The Case of Terri Schindler-Schiavo

Terri Schiavo's Final Hours:
An Eyewitness Account

Fr. Frank’s eyewitness account of Terri’s final hours. This is the truth that you have not heard in news reports.

A Life That Matters written by Terri's parents and siblings

Terri's family is continuing Terri's fight by advocating for the protection of the disabled and vulnerable.  Keep informed about the efforts of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network and how you can assist by going to
Terri's gravestone with inscription put there by Michael Schiavo denying her humanity since 1990.  Click here for more photos.

Talks and Homilies by Fr. Frank Pavone
February 24, 2005: Homily on the EWTN live televised Mass [Transcript]
April 5, 2005: Homily at Terri's Funeral Mass (Most Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, Gulfport, FL) - [Transcript]
April 8, 2005: Talk on Terri's Final Hours
May 25, 2005: Homily on the EWTN live televised Mass [Transcript]
March 29, 2007: Homily for the Anniversary of Terri's Death
March 31, 2008: Mass for Terri Schiavo
November 14, 2008: Missionaries of the Gospel of Life Retreat: Terri Schiavo
March 31, 2011: Homily for Terri's Day Mass, Ave Maria, FL  
March 31, 2016: Homily for Terri's Day 2016: On the 11th anniversary of the death of Terri Schiavo, Fr. Frank Pavone was the celebrant and homilist for the memorial mass held at the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. In this homily he relates her death to the meaning of Easter and of the Year of Mercy.
Fr. Frank Pavone's media interviews regarding Terri Schiavo
Television and Radio Shows with Fr. Frank Pavone and Janet Morana
Gospel Of Life: Remembering Terri Schiavo Guest: Rusty Thomas
Gospel of Life: What Really Happened To Terri Schiavo? Guest: Bobby Schindle
Gospel of Life: Terri Schiavo: What’s Next? Guest: Burke Balch
Life on the Line: Interview with Bobby Schindler
Life on the Line: Terri Schiavo's Death. An Eyewitness Account. A compassionate case study of the culture of death and its horrible consequences for one and all.
More Commentary by Fr. Frank Pavone
April 2022: Lawless: The Terri Schiavo Story
November 3, 2003: A Test for Us All
November 3, 2003: National Pro-Life Religious Council: "From Guardian to Predator" 
January 31, 2005: Commentary on Terri Schiavo
March 13, 2005: Fr. Frank's Letter to Participants at the Tallahassee Rally for Terri
March 22, 2005: Fr. Denis Wilde celebrates Mass in front of Terri's hospice
March 25, 2005: Priests for Life Fax to All Priests: Terri Schiavo: A Living Sermon for Good Friday
March 25, 2005: Press Release: Terri Schiavo: A Living Sermon for Good Friday
March 25, 2005: Press Release: Priests to Courts on Schiavo Case: You have no authority
April 15, 2005: Terri's Final Hours: An Eyewitness Account
June 15, 2005: Press Release: Autopsy Does Not Change Moral Aspects of Terri Schiavo's Murder
June 25, 2005: Atrophy of Compassion: Commentary on Terri Schiavo Autopsy
October 24, 2005: Blessing the Grave: Reflection on the gravestone inscription
March 26, 2006: An open letter to Michael Schiavo
March 30, 2006: Fr. Frank Pavone Statement for the Schindler Press Conference
November 6, 2007: Pavone: Politicians’ Stance on Schiavo Outrageous (The North Country Gazette)
January 9, 2009: Press Release: “Terri's Day” to Be Observed in Remembrance of Terri Schiavo
February 25, 2009: Press Release: Ave Maria University to Host National Mass for Terri’s Day
March 31, 2010: Press Release: Today Marks Fifth Annual National Memorial for "Terri's Day"
March 3, 2011: Press Release: Fr. Frank Pavone to Be Main Celebrant at National Mass in Remembrance of Terri Schiavo
March 23, 2012: Press Release: Father Pavone invites all to join Novena in memory of Terri Schiavo
March 26, 2012: "Terri Schiavo Priest" Issues Anniversary Statement
March 25, 2013: Two Inspirational Families
March 31, 2014: Press Release: Fr. Pavone: It’s more important than ever to remember Terri Schiavo
April 17, 2017: Fr. Pavone remembers Terri Schiavo on 12th anniversary of her death
A Will to Live. NOT a Living Will
Click here for information on filling out a "Will to Live." (National Right to Life Committee) 
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More News and Commentary
Sixteen years have passed since Terri Schiavo was killed and we can’t let her story die by Bryan Kemper ( Ten Years Ago Today, Terri Schiavo Lived Her Last Day. Then She Was Starved to Death (
March 30, 2015: Obama regrets not speaking up for Terri Schiavo (The Washington Times) Eight Years Ago Yesterday, Terri Schiavo Lived Her Last Day (
The Truth about the last days of Terri Schiavo - by Christina Ryan Claypool Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation Changes Name; Hones Mission -- September 16, 2012
Eight Years Ago - North Country Gazette - Chestertown, NY March 31, 2012: Remembering Terri (
March 30, 2012: Seven Years Ago Today, Terri Schiavo Lived Her Last Day ( March 29, 2012: National Mass For Terri Schiavo Friday In Naples, Fla. North Country Gazette - Chestertown, NY
March 30, 2011: Father Frank Pavone Remembers Death of Terri Schiavo (
Death Doesn't Have the Last Word - North County Gazette, Palm Beach, FL -- December 3, 2008 Terri Schiavo, Martyr - Deacon Keith Fournier
Statement from the Schindler Family following Terri's death
Terri Schiavo's National Legacy - by Joni Eareckson Tada In Wake of Terri's Death, National Association of Pro-Life Nurses Says Living Wills are Not the Answer
Cardinal says enough of euphemisms: Terry Schiavo was killed  -- July 26, 2005 Zogby Poll: Americans Not in Favor of Starving Terri Schiavo (Poll With Fair Questions) -- April 1, 2005
Statement from Archbishop Randolph Sly of the Charismatic Episcopal Church -- April 1, 2005 Statement from Bishop Listecki on the death of Terri Schiavo -- March 31, 2005
Statement from President Bush on the death of Terri Schiavo -- March 31, 2005 Statement from Bishop John J. Nevins on the death of Terri Schiavo -- March 31, 2005
Statement from Congressman Mike Pence on the death of Terri Schiavo -- March 31, 2005 The Coming Coalition for Life, Family, Freedom and Solidarity by Deacon Keith Fournier 
Terri's Treatment Based on 'Right' to Convenience - by John Mallon
Comments from Senator Nancy Schaefer of Georgia -- March 24, 2005 A letter to Terri Schiavo from a Marine who fought in Vietnam -- March 24, 2005
Open Letter to President Bush and Gov. Bush from 11th Hour Coalition to Save Terri Schiavo's Life -- March 23, 2005
Statement of Bishop Michael J. Sheridan Concerning Terri Schiavo's Right to Life -- March 21, 2005 Statement by President Bush -- March 21, 2005
'Don't Kick It' - Peggy Noonan -- March 18, 2005 Statement by President Bush -- March 17, 2005
When I was Hungry - Deacon Keith Fournier
Cardinal Keeler Stresses Church Teaching on Feeding, Hydration -- March 9, 2005 Statement from Cardinal Renato Martino -- March 7, 2005
Congress Can Act To Help Save Terri Schindler-Schiavo -- March 3, 2005 Congress Steps in on Terri Schiavo Case -- March 3, 2005
Florida Bishops issue statement on Terri Schiavo -- February 28, 2005 The Court-Ordered Death of Terri Schiavo by William Federer -- October 2003
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