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No one seemed to care at the clinic

I was 24 years old, single and my boyfriend wanted the abortion. Knowing that we were nowhere near the levels of getting married, as we were only dating four months. I felt it was the best decision at the time. I still had stronger feeling for another man.

The clinic didn't really offer any guidance. I wish that I had sought out counseling first.

The procedure itself was very "cold" and "sterile". I felt so alone and simply couldn't stop shaking and sobbing. No one seemed to care at the clinic.

As the past 4 1/2 years have gone by, I have remorse for having the abortion. The guilt is almost unbearable sometimes, as I am unable to share this with my husband because I'm not sure he could handle the news. I have my own healthy baby now and another on the way and it made me realize what I've given up.

To deal with the abortion, I just finished a 9-week session called RETURN. It's a counseling program I found through the Catholic Church I belong to. It has helped me tremendously because I understand I am forgiven and my child is with God.

The abortion made me realize you need to look at the "big" picture in life and not just the moment on all decisions that are as major as this one. It's something I have to live with everyday until die.

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