He Proceeds from the Father and the Son

Holy Spirit of God,
You proceed eternally from the Father and the Son.
There was never a time when you did not exist.
Rather, as long as the Father and the Son have existed,
That is, from all eternity,
You have been the bond of infinite love between them.

Holy Spirit, you are the font of love.
All love that is of God is your gift
And nobody can experience that love unless you are present.

Holy Spirit, as you are the bond of love,
So bind the human family together in that same love.

Bind together mother and unborn child,
That no fear or despair may ever separate them.

Bind together mother and father, that they may know
That only in preserving the life of the child they have conceived
Can they find their own fulfillment.

Bind together all your people
In the unity that makes us care for one another,
That makes us treat the stranger as a fellow member of the one human family,
That enables us to see every unborn child,
Not just as somebody else’s problem or choice, or responsibility,
But as our own brother or sister.
Enable us to see every child as a blessing,
And never as an unwanted burden.

Come, Holy Spirit, who proceed from the Father and the Son,
And lead us back to them,
That we may love and welcome every child
With the eternal love of God Himself.

In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

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