St. Margaret of Castello

St. Margaret of Castello died in Italy in 1320. She was born to a wealthy family, and when they saw that she was hunchback, dwarf, blind and lame, they were ashamed of her and locked her up in a cell on their property. Later they brought her to a Franciscan Shrine and abandoned her there. She is the Patroness of the Unwanted, and her Feast Day is April 13.

St. Margaret of Castello,
We honor you as the Patroness of the Unwanted,
But very much want and need you today
To remind us of those whom our world neglects.

As your parents were ashamed of you,
So today too many parents are ashamed
Of their unborn children
And unwilling to welcome and protect them.

Pray for those targeted by prenatal testing
That is then used as a search and destroy mission.
Pray for those who, because they are unplanned and unexpected,
Are in danger for their very lives.

St. Margaret,
If we were there when you were locked in that cell,
Would we have spoken up for you?

Intercede for us, that we may have the courage
To speak up for our unborn brothers and sisters today
Despite the disapproval we might incur from others.

Teach us that the blessing of life is not to be wanted,
As if our worth depends on others,
But to be welcomed, Because others are called to recognize
The worth we already have.

St. Margaret of Castello,
May all God’s people be challenged and inspired
By your life and witness to Jesus,
Who is Lord forever and ever. Amen.

St. Margaret of Castello, pray for us!

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

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