The Child Born to Save Us All

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
At the birth of your Divine Son,
You welcomed the Shepherds
Who heard the Christmas announcement in the fields,
And the Gospel of joy to be shared by all the people.

Remaining ever a Virgin,
You showed them the child
Who had been born miraculously.

When they saw you and the child,
They understood what had been told them by the angel.

This was indeed the Savior for all people,
The lowly, the sinners, the abandoned,
The fearful, the poor and the outcast.

Their God had become a little baby,
Approachable by all, not threatening, not inspiring fear
But inspiring tender smiles, gentle laughter, and joyful hearts.

God was truly with us,
The Savior had truly come
And heaven was truly wedded to earth.

Thank you, Virgin Mother, for your role
In showing the Face of Christ to the world
And the salvation of all
In the birth of a baby.

Continue to show all of us
The beauty of every baby
And the face of God in every child, born and unborn.

Bring these children your protection,
And by welcoming them,
May we welcome your own Divine Child,
Who is Lord forever and ever. Amen.

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