Prayer for President Trump

God, Almighty Father,
we praise you for the wondrous deeds
you have done throughout history...

Your wondrous deed of creating us,
Though we did not ask for nor earn it,
Your wondrous love in raising up your own people,
and giving them a covenant and a land to call their own.

We praise you for manifesting yourself
In Jesus Christ,
And for giving us faith in him,
In whose blood alone we find forgiveness and peace,
In whose name alone we find hope of salvation
And in whose power alone we find security.

We acknowledge him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
The Ruler of every nation.

Lord, your word teaches us that all authority has been established by you,
That those who serve us in public office are ministers of God,
And that we are to pray for all in authority,
That we may lead peaceful lives in all godliness and devotion.

O God, we praise your loving Providence,
By which you have protected your people in distress,
And proven that those who trust in you
will be victorious over every evil.

You tested your servant Abraham,
And commanded him to sacrifice his only Son Isaac.
When you saw his obedience,
You stayed his hand, provided a ram for the sacrifice,
And gave him Isaac back as one from the dead.

We praise you for what you did for your people,
whom you set free from slavery in Egypt.

You taught them to trust in you
Even when they were caught between
Pharaoh’s armies and the Red Sea.

And you said to Moses,
Tell the Israelites to go forward!
And you brought them a mighty deliverance.

Lord, when the apostles of your Son saw him taken away to be crucified,
They thought their hope was lost
and they deserted him and fled.
The women wondered who would roll away the stone for them,
And the disciples walking to Emmaus told the stranger
That they were hoping Jesus would be the one to deliver them.

You brought them, too, to a mighty deliverance
and a new hope
When that same Jesus Stood before them victorious,
Risen from the dead, never to die again.

Lord, we praise you also,
for the gift you have given us, and have given the world,
in the United States of America,
A land that attracts people from across the globe
Because of its promise of freedom and opportunity.

We thank you for having led us through many trials,
Through wars and division
and times of severe economic stress
and acts of terrorism.

Lord, in our day, you have blessed our nation
with the greatest President we have seen,
Donald J. Trump.

Lord, this is a man who trusts in you,
Believes in your Son,
And relies on the power of prayer

Time and time again, you have given him victory over his enemies,
Who have counted him out from the very first day he announced he was running for President,
Who were absolutely certain he could not ever win,
Who spied on his campaign,
Who misused federal intelligence agencies against him,
Who have fabricated lies about him,
Who launched fake investigations and impeachment proceedings,
Who denied equal representation and proper due process,
Who raided his home in an act unprecedented in American history,
Who convened Grand Juries for purely political reasons.
And who indicted him on baseless grounds.


Lord, at every turn, you have given President Trump victory
And enabled him to accomplish great things for this nation.
We ask you to give him – and us – victory once again.

Give President Trump holy wisdom,
Surround him with your angels of protection,
And provide him the strength to carry out each day
The work he does on behalf of America.

Thank you for all the good you have accomplished
Through him and his Administration’s commitment
To eliminate corruption from the seat of power in Washington DC,
To secure the borders and strengthen the military of our nation,
To frustrate those who planned terrorist attacks on our homeland,
To foster law and order in our communities,
To protect our citizens from the China virus,
To restore and strengthen our economy,
To promote honesty and fairness in our trade agreements,
To appoint to our courts judges who faithfully apply our Constitution and laws as they are written,
To defend the lives of the unborn from the violence of abortion,
To improve our healthcare system,
To properly care for our veterans, To defend the sacred heritage and safety of Israel, and the good of all our allies,
and To promote and defend the freedom of all citizens in the United States and throughout the world to live according to their religious beliefs.

Lord, send your Spirit to our 45th President,
That he may glorify you in every success,
And find consolation from you in every sorrow.

Protect his family,
Guide his advisors,
And enable him to continue to accomplish
Those things that will secure the physical and moral strength of our nation
For our children and grandchildren.

Father, we trust in Your Providence,
Which has guided and blessed
The United States of America from its earliest days.

Grant that this trust may grow and be rewarded
As we live our calling
To be good citizens on earth
And faithful citizens of your heavenly Kingdom.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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