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President Trump Announces 2024 Campaign

Dear Friends,

Are you ready to continue to advance the protection of the unborn and the defense of America?

If so, please sign up with our Prolife MAGA movement on the button on this page, and see our action page at the other button.

President Trump led the greatest Presidential administration in our history, and now leads the greatest political movement in our history. The America First, or MAGA movement, is much more than a political campaign. Rather, it represents the love that we all have for this country and the principles on which it is founded.

As such, it is a movement which continues on well beyond any one President, and we need your help.

Once you indicate on the signup form the kinds of activities you want to do, we will keep in contact with you to provide relevant information on how to carry out such activities.

Thanks, friends. Don’t be distracted by anything. Let’s move forward with confidence in our message, our mission, and the resiliency of our great American system of government.

We look forward to working with you to advance the culture of life!

With prayers,

Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone
National Director

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