Election Related Radio Spots from Priests for Life

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General Election spots Recorded by Fr. Frank Pavone

Thirty Second Spots

Christian Duty [Transcript] 

Government Involvement [Transcript] 

No Separation [Transcript] 

Power Over Life and Death [Transcript] 

Represent All People [Transcript] 

Right to Life is Primary [Transcript] 

Uphold God's Laws [Transcript]

Where Candidates Stand [Transcript]

Voting is a Moral Obligation

Let your Vote Reflect Beliefs

Purpose of Government

If Children Not Secure Neither is Future

Support for Abortion Disqualifies
Candidate for Consideration

First Purpose of Government

Power over Life and Death

If Politician Can't Respect
the Life of a Baby...

Serve the Public But Not Unborn

Consider the Supreme Court


Early Voting

Today is Election Day

Christian Duty to Vote

Vote for Those who Uphold God's Laws

One Minute Spots (Read the Text of the spots)

2141. Right to Try Act [60 Sec mp3] [60 Sec wav]

2140. Moving of US Embassy to Jerusalem and other actions important for believers.[60 Sec mp3] [60 Sec wav]

53. Our nation's founding fathers

133. Primary elections

189. Primaries

260. Voter Registration in church

262. Voter Registration in church

271. Bishop Karl Romer

285. Become a Poll Watcher

827. Voters’ guides

836. Polling has limited value

837. You don't only vote for a person but a party

842. Weekend before election day. Help needed.

843. TOMORROW is election day!

844. TODAY is election day!

1009. “litmus tests”

1175. At every Mass

1200. Choices in life never between the bad and the perfect

1250. Some Catholics think candidate who supports legal abortion is better choice

1353. Many states allow early voting.

1357. National Campaign of Prayer

1358. Get Absentee Ballot for Homebound

1363. Get to know candidates

1573. If we fail to protect any segment of human family

One Minute Spots by Fr. Frank Pavone Continued...

1683. Get to Know Candidates

1684. how can we tell where candidates stand on the issues?

1685. While voting is always a moral obligation

1686. Get others to Vote

1687. We can influence countless votes

1969. Prayer for elections

1973. One thing parishes can do to prepare their people for the election

1974. Ratzinger on voting pro-life

2059. Elections of 2020 underway [60 Sec mp3] [60 Sec wav]

Key Issue in Election [60 Sec mp3] [60 Sec wav]

Voter Training

Court Packing [60 Sec mp3] [60 Sec wav]

Distributing Literature in Church Lots [Transcript]

Election Day [Transcript]

Limited Government Authority [Transcript]

No Secret Discipleship [Transcript]

Not Just a Catholic Issue [Transcript]

Primaries [Transcript]

Priorities [Transcript]

Reflect Christ's Truth [Transcript]

Republic [Transcript]

Voter Registration in Church [Transcript]

Voter Registration Sundays [Transcript]

Caesar Must Obey God

You Elect a Team

Faithful Citizenship

2000 Election Won by a Few Votes

Secret Discipleship?

Voter Registration in Church

Personnaly opposed but...

National Voter Registration Sunday

Two Types of Government

A Republic not a Democracy

Get out the Vote Activity is Crucial

Mission of the Church in Politics

Low Hanging Fruit

Policy IS the Principle

Mobilize More Votes

The Foundational Issue

Mobilize Pro-Life Voters

Living the Gospel of Life

You Wouldn't Even Ask

Assist People to Vote

Not all Issues are Equal

Church Parking Lots

False and Illusory

Choosing the Better of the Two

Cannot be Right

Today is Election Day

Elections Effect Makeup of Federal Courts

Election Prayer

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