Prayer for Grandparents who Cooperated in the Abortion of a Grandchild

Father of mercies,
You conquer every sin
Through the blood of Jesus Christ,
Who has robbed death of its power
And brought us light and life through his Gospel.

We pray today for so many men and women
Who have suggested or pressured their son or daughter
To abort a child.

We pray, too, for those who consented
To the abortion of a grandchild
Without offering help or encouragement
To choose life.

Today we ask that you give them repentance, forgiveness,
Healing and peace.

Enlighten those who do not yet see
The wrong they have done.
Guide them in your paths.

And to those who have repented,
Give the assurance of your forgiveness,
A peaceful relationship with their children,
And renewed hope of being reunited one day
With their grandchildren.

May these grandparents
Be models to their own sons and daughters
Of how to trust in your mercy
And how to walk in your healing.

Bless us all with the gift of salvation.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone

Priests for Life
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