Prayer and Fasting to End the Evils of Abortion and Planned Parenthood



Oración por el Arrepentimiento

y la Misericordia

Oración por la Conversión

de Planned Parenthood

Oración por

defensores pro-vida

Prayer for Defunding Planned Parenthood
Oración por nuestros Funcionarios PúblicosOración por los heridos por AbortoOración para Desfinanciar el Programa de Planned Parenthood


Campaign of Prayer and Fasting


Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life and President of the National Pro-life Religious Council has initiated a campaign of prayer and fasting with the specific intention of ending abortion in the United States and ending the evils perpetrated by Planned Parenthood.

Periodically, there are nationwide protests at Planned Parenthood. The prayers above should be prayed regularly and used at the various protests across the Country.

Watch a video message from Fr. Frank about protesting Planned Parenthood.

The Body of Christ is urged to pray and fast in ways consistent with their own denomination's theology and spirituality.

Please consider making a spiritual bouquet. Some examples of a spiritual bouquet could be pledging to pray ten rosaries, offer ten Masses, make five acts of sacrifice, or do three holy hours.

Prayer is the foundation of all we do in the pro-life movement, and we invite you to join tens of thousands of others who are offering, each day, a prayer of commitment to build a culture of life. When you pray the various Prayers to End the Evil of Planned Parenthood, you are joining your heart to tens of thousands of prayer warriors for life.

We invite Christians of every denomination to join in this prayer campaign, and to let us know that they are doing so.

We must use every chance we get to advance the cause of life, and prayer is our most powerful weapon!

The primary sponsor of the prayer campaign is Priests for Life and the National Pro-life Religious Council, and they are joined by a coalition of 27 national and pro-life groups (see below). Churches are asked to utilize and promote these prayers among their congregations and are asked to announce from the pulpit and on their websites.

Those who are participating are asked to sign up on the form below.

Priests for Life Presbyterians Pro-lifeAmericans United for Life
Faith and ActionCatholics Called to WitnessTubman Truth
Gospel of Life MinistriesEvangelical Church AllianceHispanics for Life
National Pro-life Religious CouncilJill Stanek ( Foundation
National Clergy CouncilAmerican Life LeagueCitizens for a Pro-Life Society
National Pro-life CenterPro-Life Action MinistriesMissouri Blacks for Life
Charismatic Episcopal Church for LifeLifeNews.comLife Coalition International
Lutherans for LifeLife Issues InstituteDay Gardner, National Black Pro-Life Union
Sidewalk Advocates for LifeLifeSiteNews.comChildren First
National Institute of Family and Life AdvocatesConservative Congregational Christian ConferenceCoalition on Abortion Breast Cancer
See videos exposing the evils of Planned Parenthood at
Please let us know that you are taking part in the Prayer and Fasting Campaigns by filling out the form below. Thank you for your participation!


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