I Believe

“I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Giver of Life.”

Lord, we your people joyfully profess this creed of the whole Church.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is the Lord,
Equal in every way to you, O Father, and to your Son Jesus Christ.
The Spirit is the same God, the same Power, the same infinite Wisdom.

And the Holy Spirt is the same Life – Life that is eternal, and the source of all created life.

He is the giver of Life.
He breathed on the chaos at the beginning of creation
And brought order out of chaos,
Light out of darkness,
And life out of death.

And at the crowning of Your creation,
When you said, “Let us make man in our own image,”
The Holy Spirit brought forth the human life that has been passed on to all of us
And is shared by both born and unborn.

Grant, O God, that at every moment
We may give fitting and eager worship
To the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life.

May we worship him by proclaiming that no human being can own another human life
And that no human choice can ever authorize the killing of the innocent.

May the Holy Spirit reign over every life, every choice, and every moment of our existence.
We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

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