A Prayer for our Courts to Protect the Unborn

Lord, God and Father of Life,
You love all that you have created,
And protect all who are in danger.

You sent your Son Jesus Christ
To establish Justice on the earth.
And You entrust us to the care of each other.

You have established earthly authority
To protect the rights that you yourself bestow,
And to you our Founders looked
As the Supreme Judge of the world.

Lord, your People have failed,
On a personal level and in civic society,
To provide adequate protection
To those who need it the most.

We pray today for the smallest human beings,
The children yet in the womb.

We pray that their parents will generously welcome them
And vigorously reject any temptation to kill them by abortion.

We pray that our laws will protect their right to life.
And that the decisions of our courts
Will uphold those laws
And preserve that protection.

In particular we pray for those who serve on the courts across our land:
The Supreme Court, the other federal courts, and the state courts.

Give your wisdom to all judges and their clerks,
And to the attorneys who argue before them
To seek protection for the unborn.

Give them courage to issue righteous decisions
And to resist the temptation to judge according to personal opinion
Or to bow to pressure or threats.

Help all to realize that the right to life,
Bestowed on us by You, Lord God,
Cannot be removed or diminished by a court,
But rather, that the very nature of justice
And the very purpose of government
Is to secure that right.

Lord, give the unborn, and our whole nation,
A new and refreshing season of Life.
Bring us a new breath of freedom,
A new measure of common sense,
A rediscovery of justice and wisdom
And a big step forward in building a culture of life.

Your Son Jesus Christ
Came to grant freedom to the oppressed.
Grant freedom, then, to the children in the womb
And in these days, set our nation on a course
Of rejecting the violence of abortion,
And treating children in the womb
With equal justice under law.

Bring us, O Lord, the victory of Life.

We pray in the Name of Jesus the Lord. Amen.

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