Blessed Miguel Pro

Blessed Miguel Pro, who died in 1927 and whose Feast Day is November 23, was a Jesuit priest who secretly ministered to Mexican Catholics under persecution. He was martyred by firing squad while shouting, “Viva Cristo Rey!” He is a patron of the pro-life movement.

Father of Life,
We thank you for the example
Of the life and death of the priest,
Blessed Miguel Pro.

He was willing to minister
To those who were being persecuted.
He was willing to risk his life
To bring the life of Christ to others.

Like your Son Jesus,
He knew betrayal and false accusations.
And as he died, he proclaimed Jesus
To be the King of all.

We ask, through his intercession,
As a patron saint of the pro-life movement,
That all who take risks
And suffer persecution for defending the unborn
May stand strong against all opposition,
And may let no enemy intimidate them.

Inspire all of us to make the sacrifices
That are required each day
To speak up for and to defend
Our brothers and sisters in the womb,
In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Blessed Miguel Pro, pray for us!

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

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