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Women who have had Abortions

I have learned the hard way

Why I Tried To Kill My Child

Slamming into a brick wall emotionally

My 16 years of guilt

I fooled myself

I can never forgive myself

The nightmare continues

I am permanently changed

What I saw in someone else

Doctor was very mean

I didn't like the way I felt

A horrible experience

I never got over it

It drives me crazy

The abortion has affected my mind

It made my son's life lonesome and mine regretful

I have never felt so guilty

I cried for days

I was not given information

I was happier before

It drove me crazy

A big mistake

It was horrible to go through

Nobody else seems to care

I couldn't do it again

Not enough counseling

The abortion was horrible

Still alone and depressed

I felt I should suffer for what I did

My body was again violated

What am I pushing, it’s just some cells?!

No comfort or compassion

Five years from hell

I was raped

The father hasn’t spoken to me since

Enormous anxiety and depression

Saw countless numbers of girls

I feel below everyone else

Still feel shame for it

Most traumatic experience of my life

I call that day the birth/death day of my child

Every March, I grieve

The whole event became a nightmare

I know what it's like to hate myself

No mention of a life

A murder was committed

It made me weaker in my self-worth

Years of suffering and depression

I began to smoke and drink

Like cattle

Letter to a hospital

The staff was very uncaring

I tried to kill myself twice

The abortion will stay with me for the rest of my life

How devastating the end result is

He seemed so evil

The doctor doesn't even treat you like a human

A frightful and sorrowful experience

It was a real "back alley" experience

I still grieve terribly it has been sixty years

I suffered from low-self esteem

Tremendous guilt

Most traumatic experience of my life

I felt my baby panic

I was given ten minutes to decide

I am still left with the guilt

I do not remember being given a choice

It was an act of revenge

I felt cheap

I was pregnant at the age of 16

It yanked the baby out of me

I regret it even today

Normal life? Never again!

We got into arguments a lot after the abortion

I hated it

I will never get another one

The worst experience

I felt alone

Put it Out of My Mind

Terrible thing I did

Very cold and cruel


Pressured by my mom

The baby was murdered in a horrible way

It’s too late

I was desperate

I am now affected daily


Pain never leaves those who had abortion

It grieves me to remember

It still upsets me

I have lost hope

Everyone was upset

I suppressed it all

Very traumatic

My heart still aches

The abortion killed me emotionally

I attempted suicide

I haven’t gotten pregnant since

I never knew who the child would have been

It hurt a lot


My family gets angry

Nothing pleasant

It is a dangerous, destructive procedure


My heart is broken

I had the feeling of being herded like cattle at slaughter

I had murdered my own child

No one seemed to care at the clinic

I wish I could take back what I have done

My boyfriend did not want me to have the abortion

The worst experience in my life

I was treated like cattle

I would never abort another

I was raped and forced to have the abortion

My boyfriend did not want a baby


I built a big brick wall around my heart

The doctors and nurses have no emotion

I still hear them screaming

A vacuum response to a miracle

The abortion left me bitter and hard

When I see a baby I remember what I did to mine

I killed what was part of me too

It was painful and depressing

I was never able to forget

I could feel the doctor pull the baby

My husband and I have deep regrets

My Babies were Martyrs

No one laughed.

Freedom to lose

Even colors looked different to me

That day 16 years ago, still is crystal clear today

I refused to deal with it for many years

The lady doctor casually snacked on a package of nuts

Abortion Testimony by Rachel Durr

Quick, secretive and ugly

Something I tried desperately to stuff away

I found out that I had cervical cancer

Selfish decision based on fear

The abortion almost cost me my life

A Place To Grieve

I'm not pregnant anymore

Reflections on an aborted child

I never had any children and now it's too late

Extreme distrust of doctors

I was not given enough information

I have lived in quiet despair

Unpleasant, sad, and unnecessary


I don’t go a day without thinking about it

Decided not to ever do it again

We all feel guilty, especially me

My abortion wasn’t successful the first time

I still think about it

I’m just very sorry

My life hasn’t been right since

It was the worst thing I have ever done

I hated that we were married and I wasn't pregnant

I was left in a room alone and I was scared

The abortion was very painful and I fainted

I don't feel right


I cried and cried after he told me I had cancer

My heart seemed to stop and then go on beating somewhere far away

I miss Kara -- that’s her name

I wanted to be punished for what I was doing

Death hit you in the face the moment you walked through the front entrance

They didn't tell me I could miscarry future babies or become sterile

I would sleep all day and have suicidal thoughts

Anger and bitterness was a part of me

The mental part of it is the worst

My first boyfriend never got over the abortion

I wanted to drive into the freeway wall

I was awake during the murder

I remember crying out as I felt my baby leave my womb

Sad, scared, lonely

My baby was sixteen weeks old

I had difficulty in long term relationships

I have a daughter who would be 50 years old

Nobody warned me of the psychological damage

I wanted it stopped

It is not worth it

I tried to get away

I can’t feel joy anymore.

There was no concern or compassion

I wish I had my child

We never said much

Something that I will never forget or get over

It was very painful with nothing to show for my suffering

I wish I had more time to make my decision

Made me feel real bad

It made me feel miserable

I realize life is so much more than a choice

Some days it helps not to think about it

I will never make the same choice twice

I still think about the baby that was growing inside of me

Painful, emotionally and physically

I felt my mind slipping away

I’m still troubled from it and that has been six years ago

It really hurts when I am around small children

I know I’ll never have my first born and I regret it

I wished I wouldn’t have done it

It was an incomplete abortion

I felt upset at myself because of taking another life

It made me open my eyes to life and death

I was numb

My husband and I felt incredibly bad

I know some choices are forever

I have told no one for 16 years

I call it murder

My Abortion Story

The most horrible experience I have ever had

I tried to numb my pain and loss with drugs and alcohol

I just hope I don't go insane

I was completely and helplessly overridden with guilt for ten years

A Former Wiccan's Testimony

I had an abortion at five months along

I still buy baby gifts for my child

I began drinking heavily

The people at the clinic were very cold

I cried for my friend's helpless baby

I was only 16

The fact remains you took a life

One less child

Not ready for a child

I haven’t been able to have another child

Letter to an unborn child

Horrifying abortion

I was given another chance

I never talked about it

I would never do it again

I could hardly walk

Nightmares becoming real

I Still Regret it

I Knew Her Name

I want my child to be proud of me

I don't know what hurt more, my surgery or my heart

I really hoped that I would die

Excerpts from Gloria Swanson's Abortion

The pain won’t go away even after 16 years

I aborted and then my marriage failed

I live with the ghost

I get really sad

I struggle with my own worth

It was a numbing and heartless experience

Everything I was told was a lie

I tried to kill myself as punishment

I feel a void in my life

I went against my will

A horrible, disgusting, unmerciful thing

I blocked it out

It created a huge wall

Can I Sue?

I still cry

I feel it has destroyed my life

Emotionally devastating

A letter to God

Lies, lies, lies

Depressed and confused

Mother's Day

A very sad and lonely life

The abortion was awful


Pain and bad memories

It will never leave my head

I wished I didn't do it

Painful and stressful

I felt like a "baby killer"

I have many regrets

I felt that I was marked

A nightmare waiting to wake up

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