being re-elected. The Masses and homily that you gave on EWTN on Thursday and Friday first before the election. I feel very positive it was the help by you and many other priests and bishops that really put [him] over the top. I do hope that the country begins to realize the great help you were by being Priests for Life. -- JB, New York

I would like to thank you for all the wonderful work you did during the election. The prayer campaign I feel was truly inspired by the Holy Spirit and it was an honor to take part in it. -- JM, New Jersey

Just want to congratulate you on the big pro-life win in the recent elections. More than anyone else, I believe, you are responsible for the success of the pro-life candidates on November 2nd. Both by all your great preaching on the subject (I heard you many times on the EWTN Masses) and also by all of the prayer crusades, prayer rallies, and prayer vigils that you inspired. -- TR, NJ

I credit you and EWTN with the election win for a pro-life candidate. Without your strong and uncompromising position many Catholics would have voted for the nominal Catholic candidate. Your opposition to him because of his pro-abortion political stance gave them the courage to vote their conscience. Had Catholics not heard your voice and the voice of the Pope, [the pro-abortion candidate] would have undoubtedly been elected. Your "Baptist sister," -- SS, Alabama You made the difference!

Thank you for working so hard during the 2004 presidential elections. You truly got the word out! I was very glad to hear a priest “tell it like it is.”… We, the laity, need to hear it and from our priests! Even Catholics who wavered on the issues could not be confused on where the Church stands…life being the only issue. -- GP, Alabama

It is my conclusion after looking back at our recent national and local elections that you two clergymen [with Rev. Lou Sheldon] of different faiths were largely responsible for the Pro Life victories by influencing Christians to go to the polls. -- GM, MO

I can’t begin to tell you how proud and comforted you and your work have made us feel during these trying times of the past election. You have made us feel proud – once again – to be called Catholics in a time when our local parish seemed to loose its voice for justice and for the unborn. We were very glad to have Father Wilde speak at [our] parish and confirm to us that what we were feeling and speaking for is truly the Church’s position. We felt that many times our voices were being drowned out in our parish for different reasons. -- NB, Florida

Before the election, my wife and I prayed daily that we would elect a pro-life President and other officials. Now my wife and I daily thank God that our prayers were answered. We thank you for your leadership in helping to achieve this goal…. May God bless you as Priests for Life continues to lead us in the fight against abortion. -- LW, PA

Thank you for all your hard work and especially for your homily preached on EWTN Holy Mass before the election in which you encouraged all of us to pray and vote and claim the victory in His Name…. Your homily reinforced not only the issue of victory with your “get out the vote,” but also was a source of encouragement to me in my present position to lead the abstinence health initiative for teens in Maine…. Your example in speaking out for the unborn has been an inspiration for me, for many years in my life. -- MS, ME

I want to thank you also for your tireless efforts to direct votes of Catholics and Christians to the pro-life candidates. EWTN and you are truly responsible for cooperating with God in His miracle of re-electing [the President]. -- PG, MI

Thank you for your inspired efforts which encouraged such an outpouring of prayer and sacrifices appealing to God’s Mercy in the recent elections. -- BN

We wish to thank you for your leadership in mobilizing the “prayer warriors” for life to storm heaven to bring the Spirit into the election process. We heard you on EWTN and you were very inspirational and when you claimed “victory,” you were prophetic! -- DM, MA

I want to express my sincere personal thanks and that of family and friends for you devotion to the life issues. I believe your role in the election was a direct contributing factor for the re-election of [the President]. You have a right to feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride…. On behalf of babies and their mothers, thank you. -- VS, GA

Thank you, thank you for all the work you and your priest group did to un-seat and not elect the pro-abortion candidates….I was thrilled there was finally a group of priests who incensed enough about the slaughter of these babies to forget about being politically correct and loved by U.S. citizens – if they were to bite the bullet and fight for the unborn. God Bless you all.. -- DS, SD

Congratulations and a big thank you to you and all your Priests for Life. Thanks to your staff and all who helps in any way to make the dramatic work you carried on during the past months so successful. I believe the victory is a miracle given to us by God through the intercession of our Blessed Mother. Your insight into getting us to pray the rosary together with all the other prayerful suggestions you put before us made for a great collective effort and resulted in a power of prayer that resulted in the greatest popular vote in history for the candidate backing our cause. So, thanks, Fr. Pavone. Extend our gratitude to your fellow priests and co-workers. Let’s always remember the Blessed Mother and her miraculous response to the trust we put in her intercession. Let’s continue to keep all the continued work in prayer. May God grant you an ever increasing awareness of His great love for you. -- Sr. Alice, PA

I thank you for the undying leadership and motivation you have provided through the months of this election campaign. Your communications are inspiring. The outcome of the election was not a surprise to me, because we surely are doing the Lord’s work. -- FD, MN

Just can’t tell you how much I thank you and your staff for the great blessing you have been throughout the recent election campaign. Your traveling message to the voters via television (EWTN) and in person was truly a lightning rod for all of us. It was surely a big source of inspiration for the pro-life movement – everyone who heard you had to be inspired. The result came in on election night! -- MP, SD

We regret not being able to attend the rally in Orlando and meet Fr. Pavone. However with the help of all the prayers and votes of the opposition to the “Culture of Death” and Fr. Pavone’s work we prevailed on Election Day….. Congratulations to Fr. Pavone on a successful trip! Working to save the unborn, -- LD

I wanted to send a message of “Thanks” to Priests for Life and Fr. Frank Pavone. Over the past few months I had been attending church with some of my Protestant friends. I was so impressed by the messages I was hearing which were strongly political. About two weeks ago I saw Fr. Frank on EWTN giving a commentary on the election issues. I was so impressed and felt so proud that someone was finally speaking out. You have renewed my faith in my Church! I am forwarding your bi-weekly e-mails to all of my friends hoping that your wisdom and the truth of the Word will speak to them. Please, keep them coming! I also wanted to ask if there was anyway of e-mailing or posting the homilies and commentaries shown on EWTN so we can spread your message to a greater audience. Thanks again, I am eagerly awaiting my volunteer assignments from Priests for Life (I signed up last week)! Melissa, San Antonio, TX

Firstly we thank you Fr. Pavone for you work and commitment. Joining with other Christians was very meaningful. God continue to bless you in your work - we stand with you! -- JD, Florida

This is a belated thank you for all you did to help the elections on Nov. 2 by encouraging Catholics to vote and get involved. I truly believe your efforts made a difference. Thanks!
God Bless, -- Mary

I cannot express in words the gratitude that we feel for the work you continuously do to promote the Culture of Life about which Pope John Paul II has spoken so often and so eloquently. Your impact on yesterday’s elections was enormous. We thank you for coming to [our church], for leading us in prayer during our rally for [the President].., and for your wonderful pre-election series in EWTN. Your website continues to provide us with wonderful resources for use in our Churches and community. Priests for Life has truly been a gift to us from Almighty God. We thank you for being His wonderful instrument. You can be assured of our prayers. -- EW, Ohio

Thanks for the tremendous work you do in assisting with the elimination of abortions. You also did an excellent job when interviewed on [the O'Reilly Factor]. -- Deacon Lee.

I personally want to thank you for all the hard work you did for the Presidential election. I firmly believe that you personally deserve much of the credit for getting [the President] re-elected. Your tireless efforts have paid off and I am one person who is forever grateful. You have helped to rally the troops....but we have only just begun. Thank you again – KL, Massachusetts

I hope that I speak for all of your supporters in saying
Thank you for your perseverance
Thank you for your moral clarity
Thank you for your example
Thank you for your priesthood
God bless you and your ministry.

Dear Fr. Pavone: Thanks you for getting me involved with politics this election. I got tired of watching you on EWTN and doing nothing about the Pro-Life movement. Because the Holy Spirit used you to move me to action, you also indirectly are responsible for what my cousin did. He is a 62- year-old Southern Baptist in Florida. To the best of my knowledge this is the first election he has been involved in, and he outdid me – he distributed 4,500 pieces of literature. -- AG

Thanks for Fr. Pavone’s encouragement at the conference at Franciscan University in June, we made assertive efforts in our parish of greater boldness. We had a voter registration in our church vestibule two weekends in a row. . . . We passed out literature on candidates voting record for abortion when and where we could. We did a lot of one on one sharing and we used Fr. Pavone's tape from the conference when we met resistance. Thank you and God bless you for your mission for the unborn and their mothers and fathers. -- ML, Ohio

Thanks be to God and thanks be to you for the fantastic outcome of the Elections. On October 29, when I was preaching at the Mass on EWTN, I said that I was confident about the outcome, because I know what you, and all the other faithful pro-life people, are like. You gave me confidence and, together, we gave the Lord an opportunity to change things! DT, CA

Bravo Father Frank Pavone! Thank you so much for your hard work, helping us who do not really follow politics and understand. -- RS

Well done to you all on running an excellent election education campaign. -- PK , England

The silent, moral, family-values majority have spoken and we have won. I am deeply grateful to Father Pavone for all his wonderful work to bring this about. Thank you. -- DD

Congratulations and blessings on the victory for us all!!!!! You work so hard on behalf of the innocent lives that need our protection. God Bless you always and please be with us always. -- AD,PA

Thank you for your insight, encouragement and all you do for the Pro-Life arena. Your advice has certainly always given me an opportunity to feel like a can do, and accomplish a successful end. Particularly, at this most crucial time. -- MF, FL

If pro-life candidates win today (please God...), I believe it will be greatly due to your efforts. Thank you so, so much. I love you and appreciate immensely what you have been doing. In their hearts, -- JI

I watched your program at EWTN all the time you talked about the elections. . . . I did what you told us. I made many many copies, showed one to the priest before Saturday Mass and he gave me permission to pass copies outside the church which I did. . . . The next day I went in front of a voting place and join [others] who were there passing propaganda. I showed my copies and every one wanted one to make copies for their relatives and friends. It was quite a success and I felt very proud being able to do something just the way you suggested during the programs at EWTN. I joined the Novenas, Masses and Rosaries as you also suggested, prayed day and night the day of the election. I did not sleep Tuesday, just pray and waited till late morning to hear that we had succeeded, praise God. -- EF

I have been closely praying with you in the 9 week novena prayer for your land’s elections. I was also very privileged to have watched you being interviewed on TV. I also have been very much attached to your e-mails, in a way I am now able to explain it to the next person why we as Christians should stand up against abortion. I am very thrilled about how you have allowed our Almighty God to use you as His instrument. In a very special way, I want you to know that there are Catholic Christians in the Republic of Namibia (Southern Africa) who wish to commend and claim you for the Kingdom of God on this earth. May the Holy Spirit guide you and be with you in everything you do. I love and cherish you a lot and I continue to pray to God to grant you strength, light and salvation in order for His Kingdom to be fully established in His people. Yours in Christ, MM, Namibia

I thank God today for the victory for life! . . . Thank you for all you have done, your messages (forwarded to me by others) made a difference in my heart during this election. God bless you! -- John

Dear Father Frank and all: Regardless of the election results I want to say Thank You. You have emptied yourself. You overlooked nothing and you have been tireless. On behalf of my unborn brothers and sister I give God thanks for raising up a priest such as yourself, Father Frank. Many thanks and prayers always to you and your faithful staff. Mercy, Jesus. Mercy on us. -- Patty in Pennsylvania

Thank you all, and May God bless you all for the hard work you all have done for this election! You have all a hand in the victory we all share today! Thank you, and may God abundantly bless you all!!! Sincerely, TL

Thanks for the newsletter and all you do. I feel confident that organizations like yours are responsible for the positive election outcome. You requested that we inform you of activities that we participated in to help the pro-life cause. As a family we prayed, participated in the election novena, said rosaries especially the pro-life rosary, and tried to reach as many people in our community as possible with the message of pro-life. -- JE

Thanks for all your effort over the last weeks . . . .We appreciate all you did to help the country decide to protect life!! -- JF

Fr. Pavone's intelligent, informed, passionate plea to people of faith to use all resources of their minds and hearts while voting for the highest position in our great land is to be commended! March on, Christian soldiers! -- NF, PA

I firmly believe that the outcome of the Ohio vote would have been quite different if it had not been for you. Thank you for your guidance and inspiration. -- LZ, OH

Many, many thanks to you for being a constant 'voice in the darkness' speaking out for all of God's little ones. Your untiring efforts during this campaign season have made a major impact on many voters and with God's continued help, will lead to an eventual overturn of Roe v Wade. Thank you for the continued e-mail updates throughout the past months. May God continue to bless you in your ministry. -- JI

Now that the election is won and the moral people of the USA have spoken, we want to thank you for the inspiration you have given all of us. -- LH, IN

May God continue to bless you and everyone at Priests for Life. . . I saw you on Fox News TV and that was a wonderful thing! God Bless – DM, Kentucky

I just want to thank you for your beautiful prayer. I did say it every day and I know it brought me closer to God. I’m sure this prayer helped assure us the USA will have a much better chance of protecting the lives of unborn children. Thanks again for all you did during this election season and praise be to God. -- AT

Yeah!!! It works!!!! That prayer prevailed!! Thanks for all you are doing. -- Cyndi, Alaska.

Thank you so much for your commitment to the unborn! You have blessed all of the pro-life community with your messages of life, hope and truth. May God bless you with His presence and guidance in a way that you have never experienced before. -- Kathy Roush, President, Grand Traverse Area Right to Life

Thank you immensely for your fervent and powerful words on pro-life that educated me and guided (changed) my voting choices in this important 2004 election. In addition to your wonderful EWTN programs, I greatly appreciate all the vital information you sent from your priestsforlife.org website, which I forwarded to many relatives and friends. At times confused and disappointed, I was uplifted and empowered by your valuable bi-monthly letters, which I e-mailed or printed and delivered to many individuals, groups, and churches. Because of YOU, "Vote Life 2004" became my mission! -- Gloria

We have won! We congratulate Fr. Frank on his brilliant homilies and hard work. Thanks to Almighty God now many thousands of innocent little lives will be spared, through the decisions of President Bush! -- DO

All your tireless work--it was amazing and no doubt brought out more of the vote for the right person. Among all the reasons the other side lost you weren't given credit . . . . But we know and God certainly knows--may he bless you all abundantly!!!! -- S&D, NV

We wanted to thank you for your 'over-the-top' effort you put into this election concerning the Catholic 5 non-negotiables, and especially down in Florida. -- KR, NC

Thank you for your prayers and emails that have been very powerful. I have sent them out to Parishes around here and to all that I could. They had very powerful effect on everyone. Bless you for standing and fighting this most holy fight. We stand with you for the precious lives of the unborn. We need thousands more like you. You are a strong voice and an inspiration to believers everywhere! -- DA

Thank you for organizing people via e-mail to pray & work to support a pro-life candidate in the past presidential election . . . I participated in the novena prayers that you encouraged. Thank you for being a Catholic priest, and for guiding us in doing good works on behalf of pre-born children. I may not have gotten involved in the election at all (except to vote) if it had not been for your encouragement. God bless-- AW, Tennessee

Thank you so much for your tireless and courageous work during this election year! God has blessed our country with your leadership, and the election victory we celebrate is in large part due to the efforts of pro-life warriors like yourself. You continue to inspire us to press on, not to lose hope, and to continue to console Jesus in this battle for the Culture of Life! MM, CA

May God continue to bless Fr. Pavone...he's doing a great job! In my opinion it was because of his prayer to Almighty God that we all said, that Bush was re-elected. -- LL

The nation and the pre-born children are indebted to you and your friends for what may have been the decisive effort in this election. -- SK

Thank you for all the work you and your staff are doing. I watch you often at EWTN, and you had an impact on me on whom to vote for. May God continue to work through your open boldness about abortion. -- Jennifer

I am certain that we would not have won this election if it were not for you. I know that every pro-life person in this country contributed to electing Bush, but without you we could not have done it. You are a true shepherd of your people, Father Pavone. You are the leading force driving our country in the right direction. God has blessed our country today by allowing … all the pro-life candidates to get elected. Praised be Jesus Christ forever ! ! ! -- JR

Thank you Father Pavone, Priests for Life and staff!! Because of you and your tired-less work, Christians across the country have come out to voice their vote. My husband and I have been turned around by EWTN and Father Pavone. The Pro-life message has changed our votes and our lives for good. Thank you for your uncompromising stand for God’s commands. In Christ, BP, Texas

Thank you for your leadership in this election. You are my new hero! I watched you on EWTN and you spoke to my soul. I checked your website and obtained the information I needed . . .. Thank you Fr. Frank for giving us direction. RF, FL

Thank you so much for all of your efforts with this election! It is wonderful to see the recognition by the media that the faithful remnant still demands morality and values in their president! Only through your efforts and the power of our prays was it possible to get that point across!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! ED

Congratulations are due to you in achieving yesterday's positive election results . . . . We found your messages very helpful in discussion the major moral issues that our country faces. We admire your courage with which you spoke out [and] your efforts with which you clarified our Catholic Bishops statements on voting. -- FK

I am proud that through God's grace I was able to help by using your prayer novena and your emails and the National Catholic Register's editorial on The Five Non-Negotiable Issues for Catholic Voters. I would not have attempted the things I did without your encouragement and inspiration on your EWTN shows and your homily in last Friday's Mass. -- BM

I wish to thank you for the wonderful work you did to help make these election results possible. I saw you a few times on EWTN and was aware of your Novena of Masses for election, as well as of your coordinated prayer effort with its base online. . . . I believe that the work of men like you has helped Catholics to see the light with regard to where they should place their vote. Thank you again. -- AC, MI

God bless you and your staff at Priests for Life...you have worked tirelessly for the President and Catholics listened and were inspired by you! The President owes you a large debt of gratitude. I sincerely mean that and I know that the materials you distributed, the prayer that you wrote which I have been saying every day since August, the visits you made and the speeches you made all played a large part in the Catholic vote for the President. I will more vigil in the coming years to keep up with the judges the President appoints particularly to the Supreme Court but perhaps his candidates to the bench will have more success now that we have won the Senate and the House! May God continue to bless your work in leading us out of the culture of death under which we have been burdened for so long. With respect, -- GK, Massachusetts

Thank you for everything. Because of Priests for Life and I found the courage to tell people that I am a one issue voter - Pro-Life. I also added the words Pro-Life to the “I Voted” sticker and intend to wear it proudly on the train home this evening. I have been able to do this because of your organization, and the priests at EWTN. Keep reminding priests that their flocks are yearning to hear their voices and to follow. Thank you, -- Therea

Father Pavone, Thank you so very much for your untiring work for the unborn. You are truly an inspiration to us and a wonderful motivator. You have filled us with desire and information. No matter what the outcome, you have done an excellent job for the good of all the people. God bless you many times over. May you sleep well soon! -- LF, North Carolina

Fr. Pavone - You did it! Success!! Thank you for working so hard for God's kingdom. Your leadership meant thousands of votes for pro-life candidates. I'm a deacon and I preached at 3 of the 4 Masses at our parish last Sunday. My homily was almost a copy of your homily at the Friday Mass at EWTN. You are a tremendous inspiration for me and many others. You give us a great deal of hope. Keep up the good work. We love you. - Tom M, FL

Thank you Father Frank for everything you do, every moment, every hour, every day and every night. Thank you Father Frank, for living the gospel of life. I am so thankful to have met you and to share in the great call you have answered of God. I hope to hear from you soon. Your friend for life forever, -- Linda A.

Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues

Thank you so much for all the invaluable information that you've been sending to us in this struggle for the heart of the Nigerian people. The information arrived at the exact moment of need and was a great help.


OI Nigeria

We continue to appreciate and benefit from all the support PNCI has given us. We stand forewarned and on the lookout for the tactics of the culture of death.  You have helped to open the eyes of many.


AB Kenya

Everyone Against Abortion Raise your Hand Video (https://youtu.be/ql_7jnp--UE

Dear Father Pavone, I think you and your organization did a beautiful job on the video "Raise your Hand." It's simple, but very, very moving. I cried when I saw it, and I hope it moves other people to tears, too. I have sent it out in an email and asked my family and friends to show it to anyone who believes that unborn or preborn children are nothing more than a cluster of cells. I believe that educating people is the key. I feel in my heart that most people don't know what abortion entails. Your video addresses that issue well. No one can call that anything but the hand of a human, defenseless baby. Thank you so much. I have sent a donation last week..and I have asked my friends and family to do the same. God bless you, and thank you for all you're doing to fight the atrocities of abortion! Susan N.

Please! Please support PFL!

My hand is still raised.

Great Video.

Simple and striking.

Hand raised and proud!

I have my hand raised up high!

I raise my hand and heart proudly. Without the sanctity of life we have nothing. AMEN!

Yes, I am against abortion 100%. I fight for the unborn but use non religious arguments to prove my point to all those out there.

This video needs to be sent to Obama and Pelosi, Thanks Father.

Consider both my hands raised.My hand is raised!!

Thank you, Father, for everything you do for the preborn children and their mothers.Pro-Life! All of the way!

Both hands up! Thanks, Father. 

How much poorer our cause would be without Fr. Frank. 

Amen Father Pavone!!! Raises hand and is "Silent No More" 

My hands are raised! 

What a horrible act of violence!  

I almost aborted my daughter too when I was ignorant about what abortion is and does to women and children. Freaking makes me sick to my stomach to think about it!

My daughter's life was spared and now, after getting to know her, am willing to die for her if I have to.

All my friends who have had abortions have suffered terribly for their decisions to destroy their kids. There is a HUGE price to pay and no amount of tear will bring them back.

My hand is raised Father and God bless you. We must all work to stop this senseless slaughter of the innocents.

Thanks so much Fr. Frank and Priests for Life! I pray this country comes to it senses and will respect ALL life! May God bless you for all your hard work and dedication!

Hello Father Frank! I am so thankful to see that our Lord has put you on this earth to help make more people aware of the evil the comes from abortion. I wish there could be a Father Frank on every corner so your message can be heard by all and not so many people can be ignorant to the reality of what abortion is, genocide. - God Bless!

Dear Fr. Pavone, Please let me know what I can do to help in combating this unnatural act of abortion. I live in the Memphis, Tn. area. Thank you for what you are doing. God bless you. Frank C.

I have just gone through a miscarriage and I cannot believe we live in a society where human beings can so freely throw away these babies lives.....I don't know how long God will hold his hand back...

Thank you for posting this video, Fr. Pavone! I don't understand how anyone could justify the murder of an innocent child. Like Renee, I raise both of my hands.

This should be on TV...so the truth may be known and it will set us free!

Amen, Fr. Pavone has been given an unstoppable CHARISM for our times. I am so grateful to God for you, Fr. Frank. As a member of Silent No More, I am humbled that you have found a place for us in the Pro-Life movement. Thank you for helping us to make reparation for what we have done, and what we failed to do. Thank you for ministering God's unfathomable mercy to us, and a call to responsibility and a new mission, bringing life out of our ashes. May God Bless you, May Our Lady fold you in her mantle and hold you in the crossing of her Arms. May St. Joseph always be with you and protect you.

I have both arms outstretched. I will even stand on a tall ladder if needed.

You Are Right to show this but it breaks my heart as I know children who have died this way.

Very powerful. Hard to look at, but we must look at the truth, no matter how painful, to understand what we are fighting against. Thank you for this moving piece.


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