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Every time the vacuum was used I thought about how my baby died

How did you come to have the abortion(s) and who was involved?

I was expecting my 3rd child, fear of financial problems. My other 2 were in day care and I worked. I was married but we both worked and were trying to save for a house, etc. My husband didn’t want me to have an abortion. I was stubborn and thought that it would make life easier on everyone. I went to the clinic. They told me that it was common for women (career women) to have abortions and that I would be fine, that it would not be hard.

How would you describe your abortion(s)?

Very painful. I was very misinformed about the after effects, the emotional and physical complications. I was deceived by all I had read or heard in my medical referrals to have an abortion. It was a rough procedure. I bled a lot there and after I got home. I was hurried out the door shortly afterward. I knew as soon as my uterus was violated that I had participated in a murder. My spirit fragmented and the evil that was in that clinic came in all around me. I lost my mind.

How did your abortion(s) affect you and others?

I had a severe emotional collapse. I was thinking of killing myself. I cried every day for a year or more. I did not get along with anyone too well. I was not a very good mother. I had marriage problems that led to a divorce. I felt like I hated the world. I suffered nightmares, bad thoughts while awake. Every time the vacuum was used I thought about how my baby died. I wanted another baby. I did get pregnant approximately one year after the abortion and had a replacement baby. I grieved for years.

Please describe what you have done to deal with your abortion(s), and whether it helped.

I got close to God, prayed, asked him to help me. I started going to a church that deals with broken people, they prayed for and counseled me till I got my life back together. The early years I plain suffered and lived from day to day unhappy even after I had another baby. I called a hot line but it was not manned by Christians. It was secular and the advice they gave me was worthless. They said just to forget I ever had an abortion.

How do you think your abortion(s) changed your life?

It totally had my life wrecked for close to 8 years. Thank God, I got the right kind of help! I am now involved in a ministry that reaches out to the post-abortion victim.

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