Let It Be Done to Me According to Your Word! (Lk.1:38)

Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of Life,
You said “Yes, let it be done”
When God’s angel told you that you would bear a Son
And name him Jesus.

We rejoice in your Yes,
Which resounds through the centuries
And affirms the plan of the God
Who rules the universe.

We rejoice in your Yes,
Which resounds in our own hearts and souls
And inspires us to consent
To the gifts and call of God upon our lives.

We rejoice in your Yes,
Because it is a reflection of your Son
It is the great Amen to the promises of God,
And who was obedient, even to death on the cross.

He prayed to the Father,
“Your will, not mine be done,”
And commanded us to pray that same prayer each day.

Mary, your Yes to God
Shows us the way to fulfillment
And the path to the Culture of Life.

May your Yes
Inspire every mother who is pregnant but confused
To say “Yes” to the life within her
And to the God who created that life.

May your Yes and our Yes
Defeat the culture of death
Which asserts its own “Rights” and “choices”
Above the plan of God
And the lives of God’s children.

As God exalted you for your obedience,
And exalts all who humble themselves before His will,
So may all the disciples of your Son
Say a great Yes to the Father and to Life!


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