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Dear Friends,

Are you ready to continue to advance the protection of the unborn and the defense of America?

If so, please sign up with our Prolife MAGA movement on the button on this page, and see our action page at the other button.

We have just been through one of the greatest Presidential administrations in our history. As President Trump has explained, “Make America Great Again” is more than a political campaign; it is a movement. This movement loves America and the principles on which this nation is founded.

As such, it is a movement which continues on well beyond any one President, and we need your help.

Once you indicate on the signup form the kinds of activities you want to do, we will keep in contact with you to provide relevant information on how to carry out such activities. Some of the items mentioned below only apply to an election, but we are already preparing for the 2022 midterm elections.

Thanks, friends. Don’t be distracted. Let’s move forward with confidence. The efforts we have made in the election have borne great fruit. There were great Republican gains (and no Democrat gains) on the state level (out of 98 partisan chambers throughout the states, Republicans now control 61). We also shrank the Democrat majority in the House to its lowest level in a very long time. Democrats failed to pick up most of the Senate seats they targeted. And Biden has a big asterisk next to his name and a dark cloud over his “administration” that will certainly weaken his efforts.

Remember, American politics has a wonderful resiliency. Obama had the House and the Senate, with much larger margins than the Democrats do now (in fact, they had a supermajority in the Senate). What happened? In a subsequent election his corrupt party lost 63 House seats, and after that they lost both the House and the Senate altogether.

We look forward to working with you to advance the culture of life!

With prayers,

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director

Biden-Harris: Tracking the Most Pro-Abortion Administration Ever

Take Action: Your Comments Needed: Tell Biden Administration you do NOT want Title X money flowing back into the abortion industry!

Keep up with the press releases of President Donald J. Trump at Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life said, “As part of our ongoing ‘Pro-life MAGA’ movement, we urge you to stay informed by these statements of the President, which include important observations on the direction of public policy in our country, as well as President Trump’s highly-valued endorsements of candidates. Please help spread the word!”

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