"Priests for Life has the most effective political impact of any Catholic apostolate in our country."
– Dr. Deal Hudson (Director, Catholic Outreach, Presidential campaigns of George W. Bush)

Statement from Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your commitment to our national political process.

President Donald J. Trump has revolutionized American politics, increased the numbers of citizens who vote, and given new strength to believers and pro-life people.

We have to educate people about his accomplishments, and defend on build on them.

On this page, therefore, you will see that I am calling for a ProLife MAGA movement that will work to defend the unborn, and as part of that, will work to expose Democrat corruption, in their policies and in elections, and will help our fellow citizens build upon President Trump’s accomplishments.

Make America Great Again is not just a campaign slogan. It is a vision, a set of convictions, a whole way of thinking and fighting, which, as the President has said, has just begun.

Please join us!

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director

The Latest

Get the beautiful picture book “Our Journey Together” by President Donald J. Trump at www.45Books.com . Take an inspiring journey through his presidency, with a front row seat to his historic accomplishments.

See the interview-style rally of President Trump with Bill O’Reilly held December 18th in Houston, Texas!

Watch the January 15 President Trump rally in Arizona at 7pm MT/9pm ET or attend if you are able! See www.DonaldJTrump.com/events

House Races that the Republican Party has targeted for 2022.

Keep up with the press releases of President Donald J. Trump at www.donaldjtrump.com/news. - As part of our ongoing ‘Pro-life MAGA’ movement, we urge you to stay informed by these statements of the President, which include important observations on the direction of public policy in our country, as well as President Trump’s highly-valued endorsements of candidates. You can sign up to receive these updates directly on the form at www.donaldjtrump.com/alerts or text TRUMP to 88022. Please help spread the word!

We invite you to purchase the book “Fire at the Founding” by Thomas Jacobson. See how it was not just the “rockets’ red glare” but the pulpits’ red glare that launched America. Be inspire by how the Churches defended freedom, and can do so again today. Go to https://www.globallifecampaign.com and see the link for the book.

President Trump has announced his new social media platform, “TRUTH Social" available for pre-order now on the App store. Sign up for updates at www.TruthSocial.com

A new social media platform, “GETTR,” has been launched as part of the MAGA effort, we encourage you to join it.

Read Fr. Frank Pavone's Interview with Bishop Pfeifer regarding abortion and Joe Biden.

Watch President Donald J. Trump's 2021 Rallies www.PresidentTrumpRallies.com

President Donald J. Trump and Bill O'Reilly History Tour with never before heard insight into the Trump Administration - December 2021. Get your tickets today .

Watch President Trump's speech from June 5 in North Carolina

Get started now to oust vulnerable Democrats from the House

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone: “Before I Formed You in the Womb I Knew You,” (May 2021). Read or download at www.InTheWomb.org. You can also read the letter here in English or Spanish.

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A great film is now available for rental or purchase, called “The Trump I Know.” It takes Lara Trump (Eric’s wife) as a guide, and brings us behind the scenes with those who know President Donald Trump the best: family members, Campaign advisors, and White House staff. Obtain it at www.TheTrumpIKnow.com.

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One of President Trump’s actions to build unity in our nation was to establish the “1776 Commission,” designed to strengthen and protect patriotic education for our children. The Left tries to distort our history, painting America as negative and evil rather than as a nation which, though imperfect, is founded on those self-evident truths that, by our very identity, we strive to fulfill in every generation. In January, this commission delivered “The 1776 Report,” an historically rooted description of why we need patriotic education and how we move forward in implementing it.

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Georgia's Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections & members of the Senate Judiciary committee held a hearing on Georgia's Election laws on Wednesday, December 30, 2020

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Help Make the US Senate Pro-life: Runoff Elections in GA Now

Prayer for President Trump and a Fair Outcome of the Election

Important election information for all States

Information on voting in each of the 50 states

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Candidate Information

 Comparison of Party Platforms

To make the right decision when deciding on the candidates whom you will support, it is essential that you look carefully at the positions of the candidates in the race.

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Prayer Campaign

For nine weeks before Election Day, Priests for Life calls upon believers to participate in the "Election Novena"

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What can I do??

1. Help to register more voters -- Find out the many possible ways how, either through your Church or as a private citizen! Now is the time to register new voters!

2. Help Get Out the Vote by making calls and knocking on doors!

3. Become familiar with the best legal guidance regarding what pro-life groups and Churches can do at election time.

4. Letters to the Editor -- Be sure to get hard-hitting letters into your local daily papers about candidates and issues! You can influence many people! See instructions and sample letters at www.priestsforlife.org/letters

5. Encourage your pastor to use the resources available below for preaching, bulletin inserts, and educational booklets for the Church bookrack or library.

6. Organize small groups to study the US Bishops' document Living the Gospel of Life. Our study guide on this document can be used individually online, or by groups in your Church, organization, or home. 

7. Use your social media platforms and websites to spread the word about issues, candidates, and political responsibility! See our suggested tweets and memes here. Make links to our sites and to other political sites. Make your own website to help people take part in the elections or to spread information about the candidate of your choice.

8. Use your email list to broadcast helpful election information, such as the material on this site.

9. You may be needed in your community to help distribute voter guides on the weekend prior to the election. An election can be decided based on how many voter guides are given out! If you can help in this effort, fill in the form above and indicate the kind of help you can provide or check with your local or state respect life organizations to see what is planned. And please note that you DO have the right to distribute these fliers in Church parking lots. See this legal letter for information. Moreover, if you are thrown out of the parking lot, you can always move onto the public sidewalk or other public property adjoining the Church, and you should strongly insist on your right to remain there.

10. Make use of early voting, which in many states, can be done without needing a special reason -- you can vote before Election Day, thus decreasing the chances that something unexpected will prevent you from getting to the polls. Promote this idea to others. Also make sure that those who will be out of town on Election Day, or who are homebound, request and send in an absentee ballot.

11. When Election Day approaches, you can increase the number of votes for the right candidates by calling your friends and urging them to go to the polls. On Election Day, take the day off from work and help people get to the polls if they need a ride or someone to watch their children, or some other form of assistance.

12. Become a Poll Worker or Poll Watcher. There is a particular need for help in the 2022 elections and being a poll worker or watcher are critical to the success of an election. Poll workers perform roles such as checking in voters, directing them to the ballot booth and generally trying to make Election Day operations run according to Election law. Poll watchers are typically political party or candidate appointees who serve as the eyes and ears to ensure there are no problems at their assigned polling place. The designated watchers can be on the lookout for things like complaints about voting machine glitches, voters being turned away or too many ballots being handed to a voter. Specific duties and compensation vary depending on location. Go to the National Association of Secretaries of State to find the website for your State. For more information go to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission regarding poll working and poll watching.

13. Support the candidate of your choice by making a financial contribution and/or working on his or her campaign. (The amount of money you can contribute to a specific candidate is limited by law. Once you have reached the legal limit, contribute to organizations like ours which work to advance particular positions which the candidates of your choice support.) Also, show support for your candidate by means of yard signs, bumper stickers, pins, and envelope stickers!

14. Read a good book or two about the election and pass it along.