No Cowardly Spirit

God our Father, your Apostle Paul declared that the Spirit you have given us
is no cowardly spirit,
But rather one of power, love and self-control (2 Tim 1).

Fill us today, Lord, with that Spirit,
As we live amidst a culture of death
In which many contradict our beliefs about life
And many try to hinder our work of saving lives.

Amidst falsehood, You call us to proclaim truth;
In the shadow of death, You empower us to bring about life;
In the face of opposition, You command us to stand firm.

We rely on your Spirit,
Who leaves no room for cowardice,
But fills us with the courage to defend the unborn.

In your Spirit, we speak for these children
When others pretend they do not exist,
And we call for their protection
As others make a shameful profit by killing them.

Free us from all cowardice, and give us courage.

Give the preacher the courage to proclaim the Gospel of Life.
Give the student the courage to defend the unborn on campus.
Give the lawmaker the courage to introduce pro-life bills.
Give the voter the courage to elect pro-life candidates.
Give the reporter the courage to convey the truth about abortion.
Give the doctor and nurse the courage to reject any involvement in abortion.
Give the pro-life advocate the courage to endure ridicule and rejection.
Give the pro-life counselor the courage to lead the abortion-minded client toward life.
Give the mom , the dad, and the grandparents the courage to welcome unexpected new life.
Give those who have had abortions the courage to turn back to you with repentance. Give each of us the courage to do exactly what we need to do to end abortion.

Father, Your Spirit is our sweet rest in the midst of our labors to build the Culture of Life.
May we enjoy each day the abundance of His presence and grace,
And always know that in You our labors are never in vain.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

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