With the Father and the Son He is Adored and Glorified

Holy Spirit, the world worships you
And we join the worship and adoration
Poured out to you
Throughout the ages.

Spirit of God, Spirit of Life,
We know that when we worship,
We place you at the center of our lives,
At the center of our desires,
At the center of our choices.

It is no longer “our choice” or “our freedom” that is primary,
But rather your will, your goodness, your favor to us.

Grant that we may worship you at every moment
And in every circumstance.
May we seek to know your will,
To see and accept your plan for us,
And to serve you in everything we do
And in everything we suffer.

May we adore and glorify you
By welcoming and defending every unborn child.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

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