Health of the Sick

O loving Virgin Mary,
You are the Health of the Sick.

We pray for the physical and spiritual health
Of all your people.

We pray for those with complicated pregnancies,
That they may be given advice
And receive medical care
That respects the life of the baby within them
As much as it respects theirs.

Mary our mother,
We pray for health care professionals,
Trained to save and protect life,
That they may never use their skills
To take life by abortion.

Mary, we pray also
That those who advocate for health care
May never advocate for abortion,
or think that it has anything to do
With promoting health.

We pray that the money
Which is directed to health insurance in our nation
May never be used to kill a child in the womb.

Mary, Health of the sick,
Pray for every doctor, nurse, medical professional and student,
And pray for us. Amen.

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