Prayer of a Friend Who Was Complicit in an Abortion

Lord Jesus,
You told your apostles
That you no longer called them servants,
But rather your friends,
Because you made known to them
What you heard from your Father.

Today, Lord Jesus, you call me your friend as well,
And I rejoice that you are close to me.

I thank you also for all the other friends I have,
And I entrust them to your care.
I thank you for the ways I have been good to them,
And I ask your forgiveness for the ways I have failed them.

In particular, Lord, I ask forgiveness for my friend’s abortion.
Forgive me for my role in that sin.
Forgive me for not trying to save that child.
Help me and my friend to grieve that child
And to entrust that child to you.

Not even you can change the past, Lord,
But you can give us peace and strength for the future.
Wash us in your blood,
Fill us with your grace,
And enable us to save other lives from abortion,
And to heal the hearts of all who suffer.

I pray with confidence, for you live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone

Priests for Life
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