Bring the Dry Bones to Life

Lord, you challenged your prophet Ezekiel
To preach to a field of dry bones (cf. Ez. 37)

You summoned him to have faith
That something which appeared to human eyes to be foolish
Would be carried out as a pleasing act in your eyes --
An act of faith in the power of your Spirit.

As Ezekiel preached, O Lord,
You gave life to the dry bones.
Flesh came upon them
And the Spirit entered them.

Yours is the Spirit that gives life.

Today, O Lord, our nation is strewn with dry bones,
The bodies of tens of millions of aborted children,
And the dead consciences of those who justify abortion.

And today, Lord, you command your prophets again
To speak to the dry bones.

You call your people, both clergy and laity,
To proclaim the Word of Life,
To awaken consciences to the dignity of every life, starting with the unborn,
To stir to repentance those who have compromised with abortion,
And to call those drifting in apathy
To take an active and vocal part in a great campaign on behalf of life.

We are ready today, Lord, to respond to the call of your Spirit,
And we are confident that the dry bones of our times
Will in fact arise and come to life.

Through the power of your Spirit, may we see before our eyes
The victory of Life.

We pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

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