"Defending Life" Season 10 (2005)

You can order Series 10 (2005) on VHS video tape from Priests for Life at orders@priestsforlife.org.

A Pro-life Year of the Eucharist, Part 1

During this Year of the Eucharist, how can we better understand our pro-life commitment in the light of the gift of Jesus' Body and Blood? 

A Pro-life Year of the Eucharist, Part 2

See the powerful music video "This is My Body," and the powerful spirituality that it embodies.

Stem Cells and Cloning

In this show, Fr. Frank puts in simple and straightforward terms why we are hearing so much about "stem cell research" and "cloning."

A Duty to Die?

If a mother can kill her innocent, unwanted child, then children will eventually claim the right to kill their innocent, unwanted mothers.

Featured Product: Respect Life Petition booklet contains General Intercessions for the Sundays and Feast Days of the Liturgical Year: [Text]

Action Segment: Make out a "Will to Live," a legal document which 1) names someone to make health care decisions for you (your "health care agent") if you develop a condition that makes it impossible for you to speak for yourself (become "incompetent"), and 2) makes clear (in the form of written instructions to your health care agent) what medical treatment you would want if you can no longer speak for yourself.  Find it at www.nrlc.org  

Why Don't We Speak Up?

Take a look at the many obstacles that keep us enslaved in silence. Understanding these obstacles is the first step toward breaking through them.

How To Speak Up

Once we are tired of being silent regarding abortion, what are the many ways we can make our voices heard?

Abortifacients: The Other Forbidden Grief

Learn from firsthand testimony about the grief that so many women have over children they lost through abortions caused by birth control pills.

Healing the Wounds

Theresa Burke of Rachel's Vineyard and Vicki Thorn of Project Rachel sit together and discuss the uniqueness and similarities of their ministries.

Action Segment: Get Crisis Pregnancy Center posters put up in Malls and Stores.  Get crisis pregnancy hotline numbers put on the front of your parish bulletin to remain there permanently.

Featured Product: Rachel Weep No More: How Divine Mercy Heals the Effects of Abortion.  By Bryan Thatcher, M.D. and Fr. Frank Pavone.  This booklet is a great source of hope for anyone who has been involved in an abortion.

Project Rachel

Vicki Thorn, who founded Project Rachel, joins Fr. Frank to explain how this ministry serves the Church nationwide.

Action Segment: Distribute pro-life literature.

Featured Product: Earth's Trash Heaven's Treasure Poster.  This painting is a pro-life masterpiece that has moved countless people around the world.

Lost Fatherhood

Meet Warren Williams, a pioneer in helping men who have lost children to abortion. Listen also to the testimonies of some of those fathers.

Action Segment: Our Political Responsibility to Vote.

Featured Product: What Does the Church Teach About Life Issues. 

Men Hurt Too

Deacon Stephen Imbarrato explains how he failed to protect his own unborn children.

Action Segment: Encourage your priest and seminarians to speak out for pro-life.

Featured Product: Women Do Regret Abortion and I Regret My Abortion products including: T-Shirts, bookmarks, magnetic or static bumper stickers.  Pins and envelope stickers also available.  Go to hh76.org to order or email orders@priestsforlife.org.

I Regret My Abortion

Listen to the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. talk about her abortion and why she regrets it.

Breast Cancer and Abortion

Experts reveal the mountain of evidence that the single greatest avoidable risk factor for breast cancer is abortion.

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