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January 2018


The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (S. 1922) has been passed by the House and will soon be brought before the Senate. This bill cuts in half the time during pregnancy in which an abortion can be performed legally. The bill will save thousands of lives and remove our nation from a list of just seven countries in the world that allow the abortion of babies at 20 weeks or later. It will save babies, most of whom are able to survive outside the womb and some who are very close to birth, from the brutality of dismemberment and other late-term abortion procedures.

Below are two different letters targeting 10 Democratic Senators. Before each letter there is a brief explanation as to why we are targeting these 10 specifically.

We encourage everyone to sign on to these letters, even if you are not from one of the 10 States.

If you are from one of the 10 States as listed below, please get as many of your friends in your State to sign on to the letters as possible. 

The more signatures the Senator can see from his/her own State, the better.

Entering your full name and address is important when communicating with a Senator so they know exactly where you are from.

We also encourage you to call your Senator's office and ask him/her to support this bill, tell your friends to call, write your own personal letter. Do whatever you can!

If you have already signed on to these letters, thank you. You don't need to sign again but please get others to do so.

The letters below, with the names and addresses of all the signers, will be hand-delivered to the Senators’ offices by our Priests for Life Staff.

Fr. Frank Pavone

P.S. Listen to proof that late term abortion is a common practice and is not done only for health reasons as some claim.

OPEN LETTER TO DEMOCRATIC SENATORS WHO VOTED AGAINST BRINGING THE PAIN-CAPABLE UNBORN CHILD PROTECTION ACT TO THE FLOOR IN 2015 (i.e. Senators Bill Nelson (FL), Debbie Stabenow (MI), Claire McCaskill (MO), Jon Tester (MT), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Sherrod Brown (OH), and Tammy Baldwin (WI))

Dear Senator ---:

The House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed and the Senate is now considering the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, the bill that would spare unborn babies aged 20 weeks or more from the physical agonies of dismemberment and decapitation. 

In 2015, you voted against bringing such a measure to a vote by the Senate. We, your undersigned constituents and other concerned citizens, respectfully request that you tell us how you will vote on this legislation when it is brought to the Senate floor during this session.

S. 1922, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, is based on the scientific evidence that children in the womb are sensitive to pain no later than 20 weeks after fertilization. When their arms, legs, and head are torn from their bodies, they are, in fact, tortured.

As reported by the Associated Press in 2004, abortionist Dr. Timothy Johnson, when testifying in federal court about late-term abortion, was asked by the presiding judge if he ever considers the question of whether the babies he aborts feel pain during the procedure. “Does it ever cross your mind?” the judge asked. The abortionist simply said, “No.”  We would like to know whether this question ever crosses your mind, because you are about to have an opportunity to vote on it.

The late former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who eventually became pro-life, wrote in his book The Hand of God about having performed the abortion procedure on his own child. He stated, “You ask if perhaps for a fleeting moment or so I experienced a flicker of regret, a microgram of remorse? No and no.” We would like to know if you, when you consider that tens of millions of children have never had the chance to laugh, play, or feel the warmth of the sun because of the legality of abortion – a policy you advocate -- ever experience any regret or remorse?

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated that the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will be brought to the Senate floor this session. We would like to know whether you will vote to allow the bill to be considered on the Senate floor and, more importantly, whether you will vote to approve it.

The above questions are not difficult. Either you are willing to protect children from excruciatingly painful dismemberment in the womb at five, six, seven, eight, or nine months into pregnancy – or you are not. Frankly, if you can’t or won’t answer these simple questions, why are you even in public office?

We await your reply.



Dear Senator ---:

The House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed and the Senate is now considering the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, the bill that would spare unborn babies aged 20 weeks or more from the physical agonies of dismemberment and decapitation. 

In 2015, you voted to bring the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to the Senate floor for debate. We, your undersigned constituents, and other concerned citizens, respectfully request that you tell us whether you will vote once again to invoke cloture and allow the measure to be brought to the floor. Further, please tell us if you will vote to pass this legislation this session should you have the opportunity.

As you know, S. 1922, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, is based on the scientific fact that children in the womb are sensitive to pain no later than 20 weeks after fertilization. When their arms, legs, and head are torn from their bodies, they are, in fact, tortured.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated that the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will be brought to the Senate floor this session. As such, we very much want to confirm your support for 1) ending any filibuster of the legislation and 2) the bill itself.

We await your reply.


Listen to a healthy woman make an appointment to abort a 30 week healthy baby.


If you live in one of the states listed below, click on your state's name to sign the letter directed at your senator.



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Kathleen Fastiggi, MI

Kathleen Gibson, MI

Kathleen Goryl, IL

Kathleen Hutchinson, OH

Kathleen Jasinski, MI

Kathleen Kindt, IN

Kathleen Konti, MI

Kathleen Kowalski, MI

Kathleen Luther, MI

Kathleen Mcgough, PA

Kathleen Miller, IN

Kathleen O'donnell, FL

Kathleen Pence -longbrake, OH

Kathleen Ransiear, NY

Kathleen Rossi, TN

Kathleen Taylor, OH

Kathleen Tobin, MA

Kathleen Wilson, PA

Kathleen Zielinski, WI

Kathryn Kroszner, PA

Kathryn Lamke, FL

Kathryn Serrao, PA

Kathy Doherty, FL

Kathy Fashoway, MI

Kathy Holt, PA

Kathy Lynch, MI

Kathy Mallatt, IN

Kathy Steuer, IN

Katie Amrhein, PA

Katrina Halfpap, FL

Kay Gray, WV

Kay Tescher, ND

Kaye Haggerty, PA

Keith Ellerbrock, MO

Keith Gielen, FL

Kellye Ott, OH

Ken Belter, TX

Ken Braun, MI

Ken Brudos, NM

Kenneth Johnston, PA

Kenneth Lorek, FL

Kenneth Miller, OH

Keven Jandreau, MI

Kevin Dnahue , MT

Kevin Degnan, VA

Kevin Donahue, MT

Kevin Rowley, FL

Kim Akers, IN

Kim Sommerkamp, MO

Kistine Lnglois , FL

Kitty Gamble, OH

Krisi Keley, PA

Kristen Gill, SD

Kristi Dilger, ND

Kristin Messner, CA

Kristina Chew, FL

Kristina Tarrant, MI

Kristina Taylor, IN

Ktherine Farrell, IN

Kthleen Bintner , PA

Kthleen Bvins , MI

Kthleen Dbrino , PA

Kthleen Foster, FL

Kthleen Heying, IN

Kthleen Lefere, MI

Kthleen Rouse, FL

Kvin Haly , CT

Kyle Taylor, MI

L Mifsud, CA

Laraine Mencel, PA

Larry Beat, PA

Larry Richard, ND

Larry Doege, FL

Larry Fox, FL

Larry Lynn, PA

Larry Westenberg, WI

Laura Curran, OH

Laura Diamond, FL

Laura Edwards, WV

Laura Hughes, NC

Laura Santos, FL

Laura Sntos , FL

Laura Wilson, PA

Lauren Lehanka, VA

Lawrence King, MI

Lawrence Squires, PA

Leah Dlcamp , MS

Len Williams, WI

Lenore Thivierge, MI

Leo Doty, OH

Leonard Orsini, ME

Leslie Carnacchi, MI

Lillian marlene Rau, IN

Lillian Summer, WV

Lillian Tull, MI

Linda Boehm, OH

Linda Cook, IN

Linda Cuzan, FL

Linda Davel, WI

Linda Decker, OH

Linda Govero, MO

Linda Hahn, MI

Linda Houlihan, FL

Linda Kettinger, OH

Linda Klaiber, IN

Linda Maingot, FL

Linda Murphy, FL

Linda Raymond , MO

Linda Savoyard, MI

Linda Zajac, PA

Lindita Kosova, FL

Lindy Greenhalgh, PA

Linette Farmer, KS

Lisa Callaghan, PA

Lisa Goedken, MO

Lisa Mcintire, MO

Lisa Parcha, MI

Liz Kijowski, MO

Ln Lasek, PA

Lnda Geulich , IN

Lnda Goves , IN

Lnda Zajac, PA

Lonnie Hazel, IN

Loren Matthes, IN

Loren Wallace, OH

Lori Gallagher, VA

Lori Kelly, PA

Lori Knapp, OH

Lori Mckenzie, OH

Lori Saunders, MI

Lori Zimprich, ND

Lorna Zemke, WI

Lorraine Mcfee, MI

Lou Alfano, PA

Lou Roskowski, WI

Louis Marcozzi, PA

Louis Miceli, IN

Louis Seymour, MT

Louisa Mick, PA

Louise French, PA

Lourdes Bujan, FL

Lourdes Mestre, FL

Lretta Eanuele , PA

Lrraine Pryhuber, PA

Lucia Boulos, OH

Lucille Bringenberg, PA

Lucinda Papaik, IN

Lucy King, MI

Lucy Wells, MI

Lwrence Cark , IN

Lynda Theut, MI

Lynn Alexander, IN

Lynn Foy, IN

M l Guido herrera, CA

Madalyn Parr, PA

Mae Rehm, AL

Maggie Cappell, LA

Manuel Cruz, FL

Marcia Czarnecki, PA

Marcia Jarecki, IL

Marcia Neumann, OH

Margaret Cooper, OH

Margaret Farney, IN

Margaret Forbes, PA

Margaret Grandelis, WI

Margaret Harris, MO

Margaret Hunter, WV

Margaret Morrow, PA

Margaret Pelcheck, PA

Margaret Spatafore , PA

Margaret Spatafore, PA

Marge Hinson, PA

Marge Kitzmiller, OH

Margery Sayward, IN

Maria Barbiero, NJ

Maria Beltran, MI

Maria Berkemeier, MI

Maria Dahlin, ND

Maria Garcia, TX

Maria Hayes, FL

Maria Jimenez, FL

Maria Letcher, MI

Maria Pirrie, IN

Maria Rispoli, PA

Maria Teixeira, FL

Maria Walloga, FL

Marian Fitzgerald, MI

Marian Quinn, IN

Marian Vandelft, PA

Mariana Sanchez, NY

Mariann Almonte, RI

Marianne Antonelli, PA

Marianne Foote, CA

Marie Aulisio, IN

Marie Clare, OH

Marie Dormanen, ND

Marie Eidam, FL

Marie Grady, PA

Marie Heitkamp, OH

Marie May, MT

Marie Mcguigan, PA

Marie Poppe, FL

Marie Sica, PA

Marie Steve, PA

Marie Ward, FL

Marilyn Stine , ND

Marilyn Loffer, FL

Marilyn Rumbin, OH

Marina Gil, MA

Marina Heredia, FL

Marion Sioma, MI

Marisa Gatti-taylor, WI

Marjorie Kitzmiller, OH

Marjorie Robertson, IN

Mark Boyle, CA

Mark Chuff, PA

Mark Farrell, MA

Mark Fiedler, GA

Mark Forgette, VT

Mark Hosbein, IN

Mark Hrabovsky, MI

Mark Lndholm , IN

Mark Mirr, IA

Mark Rausch, WI

Mark Salamack, FL

Mark Weidemeier, IN

Marlene Brozo, MI

Marlene Mantey, MI

Marshall Griffin, WV

Marta Waters, NY

Martha Castlen, KY

Martha Kersey, CA

Martha Moser, IN

Martha Schumann, MO

Martin Gaddy, MI

Martin Primus, MN

Mary alice Pogue, IN

Mary ann Mcdonnell, PA

Mary Ann Mulkerin, PA

Mary ann Peterschick, ND

Mary ann Suda, PA

Mary beth Norton, OH

Mary beth O'connor, PA

Mary Boden, IN

Mary Brtlett , IN

Mary Burrows, OH

Mary Carbajal, MO

Mary Catena, SC

Mary Cimino, MD

Mary Cleaver, WI

Mary Dapoz, MI

Mary Evans, PA

Mary Foley, NJ

Mary Genualdi, AZ

Mary Griffin, OK

Mary Helba, OH

Mary Hunt, FL

Mary Izor, OH

Mary Jackubowski, PA

Mary jane Favot, MI

Mary jeanne Howard, CA

Mary jo Reiners, OH

Mary jo Zengel, PA

Mary Jones, IN

Mary Kempf, ND

Mary Kerkhoff, KY

Mary Kessler, OH

Mary Lake, IN

Mary Lee Suchyta, MI

Mary lou Gagnon, MI

Mary Mack, MO

Mary Macklin, PA

Mary Maranzano, MI

Mary Mcauliffe, FL

Mary Mcgee, FL


Mary Minnet, FL

Mary Moller, FL

Mary Morgan, IN

Mary Noll, PA

Mary Norris, OH

Mary Osborn, WA

Mary Panzano, PA

Mary Pepe, PA

Mary Politano , PA

Mary Riley, FL

Mary Roslonowski, FL

Mary Russell, FL

Mary Sayre, OH

Mary Schultz, IN

Mary Sherbondy, PA

Mary Smith, OH

Mary Spickler, MO

Mary Sturm, MO

Mary Surrency, FL

Mary Trainor, OH

Mary Vergara, FL

Mary Zovi, WI

Maryann Boaden, OH

Maryann Jacoby, PA

Maryann Mcowen, PA

Maryanne Tucci, FL

Marylou Schneider, FL

Matilde Vasquez, CA

Matthew Fitzgerald, NY

Matthew La victoire, FL

Matthew Pinto, PA

Matthew Stark, MO

Maureen Connolly, PA

Maureen Copan, NC

Maureen Keys, MO

Maureen Kruse, MO

Maureen Lorenz, FL

Maureen Stansell, MD

Maureen Zipf, OH

Maurice Prater, MO

Mchael Grver , MT

Mchael Rchardson , FL

Mchelle Jnes , OH

Megan Whitehead , FL

Megan Whitehead, FL

Melanie O'neill, PA

Melissa Hamel, IN

Melissa Willoughby, PA

Mercedes Cordero, FL

Michael Alberto, PA

Michael Arace, MT

Michael Balchus, FL

Michael Bozek, CA

Michael Brecciano, NY

Michael Brogan, NJ

Michael Clancy, MI

Michael Crossey, MO

Michael Dalton, PA

Michael Dotson, IN

Michael Effner, IN

Michael Fitzpatrick, WI

Michael Gibbs, MI

Michael Hass, MI

Michael Hruz, WI

Michael Janus, PA

Michael Kilday, OH

Michael Lebrun, MT

Michael Leibel, PA

Michael Manocchio, OH

Michael Mcauliffe, MI

Michael Mongan, WI

Michael Morrissey, MI

Michael Murray, FL

Michael O'Donnell, PA

Michael Pandl, WI

Michael Roderick, WV

Michael Schneider, MI

Michael Taulia, IN

Michael Toner, NJ

Michael Weidemeier, IN

Michael Wojta, WI

Michele Comana, MO

Michele Henry, FL

Michelle Reinhardt , ND

Michelle Cherry, PA

Michelle Deffenbaugh , IN

Michelle Evans, WV

Michelle Geraci, FL

Michelle Hunt, MI

Michelle Schaefers, FL

Michelle Trosper, MI

Mick Linsdell, NY

Miguel Denegri, FL

Mike & gigi Obrigewitsch, MI

Mike Effner, IN

Mike Gossman, IN

Mike Raffin, IN

Mike Schultz, VA

Mike Toth, OH

Mildred Sundell, MI

Millicent Butts, WA

Miran Dolinar, OH

Mireya Geilin, FL

Moira Elder, IN

Molly Rudy, MO

Mona Simpson, OH

Monica Shotwell, FL

Monica Higginbotham, IN

Monica Hintz, WI

Monica Mann, MO

Monica Mcdonald, FL

Monica Mohan, WI

Monica Siefker, IN

Monica Staszesky, PA

Monica Wrublewski, OH

Morrow Family, PA

Mrcia Lpford , MI

Mrgaret Azarella , NJ

Mrgaret Digiorgio, FL

Mrgery Sayward, IN

Mria Discoll , FL

Mria Kearns, WI

Mriane Ncosia , NY

Mrie Kdziora , MN

Mrisa Eskamp , PA

Mrk Theobald, MI

Mry Pnzano , PA

Mry Tgue , IA

Mryann Labertew, PA

Muriel Casavant, OH

Myra Weakland, OH

Myriam Acosta, FL

Nan Fagan, PA

Nancy Barrus, MT

Nancy Block, MI

Nancy Boak, PA

Nancy Bohne, FL

Nancy Catalano, OH

Nancy Coenen, WI

Nancy Dolinar, OH

Nancy Finn, PA

Nancy Gibbs, UT

Nancy Hawn, PA

Nancy Jarvis, IL

Nancy Lux, IN

Nancy Marth, PA

Nancy Mcneela, PA

Nancy Sllivan , PA

Natalie Smith, FL

Ncole Yrgelaitis , MI

Nilda S green, FL

Nlson Bandt , MO

Nona Carreca, FL

Nora Allred, MI

Norbert Josten, PA

Norma Depoyan, CA

Norma Puerto, FL

Oscar Corea, FL

P Sterk, WI

Pam Kendig, PA

Pamela Baker, PA

Pamela Glazer, FL

Pamela Kosten, MI

Pat Ferbrache, CA

Pat Lyza, FL

Pat Mueller, MO

Pat Porter, PA

Pat Shento, PA

Pat Sith , MI

Pat Syperski, OH

Pati Pawlik, PA

Patrice Davis, MO

Patricia Bain, ND

Patricia Ryan, FL

Patricia & William Salomone, FL

Patricia Beauchamp, MI

Patricia Blake, MI

Patricia Burns, FL

Patricia Christian, IL

Patricia Cloud, FL

Patricia Crain, TX

Patricia Damico, PA

Patricia Eplit , PA

Patricia Frederick, PA

Patricia Griffiths, FL

Patricia Hatch, PA

Patricia Hatcher, FL

Patricia Hennen, FL

Patricia Kishpaugh, TX

Patricia Morbach, WI

Patricia Schoo, OH

Patricia Sommerville, FL

Patricia Vaningen, MI

Patricia Volz, OH

Patricia Wheeler, ND

Patrick Cain, FL

Patrick Carson, PA

Patrick Durkin, MD

Patrick Laughlin, IN

Patrick Lobo, FL

Patrick Mckelvie, MI

Patrick Myers, PA

Patrick Oconnor, WI

Patrick Salmon, TX

Patrick Walsh, IN

Patty Aponte, FL

Patty Clifford, PA

Patty Hunter, IN

Paul Avizinis, FL

Paul Borchert, MI

Paul Butler, PA

Paul Dqu , NY

Paul Dudenhoeffer, MO

Paul Guyet, FL

Paul Kaiser, FL

Paul Leonard, PA

Paul Levy, MO

Paul Louisell , MI

Paul Louisell, MI

Paul Mcmorris, VT

Paul Migliori, PA

Paul Morris, PA

Paul Predecki, CO

Paul Schmitz, FL

Paul Turk, FL

Paul Wilee, VA

Paul Young, PA

Paula Campbell, FL

Paula Ekman, ND

Paula Gavin, PA

Paula Haas, PA

Paula Lang, MI

Paula Okeefe, FL

Paula Pitino, FL

Paula Shigley, FL

Paulette Haman, ND

Pauline Child, PA

Pauline Gorenchan, MI

Peggy Foos, OH

Peggy Martin, OH

Peggy Schlitz, MI

Penelope Deyong, MO

Perry Kent, OH

Peter Graybash, PA

Peter Konieczka, PA

Philip Grow, PA

Philip Lancaster, FL

Philip Volpe, OH

Phillip Church, OK

Phillip Coblentz, MT

Phyllis Bono, MO

Pj Gidice , PA

Pmela Azato , PA

Pmela Komara, MI

Polly Moses, PA

Priscilla Mcmurtry, PA

Ptricia Brtola , PA

Ptricia Devine, OH

Ptricia Dvine , OH

Ptricia Matons, FL

Ptricia Mnally , IN

Ptrick Lobo, FL

Ptrick Merry, MI

Ptsy Frady, PA

Pul Francis, PA

Pula Wnder , IN

Ralph Stanze, MO

Ramon Roman, PA

Randall Redington, OH

Randall Smith, MO

Randy Kosic, FL

Raul Delgado, FL

Ray David, MI

Rbert Dgney , PA

Rchard Kurpowic, MI

rebecca forness, ND

Rebecca Staunton, MT

Regina Gottel, PA

Regina Ivcic, PA

Rene Beauregard, NC

Renee Foulks, PA

Renee Kunkler, OH

Richard Bergmann, WI

Richard Bochanski, PA

Richard Bosco, FL

Richard Boyer, CO

Richard Cain , NV

Richard Grossi, OH

Richard Haurin, PA

Richard Holdener, WI

Richard Housey, FL

Richard Ives, MN

Richard Keys, MO

Richard Lang, TX

Richard Mcnerney, MO

Richard Meyers, PA

Richard Picolla, FL

Richard Purdon, MO

Richard Quinn, FL

Richard Smartt, OH

Richard Snider, NE

Richard Sweet, AL

Richard Tierney, FL

Rick Lyons, WI

Rick Ringel, MO

Rina Baker, MI

Rita Bettger, MO

Rita Denny, MO

Rita Maher, MI

Rita Mantone, FL

Rita Misero, PA

Rita Schulz, ND

Rita Smith, PA

Rob Naghdi, FL

Robert Rugenski , MI

Robert Anderson, IN

Robert Bohn, ND

Robert Brown, TN

Robert Brtz , PA

Robert Dorn, WI

Robert Gage, MI

Robert Gehring, PA

Robert Giuliano, PA

Robert Gomez, MI

Robert Hentges, MT

Robert Hofmeister, IN

Robert Kantner, OH

Robert Kines, FL

Robert Knueven, OH

Robert Luckie, PA

Robert Martina, OH

Robert Mcowen, PA

Robert Ose, FL

Robert Roger, WV

Robert Solomon, MD

Robert Soper, FL

Robert Thomas, WV

Robert Webb, MI

Roberta Mason, FL

Robett Jann, PA

Robin Mallozzi, PA

Rochellej Spicher, MT

Rodney Hubbard, ND

Rodney Mills, PA

Ron Cousineau, MI

Ron Francesangelo, OH

Ron Greulich, IN

Ron Murgatroyd, OH

Ron Panzer, MI

Ronald Abner, FL

Ronald Boak, PA

Ronald Horvath, MI

Ronald Pray, WV

Rosalina Aglialoro-hoyle, OK

Rosanna Iaconis, MI

Rose Crotty, ND

Rose Effertz, FL

Rose Klein, WI

Rose Mckeown, PA

Rose McKown, TX

Rose Rambacher, OH

Rose Rath, OH

Rose Sutter, MI

Rosemarie Colon, NJ

Rosemarie Haugh, PA

Rosemary Connolly, PA

Rosemary Hppman , PA

Rosemary Lorenz, PA

Ross Moodie, CA

Roxane Salonen, ND

Rse Kein , WI

Ruth Aretz, IN

Ruth Shea, OH

Ruth Tello, FL

Ruzil Cuizon, MI

Sally Lusignan, GA

Sally Wagner, MI

Sam Nigro, OH

Sam Ranelli, AL

Samantha Krysick, PA

San Pendrak, PA

Sandra Klahn, IN

Sandra Klemens, FL

Sandra Koepfler, OH

Sandra Toledano, CT

Sandra Wedel, MT

Sandra Wulfekuhle, MT

Sandy Denis, ND

Sandy Rausch, MO

Sara Rosati, PA

Sarah Bird, PA

Saron Feeman , FL

Scott Rdden , MI

Scott Riggs, MO

Serena Maclean, MI

Shannon Brown, PA

Shannon Clement, FL

Shareen Avery, OH

Shari Laster, MO

Sharleen Close, TN

Sharon Mangello, PA

Sharon Bannon, MI

Sharon Furyesz, PA

Sharon Poppenhouse, OH

Sharon Powell, IN

Sharon Talerico, IN

Sharon Vandevender, MO

Shawn Dnohue , MI

Shawn Oneill, VA

Shelley Schultz, WI

Shelly Butler, SC

Sherine De silva, NY

Sherri Berardi, FL

Sherry Davison, NY

Shirl Gray, PA

Shirley Madden, OH

Shirley Vuille, FL

Shirley Widomski, PA

Silvia Mndive , FL

Silvia Williams, OH

Sister marysia Weber, MO

Slvia Crrasco , CA

Sondra Gorius, WI

Sondra Kluba, MO

Sonya Arellano, OH

Soraya Nowland, MI

Ssan Zkas , OH

Stacey Manzi, FL

Stacey Walsh, ND

Stacie Booth, MI

Stanley Andrews, VA

Stasia Todd, FL

Stephanie Attaway, MO

Stephanie Belgeri, IL

Stephanie Koebel, OH

Stephanie Konieczka, PA

Stephanie Pytlowanyj, MI

Stephanie Tobin, PA

Stephen Goodman, IN

Stephen Kasprow, OH

Stephen Mcbee, WV

Stephen Rouhana, MI

Stephen Rudolph, WI

Steve Harasimiak, PA

Steve Hemmert, OH

Steve Roper, PA

Steven Becker, WI

Steven Cessna, LA

Steven Drake, OH

Steven Jones, MD

Steven Timm, WI

Sue Dondelewski, OH

Sue Lawn, WI

Sue Miller, MI

Susan Benda, SD

Susan Bonner, FL

Susan David, PA

Susan Gutman, OH

Susan Heisler, FL

Susan Johnson, OH

Susan Kelley, FL

Susan Mcinerney, PA

Susan Misinec, OH

Susan Olbrantz, WI

Susan Palazzolo, MI

Susan Pilarski, MI

Susan Rahman, MI

Susan Rix, MO

Susan Sotak , MI

Susan Watkins, PA

Susan Wlters , MI

Susan` Lefebvre, PA

Suzanne Fsher , MI

Suzanne Howarth, PA

Suzanne Rehm , PA

Suzanne Ziegelhofer, OH

Suzette Weaver, OH

Sylvia Kozak, WI

Sylvia Kronz, FL

Synthia Karpack, MI

Szanne Cudill , KY

Tad Miller, MI

Tammy Dunigan, FL

Tamra Gombas, NJ

Terence Garrity, IN

Teresa Arellanes, IN

Teresa Freisthler, OH

Teresa Gamez, MO

Teresa Pratt, MI

Teresa Wilson, KY

Terry Malesky, MO

Terry Mcguigan, PA

Terry Murray, MI

Terry Nlson , CA

Terry Smith, MO

Terry Trombley, MI

Tffany Cester , IN

Thelma Mrquard , OH

Theodore Ciasto, IN

Theresa David, PA

Theresa Pellerito, MI

Theresa Richter, FL

Theresa Schneider, OH

Theresa Selenske, WI

Theresa Smith, IL

Therese Lenzini, MI

Therese Mensah, MI

Thomas Brown, PA

Thomas Burdick, CA

Thomas Castillo, WI

Thomas Contento, FL

Thomas Grikepelis, OH

Thomas Grimestad, ND

Thomas Gruber, OH

Thomas Hemphill, PA

Thomas Hermansky, MD

Thomas Leduc, MI

Thomas Magnuson, NE

Thomas Mc donald, WI

Thomas Mcgreevy, CA

Thomas Messe, FL

Thomas Moresi, MO

Thomas Noreen, MT

Thomas Nypaver, PA

Thomas O’donnell, FL

Thomas Senn, OH

Thomas Sracic, WI

Thomas Strelchun, PA

Thomas Taylor, PA

Thomas Widomski, PA

Tia Klein, MI

Tim Carr, PA

Tim and louise Stebbins, FL

Tim Carr, PA

Tim Waterhouse, CA

Timothy Brill, PA

Toby Schweitzer, ND

Todd Braun, ND

Tom Drapeau, RI

Tom Flikowski , FL

Tom Fumich, OH

Tomas Hland , IN

Tomeka Walker, AL

Tony Stalford, OH

Traci Kirk, FL

Trisha Breker, ND

valeria seroka, PA

Valerie Mccarney, NY

Vanessa Kashat, MI

Vera Jnowiak , IN

Veronica Danahy, PA

Veronica Sandison, MI

Vicki Nolan, FL

Victor Ippoliti, IN

Victor Taglianetti, CA

Victor Vincent, PA

Victoria Gisondi, PA

Victoria Mcgrath, PA

Victoria Petry, OH

Vincent Bowers, FL

Vincent Feck, IN

Vincent Knipfing, FL

Violeta Gomez, FL

Virginia Duhon, LA

Virginia Fiume, PA

Virginia Losoya, TX

Virginia Salm, WI

Vronica Tarry, FL

Vvallj Uruh , PA

W Dunn, SC

W.J. Graves, OH

Walter Bell, PA

Walter Winton, FL

Warren Messmann, IN

Wendi Wallace, MI

Wendy Bane, IN

Wendy Mader, IN

Wesley Cummins, MO

William Ashbaugh, MI

William Gallagher, IL

William George, PA

William Higgins, FL

William Kessinger, OH

William Lorenz, FL

William Mcknight, PA

William Patterson, MT

William Pincus, NC

William Pzzutti , FL

William Trefz, PA

William Williams, PA

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