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I'm angry about the lies that were told to me

I was getting a divorce and had two children. I was led to believe by the abortion chamber that if I did not abort the child I was carrying I would lose the two I already had. The father of this child was not the man I was divorcing. I did not care. A friend who had an abortion said it was no BIG DEAL! She has been in a mental institution since a number of times!

It was scary, sad, painful, demeaning, life threatening (high blood pressure). Drugs, drinking, suicide, infection, no children, miscarriage! It was a nightmare for me!

I tried to kill myself. I couldn't even look at a newborn for years. I still have trouble with it today (10 years later). I cry for my child. I love her and want her. I'm angry about the lies that were told to me. I'm angry with the government that continues to promote and protect these lies.

[What do I do now?] Pray, Cry, Pray, Cry, Pray, Cry, Talk, Pray, Cry. I spent years crying. Now I'm angry! I called the abortion chamber to help me but they wanted nothing to do with me. Their records do not report that I had any problems! 100 percent - BULL!!

For one thing, I've always wanted a big family. That's not possible. I think I treasure the children I have more. It also wasted about 7 years of my life. 7 years before I could look myself or anyone in the face again. But for the grace of God, I am alive and well! Abortion did not solve my problems, it only created a 7 year long nightmare for me! It still isn't over. It never will be! NEVER! My baby is dead and we killed her! I will never be the same, never be quite as happy as I once was. My baby is always there in my mind and heart. I finally had to tell my family - my mother cried, my daughter cried for two days and asked me endless questions I could not answer!

There is an empty place at our table - a bed not slept in, someone missing on holidays. My son encouraged me to talk to teens about abortion and I have done that. However, it is easier to believe a lie than the truth and I wonder if it even helps anyone.

I've answered surveys before. I've written letters to newspapers. I've confronted the people who own the abortion chamber. There never seem to be any results. The papers won't listen. When channels interviewed me they gave more coverage to the chamber who said no one has ever had any problems at their clinic! I went to that clinic and they (TV station) never even told them that, that was where I had my abortion! I had problems--- BIG ONES! So the LIE LIVES ON!

Thanks for listening. Try to get the truth out.

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