Defending Life Season 1 (1995-1996)

In 1995, Fr. Frank Pavone taped his first Defending Life series on EWTN. Priests for Life is especially grateful to J.T. Finn, Director of Pro-Life America, for his assistance and guidance in the production of that series.

Highlights include Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Dramatic Ultrasound Footage, Interviews with Former Abortionists, Women Who Have Had Abortions, and Pro-life Counselors.

In particular, the series covers the following subjects:

  • Why We Are Pro-Life
  • It's Not Just a Religious Issue
  • Pro-Life Bible Study
  • Life in the Womb
  • How Abortions Are Done
  • Former Abortionists Expose Horrors
  • Why Women Have Abortions
  • Abortion Harms Women
  • Alternatives To Abortion
  • Post-Abortion Forgiveness and Healing
  • Answering Abortion Slogans
  • The Myth of "Choice"
  • How to Save Babies
  • What the Law Really Says
  • Activating the Clergy
  • Pro-life Organizations
  • The Story of Abortion Survivor Sarah Smith
  • The Eucharist and Life

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