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There is so much remorse…

I had my abortion because I did not want my boyfriend to marry me because he had wanted . . . to marry me because he loved me. Also, I did not want to jeopardize my career. I simply did not want a child at the time. My boyfriend and I were the only ones involved.

A lot of counseling about the procedure first. I believe it was the suction method. It was over in about seven minutes. It was painful, but not terrible pain. No counseling at all to keep the baby or on fetal development before.

It affected me TERRIBLY! For 8 Years I suffered post abortion syndrome and was suicidal, depressed, guilt ridden, mentally unstable; I also had continuous crying spells!! Very low self esteem, bad dreams and flashbacks also.

Counseled with another woman who had an abortion from WEBA, (Women Exploited By Abortion). Attended a few "after abortion" support group sessions. Educated myself on Post Abortion Syndrome symptoms. Also became involved in pro life activities. Yes, it has helped me tremendously. Also, became a Christian.

The abortion devastated me!! There is so much remorse and regret in my life for the abortion. For all those years I have hated myself to the point where I came very, very close to suicide. Finally, I decided to speak out and try to stop this terrible, terrible thing that is killing babies and destroying women.

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