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Updates on Fr. Frank Pavone’s Recovery
from Heart Surgery


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Final Update: Monday, July 12

Update: Sunday, July 11

Just Ask Janet presents Fr. Frank Pavone "Road to Recovery"

Update: Tuesday, July 6

Below is a video update from Fr. Frank Pavone for July 6, 2021

Update: Thursday, June 24

Below is a video update from Fr. Frank Pavone for June 24, 2021

Update: Friday, June 18


I just got back from the cardiologist, who continues to be pleased with my progress. I don’t have to go back to see him again until December, and he said I’m on track to be back to normal activities after the full 8-week recovery period (that is, in the middle of July).

I also was given today by my staff a big stack of new greeting cards that have come in from many of you all around the country. Thank you! I will enjoy reading through them this weekend.

As you can see in this photo, I also put on my MAGA hat again the other day. And I’m standing next to the poster we used for the pro-life coalition during the 2020 Campaign for President Trump. It was one of the greatest privileges of my life to serve as the National Co-Chair of “Pro-life Voices for Trump.”

As I am regaining my strength – and even more than I had before – my determination is also doubling and tripling to continue to nurture the “MAGA” movement, which is key for the future of America, and for which we owe continued gratitude to President Donald J. Trump, who remains the most significant and influential force in American politics.


Fr. Frank

Update: Monday, June 14


Yesterday began Week 5 of my 8-week recovery period, and you see me in this photo for the first time back in my clerical attire! (Not that I’m wearing it every day just yet… but I have been able at times to hop on a couple of brief video interviews, and people have been quite happy to see me.)

Each day during recovery, an increasingly long set of walks is prescribed for each day. Today – and all this week – it is a 25-minute brisk walk two times a day. The walks are going well; I’m not even getting tired at the end of them. So that’s another good sign.

And my appetite is great too…

Today is President Trump’s birthday, and I’m sending him the good wishes that so many of you have expressed. During this recovery period – and as we get closer to the Fourth of July – I find my convictions only deepening that we have lived through one of the greatest presidencies in our history under President Trump, and that it is time to learn even more deeply his philosophy, the secrets of his accomplishments, and the direction that he continues to lead the Republican Party and the nation. He has set the tone for the future. America First. God, not Government. Family, not bureaucracy. And Freedom, not tyranny.

Thank you for your commitment to defend Life, and to defend America! And thanks for your continued prayers for my full recovery. I’ll be back to full strength in just a few weeks, and then – who knows what happens!!!!!!!

Fr. Frank

Update: Thursday, June 10


In the photo for today, you see a portion of the many cards that keep coming in from so many of you around the country who follow and support our pro-life ministry of Priests for Life. Thank you for the numerous remembrances in prayer, words of encouragement, and assurances of support, financial and otherwise!

Along with the many cards, I am holding in my hand in this photo some of the printed messages that have come in via our website and email.

My healing continues to progress. As is expected, there’s still discomfort, and some minimal pain, throughout the chest area as the body continues to heal. I cannot yet offer the televised Mass, because that requires moving my arms up and out to an extent that I’m not yet supposed to do until the breastbone heals a bit more.

But all is going according to plan.

Meanwhile, I’m spending a little time in my Priests for Life office each day. The surgeon told me I can do some work each day until I feel tired, and then just need to stop and rest. The key to the recuperation process is not to cease all activity, but to have the right balance between rest and activities that I am able to do.

This Saturday the 12th will mark the halfway point in the recuperation process, namely, four weeks since discharge from the hospital.

Blessings to all!

Fr. Frank

Update: Wedneday, June 9


This week I had an appointment with the surgeon and also with my primary care physician and they both said I am doing very well in my recovery. This is still a period of time, four weeks after the heart surgery, when the body is still adjusting. Internal inflammation and irritation is still subsiding; the breastbone is still healing. But the heart is functioning better than ever!

The surgeon cleared me for a little bit more activity, but, of course, not yet fully back to normal.

I was able to drive my car a little bit in the parking lot yesterday for the first time since surgery. The doctor said I could start getting used to that again for short trips.

You also see me sitting here at my desk in my office, to which I visited for the first time just the other day! I am not back there yet full-time for ordinary work but I have stopped in several times now to see the staff and to get acclimated again to those familiar surroundings.

Thanks for the ongoing prayers and good wishes! Hearing from each of you means so much and is such a great encouragement! It was also very nice, in the course of this journey, to get a phone call from Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle! God bless them both for what they and their family do for this country!

Father Frank

Update: Saturday, June 5


I continue to progress well in my recuperation after surgery. I saw my cardiologist again, and he is continuing to keep an eye on my heart rhythms as the heart settles back to normal after its valve repair.

Meanwhile, I’ll be seeing the surgeon on Monday.

The incision continues to heal well, and each day I am continuing with the appointed regimen of exercises, walks, and, of course, proper rest.

I had the chance to visit my Priests for Life office yesterday for the first time since the May 11th surgery. It was great to see the staff. I’m not back there for work, but being in those familiar settings is a help along the road to normalcy. I took a good walk on the property as is my habit each day I’m there during the course of the year.

Cards, emails and other messages keep pouring in, and I am grateful for all of them. (And I also have a message for those not-so-friendly visitors to our site who, unable to refute our pro-life message, ask off-topic questions like, “Who is your bishop?”, my answer is, “I wouldn’t know – I haven’t heard from him at all during the course of my surgery or recovery.” Meditate on that.)

Meanwhile, to all of you sane folks and friends, I can assure you our Priests for Life team is working at full speed, keeping all the projects going, and making me feel confident as I recover. Praise the Lord as we move forward in the victory of Life!

Fr. Frank

Update: Wednesday, May 26

A video update from Fr. Frank during his continued recovery from surgery:

Update: Monday, May 24

A video update from Fr. Frank during his continued recovery from surgery:

Update: Thursday, May 20

Hi, Friends! I’m happy to tell you that my recovery from surgery continues to progress well. Thank you for the many expressions of prayer and support that so many of you have been sending! You certainly know how to make me smile and to increase my own gratitude to the Lord for the great mission he has given me and my team here at Priests for Life.

My release from the hospital this past Saturday begins an eight week recovery period before getting back full force to my normal activities. During this time, the body is in a process of returning to normal. The first two weeks are particularly important, as the body builds up again the strength it had before. This includes building strong blood, healing the incisions, strengthening the lungs, reducing any inflammation that has occurred, re-establishing a normal sleep pattern, and much more.

I continue to be in contact with the cardiac nurses and doctors who have been helping me, so that they can guide me to make sure I’m doing the right things each day. It is, for a while, a different way of life, where certain ordinary things are not yet permitted – like driving, lifting heavier objects, placing one’s hands above the head or behind the back, etc.

It also involves days where there’s more pain than other days (yesterday was one such day).

In short, it’s a period that can’t be rushed, even if I’m feeling good.

But each day involves some little improvements – and also involves lots of strength and blessings coming from your prayers and encouraging messages. For instance, this morning I was on a call with some members of Congress about pro-life matters, and Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy began by expressing prayers and good wishes to me in this recovery period. For that I am very grateful.

So thank you! We are moving forward. And each day, we are moving our country forward to protect our youngest brothers and sisters, the children in the womb!

Thank you for what you do for them, as well as for me and Priests for Life.


Fr. Frank Pavone


Update: Monday, May 17

A video update from Fr. Frank during his continued recovery from surgery: Day six after surgery:

Update: Saturday, May 15

Fr. Frank has been released from the hospital. He is so grateful for your prayers and messages. See his video update outside of the hospital at

Update: Wednesday May 14, 12 pm ET

Fr Frank is alert and well, is resting, and is following his doctors’ orders. Below he is with Mark Valonzo, Chief Technology Officer, and Janet Morana, Executive Director, who are giving him an update about the fact that the work of Priests for Life is not skipping a beat! More photos.

Update: Wednesday May 12, 10:30 AM: Prayers for Fr. Frank are Being Answered!  He is Making a Remarkable Recovery!

Though he is still in pain from his open heart surgery yesterday, Fr. Frank Pavone is recovering very quickly, his doctors said. He attributes this quick recovery to the tens of thousands of prayers being said for him around the world, and also to his great medical team.

This morning he ate solid food for the first time (French Toast) and also began physical therapy. He was able to sit up in a chair, stand up straight and even take a short walk down the hospital corridor. 

His surgeon, Dr. Kevin Accola, examined him and said his heart murmur is now completely gone, due to the successful repair of his mitral valve. He also said Fr. Frank was doing so well that he might be discharged as early as Saturday. A nurse on the floor said: “If all our patients progressed as quickly as Fr. Pavone we’d be out of a job!” And another physician on duty, Dr. Adriana Otto, said to Fr. Frank: “You have to leave the ICU unit today- because this floor is only for sick people!”

Notwithstanding this good news, we ask that prayers for Fr. Frank continue, as he is still experiencing much pain and has a long way to go before he is fully recovered. 

Update for May 11, 2021 5:15 pm ET: Fr Frank’s Open Heart Surgery is Successful!

“He’s absolutely fine!” said Dr Kevin Accola, following the operation.

Though he is still in the ICU unit and will be for tonight and most of tomorrow, Fr. Frank is on the road to recovery.

Janet Morana, Executive Director of Priests for Life, said that Fr. Frank was “in very good spirits” and was “eager to thank all the people around the world who have been praying for him.”

He made the following comments after his breathing tubes were removed:

“Today has been quite a day. I was on a heart lung machine for 87 minutes. They stopped my heart and then started it back up again. This is actually the second time in my life my heart has started beating. The first time was about 18 days after conception, the second time was just a few hours ago. My heart— which is now fully repaired— is full of love and gratitude for all of you. Thank you so much.”

May 11 Video 2: Heading to Operating Room

Update of May 11, 2021 

Hello Friends, today is surgery day. Thank you so much for all of your prayers. I am as well armed with prayers as with any kind of medications. Please pray also for Bryan Kemper who is having surgery on his knee today.

The motto of Advent Health is "To extend the healing ministry of Christ." The Lord himself guides us in the preservation of life.

This is also National Nurses Week. We wish the best to all nurses.

When you think about the amazing progress of modern medicine, it makes you ask a simple question. If we can do such miraculous things for the preservation of life, how is it that we are still unable to end the killing of life and the abuse of medicine with abortion? It has to stop!

As we are reminded of the marvels of modern medicine let's recommit ourselves to ending abortion.

Please watch my videos above from the hospital.

Fr. Frank Pavone

Update of May 7, 2021

Hi, Friends! Today I had my pre-op visit and testing at the hospital, and all went well. It took a far shorter time than anticipated, and it looks like all systems are go for the surgery on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, many people are sending prayers and good wishes, and I thank you for that.

Some asked why “open heart” surgery instead of the less invasive approach, and the reason is simply that the surgeon says that in my case he will be able to do a better job on the repair using the open heart approach.

Some people have also contacted me because they heard my name on a prayer list for the sick and wondered what was wrong. That’s where this page can come in handy… feel free to share with others that they will find the latest detailed updates right here at

And finally, many were asking what time the surgery is on Tuesday morning. I am scheduled for 7:30am.

This weekend I am getting some extra rest, as well as preparing some instructions for our staff in various departments for projects they will be working on as I recover.


Fr. Frank Pavone

Update of April 20, 2021

I want to share with our Priests for Life Family today an update on a surgery I am scheduled to have on May 11th.

In the course of my routine annual physical exam recently, my doctor found evidence of “mitral valve regurgitation,” whereby a valve in the heart leaks some of the blood back into the chamber from which it came.

Subsequently, my cardiologist confirmed that there is damage to the valve (called “flail leaflet”) that needs to be repaired. This is due to a congenital condition.

I would have never known this, because I feel great and have no symptoms whatsoever.

But the valve needs to be repaired, lest it cause further damage. The prognosis is excellent; once the surgery and several weeks of recovery are complete, I am expected to resume the full range of my normal activities.

Even through the weeks of my recovery, I’ll be communicating regularly with my team and with you. To use an apt analogy, Priests for Life will not skip a beat.

You’ll be able to find updates here at and on all my social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Parler.

You may also leave your comments on the form below and see video updates in the window.

I am happy to share with you this statement from my cardiologist.


Statement from Dr. Brian K Dublin, M.D.

Father Pavone has mitral valve disease that will require surgical repair. He is tentatively scheduled for a mitral valve repair with an expert cardiothoracic surgeon. The technique for the surgery has been refined over decades and he is expected to make a full recovery. Eventually his functional capacity should improve above his current baseline.

Thanks in advance for all the prayers and good wishes, and for being part of the Priests for Life Family!

Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director, Priests for Life


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