Mother of the Word Incarnate

Mary, you are the Mother of the Word Incarnate.
By God’s design, and by your “Yes” to His plan,
The eternal Son of God became a baby in your womb.

Through the wonder of the Incarnation,
Every human person has in some way
Been united to God.

Our human nature,
Shared by born and unborn alike,
Has been taken up by God to Himself,
And made even more holy and sacred than it was before.

Mary, we thank you that by your consent,
God married our humanity to his divinity.

May this great mystery,
For which we join you forever in praising the Lord,
Awaken the hearts of all
To a greater reverence than ever
For every human life,
Including every unborn child.

Mary, pray for us,
And lead us to Jesus,
Who is Lord forever and ever. Amen.

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