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For Immediate Release: May 28, 2024 

Prolife Leader Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, released the following statement today:

Priests for Life is among the leading groups working nationally and on the state level on various ballot initiatives that will or may be on the ballot this Fall in several states.

These initiatives, with some variations, attempt to claim something that Supreme Court jurisprudence of the last 50 years did not claim, namely, that abortion is a fundamental right subject to few if any restrictions.

The Supreme Court, under its numerous abortion decisions, always considered the abortion “right” subject to reasonable limitations. And the American people have agreed with such limitations, for instance, regarding parental involvement, limits on abortion in the latter months of pregnancy, especially when the unborn can feel pain and survive an early delivery, health and safety regulations for abortion clinics, requirements that only doctors perform abortions, and limits on taxpayer funding of abortion.

The abortion ballot initiatives seek, for the most part, to eliminate even the most reasonable restrictions and limitations, contrary to established state law and strong public opinion.

A second characteristic common to these initiatives is that they deprive American citizens of an honest, robust, participatory debate on abortion. These initiatives do not simply seek to create public policy on abortion. They seek to short-circuit the legislative process by putting the “right to abortion” into state Constitutions.

This cuts off debate. By means of a few lines of text that most voters will not even have read, much less debated and considered, a policy will be embedded in the state Constitution that will then prohibit any further laws from extending protection to children in the womb or to the mothers who undergo the abortion procedure.

New medical and scientific information that comes to the state legislatures regarding the nature and development of the baby in the womb, or the harmful effects of abortion on women’s health, will not even be able to be considered, much less become the motive for new legislation, because the Constitution will be saying “Hands off abortion policy – you can’t change it!”

No state Constitution in our nation’s history has ever expressed a “right to abortion.” Why now?

The Supreme Court, in Dobbs, left it to the people and their elected representatives to shape abortion policy, recognizing that an issue on which Americans have such deeply-held and varied beliefs should enjoy wide-open and detailed debate and analysis, for which legislatures are much better equipped than courts. If supporters of abortion want unlimited abortion, the legislatures are open for business. Introduce a bill. Let there be hearings. Let it be debated and let there be a vote.

By contrast, these ballot initiatives try to rush a process that hamstrings legitimate and open legislative debates. The American people deserve better, especially for such a crucial life-and-death issue.

Priests for Life is working with state and national leaders to defeat these ballot initiatives wherever they are being introduced, and to help the American people understand their implications before it is too late.

For an overview of the ballot initiatives that will or may be on the ballot this Fall, see

Definitely On the Ballot

Right to Abortion and Health Insurance Coverage Initiative:
Pro-Abortion Group: Coloradans for Protecting Reproductive Freedom:

Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion:,_Right_to_Abortion_Initiative_(2024)
Pro-Abortion Group: Floridians Protecting Freedom:
Pro-Life Groups: Do No Harm Florida: and Florida Voters Against Extremism:

Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment:
Pro-Abortion Group: Freedom in Reproduction Maryland:
Pro-Life Group: Marylanders for Health Not Harm:

Nevada Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment:
Pro-Abortion Group: Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom:
Pro-Life Group: Coalition for Parents and Children

New York
New York Equal Protection of Law Amendment:
Pro-Abortion Group: New Yorkers for Equal Rights
Pro-Life Group: Pro-Life Group: Coalition to Protect our Kids -

South Dakota
Amendment G (South Dakota Freedom Amendment),_Right_to_Abortion_Initiative_(2024)
Pro-Abortion Group: Dakotans for Health:
Pro-Life Group: Life Defense Fund:

Likely on the Ballot, but process still underway


Arizona Right to Abortion Initiative:
Enough signatures have been submitted. They have until Aug 22 to verify signatures.
Pro-Abortion Group: Arizona for Abortion Access:
Pro-Life Group: It Goes too Far:

Missouri Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment:
Signature gathering is complete, but signatures are still being verified.
Pro-Abortion Group: Missourians for Constitutional Freedom:
Pro-Life Groups: Missouri Right to Life and  Missouri Stands with Women

Montana Right to Abortion Initiative:
Signatures have been submitted. Signatures must be verified by July 19 and the Secretary of State will decide by Aug 22 if the measure will be on the ballot.
Pro-Abortion Group: Montanans Supporting Reproductive Rights
Pro-life Group Montana Family Foundation:

Nebraska Right to Abortion Initiative:
Signatures submitted on Wednesday, July 3.
Pro-Abortion Group: Protect Our Rights:
Pro-Life Group: Protect Women and Children Nebraska:

Arkansas Update

July 10 Update: Arkansas’ proposed all-trimester abortion amendment will not be on the ballot this November due to pro-abortion activists’ failure to follow state law in gathering signatures.

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