Queen of Prophets

Heavenly Mother, you are hailed as the Queen of Prophets!
We are inspired by the words and actions
Of the prophets of old
Who spoke the word of the Lord to the people,
To the kings, to their friends and to their enemies.

No matter the cost, they did not fail to disclose
What God thought about the events of their day,
What he required,
And what he promised would happen.

We see, likewise, the last and greatest prophet, John the Baptist,
Who did not stop proclaiming God’s law to the king,
Even though the king imprisoned him
And ultimately beheaded him.

Mary, we know that your Son Jesus is Priest, Prophet and King,
Revealing to the world who the Father is,
And who we are.

And he has given us a share in his mission.

We too, in our baptism and confirmation,
Have been anointed as prophets of the Word made Flesh
And as messengers of the Gospel of Life.

We are grateful for that call
And ready for that mission.

Be with us as we rely on the power of Christ
To witness to the sanctity of life
And to the rights of our most defenseless brothers and sisters,
The children in the womb.

Intercede for us as we speak truth to power,
Challenge public officials who do not protect the unborn,
And urge voters to elect pro-life candidates.

Encourage us as we reach out to the wounded,
And speak as prophets of repentance, mercy and healing
To all who have been involved in abortion.

Queen of prophets, may we never miss the opportunity
To challenge this culture of death
By speaking the words of truth and life
As members of the Body of Christ,
And sharers of his prophetic mission.

Queen of prophets, pray for us! Amen.

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